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Introduction: You can expect monster yields of old school funk from this three way hybrid. Created for maximum production and resilience, Big Bud guarantees huge harvests everytime, meaning she is the best for cash croppers who need short flowering times and commercial scale harvests.

Genetics: Big Bud was created after crossing three old school strains Afghani, Skunk and Old School Big Bud. This strain carried forward all the most desirable traits from her parents, meaning she is highly resilient to cold and hot climates, flowering in less than 9 weeks and is unbelievably productive. Indoors she can yield upto 500 to 600 gr/m2 which makes Big Bud one of the most lucrative strains available. Outdoors she is capable to yield enormous amounts and will not suffer with mould thanks to her environmental resistance.

Strain Characteristics: This old school hybrid will grow with thick branches and quickly fill out your grow tent. Big Bud reacts very well to plant training, which we advise to take your yields to the next level. As the name suggests she will grow nothing but big buds at every internode. Her calyx to leaf ratio is very high making her a breeze to trim. The characteristics of the flowers will have a clear old school look with calyx stacking up surrounded by bright orange hairs.

Big bud has a vintage flavour that will take some old school growers back. A mix of earthy, sweet with a floral funk background that will have you licking your lips after every toke of a joint.

Her aroma when flowering will be more floral than pungent, so is a great choice for growers who require low profile varieties. Flowering time will range from 7-9 weeks depending on phenotype making Big Bud a fast flowering beast that has THC levels of 13-17%.

Experiencing the strain: The effects of big bud are very relaxing, dreamy and pleasant. This strain is potent so is well recommended for relaxing and evening times. Her effects can be sleepy with a mild body effect, meaning Big Bud is well suited for smokers looking for a calming balanced effect. Medical patients may find Big Bud can help stress, depression and improve feelings of well being.

What makes this strain so great: An old school blast from the past with an extremely high resilience to cold and hot weather. A very easy to grow strain that every cash cropper needs in their vault. Big Bud is a true pedigree and will not let you down!

Quote from a customer : “5/5 germed, beautiful strain, huge compact nugs, lovely strong scent with an earthy taste, I’ll be getting more of these for sure” – Tony H.

You can expect monster yields of old school funk from this three way hybrid. best for cash croppers who need short flowering times and commercial scale harvests.

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Dominant Origins & Notables

This is a predominantly indica hybrid strain with a relatively high THC content. Sitting about 85% Indica and 15% sativa, this potent plant is known for a more subdued and mellow high. The Big Bud Fem strain is comprised of two parent strains. First, the ultimate old-school strain Skunk, that is known for its growing ease and short flowering time and second, Afghan. Afghan is known for its deeply relaxing effects and resinous buds. These two powerful, ancient strains were combined to create the ever-popular Big Bud.

This potent bud, with roughly 15% to 20% THC levels, is revered among growers and smokers alike. The well-earned name refers to the plant’s humongous buds and generous yield. These weed seeds were first grown in the United States in the 80’s this strain became a fast favorite and won first prize in the Mostly Indica category of the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1989. This is still a go-to strain for nighttime consumption around the globe. It offers a nice balance of couch-locked relaxation and soaring cerebral buzz. No wonder this is a crowd favorite!

Not a wonderful option for going out and hitting the town, but perfect for soothing yourself in comfortable spaces, the sedating effects of this strain are ideal for a night of passive activities like watching a favorite movie or listening to that new album you have been looking forward to. Great for the recreational user who just wants to unwind after a long workday or for the medical patient looking for relief from chronic pain. This powerful, sweet and spicy bud is a top choice for inducing deep and long-lasting sleep.


Like its name implies, The Big Bud Fem strain seeds provide an abundant yield of massive flowers. This sought-after strain is a favorite among small-scale gardeners and commercial growers alike. These super sticky buds are worth the effort required to pick them apart. Even the strong, sturdy branches cannot hold the weight of the crazy large yield. Make sure to install some extra support, like tensioned wire, so the plant can easily grow to its potential without complications. These seeds do best in a temperate continental or Sunny Mediterranean climate, so if you are not residing in those areas, a greenhouse grow will be your best bet. In an optimum setting, these plants can produce up to nearly 25 ounces per plant! The fem is short for feminized, which refers to seeds with two X-chromosomes. When you buy feminized, you are guaranteed to be growing all fertile females so you can optimize your yield even more. No wonder these babies are such a big hit!

Flowering Time

The flowers of the Big Bud strain are long, dense and spade shaped. They have beautiful orange hairs and purple hues and grow to be massive. Without many leaves, the majority of this plant is comprised of delicious, usable weed. Few other strains can match these plants productivity levels. These enormous nugs will come to full bloom in about 7 to 9 weeks of flowering.


