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The Top 5 Strains for Pressing Rosin

Rosin is becoming the choice for consuming concentrates among a growing number of the country’s cannabis communities. And as we’ve detailed in past articles , all rosin yields are not equal. A subpar return can come from several options. Of course having top quality equipment, such as the Pikes Peak rosin press, can make a huge difference, if you want to hit big yield numbers with flower rosin you have to select the right strains.

You’ll want to focus on strains that offer massive trichome production. Another key to pressing quality rosin is how resinous your plants are in general. Remember, the more resinous it is, the more rosin you’ll yield. While indica and hybrids tend to be the best choice, some sativas are worth pressing as well. Here are a few of each that you should consider making into rosin:

GG4 (a/k/a Gorilla Glue #4)

GG4 is an incredibly popular strain for cannabis users of all ingestion methods. Formerly officially known as Gorilla Glue #4, this hybrid flower is not only the most popular of its phenotypes, but it’s also one of the most in-demand strains in the U.S. market. It now takes on the moniker “GG4” due to a lawsuit, settled out of court, by the official manufacturers of Gorilla Glue brand adhesives. Many rosin pressers love its high potency and copious trichomes that make its flower look covered in permafrost. With a high THC content, this may not be the best dab to end a night since many varieties can be stimulating, but it does tend to be suitable for any other occasion.

Depending who you ask, GG4’s terpenes can be robust and distinguishable. Others say it is a more muted strain. If you’re unsure where you stand and want a robust, aromatic profile, consider starting with another suggestion from the list.

The White and its Crossed Strains

An indica dominant hybrid, The White is not part of the White Widow family but instead named for the color of its buds. The origin of The White’s name is the prime reason why rosin pressers love this strain. Its abundant, plentiful trichomes are perfect for pressing rivers of rosin.

The White’s beginnings are slightly unclear. However, what isn’t is its potency. Users are sure to enjoy the almost immediate impact of a White hit. Those looking for quick, lasting pain relief should consider this strain for pressing. However, its terpene profile isn’t its strongest trait. As mentioned with GG4, if you’re looking for a yield with noticeable terpenes, this strain might not be your top choice. If that is your preference, other OGs might fit your wants a bit more.

To learn more about the White, GG4 and other crosses, check out the awesome work by Nikka T of Essential Extracts .

The Chem Lineage

With Chems, choosing one above the others wouldn’t be fair. So, we’ll recommend the whole slew and let you decide from there. Chem Dawg has been at the cannabis for almost the entire 25+ years it’s been cultivated. While uncertain in origin, cannabis lovers are sure of this slightly indica dominant hybrid’s THC content (15%-20%+) and its silvery trichomes.

It’s no wonder that a strain like this would be crossbred multiple times over. The ensuing results produced other excellent strains for rosin pressing. Others worthy of pressing include:

Because of these traits, even veteran users tread lightly when using Chemdawg and its offshoot strains. That being said, the results are worth it all.

Papaya and its Crosses

Papaya is a potent strain known for its disease resistance and early maturation. It’s also beloved for being a powerful indica dominant hybrid that’s excellent for cross breeding. The top crossbred strains are worthy candidates for water processed hash — with some of the best washes and rosin coming from Kennnwall , along with many amazing crosses originating from Oni Seed Co .

Papaya fans cite its rich terpenes that fill the nose with fruit, mainly mango. Additional benefits of Papaya and many of its crosses include quick and long-lasting effects that typically bring joy while keeping a certain level of focus.

Sour Strains

Choosing a sour is much like Papaya strains. You can make a lot of great decisions. An additional benefit of sours are that you can choose a sativa dominant hybrid and still produce quality rosin. With these strains, you can opt for a 50:50 split or go for an indica or sativa dominant strain.

Start with a 50:50 like Sour Banana Sherbert for an 18%-24% potency and exciting terpene profile that straddles sour fruit and diesel. Sour Tangie works excellent if you want more sativa and prominent terpenes. The same can be said for the incredibly resinous Sour Kosher .

  • Sour Kush (Sativa dominant NYCD cross)
  • Sour Secret (80:20 indica dominant)
  • Sour Cream (For a stellar sour/haze combination)
  • Sour Krypt (For large, resinous buds)

Did we miss your favorite strain? It’s possible with so many great options for rosin pressing! Tell us your favorite strains in the comments to keep the discussion going.

Rosin is becoming the choice for consuming concentrates among a growing number of the country’s cannabis communities. And as we’ve detailed in past articles, all rosin yields are not equal. A subpar return can come from several options. Of course having top quality equipment, such as the Pikes Peak rosin press, can mak

Top 5 Strains to Make Rosin with in 2020

Cannabis extracts were created in ancient times to facilitate the storage or transportation of buds for long periods of time or distances. The oldest and most well-known in the world is hashish: this extract is so old that you can even find mentions of it in the history of Middle Eastern countries since 900 AD. The world of marijuana extracts is growing day by day. Therefore, the interest of many people about this new way of consuming cannabis does too.

