cannaventure seeds

Cannaventure Seeds

425 Regular Seeds

Good night time meds..

$92.76 Ex Tax: $92.76

Chameleon Mix Regular Seeds

Mix of 3 different hybrids.

$57.97 Ex Tax: $57.97

Cookie Wreck Regular Seeds

A cross of two great producers..

$127.54 Ex Tax: $127.54

Daffie Regular Seeds

Indica dominant purple plant..

$104.05 Ex Tax: $104.05

Electric Larry Land Regular Seeds

Good yielder with citrus aroma..

$104.05 Ex Tax: $104.05

Flaming Cookies Regular Seeds

An excellent combo of 3 cuts..

$127.54 Ex Tax: $127.54

Garlic Breath Regular Seeds

Distinctive smell and good yield..

$104.05 Ex Tax: $104.05

Girl Scout Cookies Mix Regular Seeds

Mix of different Girl Scout Cookie hybrids..

$69.57 Ex Tax: $69.57

L.A. Affair Regular Seeds

Good quality and pain relief..

$92.76 Ex Tax: $92.76

Legends Mix Regular Seeds

Mix of 3 hybrids, all made with Elvis genetics..

$69.57 Ex Tax: $69.57

Tennessee Purple Kush Regular Seeds

Good yielding Indica dominant hybrid..

$104.05 Ex Tax: $104.05

Triple Nova Regular Seeds

One of the nicest strains from Cannaventure Seeds..

$104.05 Ex Tax: $104.05

Urkle Berry II Regular Seeds

$104.05 Ex Tax: $104.05

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420 Cannabis Seeds – Cannabis seeds are sold as souvenir items, Germination of cannabis seeds is still illegal in many places. please check with your local laws before placing an order.

Cannaventure Seeds 425 Regular Seeds Good night time meds.. $92.76 Ex Tax: $92.76 Chameleon Mix Regular Seeds Mix of 3 different hybrids. $57.97 Ex Tax: $57.97 Cookie Wreck

Cannaventure Seeds

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Black Raspberry Kush FEM

Arcata Ghost Feminized

Cookie Wreck Feminized

Pure Raspberry Kush Feminized

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We are one month into curing on these guys and I am really happy with the results :smiley:

These are some of the best plants I’ve grown, if not the best.

They are super frosty, super stanky, and have a great high and they yielded very well.

For a SoG from seed grow these would be a great choice because the plant morphology has almost no variation, but there is some variation in the terps and the effect, so you get variety of effect/smell/taste with the ease of an even canopy.

The terps are a strong coffee/skunk smell that has a lemony kush tone to it when the buds are smelled directly.

The high is 100% feel good with heavy relaxation but only minor sedation.

The exception to this would be the purple pheno which is super strong, semi-racy yet still relaxing high. I would have guessed the purple would be the most mellow but it is not.

Thanks for stopping by, and good luck in your gardens!

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