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Lumpy’s Flowers – Cali Berry Strain Review – Many of you have been requesting we review some Lumpy’s flowers on the show so we are doing just that anno 2205 aktivierungsschlüssel herunterladen. Fortunately we were able to get our hands on some really nice Cali Berry from Garden of Eden in Hayward. After trying this batch it’s a safe…

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[Music] [Applause] [Music] what guys welcome to the CCC I’m Shane I’m Danny and we’re back for another strain review actually something I’m really excited to have on the show today we are taking a look at some Lumpy’s flowers that’s right this particular flavour here is the Cali berry coming in at 23.82 THC and we picked this up at Garden of Eden and Haworth Garden of Eden I want to take a little a little I guess he recalled a quote straight from their website right here Lumpy’s flower calm here we go this lady looks and probably smells as amazing as the actress from which the name was derived from the aroma from this bud is sweet smell of fruit berries with a gasp undertone the colors on this bud is a 50/50 mix of lively green with a rich purple much like the actress once smoked the inhale is smooth and really flavorful with a deep berry undertone a true bombshell this lady won second place at the Central Valley High Times Cup in 2018 in the hyper category whoa I don’t know about any of that all I know is it reeks right now it reeks of grapes it reeks like dogs walls the crazy purple okay you went straight to it right right before we sat down to do this review I was getting the close-ups of this weed and as soon as I open the jars it just started reeking like that crazy thick dankey like purpley fruity 2012 elemental wellness dog’s waltz on steroids I looked at it and I was like it kind of looks like it it looks a little better I’m gonna be honest but it smells almost just like it that one dog’s waltz was help me out here purple Urkel and a can some type of Kendra’s dog I think I’m pretty sure it’s purple Oracle and Trez dog that was the dog’s waltz that we used to get way back in the day like he was saying some elemental wellness anyway enough bullshit and we probably should get to smoke in here yeah I definitely want to smoke some of this shit well a little bit about one piece from what we could find you know they’re obviously a California brand they’d been around for quite some time now 15 years they originated out of wine country up in Northern California definitely a good brand they obviously you know got quite a big following I got around eighty four thousand followers on Instagram and Counting and yeah I mean definitely blown up on the scene lightweight you know these days what I really like about them I’m trying to of their other strains if you look at their menu online and most likely if you’ve tried a few different flavors of theirs before you’re gonna notice they grow a lot of purples and if you’ve been watching this show for a while you know we’re a fan of that oh yeah I mean we love our grapes we get a steady dose of grapes over here we were just talking but not that long ago on the podcast about how we want that really really good great to come back yeah I mean you know we definitely search for our grapes but these days I feel like it’s just a lot of cookies and cookie crosses in gelato like that’s it’s not the same time I have the color but it’s not the same this honestly has the color of some like straight or you know but it really does remind me of the Daleks waltz it’s got that same turf but to me it’s on steroids like it reeks like the dogs walls to me was always saying that smells good but I wish it was a lot louder you know I wish it was like punching this I still taste it like I took that bong right probably a couple minutes ago at least and it’s still heavy on my palate like it’s a thick flavor but it is so smooth job there’s almost no lung expansion on this at all for me no way yeah I think it probably has to do a little bit with how thick you pack your bowl too yeah but that one was just perfect amount of airflow perfect amount of diffusion honestly like you can take nice big rips of this shit and it’s smooth oh yeah I really like the texture of this weed you know Nikki has is the stick test for sure it’s really uh you know I would say my favorite features of this weed are you know the looks but the smell and the taste really come through to like I love when a when weed can can taste like it smells you know not all we does that I decided before the number one thing I go off of more than anything else when I’m shopping for we to smell yeah I miss smell but sometimes it doesn’t taste like it’s smell that’s true just because it smells good it doesn’t mean it’s gonna taste not as good as it smells this one I feel like delivers sometimes I just get that pretend oh that like smells hella good but then it just doesn’t come through on the flavor you know this reminds me of like a grape soda mm-hmm you know yeah like yeah this should be part group so I mean I like the name don’t get me wrong can we do a strainer of you on some group yeah from up north now this smells way more like grape soda than that that’s the only reason I say it I don’t mean I mean