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Curtis Jackson
Curtis Jackson

I don’t work for Bud Aroma, or any other seed bank. I did order from them once, and had great service. Maybe you are exaggerating a bit? I just got this email today, in fact:

As of 6/12/2017, Bud Aroma will no longer accept credit/debit card payments directly. We are using Western Union only! You can easily use the Western Union website or mobile app to avoid long lines at the store.

As a new, 4 month old, seed bank in the USA, we are learning fast that credit cards processing and cannabis, DO NOT mix well! We have been back and forth accepting Paypal, Credit Cards, Cash payments and so forth. Each time, we run into issues with the card processor.

Paying with credit card is very convenient, however it has brought us many headaches in this short period of time.

Right now, we have a credit card processing company holding our funds and will not release them for 180 days. And they have deactivated our account so we can not issue refunds. This is why we have discontinued accepting credit/debit cards directly. If you have recently paid via credit card, your order will not process and you will get a refund. We are not a fly by night company. We will be here and We will work with you to get your refund to you ASAP. This process should take 1 week or so. If that is too long for your refund to post, please call your card company and request a refund. We will work with you to get your refund and reorder and process your seeds. We are sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused.

If you used Western Union as your payment method, there is nothing that you need to do. Your orders will process and ship! The only orders that will process and ship are Western Union payments. These orders will begin to ship out ASAP.

We are totally committed to bringing you the worlds best cannabis seeds. This is a learning lesson for us. Rest assured that we will continue to serve USA, even through the hurdles.

So I was looking for a seed bank to use that had a wide selection of strains to choose from but also was based in the United States. I came across Bud aroma…

7 Best Seed Banks That Ship to the USA in 2020

​Weed Seeds

Buying any type of seeds online can be a frightening process, especially since marijuana aka medical cannabis has been stigmatized for far too long. It is no wonder states are finally getting smarter about decriminalization, legalization, and making cannabis readily available for people who need it and comply with the rules and regulations.

With opiates killing 130 people every day in the USA, and more at all corners of the world, cannabis provides an herbal mend that tends to individuals in need. Where you get your seeds matter. Why? Well, for one, if a seed did not exist, then a cannabis plant wouldn’t. Everyone wants to obtain the highest-quality marijuana strains, this way, you achieve the results that you hope and dream of.

Start thinking about where your seeds come from; the peace of mind knowing the herbs you are using is worth its weight in gold. Buying through reputable online seed banks is the first step to achieving healthy and healing plants, along with high yields and sky highs.

Read more and find out the best seed bank companies in 2019.

1. I Love Growing Marijuana

​What plant enthusiast doesn’t like growing marijuana? If your love for cannabis is head over heels, then direct yourself to the I Love Growing Marijuana website, an online seed bank that offers plenty of feminized seeds. These seeds are meant to have zero male chromosomes; after all, it is the female plant that produces cannabis.

Not only does this company offer seed mix packs, nutrients, CBD oil, beginner strains, and complete grow sets, but they make it easy for people to purchase this medical and sometimes recreational necessity. What differentiates I Love Growing Marijuana, is the fact that this company dedicates 24/7 of their time to customers and support.

Once you order, you can guarantee a discreet delivery done well.


-With feminized and automatic seeds, there are loads of strains to choose from

-The automatic seeds do not need to follow a strict cycle; this is ideal for beginning growers

-Free shipping is provided to all customers in the US

-The company germinates the seeds prior to sending them, this way, your yields are much greater


-The I Love Growing Marijuana site and products mainly target beginning growers

2. Crop King Seeds

​Crop King Seeds, created in Canada and offering cannabis seeds that are intricately feminized.

Choose from Sativas or Indicas and different strains such as Blueberry, Haze Extreme, Afghani, Original Skunk, Purple Kush, White Widow, Sour Diesel, and the list goes on. If new and improved marijuana strains are your thing, Crop Kings has got you covered, as the seeds are 100% cultivated with top-quality care.

Crop King Seeds is made for medical patients or growers who know their product, follow the laws, and prefer a plant that flourishes with THC galore. The cost is cheap and there are plenty of discounts to go around, but just because the company’s prices are affordable doesn’t mean the germination rate is low, in fact, most people claim that they get very high yields when they utilize cannabis seeds from Crop King Seeds.


-Find cheap online seed prices-Strains usually contain high levels of THC and low CBD amounts

-The seeds can be grown indoors or outdoors-Designer name seeds fill the inventory-Customers have claimed higher yields (bigger plants and more cannabis)

-Flexible payment methods; Bitcoin and other major and accredited financial institutions are accepted-Cannabis Cup awarded strains are available

-Access to auto-flowering seeds makes the growing process simple


–Crop King Seeds has a large selection, which makes it hard to choose just one strain; you may end up buying them all (what’s so bad about that?)

