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The 5 Best Marijuana Strains to Make Edibles [Listed]

One of the best things about getting into the world of marijuana is that you learn how much you can do with it.

While inexperienced users will stick to smoking it, maybe occasionally using dabs, the more you use marijuana, the more you realize the potential of homemade edibles. Being able to use your favorite strains to make edibles is practically a right of passage for marijuana users, and the main benefit is that you get to choose the strain.

But what strain should you pick? What are the best marijuana strains to use when making edibles?

#1: White Widow

It’s hard to imagine making any edibles without using White Widow. White Widow is easily one of the most popular strains ever created, a potent indica that leaves you euphoric, happy, and just a little bit sleepy. Trust us, this strain is as good as everyone says!

It has a uniquely peppery, almost tart flavor that leaves you desperately wanting more. However, it is the effects that make it really worth it. It’s the perfect strain to chill you out, but above all, it makes you feel super social. You won’t be bursting with energy, but you will feel like you want to take a big drink of water and talk the rest of the night with the people you’re closest to.

Making edibles using White Widow is basically a must-try, as its flavor and effects go perfectly with edible candies or baked goods. It’s basically the perfect strain to start making edibles with and a great introduction to some of more the classic strains.

#2: OG Kush

OG Kush is so named because it is the original gangster of the Kush family of strains, and it’s definitely deserving of that title. Few people will be unable to describe what OG Kush is like. Even if you aren’t familiar with marijuana, you’ll probably understand the allure and appeal of OG Kush.

Alongside being an absolute classic, this strain’s legendary reputation is well-deserved. It has a rich, pine-like flavor that doesn’t have too much of a harsh pepper note. It goes perfectly in brownies and other sweet dishes, contributing a slightly savory quality that perfectly accompanies any marijuana edible.

OG Kush is also well-known for being stuffed with THC, making it a potent strain to make edibles with. Thanks to this high THC concentration, you don’t have to use very much at all to get a good effect from your edibles, making it a huge money saver.

Best of all, it offers some really fantastic mental and physiological effects after taking it. If you struggle with psychological issues or mental disorders or even suffer from chronic pain, then OG Kush will likely soothe you after a long day.

The combination of such a unique flavor and a brilliant series of effects that last well into the night make this one of the most popular choices for edibles.

#3: Skywalker

Skywalker is an indica strain that is well known not only for its Star Wars related name but also for helping you fade into oblivion only an hour after using it. This is a strain that was designed to help you fall asleep comfortably and without issue, allowing you to drift off into nothingness after just a few tokes.

When made into edibles, it brings a rich and fruity flavor profile that perfectly combines with warm spices. Commonly included in dishes like blueberry muffins, the blueberry flavor of this strain goes well in almost anything.

The best part about Skywalker is its ability to set in almost immediately and numb you to your surroundings. However, thanks to the small amount of sativa in its genetics, it doesn’t make you confused or overwhelmed, as many pure indicas sometimes do. Instead, you simply fade out, finding everything amusing in a distant sort of way, and eventually lapsing into unconsciousness without even realizing.

It goes without saying that this is a strain best enjoyed at home, far away from the outside world.

If you do make edibles with Skywalker, make sure to only eat one at a time to avoid overloading yourself. You might find yourself falling so deeply asleep that you lose the entire day, all without noticing.

#4: Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze is a great example of a sativa-leaning hybrid strain, combining the positive effects of its Haze genetics and the flavor of lemon skunk.

As the name would suggest, it has a rich and vibrant lemon flavor profile, leaving you bursting with zing and pep.

In much the same way that the lemon bursts throughout your senses, this strain invigorates you with energy and a feeling of inescapable need for action. For those looking to sit back, relax, and chill out, you might find this strain gives you other ideas and doesn’t let you sit still.

When added to baked foods, especially things like pies or cakes, it provides a rush of lemon flavor that is not unlike pure lemon juice.

Make sure you know what you are getting into when making edibles from this strain. If you aren’t careful, you might find yourself hiking up a mountain without proper preparation!

Oh well, at least you get the rich lemon flavor!

#5: Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is another one of those strains that dominate the marijuana scene, and one that most people could name without having to think about it. Well-known for its diverse genetic history, as well as its intense THC load, this is a strain that you go to for both peculiar taste and euphoric high.

The high sets in pretty gently, starting with its 70% sativa content to give you a super intense and pleasurable body rush. After an hour or so, the indica sets in, filling you with euphoria and making you feel like you could take on the whole world – as long as you can do it tomorrow.

The taste is, as the name would imply, incredibly diesel-like. It doesn’t just taste like a mouthful of petrol, however; it’s so much more than that. There is an intense sourness that accompanies it, filling your taste buds with the sensation of sour candy.

This is a strain for those who enjoy more complex, intricate flavors and want to introduce that flavor profile to their edibles.

It’s a great strain for sharing with friends, perfect for creating intimate moments where your entire circle of friends becomes totally blazed and incapable of movement. Sit somewhere warm and comfortable, share some Sour Diesel edibles, and experience the complete rainbow of marijuana experiences.

Final Thoughts on the 5 Best Marijuana Strains to Make Edibles

The main thing to remember when making marijuana edibles is that you don’t have to be limited.

Even though we’ve just provided a list of some of the very best strains to use when making marijuana-infused treats, if you have a preferred strain that you want to experiment with; go for it!

As long as it is high-quality enough to provide plenty of useful cannabis oil, then you should be able to make a great marijuana edible no matter what.

