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RQS Cannabis Genetics – Blueberry

Blueberry was the beginning of a beautiful trend in cannabis hybridisation. It all began stateside back in the day; somewhere in California, sometime during the 70’s with the crossing of diverse landrace genetics. It took three pedigree strains and decades of highly selective breeding to bring about the Blueberry we all know and love today. Highland Thai, Purple Thai and Afghani genetics had never before been mixed.

This was not just the genesis of the Blue family, it was a huge leap forward for indoor growers everywhere. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s, sativa plants were ruthlessly hybridised with indica breeding stock. Unfortunately, the price of the rapid advancement of indoor cultivation was the loss of pure sativa strains. The success of indica-sativa hybrids changed cannabis culture permanently.

A sweet, fruity, blueberry aroma and flavour has made Blueberry a cannabis iconoclast. Her growth characteristics are that of a “stretch indica.” Her buds are dense and frosty, however, internodal spacing can be quite elongated during bloom. She will produce an abundance of tight flower clusters, rather than looser, long-running colas.

Without question, it’s her unique terpene profile that comprises Blueberry’s claim to fame. Other attributes include a penchant to develop purple/blue colour tones in cooler temperatures, as well as her delicious, relaxing, long-lasting, not-quite-couchlocking body stone effect. Thus, Blueberry is must-have marijuana for pro breeders as well as ordinary, decent home growers everywhere. Let’s check out a handful of beans RQS have infused with gooey Blueberry goodness.


Haze Berry swings that signature sweet, fruity berry flavour to the sativa side. By successfully hybridising the super resinous Shining Silver Haze with original Blueberry, RQS have created quite possibly the tastiest sativa-dominant stash.

Plants grow long and lean, tending to develop long-running, resin-dripping colas of tight buds. Indoors, she can stretch to 1.5m; outdoors in southern climates, 2m is possible. Early training and/or pruning is recommended. These sweet trees can be enormously productive and branches may snap under dense bud weight. Cropped with artificial lights, up to 675g/m² harvests and comparable per plant yields for southern ganja farmers can be achieved. If you’ve got some game in the grow room, Haze Berry is more than worthy of a place.


Royal Bluematic is the RQS autoflowering edition of Blueberry. Blending the finest flavoured connoisseur cannabis with ruderalis was a no-brainer. The resulting next-generation autoflowering hybrid opens up the Blue Family to micro-growers and outdoor stealth growers.

Delicious Blueberry buds ready for harvest in just 8-9 weeks post-germination is really too good to resist for any cultivator. Low-profile and low-maintenance, Royal Bluematic is an easy cropper suitable for growers of all levels. Expect somewhere between 50-150g a piece from squat, under 1m plants indoors or outdoors in warmer climates.


Blue Cheese is a gourmet cannabis hybrid of perhaps the most flavoursome dank duo on the planet. None other than the infamous UK Cheese and original Blueberry could produce such a unique hybrid. This one is a real treat for the palate. A complex blend of berries and musky, earthy Cheese perfumes the air and leaves a pleasant after taste on the exhale. Heavy body effects will kick in after just a few tasty tokes.

Flowering takes no more than 9 weeks to deliver a 500-600g/m² SOG yield. Outdoors, she will rise above her typical 1-1.2m indoor height to as tall as 2m. In a hot climate, individual plants can produce up to 500g+ each. Trimming will require a little more attention and care than the average high-grade hybrid. But don’t forget, all that sugar leaf makes for great hash.


Blue Mystic is a Blueberry hybrid with a hint of mystery about her. RQS developed a choice Blueberry line displaying heavier indica attributes to bring forth the Blue Mystic. This member of the Blue Family is renowned for her juicy flavour and sedative body effects – purposefully selected for these most desirable indica traits.

Plant structure is short and compact. Typically less than 1m tall and made for an indoor SOG. Even beginners can expect around 400g/m² after 8 weeks of bloom. Outdoors, Blue Mystic can bush out and climb to 2m, producing as much as 450g per plant.


Lovers of White and Blue strains get ready to smile. Fruit Spirit is the gooey cannabis cocktail of your dreams. This hybrid gives you mouth-watering Blueberry flavour and the copious resin production of Dutch Coffeeshop favourite White Widow – all in one seriously frosty and compact package! Don’t be fooled by her looks. She is a sativa in disguise. Fruit Spirit might also surprise you with h er cerebral high, which is pleasantly uplifting. Real mood-booster weed.

In the grow op, she is the picture of classic, branchy, heavy indica marijuana. She is rather pint-sized, rarely exceeding 1m indoors. However, she has enormous SOG and small grow space potential. To be effectively cultivated outdoors, she demands hot weather to reach her full potential and grow to a decent sized bush of about 1.5m tall.

Probably the sweetest Blueberry blog on the internet. In fact, it definitely is, and if you want the dankest, most decadently sweet weed, you better read on.

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Dominant Origins & Notables

This strain has the prestige of winning the 2000 Cannabis Cup from High Times Magazine. Auto Blueberry Fem strain weed seeds are made from a hybrid created from the Afghani indica, Thai sativa, and Lowrdyer ruderalis where it gets its autoflowering properties from. This combination brings you cannabis seeds that are outstanding for a balanced relaxation from its 85% indica side while the 15% sativa from the Thai component will keep you from nodding off.

One of the unique traits here is that this plant has a year-round harvest potential in warmer cli-mates and has a quicker growth cycle than non-autoflowering varieties. This way, you can squeeze out an extra one or two harvests each twelve month period. This is also a relatively easy strain to grow, making it attractive to newcomers to the growing scene.

