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Positive Hellann
North Pole, AK
(1 review)
January 5, 2014
This was my first order with They had great quantities for great prices.
It took about two weeks for the order to arrive.
I received the correct items, plus a packet of 7,700 Gloriosa Daisy (rudbeckia) seeds for free.
I have not tested germination yet.
Happy with this company so far.
(5 reviews)
September 6, 2012
I would highly recommend this seed company for the following reasons.I have over a period of about 4 years ordered seeds from Cheap seeds and all my orders have arrived without any problems.
Best of all the germination rate of their seeds has been of very high quality i would say excellent.
Even a few years later -I hadnt used their seeds then tried them and had good results.
I have also sent in a few email questions to JEFF who I believe is the owner and he always responded quickly to my emails.
Cheap seeds is the type of company u want to do business with for the above reasons.
Positive SincereDeer
Coos Bay, OR (Zone 9a)
(3 reviews)
August 25, 2012
I ordered some pink Four o’Clocks and wow. they germinated fine and I just wish I had lived somewhere a little less dry at the time so that they could have thrived!

I am an experienced gardener, and had seeds from other companies which I planted in the same places as the seeds from CheapSeeds. I had good results with all of those seeds.

I contacted the company but haven’t heard back.

I’m surprised at this since all the other comments are so positive.

Keep up the good work! On March 18th, 2008, Idahoan added the following:

Cheap Seeds has 31 reviews (3 negative, 26 positive and 2 neutral) at the Garden Watchdog.

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Welcome to Cheap Seeds! FREE SHIPPING on all seed orders. Shipping is lightning fast and completely free- no hidden handling charges.

Cheap Seeds is the place to come for affordable prices on Flower seeds and high seeds counts. We sell high-quality flower seeds that will last at least one year- you can plant them now or next year. Everything except greenhouses and accessories come with a 30-day money back guarantee. The Greenhouses have a 5 year warranty from the manufacturer. If you don’t love your flower seeds, send them back for a full refund.

FREE flower seeds! Buy 5 packets of seeds and you will receive one FREE packet of 7,700 Gloriosa Daisy seeds. It’s automatic- you do nothing, we send you free seeds.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to plant a garden, you need Cheap Seeds. For less than the price of one plant from a nursery, you can have more than 1,000 perennial plants. You can seed an entire garden with one $3 flower seed packet from Cheap Seeds.

Have questions about gardening? We can help! Every page of Cheap Seeds contains a link to Ask a Gardener. Simply send in your questions and get a personal response. It’s the best, most personal customer service you’ll find on any gardening site.

Take a look through our huge collection of seeds. At Cheap Seeds, there are more than 80 types of flower seeds to choose from.

Every flower seed packet we sell is bursting with seeds. Unlike our competitors, most of our flower seed packets have more than 1,000 seeds . While the competition is selling packets of 25 or 50 seeds, our packets have as many as 44,000 flower seeds . That’s enough to seed an entire garden and to share with friends and family!

We sell the best flower seeds, but we have plenty more to offer. Our MailWraps magnetic mailbox covers are perfect for gardeners who want to add a welcoming statement to their front yard! We have flower, wildlife, insect, bird, cat, dog, and holiday Mail Wraps to choose from.

We now sell Greenhouses and accessories too. You get $50 worth of seeds and a free galvanized potting bench with every greenhouse purchase.

Please take some time to look around our site. We’re sure you’ll find something you like! Thanks for looking. Jeff

Here are a few emails received from our customers.

Jeff, I received my flower seeds today and I am so pleased. Thank you for the free shasta daisy package!! What a pleasure it is to deal with someone who is reliable, with quick and personal service that is so often lacking today. You are appreciated!!

Jeff: I am so impressed by how quick the flower seeds arrived! Thank you so much for the planting instructions for the blanketflowers and the free black eyed susan seeds. I will be checking your website often to see what’s new.

Sir Dahlberg, The flower seeds that I purchased previously are absolutely beautiful. The lil red corn poppies and such are stunning. Looking forward to the completion of this transaction with you! Thanks.

Good morning Jeff, Thank you so much for sending those flower seeds along so quickly. I have a check for $52.00 on my desk for you to send out this morning, to the address that was on the package. Thank you again for the help, and great idea, we are thrilled to have this taken care of and off the list. Much appreciated.

Just thought you would like to know that the poppies and the other seeds I bought have started to sprout and seem to like growing in Iraq. Thanks again.

“Mike was stationed in Iraq when he bought the flower seeds.”

Thank you. Jeff Bless your heart for trusting someone you don’t know. I will send payment immediately upon arrival. I have been in the landscaping business for 20+ years.

I had to write to tell you how wonderfull my garden looks with all the rain we got and the wonderful help that was provided from you. It’s awesome. My catchfly is stunning, my bachelor button are amazing. purple likeI have never seen. Well I could go on and on. My daisys are starting to bloom and I can’t wait to see what blooms next. So if you ever need anyone to verify your SEEDS you got my vote. Nice web page too.

Cheap Seeds sells large packets of flower seeds at affordable prices with free shipping and a 30 day money back guarantee.