afghan kush seeds

Afghan kush seeds

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This pure indica strain comes from the mountainous area of the Hindu Kush in Northern Afghanistan. It grows in the wild in the valleys of the Armu Darya River, close to the border with Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. It is very stable strain which is thought to be the result of successive crosses between wild Kush varieties. It has a powerful smell similar to the best Afghani hashish. It is also considered a good medicinal strain.

Additional Information

Seedbank World of Seeds
Sex Feminized
Variety Indica
Strain Genetics Afghani Kush
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Flowering Time 6-8 Weeks
Where to Grow Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Harvest Month October
THC Content 21.60%

Customer Reviews

All 5 plants were within 6 inches of each other. I have heard some say this strain has a lot of different phenos to it but i did not notice it on this grow. I let it go 58 days, so just over 8 weeks. Bud is still curing in 2 liter mason jars so I do not have an exact figure for weight but it was a great haul.

My friend (Who smokes everyday it seems.) smoked a little after it had dried and been curing for only a week. He got blasted, had this annoying grin on his face and was laughing at just about anything. Apparently it is strong stuff. I will delve in after it cures for a few weeks more. (Posted on 2/11/2015)

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<p>This pure indica strain comes from the mountainous area of the Hindu Kush in Northern Afghanistan. It grows in the wild in the valleys of the Armu Darya River, close to the border with Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. It is very stable strain which is thou

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Dominant Origins & Notables

A strain that stands the test of time and straddles the recreational and medicinal side of the can-nabis scene is worthy of a spot in every marijuana garden. Afghan Kush Fem boasts an impres-sive THC level of 21% and provides a solid high and profound relaxation. It has been growing wild for centuries in Afghanistan and now one of the strongest strains in the market can be part of your homegrown stash.

It is not only loved by users, but cultivators also cherish this gal. The astounding benefits have a far reach, which makes it a staple in the rotation of many tokers. This 100% pure indica strain has a reputation far and wide so if you have experienced the cannabis culture, even at a mini-mum level, you may have already come across or at least heard about it. Afghan Kush comes from a landrace strain in the Hindu Kush mountain range that spans the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. It is one of the few geographic regions where the cannabis plant grows natively.

The word Kush adds an extra layer of desirability and the name has become synonymous with indica. As it is one of the best variants in the market, Kush is loved by many for its heavy psy-chedelic properties, and possessing the structure of a Greek god, which in layman’s terms, means sturdy!

These cannabis seeds come all the way from the Hindu Kush mountains which are known for their harsh conditions. Through wars and tribal conflicts, as well as a difficult and unfriendly growing environment, this strain has prevailed. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and that rings true for this robust and hardy strain. These weed seeds are able to flourish in harsh en-vironments and are incredibly resilient to mold and mildew.


When you hear about the Hindu Kush mountain ranges, you are going to think of an inhospitable environment. There, only the tough survive, so the Kush cannabis family was forced to adapt in order to remain viable. An unrelenting landscape is no problem for Afghan Kush and if you want to grow your own tenacious herb garden you should consider planting some of these beans.

This strain is known more as a branchy strain and has rich, green foliage that hides its steady and solid limbs. The branches and limbs are incredibly strong and are able to handle a load of heavy colas so there is no need to support this plant with external supports. It is best to trim and prune regularly to keep this bushy beast thriving.

As the growing process rolls on, you are going to love the crystal coating that sits perched on top of the huge flowers. It has a dense coat of wet trichomes that just screams potency and adds incredible bag appeal.

This strain can be grown in organic soil or hydroponics. Depending on where you grow and your desired outcome, you will need to be flexible when choosing your growing medium.

Flowering Time

These weed seeds are going to germinate, vegetate, and then head into the flowering stage. It will remain in the flowering stage for 7 to 8 weeks before being ready to har-vest.


When growing indoors, you are going to have the best shot at an optimal harvest by using hydro-ponics. On top of that, implementing the Sea of Green (SOG) method is going to boost it even further. The SOG approach is when you mature the plants early, often by 2 weeks, in order to keep them smaller, but also to induce flowering that much sooner. The smaller plants take up less of a footprint in your growing space and allow you to get more plants per square foot. When you throw in the faster harvest cycle it is game on!