In addition to all that wonderfulness is the fact that the seeds are feminized. You will not have to deal with any of those pesky male plants taking up space in your garden, using up your time and potentially lowering your yield. What more could a cannabis grower ask for!


Whether a new grower or one that is more experienced, it certainly can’t hurt to invest in seeds that are low-maintenance strain. New cultivators can easily grow this strain, without any trouble due to its versatility and hardy nature. As a bonus it takes after its indica dominant nature in size, growing only 2.5 feet tall. This will give you a wide range of growing spaces in your house if you are only planning on growing a couple. If you are planning on growing in abundance, then you may want to consider setting up a larger grow room or grow tent. It is just going to make your life easier to keep them in an isolated and clean environment.

If you set up a Sea of Green, or SOG, layout you can control your even environment better. A SOG set up is the practice of forcing plants to flower early, thus keeping them smaller but able to pack in a room more tightly together. With a more even low-flying canopy, Your Auto Blueberry plants can produce a large central cola rather than dis-tribute energy to lots of different bud sites. The beauty of these autoflowering type seeds is that they already start to flower on their own after roughly two weeks of veg-ging, so you don’t even have to worry about changing light cycles to give them that push.

Outdoors this plant may not yield as much but will make up for that as you will be har-vesting multiple times. In the northern hemisphere you can plant as soon as the last frost has finished you can harvest until mid-October when the first frost hits. Mind that you pay attention to the frost reports. Your bud won’t be happy about getting frost on them.

Flowering Time

We have some fantastic news for you! The flowering time is 8 weeks for this strain. That means earlier harvests indoors and well like we mentioned multiple outdoors. Everyone put on your dancing shoes – party time will be coming soon.


The small stature of Auto Blueberry Fem allows it to be grown in the smallest of areas – a spare bedroom, grow tent, or even an empty closet. If you have taken our advice and set up your SOG in a grow room, you can expect a sizable 1.47 ounces per square foot. That is above rea-sonable for a plant doesn’t require a great energy expenditure or lots of babysitting.


So, you spent some time looking for a sunny spot in your yard and planted your amazing little plants in the ground. Now the first of many harvests is ready and you start getting your buds off carefully, as to not damage the life giver of joy. After you finish up your first plant, you will find that you have between 2.5 and 4.2 ounces. And that is just your first plant of many harvests to come.

Medical Application

There are many uses for this plant with medical issues, both mental and physical. It can help with things as simple as having a stressful day and needing help relaxing. It is also helpful if you have some bigger issues such as depression, insomnia or, anxiety. With a couple of puffs from a bowl of this you will find your troubles wash away. You might even get giggly. With insomnia, modera-te doses will help you drift off to sleep with ease.

This strain has some anti-inflammatory properties that will help with issues with arthritis, inflam-mation, migraines, and general pain. You will be able to go about your business as usual cleaning the house or getting your yard work and gardening done. You may even be up to go out with some friends for a hike or dancing. Bring snacks though, as you are going to be hungry.

Adverse Reactions

It isn’t any surprise that under this heading we are going to say to drink some water before you toke up. The common troubles here are cottonmouth and dry eyes. If you forgot to be preventa-tive, then get out your eye drops and a drink of water.


Now we get to tell you about the fun part of growing this strain, smoking it! This is a definite couch time toke. You will feel relaxed in a lovely sort of way. Not to the point of falling right to sleep, but you will want to be in a comfortable position. Get your space prepared with water, some great snacks, the remote, maybe your partner or a friend, and put on a comedy so you can take advantage of that euphoric, happy, giggly high you are about to experience. If you are a novice to this strain maybe only smoke a small bowl the first couple of times. You may end up waking in the morning in the same position you were sitting in.


Your nose is in for a pleasurable aroma from this one as it fills the room with the smell of blueberry and vanilla. You might even be reminded of a pie baking in the oven as you smoke a bowl of this.


This is going to be a yummy treat! There is a wonderful taste of sweet blueberry goodness on your first few inhales. The compliments of sweetness and vanilla will fill your mouth as the smoke rolls over your tastebuds and into your lungs. With the woody flavor that is mixed in here you may even be reminded of a blueberry pastry.

Similar Strains

Just because we want you to have a wonderful experience shopping with us, we have gathered together a few other strains similar to Auto Blueberry for your perusal.

Our first one up here is Blueberry Fem. It has a very delicious berry flavor that it is well known for. And of course for our first pick we have a strain that is also easy to grow. Because this blueberry plant doesn’t autoflower, it will give you more flexibility to vege-tate longer and experiment with larger plants. The 16% to 24% THC content will help with insomnia, anxiety, and pain.

Blueberry x OG Kush is one of the most potent medical strains available to you when shopping online. It has a consistent 24% THC and 1-2% CBD levels. There is no mess-ing around with this strain, it will get your muscles softened to the point you might not want to stand. This can be very helpful for someone in chronic pain who just needs to get some quality sleep.

Auto Northern Lights x Blueberry will relax you but keep you uplifted enough to stay awake. This one is a good mix of 5% CBD and 22% THC, creating a good medical use strain. You will likely want to be chilling out still, as you may find yourself in a medita-tive state.

Blueberry x Lemon Haze is a great one for those of you that want to be able to maintain some level of focus. It is a 50/50 hybrid that will stimulate your mind and make you happy while still allowing your body to mellow out. It has a nice lemon-citrusy taste with some haze thrown in to give a sativa kick.

If you are one of those people that wake up throughout the night you may want to con-sider Auto Blueberry x Big Bud. It will get you sleepy and keep you asleep for a longer period. A bonus here is that the cross breeding gives a high yield of big buds, and the leaves tend to be smaller.

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