The only thing to keep in mind is that the effects of edibles not only take a while to kick in, but they can be felt with a lot more strength as well.

So, before you go and eat an extra serving of edibles because you think it hasn’t worked properly, maybe give it a little while. Your stomach is slower than your lungs and bloodstream at extracting and using the THC in marijuana, but it is also a bit more effective.

Give it plenty of time to allow for complete absorption. Otherwise, you risk taking way, way too much. It is a sort of rite of passage to eat too many marijuana edibles at some point in your life, but it’s best to avoid it if you can.

Now you know which strains to use, check out some of our great cannabis recipes or let us know your favorite in the comments.

If you love cooking with cannabis, you might be wondering what type to use. Here are our best strains for making marijuana edibles.

10 Best Cannabis Strains for Edibles

Consuming cannabis in edibles presents a markedly different experience than smoking or other means of enjoyment. In general, edibles provide a milder experience making them a preferred option for people seeking cannabis’ medical benefits.

If you are looking to prepare your own edibles, you should understand some strains work better than others. Some target specific physical ailments. And, some produce a more psychoactive response than others.

The basics

Edibles metabolize more slowly than smoking. That extended processing also creates a longer-lasting and more full-bodied experience. Potency affects different consumers differently but choosing between Sativas and Indicas gives you a wider selection.

Recipes and cooking preparation are likely to distribute the cannabis unevenly so you may find one section of the product more powerful than another. Given these basics, you can rely on Indicas more sedating and relaxing and Sativas more euphoric.

10 best strains

Of course, cooking requires heating, and heating changes the character of cannabis strains. So, you can expect some trial and error before you find the strain you prefer, but here are some to try.

Among the things, you must remember is that strains have flavor, texture, and aroma, all of which can add to the edible. But, they also influence the selection and measure of other ingredients.

  1. Super Lemon Haze has an established reputation for producing energy and focus. High-rated and award-winning, it is a sativa-dominant hybrid with strong, sweet lemon properties. It provides a head and body balance, a chance to relax and enjoy. Recipes include Super Lemon Haze in guacamole, infused olive oil, muffins, and Hollandaise sauce.
  2. Purple Power has all the characteristics of a potent sativa including a fast and strong experience. Purple Power offers a fruity, tropical aroma and taste to bring sweetness to your recipe and enjoyment. Potent as it may be, it works well for daytime consumption because it relaxes without making you lazy. Cooks use Purple Power in baked goods that can provide treatment for migraines, arthritic pain, and glaucoma.
  3. Skywalker is an Indica-dominant hybrid with Kush and OG DNA. The 18-23% THC impact will produce a strong cerebral trip. As smoked, it will produce a deep and sedating body buzz. It may lose some of that impact in cooking, but it reportedly deals with muscle spasms, nausea, pain, and more. You’ll find Skywalker appearing in cocktails from martinis to daiquiris to blushes.
  4. Orange Crush is sativa strong with a sweet orangey taste. Some Orange Crush comes high THC content. So, it can produce a dizzying high. You’ll want to be careful with dosing because of the potential for paranoia. Some medical patients will risk the effects to fight chronic stress, PTSD, and depression. It’s been used in recipes requiring oranges. It works in cakes, oils, and smoothies.
  5. Blue Dream is used for its full-body relaxation owing to its 2% CBD. But, the THC can hit as high as 24%. The 60:40 ratio should leave you motivated and focuses followed by a numbing and warm body buzz. It treats chronic pain and stress, depression, and insomnia. Its blueberry pie taste adds to common recipes. You’ll find Blue Dream in caramel-covered apples and various candies.
  6. Trainwreck offers relieving therapies for PTSD, stress, and pain. But, with 25% THC, it can slam you against the wall. Its pine and lemon aroma and zesty lemon flavor add something to recipes for cookies, cakes, and rice crispy treats.
  7. White Widow has a universal appeal. Peppery and lemony, it is a balanced hybrid leaning toward a cognitive high and relaxing undercurrent. It lets you unwind and relax without losing your sense of alertness and focus. Patients like it for depression, stress, and pain. They have used White Widow to make cannabutter and infused oils that add an experience to chili recipes.
  8. Bubba Kush is a highly-valued pure Indica because it puts you to sleep quickly to help you forget the worst chronic pain. It will keep you couch-locked and relieve ADD/ADHD, depression, insomnia, and stress. Its high THC count makes it great for making cannabutter for use in countless recipes including the best brownies.
  9. AK-47 is a nicely balanced and mellow strain with as much as 20% THC promising a lasting cerebral impact. It relieves anxiety, depression, strain, and stress. You must be careful of its power when cooking, but AK-47 can add a punch to make as a butter or herb brownies and chocolates.
  10. OG Kush is the standard strain for calm and relaxation. Its mighty 24% THC produces a couch-lock after a high euphoria. Its cerebral and lasting rush will manage anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, nausea, and pain. It produces a rich cannabutter for baking but has been used in candies and a trail mix ingredient when combined with coconut oil.

Cook up a storm but do it carefully!

Making cannabutter is the root of making any edible. There are scores of recipes online, and canna-oils and butters are central to any mix. However, there are risks to ingesting cannabis. You need a recipe that will assure you the dosage need. And, that’s determined by your weight, gender, body type, experience with cannabis, and the strain.

Choosing the strain for flavor and aroma is not enough. You must research the THC content and how much will be there once you have cooked the product. Because edibles can be so tasty, take effect so slowly, and last so long, you take a chance on the consequences of high dosing or fast dosing.

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