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CBD dog treats may seem convenient, but do they work? Here are some reasons they might not be the best choice for dogs. Caring for a dog is one of the greatest blessings that any human gets to experience in life. They are rambunctious, have a contagious zest for life, and

CBD Dog Treats: Do They Work?

CBD treats for dogs are an excellent idea … in theory. But more often than not they aren’t the best way to give your dog CBD.

That’s because they may not have as much CBD as they claim and they could even make your dog’s problems worse. So today you’ll find out why you should pass on CBD oil treats and some more effective ways to support your dog.

The Benefits Of CBD

CBD (cannabidol) is a chemical found in cannabis and hemp plants. It’s used in oils and edibles for both people and pets because of its many medicinal properties.

Research shows that CBD can help relax your dog, as well as ease pain and support the immune system. It’s also proven to help manage and prevent …

  • Joint pain and arthritis
  • Digestive issues
  • Allergies
  • Tumors

It’s easy to see why dog owners are turning to CBD treats for their four legged best friends. But are they the best choice?

Do CBD Dog Treats Work?

There’s no doubt that CBD is a great natural supplement … but there are some important reasons to avoid CBD dog treats. One of the biggest is the way manufacturers make the treats.

The Problem With Baking CBD

Like many other compounds, processing CBD affects its medicinal value. That’s because CBD starts to break down at a temperature of 200℉. And at 350℉, it’s almost completely broken down, which degrades its bioavailability. That means your dog won’t be able to absorb it. And if he can’t absorb it, he won’t reap the benefits that CBD offers.

The only way the treats will contain the amount of CBD listed on the product is if they’re processed at very low temperatures. Or if the company tests the CBD levels after the product has baked … and that doesn’t normally happen.

So if you’re looking to support a specific condition, CBD dog treats may not be the best choice. And that’s because you won’t be able to give your dog an accurate dose.

The Dangers Of Added Ingredients

Buying CBD treats isn’t just about the cooking process. Another issue you need to consider when looking for CBD treats is other ingredients.

Here’s a real-world example of the ingredient list for one CBD treat …

Organically-Grown Broad Spectrum Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Oil, Water, Dried Brewer’s Yeast, Glycerin, Gum Arabic, Sodium Alginate, Beef Liver Powder, Natural Bacon Flavor, Flaxseed Oil, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Organic Sweet Potato Powder, Sunflower Lecithin (non-GMO), Citrus Pectin, Vitamin E, Sodium Propionate, Calcium Sulfate Dehyrdate, Natural Mixed Tocopherols (Natural Preservative) and Dextrin.

Brewers yeast and cellulose are just fillers. Added vitamins are usually synthetic and don’t function the same way as vitamins from whole food sources. And natural flavors are usually anything but natural. Just look at natural bacon flavor … it’s usually made with pork belly fat but it can be made out of almost any rendered animal.

Those are just some of the problematic ingredients on this label. And there are other ingredients, not in this product, that you need to watch out for …

Artificial Additives
Many CBD dog treats contain artificial preservatives that are entirely unnecessary … and in some cases harmful. These additives benefit the product’s shelf life and not your dog!

Flavoring agents are also used to make the treat more appealing to your dog. But these additives, especially sweeteners, can feed bad bacteria and yeast in your dog’s gut. And most flavorings are completely synthetic.

CBD treats can also contain artificial colors to make them stand out more. If you see a color followed by a number (like Red 40) this is an artificial color. Your dog doesn’t care about the color … and some artificial dyes may cause allergies and cancer. They’re also linked to aggression and mental disorders in children. And a lot of the time, there isn’t enough CBD in the treats to counteract the impact these additives will have on your dog’s health.

Processed dog food and treats are usually full of grains and other carbohydrates. These starchy foods feed the bad bacteria and yeast in your dog’s body. And that can lead to inflammation, leaky gut and chronic diseases (including the ones CBD helps manage).

Your dog doesn’t need carbs to survive … they offer no nutritional value. The only reasons they’re used in pet foods is to cut costs and save the manufacturers money … and to bind ingredients together.

Peanut Butter
Peanut butter is a popular flavor for many dog treat manufacturers. And it makes sense … dogs can’t get enough of it. But just because your dog likes eating it, doesn’t mean he should.

Peanut butter can contain aflatoxins, which are cancer-causing molds. That includes fresh store-made peanut butter as well. In fact, studies show that fresh ground peanut butter in health food stores had more aflatoxins than big brand peanut butter.

