blue cookies strain outdoor

Blue Cookies Outdoor Grow

Никаких реальных проблем на этой неделе, кроме ненавистных пауков, но я просто распыляю их с листьев один или два раза в день, и они сейчас под контролем.

почки выглядят лучше с прикосновением, начинающим быть облачным, но как 80 или 90% все еще ясно.

запах – это то, что нужно восхищаться. Его намек на blueberry с сосны корицей или ванилью, как аромат, который довольно уникален. Она продолжает освещать задний двор :heart_eyes:

Начала добавлять SweetBerry из Botanicare, поскольку я чувствовал, что это поможет выявить больше вкуса из штамма, так как я прекратил линию advanced nutrients.

Давайте посмотрим, будет ли она откормляться больше и, надеюсь, все будет идти в порядке, пока я не поставлю ее в режим flush для сбора урожая. и, как всегда. #HappyGrowing :blush:

"Blue Cookies Outdoor Grow" cannabis grow journal. Strains: Crop King Seeds Blue Cookies week17 by Wadadli_Kush. Grow room Аутдор, growing in Почва. Grow conditions, techniques, grower comments.

Blue cookies strain outdoor

6-7 weeks into flower, but in Crop Kings defense I put them under a fair amount of stress. Fortunately I found very few seeds in the flowers and even the ones I found were tiny and not fully developed. The buds are dense, sticky, purple, smell amazing, and it produced well in terms of total yield. Drying and Curing: I was completely guessing, but I wound up drying them for the perfect length of time. By the time I had them trimmed and in the jars they were crunchy on the outside, and over the next week they never clumped up or stuck together when I shook the jars and the humidity in the jars never went below 57%, or above 67%. I emptied all the jars out a couple times in order to mix the higher and lower humidity flowers before putting them back in jars. Since the end of the 2nd week of curing, the RH in all the jars has stabilized between 61% & 64%. Smell: The smell of the flowers has continued to improve and gain complexity. At first they smelled like gas and literally singed your nostrils. Now they still smell a little like gas, but its mellowed enough that the smell of pine has started coming through. Taste: The taste when smoking is faintly but distinctly blueberry. The aftertaste is minty with a subtle charred chocolate flavor. Very nice and I’m looking forward to seeing how the flavor develops as the cure continues. Effects: Came on fast and strong and so I only made it halfway through the joint before tapping out because I was already stoned to the bejesus belt. The mental effects were clear and creative, but wore off after an hour or so. The physical effect was a euphoric relaxation that melted away aches and pains. 3 hours after smoking I laid down in bed and melted into my mattress before quickly drifting off to a deep 8 hours of sleep. Very nice effects but with my relatively low tolerance I will be sticking to the vaporizer unless I have a friend around to help me smoke an entire joint.

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