I like ha I like Cali berry but this really just smells so like great be fuckin funky I don’t know it’s like literally like a great candy guys it smells like a great candy if you can get your hands on some of this I highly suggest it are you going with the rating on this one overall all right to rate this overall I’m gonna have to give this a solid 9 I’m gonna give it a 9 strictly for its smell and its taste just the way that they correspond to each other I love when we you know like I said taste like it smells this delivers that and it’s packing a punch at almost twenty four percent so I’m gonna give it a nine yeah I think that’s a pretty fair rating I’m super curious to know what the genetics are in this one as far as I know they don’t really you know share publicly what the genetics are on most of their strains you know maybe they mentioned it before on IG but yeah I’ve been curious to know what some of these different flavors what the actual genetics of these of these cultivars are right I mean as these you know new strands come out you know it’s our job to find out so if you know and put it down in the comments if you know anything about Cali Barry from Lumpy’s you know we’re gonna continue to search but yeah right now the genetics are kind of unknown but definitely some perp and we’re loving it yeah it’s really really good I definitely feel my eyes getting heavy yeah honestly man I don’t really know what could be better about this weed the smell is there for me for sure right Mel is 10 out of 10 I love the way it looks you know it’s written the notes have a really really nice structure to it they’re not super blown out but they are nice and dense super well trimmed got that crazy stick factor going on the taste is there it’s really smooth I definitely want to roll but joint and see how it smokes in a joint definitely but I think this might be a ten out of ten for me ten yeah I’m really fuckin like this weed and you know I’m back in the day dogs waltz was one of my favorite it’s like that was one of those strains that you know usually when we were shopping at dispensaries at that point in time we would just buy those expensive $65 aids just to review different things on the show but that was one of those ones I would keep going back to paying that price and buying those aids of that shit you know for 60 bucks every now and then like repeatedly and that was one of the few strings I could say that for this reminds me of that more than any other oh me too it’s like dogs waltz on steroids hey guys you don’t get tense from this guy too often you know this shit some fire I do want to say before we end this video the packaging is definitely on point I do want to point that out you know respect is definitely earned right there absolutely I was good I’m glad you brought that up because I did want to mention that in this video and I totally would have forgot about it that was actually a big factor for why we just bought this shit yeah when we went to the dispensary they had all kinds of different flowers from different brands some we had never heard of some we had no wanting to try like lumpy stuff but they had really nice packaging where you can see the weed there’s a ton of area here where you could see the weed it’s not like it used to be where you know you go in and they show you a big jar of it and you get to smell it and you kind of you know get a get a feel for what the mud actually smells like looks like feels like even just by looking at it you can’t smell it and in some cases you can’t see it now because other companies had you know completely paid like fucking covered by snake jars or they had there are some that glass jars you know they spent the extra money on three glass jars with the endo label all the way around right I really like the way their labeling looks the way the branding is on here and for the consumer at this point just to be able to see the weed this this well that’s good definitely huh I mean you know one piece is definitely making a little wave in the industry right now so shout out to Lumpy’s this is Cali Barry I’m Danny for the ccc for another string review like and subscribe down there do all that down there somewhere and we will be back next week for another strain review yes stay tuned to the CCC I’m Shane and I’m Danny again and we heard out again I’m at the liquor store getting low blows to the skull hit the back in the ship


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Lumpy’s Flowers – CALI BERRY as seen on Lumpy’s Flowers – Cali Berry Strain Review – Many of you have been requesting we review some Lumpy’s flowers on the show so we are doing

Cali berry strain

Lumpy’s Flowers – Cali Berry Strain Review

– Many of you have been requesting we review some Lumpy’s flowers on the show so we are doing just that. Fortunately we were able to get our hands on some really nice Cali Berry from Garden of Eden in Hayward. After trying this batch it’s a safe bet we’ll be having plenty more lumpy’s flavors on the show in the future!


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Cali berry strain Lumpy’s Flowers – Cali Berry Strain Review – Many of you have been requesting we review some Lumpy’s flowers on the show so we are doing just that. Fortunately we were able