​3. MSNL

The fact that MSNL coins itself ‘the original seed bank’ and has been around since 1999, proves their overall dedication to the cannabis plant and industry. Finding legitimate marijuana seeds used to be a hard thing to come by, but with the best seed banks around, this notion is of the past.

A long-lasting reputation means more than the price. These companies on the list have withstood the test of time, well, this one especially. Customers have been satisfied for a long period and consistently await incredible and easy yields.


-For large growers a wholesale option is available

-The company offers value-packs, which allows you to save and try new strains

-Each different seed is labeled in separate packaging (halt all confusion)

-The site offers award-winning strains-Provides the finest genetics, which includes Girl Scout Cookies, White Rhino, AKA 47; learn about more strains here


-The pricing may be higher than competitor sites (although, the discounts may equate, depending on when you purchase the seeds)

​4. Seedsman

​From regular to auto-flowering, and feminized seeds, there are plenty of collections to choose from at Seedsman. The company has over 80 breeders whom they get their array of marijuana seeds from.

Not only are cannabis seeds available, but herb vaporizers make sure to produce a clean and smooth appeal; equivalent to the seeds sold. The company offers THC content that is very high, averaging above 20%!

Once the seeds yield new cannabis buds, your bud THC levels will range from 10-20%+, depending on what product you plan to start with. The Seedsman online filter tool allows buyers to pinpoint exactly what they want, from taste, effect, medical conditions, CBD and THC content.


-Ships to the US

-Accepts cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) and all major financial institutions

-The company offers regular seeds for those of you who prefer to process your own modifications

-Caters to individual medical patients and small and large cannabis growers

-The site provides the ability to search for THC and CBD levels per strain (this is recommended for those of you trying to find your perfect medium and strain)​

-Offers seeds that produce 0-5% CBD content, just in case you need herbal medication to calm your nerves and inflammation

-Out of 4,297 buyers, the Seedsman company reigns with a 4.7-star out of 5.


-Depending on what browser you are using, the Seedsman buying site may have a couple of technical glitches.

​5. Seed Supreme

​When it comes to lower pricing, discounts, and deals, Seed Supreme offers a safe and secure way to buy from a legal online seed bank.So you want the highest THC or CBD strain in stock? Chances are, you will find it here.


–Seed Supreme will be sure to deliver all packages with the stealthiest mode possible (the company prides itself on privacy)

-Every purchase you make, you will gain ‘Kush Points’ (a type of loyalty program) Buy more and receive free products

-Accepts Bitcoin payments-At Seed Supreme, the company is generous and is known to give away free seeds with certain purchases 100% legal


-The Seed Supreme site is geared towards advanced cannabis users

6. Bud Aroma

​If you are trying to avoid the runaround and want a hassle-free online experience when you are ​searching for the best online seed banks that ship to the USA, you have found your spot.

With extremely fast service, Bud Aroma is able to deliver seeds straight to your door with the fastest turnaround.Obtain beautiful buds that can be grown all year round and enjoy the Bud Aroma of antioxidants and legalization.

Seeds are important and so are patients and treatment options that do not include dangerous pharmaceuticals.


-100% legal California-based company

-Part of the paid profits are donated to the marijuana legalization movement-Seeds range from Indica, auto, Sativa, hybrid, and feminized

-Bud Aroma is dedicated to educating all cannabis users and advocates

-The seeds can be grown in a greenhouse, indoors, or in outdoor environments


​​7. i49

​For those of you who can’t make up your mind on what strain you prefer the most; ​considering each strain has unique intricacies, then i49 will provide you with a ‘Sampler-Pack’. Try plenty of different strains and determine your favorite one through sample trials. With easy-to-grow seeds, beginners will experience growth like no other!

The company assures quality support and testing. Know exactly what type of seeds you buy and administer. From seed to flower, i49 is another top seed bank that exists and shouldn’t be missed.


-Sampler-pack (experience different effects, flavors, and potency)

-Ongoing clearance sales

-The companies site and seeds are veered toward medical cannabis patients and growers of all sizes

-California cannabis seeds


-20 seeds will cost around $159.00 (other online seed banks on this list have been known to be less costly)

Everything begins with a seed and then flourishes into something more.

Looking to grow a wealthy, healing, and holistic cannabis plant? High-quality seeds can be found on the reputable seed sites we just mentioned; yield high results and heal heads and bodies with medicinal marijuana seeds.

Our Favorite Seed Company?

The award goes to I Love Marijuana, considering the inventory is always large, they offer 24/7 customer support, the potency is mind-blowing and the US shipping is free; did we mention, we love the company name? Happy growing!

Seed banks were once hard to come by; with recent laws and legalization, top-quality cannabis seed banks offer your plants high yeilds and large buds.