Peanut butter can also contain glyphosate … a weed killer that can increase cancer risk by 41%. There are many reasons glyphosate gets sprayed on peanuts, such as increasing yields and allowing for an earlier harvest. And because it’s usually sprayed just before harvest, it gets absorbed into the peanuts and you can’t wash it off.

If that isn’t enough of a deterrent, peanut butter also contains harmful hydrogenated trans fats and the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats is awful. Both of these can trigger chronic inflammation, which can lead to allergies, joint disease and even cancer.

What To Give Your Dog Instead Of CBD Treats

If you want your dog to benefit from the power of CBD, skip the treats and look for CBD oil for dogs. But make sure the CBD oil you buy comes from hemp and not cannabis (marijuana). Hemp contains almost no THC, which is the substance that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties. With a hemp-based CBD oil, your dog can enjoy the benefits without the uncomfortable high.

CBD oil makes it easy to give accurate dosages and it can go directly on your dog’s food or in his mouth. It can also be more cost effective if your dog needs a higher CBD dosage … and it can work more quickly.

How To Give CBD Oil To Your Dog

The amount of CBD oil you give your dog will depend on his size and your needs. For anxiety, lower doses are often enough. But pain or problems with the immune system may need larger doses.

If your dog doesn’t like the CBD oil in his food then you can try making your own treats. Just soak your dog’s favorite organic treat in one dose of CBD oil for a few minutes. Once the oil absorbs into the treat, toss your dog his snack. It’s that easy.

CBD treats are definitely convenient, but in most cases they aren’t potent enough to be medicinal. And many contain ingredients that can make your dog’s problems worse. If you do want to feed them, make sure the manufacturer uses low temperatures and safe ingredients.

Or buy CBD oil for dogs instead. It’s easy to use and you can be sure your dog is getting the CBD he needs.

Best CBD Dog Treats of 2022 – Tasty Ways to Naturally Improve Quality of Life

Caring for a dog is one of the greatest blessings that any human gets to experience in life. They are rambunctious, have a contagious zest for life, and embody unconditionally loving personalities that can warm even the coldest heart. They love you no matter what, and it’s the experience of receiving that love that enriches your own existence. And just like there is the dawn of day, there’s always the dark of night.

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When your dog’s health starts changing or he starts dealing with the signs of aging, you’re left frazzled looking for ways to help. Sometimes it’s an easy procedure at the vet, other times for more chronic illnesses, you may be prescribed medication that has severe side effects. Then you’re left at a standstill, wondering if there are alternatives for your pet’s best care. The greatest news that has swept pet owners off their feet globally is that CBD works as a natural alternative to many prescriptions that would otherwise cause your pet to deal with additional discomforts and challenges.

Top 10 Best CBD Dog Treats

    – Editor’s Choice – Best CBD Dog Delights – Runner Up – Honorable Mention – Informative Bundled Offers – Senior Dog Options – Very Flavorful – Great Service – Immune Support – Product Variety

How Did We Choose These 10 CBD Treats?

CBD dog products, like virtually every other product, can be created with high standards and premium ingredients, or it can be hastily put together with attractive packaging that’s meant to confuse dog owners like you who are looking for good naturally occurring CBD dog products. Because we can’t trust all the brands that offer CBD products for pets, we put together a set of criteria to help us find the cream of the crop when it comes to CBD dog treats. The factors we describe below also helped to keep us focused and accountable so we can provide you with an honest and unbiased review of each of these products. Ultimately, the buying decision is yours and our role is to help you by delivering the information you need to best support your pet.

  • We can’t stand brands that skimp on ingredients. Ingredients should be the highest priority of any company that manufactures CBD products for pets. We look for natural ingredients, organic compounds, and supportive extracts that help improve your pet’s overall health. If there are artificial additives or filler ingredients in the CBD dog treats, we skip right past those products. Your dog trusts you with his life and for that reason, we put extra care in highlighting only trustworthy products with superior formulas.
  • Let’s face it. A treat isn’t a treat if it doesn’t taste good. And you can’t exactly administer a daily dose of CBD if your pet whines and walks away when you bring out the treat bag. That would completely defeat the purpose, so we look for brands of CBD dog treats that have pup-approved flavors like peanut butter, chicken and bacon, and that use real ingredients to create those unique flavor profiles. Plus, we found a variety of different formulas that appeal to all dogs, even the picky ones.
  • We also took cost into account. CBD oils are worth the price you pay, and we also looked for companies that offer free shipping, subscription savings, and other discount codes and coupons. Nobody said you can’t save and get a quality product at the same time.
  • Lastly, we checked out customer reviews . Pet parents love sharing their experiences with their pets. And we love reading through success stories that detail how much better a dog‘s health has gotten after trying CBD dog treats. Plus, we bought the treats ourselves and had our staff give them a try and share their personal feedback with us. Everything we recommend in this article has been vetted for your convenience and for your dog’s wellness.