Afghan Kush Fem strain is a true landrace. It thrives and is happiest when it is grown outdoors. While it prefers warm and sunny climates, and who doesn’t, it can still do well in colder condi-tions, thanks to its hardiness and genetic makeup. It grows well way down south, and all the way up to the colder north, and produces up to 21 ounces of nuggy goodness no matter where it calls home! The harvest will come to fruition at the end of September and early October.

Medical Application

People with health issues have been relying on synthetic drugs for relief and they have been suf-fering from intense side effects. This is one of the main reasons why so many are turning to cannabis as an effective alternative treatment. It is completely organic, has minimal side effects, and has drawn praise from many medicinal users and health care providers. This natural herb has been used to help deal with ailments ranging from mental to physical conditions.

It has a long-lasting and joyful stone and has become a superb option for those battling anxiety, chronic stress, and depression. It allows the mental burdens to subside for a lengthy period of time and offers much-needed respite. The feelings of physical bliss are great for relaxing tense muscles and dealing with chronic pain, such as arthritis, menstrual cramps, and migraines. If you are suffering from a decreased appetite, then the munchies that this strain spurs on are going to be the cure you are looking for.

For those who are sick of the sleepless nights and exhausting days, this strain can deliver a couch-lock effect for a few hours to let the body rest before sending you off to an intense, restful slumber.

Adverse Reactions

Cannabis is not completely free of side effects and you will most likely experience some dry eyes and mouth after using. This is a far cry from the detrimental effects of other drugs and can easily be taken care of with proper hydration and by using eye drops.


Be aware that this strain contains a potent level of THC. You are going to feel like you got in the ring with a heavyweight in a title fight after the first toke. Often a little goes a long way when it comes to this incredible strain. A session with this strain will have you flying high with an intense cerebral stone while simultaneously enjoying the deep relaxation of a full-body stone. Your wor-ries will begin to melt away and you will enjoy a euphoria that leads you to feel giddy and giggly.

This strain is intense enough to kick the butt of even the most hardcore pothead. If you up your dosage, even those who brag the largest tolerances are going to feel a deep relaxation and be put to the canvas. After enduring a long, crazy day, turn to this strain. A small dose is all you will need to help melt away the tension of the day.

Afghan Kush Fem strain seeds produce buds that are incredible to look at. They make for great conversation as you roll one up and have a smoke session with friends. If you reserve it for downtime and lazy weekends, it will lead to lackadaisical days filled with munching out. If you take too much, a chill out night could easily turn into a slumber party.


Cannabis enthusiasts are going to find this strain a classic. It emits a pungent, earthy aroma that can fill a room with a single puff. The mix of sweet and spicy floral notes are going to tickle your olfactory senses.


Once some smoke hits your tongue, it is going to send off alarm bells. It will have you salivating over the woody pine and pepper flavors while leaving a pleasant herbal aftertaste.

Similar Strains

Afghan Fem is a pure Indica strain that is beloved for its ability to be easily grown by many. It boasts an 18-20% THC content and hails from the Hindu Kush mountain ranges! It is known for its sedating effects, profound relaxation and is often used to al-leviate sleeplessness, pain, and stress.

Auto Afghan Fem is a 70% Indica strain that is great for pain relief. It also comes from the Hindu Kush region and has been crossed with a ruderalis. This autoflowering strain is a fast flowering plant and enjoys a short growing period.

L.A. COnfidential x Afghan Kush provides an insane amount of resin and is loved for its smooth piney finish. This hybrid has a potent THC level and brings about excep-tional creativity, happiness, and relaxation. It will grow up to 5 feet and loves the sunny weather.

If you hate dealing with pests and mold, Afghan Kush x Super Skunk is the strain for you. It is a breathtaking hybrid that offers large yields and fast flowering times. That is the ultimate double whammy! This is going to cleanse your mind while easing your pain for a spectacular high.

Afghani x Hawaiian x Laos x Jamaica is a sativa hybrid that can catapult you into a cerebral high and will be the envy of your friends. The euphoric bliss and deep relaxa-tion effects perfectly complement each other. This is a difficult strain to grow though, so cultivating experience is a must.

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