If you wish to grow indoors, this plant does well in a hydroponic system, which means growing without soil. There are a few hydroponic options, but for this plant Sea Of Green is your best bet. This is a Dutch method of growing where you encourage the plants, with controlled light intervals, to flower when they are small. While the yield may be a bit smaller, the shorter flowering time allows for more growing rounds in less time, ensuring a bountiful harvest! Because these beasts can grow up to 7 feet tall, growing indoors requires early topping and bending of the plant to encourage growing horizontally rather than vertically.


The sturdy Big Bud strain will do well outdoors too, as long as you are in an area with a warm and sunny climate and have a grow spot that has consistent sun exposure. The already high yielding plant can grow 5 to 7 feet tall with the wide-open space to fill! If you are growing in the United States, or anywhere else in the northern hemisphere, it is important to harvest before the chill and frost of fall come in. Harvest around mid-October to avoid letting the seasonal weather shifts damage the precious buds!

Medical Application

Finding yourself struggling to get out of bed? Overwhelmed by stress or limited by anxious thoughts? Big Bud Fem is a great strain option to soothe and relieve some of the impacts of hindered mental health. A sedative and mood enhancer, this delicious strain contributes to a calming sense of relief for a worried mind. This bud is not just a one trick pony, though! It also supports chronic inflammatory pain like arthritis and has been promising for those who suffer with fibromyalgia. It is also great for those who struggle to sleep, or with more severe insomniacs, and for certain eating disorders too! The munchie inducing stone helps those who otherwise struggle to nourish their bodies. You only need to start with one puff to begin feeling relief from what ails you!

Adverse Reactions

Most weed options lead to dry mouth and eyes, and Big Bud is no different. Make sure you have some water and eye drops to help combat the discomfort, and you will be good to go! Some folks also report some mild paranoia. Try starting off slow and seeing how this powerful strain affects you before going deeper into the euphoric but mellow high.


Whether you are using Big Bud for recreational or medical purposes, there is no doubt that the relaxing and uplifting high will soothe you! This strain is best saved for a lazy chill-out day hanging around home or in the evening before heading to sleep. The incredibly potent large buds are known to be a one hitter and take a few beats to kick in. Make sure to start slow and see how it goes so you do not end up being knocked out by this powerful smoke.

Big Bud is known for its tranquilizing effect. This is a great option for smokers looking to end the day calm and restful. The high will definitely have you couch locked, a few puffs will leave you lethargic and happily staring off into space. Once you take in the first puff of smoke, inhale and let the effects set in, you will find yourself moving through a euphoric high into being pleasantly relaxed and mellow.


Big Bud smells reminiscent of a forest in spring. With earth, pine and floral hints, this sweet and spicy scented bud gives the delightful burst of an inviting, mouth-watering forest adventure.


It smells great, but the dynamic flavor profile is even better! Inhale the thick, smooth smoke and let the taste of earth, forest pines and flowers roll around on your tongue. Like a forest walk in your mouth, the savory and sweet inhale transports you out into the peaceful woods. The exhale will leave hints of spice making this a unique flavor you will not likely forget.

Similar Strains

If you are looking for similar cannabis seeds, I49 has some great options! Stick with the classic Big Bud but of the fast-flowering variety (Big Bud Fast Fem) for an even quicker yield of these massive nugs! Or try one of our popular strains, Auto Northern Lights x Big Bud fem for a faster growing, higher yielding crop that has similar indica effects. I49 also sells Skunk #1 Fem, one of the well-respected ancient strains that makes up Big Bud. With a 50-50 composition of indica and sativa, try Skunk on its own for a less subdued high. Or try the other parent strain on its own, the Afghan Fem. This 100% indica is known for its profoundly sedating impact and its support for insomnia, pain and stress. If considering a flavorful twist on this big time favorite, connoisseurs consider it pretty hard to beat the taste of Auto Blueberry x Big Bud.

Nick Names

The only name this strain needs is Big Bud, a more aptly suited name could not be found!

Final Thoughts

This blend of classic favorites is an award-winning strain for a reason. The ease of growing, the wonderful effects and heavy yield make this a great choice for your homegrown stash. If you are wondering where you can get quality, genetically pure marijuana seeds, head over to the I49 USA online cannabis seed bank. I49 is a company run by educated and passionate entrepreneurs. We are dedicated to finding the best seeds from reputable growers and we are sure to store them in optimal conditions to ensure they make it to your doorstep ready to take root and flourish!

We value your safety and privacy and offer secure payment options and discreet packaging. We also have an online contact form and posted phone number so if at any stage you need help, get in touch with one of our helpful customer service team members! Browse our online seed bank now and find the strain to meet your unique needs from the comfort of your own couch. I49 makes it simple to buy Big Bud Fem strain seeds online and to start your cultivation process with ease and support!

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