Reviews of the 10 Best CBD Dog Treats

1. CBDfx – Best Overall CBD Dog Delights

  • Verified potency
  • 60-day guarantee
  • Cruelty free CBD dog treats
  • Solvent free
  • Only one flavor option currently available

CBDFX offers two different kinds of pet treats, each geared toward alleviating a specific ailment. They have CBD treats for dogs to help with stress and anxiety and each pouch contains 450 mg of broad-spectrum CBD oil. Additional calming extracts include chamomile, passion flower, and valerian root. Plus, they also include mood boosting L-tryptophan and GABA. They’re formulated in a way that can be enjoyed by dogs of different breeds, big or small. Prioritize your pet’s mental health and physical health with these treats that help dogs who experience higher than normal levels of agitation. Your doggo is sure to feel relief and calm, which reduces any acting out behavior they may be exhibiting. And let’s not forget about you, as the pet parents – with your dog calmer, you’ll experience relief too.

The CBD pet treats for joints and mobility contain broad-spectrum CBD oil along with super powerful antioxidants from additional ingredients like blueberries, spinach, and parsley. Turmeric and other nutrients like glucosamine, chondroitin, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid are included as well to improve your pup’s joint health. These CBD dog treats are crunchy with a sweet potato flavor and are designed to be enjoyed and to improve your floof’s joint health. Your dog will experience full body relief and improved quality of movement.

2. CBDistillery – Runner Up

  • Subscribe and save 20%
  • Roast beef flavor CBD dog treats
  • Soft texture for easy chewing
  • Natural farming practices
  • Free shipping only available for orders over $75

CBDistillery it’s perfect for dogs who need a soft, chewy CBD dog treat. They offer two different kinds of zesty CBD treats, one for hip and joint health and one for cognition support. The mobility bites are roast beef flavored and are formulated to support your pet’s active lifestyle. Your favorite pup is sure to love the mouthwatering taste and he won’t even know that they’re loaded with broad-spectrum CBD and other high-quality ingredients that support his hip and joint health as well as muscular function. Along with CBD oil, other active ingredients include glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and hyaluronic acid.

The cognition bites also contain broad-spectrum CBD oil and help to support your pup’s cognitive function and improve his overall behavior by creating a calm mood. These soft CBD treats also come in a roast beef flavor and contain additional active ingredients like organic lion’s mane, Ashwagandha, and of course plant-based cannabinoids. Both pouches contain 225 mg of CBD, and each treat contains 5 mg of CBD.

3. HolistaPet – Honorable Mention

  • Crunchy and soft CBD dog treats available
  • Subscribe and save 25%
  • Wide product variety
  • Free shipping
  • The wellness formula is only available in a crunchy option

HolistaPet offers the best of both worlds to pet owners: crunchy treats and soft chews. The crunchy CBD dog treats come in three different varieties: Wellness to support heart and immune health, Mobility for joint and mobility care, and Calming for stress and anxiety relief. The soft chews are available in the Calming and Mobility formulas.

The crunchy Wellness treats contain 300 mg of broad-spectrum CBD without a single trace of THC and are formulated to help strengthen your pet’s heart and immune system with natural ingredients that include organic superfoods like blueberries, flax seeds, and sweet potatoes. They taste like blueberries and sweet potatoes and contain zero gluten or dairy.

The crunchy Mobility CBD treats taste like pumpkin spice and cinnamon and include hemp, turmeric, and Boswellia for optimal joints and mobility care. The crunchy Calming CBD dog treats have a green apple and peanut butter flavor and contain hemp seed powder, chamomile, and L-theanine along with 300 mg of broad-spectrum CBD. These are designed specifically to calm stress and anxiety and are perfect for nerve-racking situations and to ease your pet if he has separation or traveling anxiety. Since anxiety can cause stomach upset, these treats are perfect because they soothe nervous tummies.

