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Kanna Premium extreme strong – 1 g

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Freshly imported Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds, straight from Hawaii. (10 gram +/- 100 seeds)

The seeds of the Argyreia nervosa vine contain a high percentage of LSA, a compound with a long shamanic history that generates a powerful psychedelic experience.

The seeds are strictly offered as botanical specimen. Not for consumption. Consult the disclaimer before your order.

The smaller package arrived with 124 seeds inside, few were rotten (they are lightweight and float in the water) but not a big deal.

I tried every possible administration you can find online, they were all a fail.

People complaint about the taste of the seed but actually it’s not bad at all, it has some flavor of green tea or sort of it.
The lemon, the peppermint, the cold extraction, the vinegar the magic of Merlin and neither the holy graal could prevent the nausea effects, making these seeds not really a viable possibility if you are looking for a trip, as there are other compounds that do not cause nausea.

The nausea itself is neither a “real nausea” it’s more like feeling a stone around your sternum and so the upper part of the stomach, nothing that relate with the nausea you can feel on a transport (car, bus etc) or the nausea due to an excessive use of booze.

More seeds you take, stronger is the “nausea” effect.

I started by chewing one seed, the nausea effect was perceivable but very mild. No effects, apart from a couple of “jolts” because apparently the seed interfered with the exit of the astral body.

Smoked the seeds no effect.

Chewed 3 seeds, no effect at all.

Cold extraction up to 6 seeds, no effect at all, at that point I simply gave up ’cause the “nausea” was too much evident and annoying in relation with a questionable result.

There are plenty of extraction methods of LSA from these little beauties. But. If you want the true HBW experience just chew them and leave the pulp under your tongue for 5-10 minutes. They taste like shit and you will feel nauseous. But if you want the full effects just suck it up Princess and deal with it.

You will be rewarded for your efforts. South American Shamans believe that being sick is part of the healing process to cleanse the body. I usually go for a walk about an hour after taking them. Walking and sipping on a bottle of water helps me deal with the sickness.

It takes about 2 hours for the first effects to start. They grow very slowly. So, DO NOT after 3 hours think, ” this is mild, I need more”. The full effects are maybe 5 or 6 hours after first taking them.

Once you understand them then next time increase the dose. My first time I took 5. I felt philosophical, excited with life, completely in control of my body and totally grounded. So, the next day, I had 5 for breakfast then coffee, shower, cigarette etc, and went for a walk into the woods. On my way there I took 10 more (so, 15 in total). As the LSA started to kick in the philosophical grounded feelings once again and I remember thinking, “this is like LSD but less intense”. But the they got stronger, and stronger, and stronger. Do not underestimate these little seeds! I had a beautiful trip. But, I wasn’t expecting a full LSD style trip. Alone in the woods was far too intense for me. I tried to work Google Maps to find my way home but my distortion of reality was overwhelming. Eventually, I found home and enjoyed another 6 hours of tripping.

You most likely will experience nausea eating these seeds, and it will vary based on the dosage you take. If you smoke, it will negate the nausea at least a bit within an hour you so. If you choose not to smoke, the nausea will stay with you for the duration, but shouldn’t do more than make food and drink unappetizing. Don’t be afraid to vomit; it may happen, especially if you eat or drink in the hours before taking the seeds.

The Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds change your consciousness in a very special way. Get your Woodrose seeds at Avalon Magic Plants!

Argyreia nervosa Hawaiian-Baby-Woodrose seeds A+Grade Premium seeds

Argyreia nervosa seeds, Hawaiian baby woodrose imported from Hawaii

“Argyreia nervosa is member of the Convolvulaceae family and is a perennial climbing vine. It is also know as wooly morning glory, vidhara, elephant creeper and most commonly as Hawaiian baby woodrose. Argyreia nervosa is native to India and Northern Australia, but can also be found in various other parts of the world, including some Pacific islands such as Hawaii, New Caledonia, French Polynesia and Tonga. It can also be found in the south-eastern USA, Central America and in tropical parts of Africa.

Argyreia nervosa is a robust woody climbing vine that has densely packed hairy younger stems and large heart-shaped leaves that are silvery on the underside. Typically the leaves grow to between fifteen and thirty centimetres and are alternately arranged along the stems on long stalks. The flowers are large and tubular, and can grow to upwards of five centimetres in diameter. They are usually whitish-pink on the outer petals with a darker, more deep shade of pink or purple in the centre. The fruit is a dry, furry, brown capsule that grows to around two centimetres in diameter and is surrounded by five petals. The Argyreia nervosa usually flowers during spring and summer, although in it’s native India the growing cycle is accelerated so flowering can occur more regularly. Reproduction usually occurs by spreading of the seed by birds and animals, although it has been known to occur by vegetative fragmentation. Argyreia nervosa is most widely cultivated as a decorative addition to gardens in more tropical locations as it needs a lot of light and permanently moist soil.

The Argyreia nervosa seed is renowned for its psychedelic and hallucinogenic properties as it contains a naturally occurring tryptamine, lysergic acid amide, which is similar to lysergic acid diethylamide, better known as LSD. The effects of the Argyreia nervosa seed are similar to those of LSD, with people reporting colourful spiritual visions, psychedelic patterns, a sense of extreme relaxation, spiritual awareness and euphoria that lasts between six and eight hours. However, there are also side-effects to consumption such as nausea, vomiting, anxiety, and disorientation. Unlike it’s relatives Rivea corymbosa and Ipomoea tricolor, which were both used in Latin American shamanic rituals, Argyreia nervosa was not historically used to induce a spiritual state. It was only in 1965, when a paper identifying the properties of tropical wood roses was published, that the narcotic uses for Argyreia nervosa were recognised. After this the seeds became popular recreationally in the U.S.A. and Argyreia nervosa become know for providing a cheap buzz.

Medically, Argyreia nervosa can be used in a number of ways. Extract from the leaves has been shown to have anti-ulcerative properties and has even cured ulcers in rats. There is, however, currently no medically approved product based upon this extract. Alternatively, both the root and flower have been shown to have aphrodisiac like properties. A study of mice given root extract showed increased mating activity and a significant increase to the male to female ratio. In India the roots are used as part of an aphrodisiac tonic.”

Germinating Hawaiian baby woodrose:

let seeds soak in water for about 20-40 hours and then plant about 1cm deep into rich soil keep moist and warm.

Argyreia prefers high temperatures and a sunny place!

Argyreia nervosa premium seeds. fresh and viable A+grade hawaiian baby woodrose seeds lsa seeds