Recently, a new extraction method was created, and it consists of applying pressure and heat to the bud to provide us with something called rosin. It all started with a bud wrapped in baking paper, squeezed into a hair straightener. Today, hundreds of companies produce increasingly sophisticated presses and rosin bags (of utmost importance) where you have to put the buds in. These bags retain the vegetal part of the plant, its pistils and impurities so that you can obtain a clean and pure extract.

Now, I know you must be wondering: What is rosin? It’s nothing more than resin in its solidified state. The extracts obtained from it have the texture of waxes and even small agglutinated crystals with a color between yellowish and amber. The process of extraction involves separating as much vegetal parts as possible from the bud and making its active compounds available for use.

Regarding the obtaining process, it is convenient to experiment with different temperatures and pressing times of the buds, since the performance and quality of the final product can vary a lot. While some can give very little resin, others can give you a quantity of resin of more than 10% of the weight of the buds.

In order for you to get the best possible extract, you must carefully select a high quality press, a specific strain and the best rosin press bags possible. Luckily, we will be talking about the best 5 strains available to make rosin with today.



Zkittlez is one of the most refined strains, being loved by many growers due to its strong fruity aroma. However, due to its hybridization with OGKB (OG Kush Breath), it has obtained a new flavor and perfectly highlights its fuel and citrus aroma. The result of this hybridization is the OGKZ, which has really impressive genetics since it has the ability to produce firm and sticky buds. This strain is a real devourer of nutrients and can give you extraordinary harvests if trained with certain techniques. If it is grown indoors, it is advisable to prolong the vegetative phase, while outdoors it is preferable for it to grow in the pleasant environment of a greenhouse that has temperatures similar to those found in places with dry, warm and Mediterranean climates.

Lemon Garlic OG

Those who like to make hash, extracts, or just the intense flavors of a bud, will definitely fall for Lemon Garlic OG. As its name suggests, it has a very powerful and acid aroma, with a mixture of garlic and pine-scented floor cleaner, accompanied by hints of citrus. Its flavor is really complex. In fact, a simple hit of Lemon Garlic OG fills your entire mouth with an intense garlic aftertaste that wears off quite slowly. When extracts made with this bud are consumed, a very special and unique garlic aroma spreads throughout the room. Its effect is very powerful, not suitable for unaccustomed users, as it produces the sensation of being on a cerebral roller coaster. As for its cultivation, it grows at high speed during the vegetative phase, developing a wide distance between the lateral leaves.

Raspberry Diesel

Raspberry Diesel is a 60% Sativa / 40% Indica variety derived from the hybridation between a Sour Diesel and a Sweet Cherry Afghan. Results speak for themselves: an incredible and delicious fruity flavor and aroma make it a perfect strain for the production of extracts. Its terpenic profile is really special, with flavors as diverse as berries or oil. Its effect, more mental than physical, will make you fly high for hours. In fact, it is so powerful and wonderful that you will not be able to stop trying it. Its growth is vigorous, since it usually gives huge buds that stand out among others for their amazing density, and when planted outdoors, it can reach approximately 3 meters in height. Also, you only have to wait 60-66 days to enjoy its high THC content (16-20%).


White ICE

You could say its buds almost drip resin, which is ideal to obtain the extract you want. This strain produces a large number of trichomes, in part because its strong and dense structure provides resistance to the plant. It has a delicious taste and is an ideal base for making a high-quality concentrated extract. Its large amount of terpene concentrate will give you a sublime aromatic experience. The parents of this strain have a bit of rice genetics, being this the reason why it has such a sweet and spicy aroma, and it also has a calming effect on your body. If you grow White ICE outdoors, you must know it should be harvested in mid-September, and it can survive perfectly even in less than ideal climates.

Moby Dick

Moby Dick has more than proven that it has a lot of good things to show us. This strain is the champion of XXL harvests and its effect could knock down an elephant, but not only that! Our beloved whale stands out for many other reasons. Moby Dick produces an outstanding amount of trichomes and its aromatic spectrum is characterized by complex and rich notes of lemon, spices, Haze and exotic woods fragrance. Therefore, it is not surprising that its extractions produce an extraordinary organoleptic experience, with a strong aromatic and gustatory complexity, accompanied by a powerful and balanced effect. When grown outdoors, this variety usually reaches heights of up to 3.5 meters. Its cultivation in large quantities is not recommended.

Recently, a new extraction method was created, and it consists of applying pressure and heat to the bud to provide us with something called rosin.