The Calming soft chews contain 300 mg of broad-spectrum CBD oil and have a peanut butter flavor for enjoyable and delicious dosing. This formula is enriched with L tryptophan, phosphatidylcholine, and chamomile to help your dog chill out and reduce hyperactivity. The Mobility soft chews have a smoky pumpkin, apple, and cinnamon flavor and contain 300 mg of broad-spectrum CBD oil. This is a vet approved formula that contains all natural, organic superfood ingredients like Boswellia and turmeric.

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We highlighted CBD concentration for dogs between 20 and 60 pounds, but you can choose between lower and higher concentrations depending on how much your dog weighs.

4. Anxious Pet – Informative Site

  • Ships free next business day
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Veterinarian-formulated CBD dog treats
  • Select auto-refill and save 15%
  • Allergen warning: shellfish

The Anxious Pet helps your dog stay calm with Relax and Roll soft chews, which contain 900 mg of CBD. Several active ingredients are also incorporated, like chamomile, ginger root, L-theanine, L tryptophan, melatonin, and organic turmeric. These antioxidant rich compounds help to alleviate stress and also contain powerful pain relieving, anti-inflammatory properties. They taste like peanut butter, which your puppy’s sure to love and along with his tasty peanut butter treat, he’ll get the relief he needs.

The other soft chews offered by The Anxious Pet include Hip and Hop CBD treats with 900 mg of CBD. They are also peanut butter flavored and are formulated to provide hip and joint support so your dog can enjoy his morning walks, his playtime, and can easily jump on the couch to cuddle up with you. Additional active ingredients include glucosamine, chondroitin, and organic turmeric. This formula aids in the nourishment and lubrication of joints, it supports cartilage and connective tissue health, and it even boosts the immune system, which elevates your pet’s overall health.

5. Petly CBD – Bundled Offers

  • Subscribe and save 20%
  • Natural bacon and beef flavored CBD dog treats
  • Third-party lab tested
  • THC-free
  • International shipping is not currently available

Petly CBD offers CBD dog treats with a natural beef flavor and a CBD food topper with a natural bacon flavor. The soft chews contain 2 mg of broad-spectrum hemp CBD that are ideal for dogs of all sizes. They are THC free, grain free, and corn free. Each pouch contains a total of 25 chews.

The CBD dog food topper is a delicious, bacon flavored way to give your four-legged bestie his daily dose of CBD along with omega-3’s. All you need is one scoop and there are 30 servings contained within the jar. The jar itself contains 600 mg of broad-spectrum CBD along with nutritious brewers yeast, eggs, and omega-3’s.

6. Charlotte’s Web – Senior Dog Options

  • USA grown hemp
  • Chicken flavor CBD dog treats
  • Different formulas for specific ailments
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • To qualify for free shipping, you must spend at least $74

Charlotte’s Web offers three different types of soft, chewy CBD treats for dogs: one is a calming formula, one is formulated for hip and joint health, and one is designed specifically for senior dogs.

The calming soft chews are available in either a 60 count or 30 count pouch and contain full-spectrum CBD oil. These CBD dog treats are perfect for pups that stress out when traveling, when visiting the vet, when moving, or whenever there’s a disruption in their regular routine. These treats keep your pet calm and relaxed and aid with creating a regulated and normal emotional balance. Each treat contains 2.5 mg of plant-based, naturally occurring CBD along with valerian root, passion flower extract, and chamomile. These best CBD dog treats are perfect for giving your pal a little bit of support to help him maintain a sense of calm – no matter what’s going on.

The hip and joint chews also contain full-spectrum CBD oil, are available in the 30 or 60 count pouches, and have a chicken flavor. These dog CBD treats are perfect for supporting the structural integrity of your dog’s joints and connective tissues. They help ease joint stiffness that’s due to normal daily exercise and activity, and they help with the maintenance of healthy bone and joint functions. Along with the full-spectrum hemp extract, these chews are infused with glucosamine, turmeric, and chondroitin.

The chews designed specifically for senior dogs are also chicken flavored, available in a 30 or 60 count, and contain full-spectrum hemp extract to help keep your senior dog sharp and allow him to live out his best life. These chews help to enhance your dog’s brain function and provide natural support for overall brain health. They’re also great for helping your dog manage normal stress because they support the central nervous system and help to promote a sense of relaxation and mental alertness. Along with CBD oil, these chews contain a blend of botanicals that includes elderberry, vitamin E, and DHA to keep your buddy’s brain sharp as he ages.

7. CBD American Shaman – Very Flavorful

  • Made in the USA
  • CBD dog treats made with real chicken
  • Full-spectrum hemp
  • No sales tax (except MO)
  • Shipping is limited to the US

CBD American Shaman offers a cleverly named CBD infused dog treat: “Doggy Nugs”. These best CBD dog treats are formulated for “pawsitive” pets and contain 5 mg of full-spectrum hemp extract per serving. They’re made with real chicken, which makes them a treat your dog will look forward to and they’re great for improving mood and mobility. Even the pickiest dogs love these dry dog food nuggets.

8. Extract Labs – Great Service

  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Certified vegan
  • Gluten and cruelty free
  • Sells out quickly due to popularity

Extract Labs has created dog CBD treats that are infused with 300 mg of full-spectrum CBD. There are 30 treats per bag, which means there are 10 mg of CBD per treat. These were created with healthy ingredients and high standards. Along with providing wellness benefits for your pet, you can also use these yummy CBD treats for dogs to train him to do just about anything. Each treat contains high-quality CBD and organic ingredients like molasses, oat bran, and coconut oil. They are perfect for helping dogs that suffer from anxiety and hyperactivity and for those that love savoring a crunchy biscuit.

9. Penelope’s Bloom – With Immune Support

  • Now shipping to Canada
  • Discount codes available for savings
  • Lab-tested and vegan CBD treats for dogs
  • Fast-acting formulas
  • Liquid CBD oil may be better suited for pets with food sensitivities

Penelope’s Bloom has three specially formulated CBD pet treats to relieve symptoms related to different ailments. They have CBD treats to provide stress and anxiety relief, they offer a heart plus immunity support option, and they also have CBD treats that help with joint pain and mobility.

The stress and anxiety relief variety contains full-spectrum CBD along with chamomile powder and ginger root extract which are perfect for relieving anxiety. Additionally, the treats are infused with L-theanine, which helps with the stimulation of brain waves that promote relaxation. Whether your dog gets riled up during thunderstorms or he experiences daily separation anxiety, these treats are sure to help him feel a whole lot better.

The heart and immunity variety also contains full-spectrum CBD and include powerful amino acids and antioxidants like omega-3, l-carnitine, and green tea extract. You can give your pet a health boost every single day with this holistic approach that leads to a calmer mood and overall wellness.

The joint pain and mobility variety contain full-spectrum CBD along with turmeric route and Boswellia to improve joint strength, reduce pain and inflammation, and even help with preventive care. Along with satisfying their hearty appetite and their endless desire for love and attention, your dog also loves his daily walks and playtime. If joint stiffness or arthritis symptoms have impacted your dog, these CBD treats are perfect for him.

10. Just CBD – Product Variety

  • Subscribe to receive a 20% coupon code
  • Multiple dog-approved flavors and textures
  • Accuracy tested and confirmed
  • Made with real beef and chicken
  • Some flavors may be out of stock
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Just CBD offers dog treats with the best flavor options your pet is sure to salivate over. They are savory and available in different flavors, including steak bites, liver meatballs, bacon and cheese strips, and chicken meatballs. Depending on the flavor, you either get a crunchy treat or a soft, chewy treat. The dog treats are made with real beef and chicken and include pharmaceutical grade CBD to provide your dog with the highest quality treat possible. Your favorite four-legged friend won’t know that you’re giving him some natural medicine and he’ll be happily wagging his tail, grateful for his yums!

What Should You Look for in Quality Dog Treats Infused With CBD?

There are several important factors that you should consider when shopping online for dog treats. The most important factor when deciding on a good dog CBD treat is the formula. All ingredients should be natural and intentional to help your pet with whatever ailment he’s facing. Several brands offer specific formulations for CBD products that tackle issues like anxiety, mobility issues, and you can even find treats that are specially formulated for senior dogs. Each one of these formulas contains additional, helpful ingredients that provide relief for whatever your pet is dealing with. Skip past brands and products that stuff their dog treats with chemical products, artificial flavors, or cheap fillers.

Next, check out the CBD concentration. The product description should give you sufficient information, so you know how to properly dose your pet. You should also expect to pay for the quality that you’re getting. Use discount codes and subscribe for monthly deliveries and extra savings, but don’t buy cheap CBD products just because they seem affordable. In the long run, these shoddily made products can do more harm than good for your pup.

Benefits of CBD for Dogs

CBD is so versatile and when it’s combined with other key ingredients, you can deliver fast acting relief for your best friend. You can expect CBD treats to deliver pain relief, relief from stress and anxiety, and assist with improved mobility.

If you have a dog in pain, that pain impacts you as well. Nobody likes to see a loved one hurt, limping, or whining. If your pup has recently been injured, has had any kind of medical procedure, or he’s just slowing down with age, CBD can make their experience of life a lot more comfortable. Along with offering pain relief, CBD is great for helping dogs regulate their emotional state and relieve stress. Though CBD is helpful even for healthy dogs, you especially notice wellness benefits if your dog suffers from anxiety. CBD is known for the way it produces a sense of calm and ease and this is a welcome mood change for hyperactive pups.

Following injury or an arthritis diagnosis, your pet may be struggling to get up after being in a laying position to walk and may have stopped climbing up on the couch or the bed to snuggle next to you. It’s painful watching our pets deal with the effects of aging, but CBD can greatly improve mobility through the lubrication of joints and the alleviation of inflammation and pain.

Optimal CBD Dosage for Your Dog

The optimal dosage of CBD for dogs will change depending on different factors, like your pet’s weight and age, and how his body processes CBD. You won’t know exactly what the perfect dose is until you start giving your pet CBD and watch for how he responds to it.

Every brand provides you with dosing recommendations for each of their CBD products based on your pet’s size and that’s always the best place to start. Expect to engage in some trial and error when you first start a CBD regimen with your dog and keep a keen eye on how he behaves after his first couple of CBD doses. His behavior will let you know if you need to decrease or increase the dose.

How Fast Do CBD Oil Infused Dog Treats Work?

Generally speaking, you can expect your dog to feel the effects of CBD between 30 minutes to an hour. Depending on the CBD dosage, effects may be mild or more noticeable. CBD oil does tend to work more quickly than soft chews or crunchy treats because there are fewer ingredients for their bodies to process. So, treats may take just a little bit longer but they also last longer as well.

What Are the Side Effects of CBD for Dogs?

The side effects of CBD for dogs are few and far between and if your dog happens to experience any one of them, you can expect them to be mild and subside as soon as the CBD leaves their body. Most side effects are due to accidental overdosing, so be mindful of how many treats you’re giving your pup and for goodness sake, keep them behind lock and key, especially if you have a really sneaky canine who finds his way into all the treat bags. A few of the side effects you should look out for include:

  • Dry mouth. This is often a subtle side effect that your dog may not even notice, but just in case, make sure he always has access to clean water so he can hydrate if his mouth feels dry.
  • Since CBD is so relaxing, it can also cause low blood pressure and a slowed heart rate, however these aren’t significant drops, and your pet will just exhibit a relaxed mood.
  • In high doses, CBD can also cause drowsiness. If your pet is recovering from a medical procedure, he may enjoy the pain relief along with a little help getting some rest in. But if you’re giving your pet CBD to help him run around during playtime, the side effects may not be so favorable. Simply reduce the CBD dose if the drowsiness becomes an issue.


The CBD products we selected above are ideal for dogs of different sizes and with all the different flavor options, including peanut butter and bacon, it’ll be easy for you to find one your pup loves. As dog owners, you’ll enjoy seeing how thrilled your dog is when he hears the crinkle of the packaging or when you dare utter the word “treat”. We can picture his ears perking up already!

You have a solid foundation from which to choose your CBD pet products – each of the brands we recommend is highly reputable and loved by dogs and owners alike. Improve your dog’s health with a CBD dog treat that tastes amazing and positively impacts his life!

If you haven’t tried CBD for your pet, you’re in for a real treat – literally. Well, not you. But your dog is. If you’re familiar with CBD oils and you’re just looking for new ways to help get your dog’s daily dose in, you’re going to love the range of products that we have highlighted in this article. There’s nothing like the wagging tail that greets you at the front door or those curious eyes that look at you as if you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to them and it’s your responsibility to care for them and fill their lives with quality care, snuggles and kisses, and only the best treats you can find.

We took the tour around the net on your behalf. Let us tell you, there are some shady products out there. But we found the good ones. Whether you’re just looking for a wellness boost, you’re looking to support joint health and improve mobility, or you’re looking for something that’ll help your anxious pet calm down, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for from one of the brands we highlighted.

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