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“Up the Cherry Tree” for Cherry Blossom Hemp Strain

  • May 5, 2020
  • Strain Review

Cherry Blossom hemp strain has large and dense buds with a high concentration of CBD. This particular hemp flower strain is resilient to stress and grows well in a variety of environments. The commercial grower and extraction specialists are delighted with the high resin content in the buds.

In the Beginning — Cherry Blossom Hemp Strain

No one answers the call to claim parenthood for the Cherry Blossom hemp strain. However, hemp strain fans speculate the one of the parents is the Berry Blossom. It is a CBD-dominant strain loved for its delicious berry flavor and a fine laced hint of fruit and earth. This particular hemp plant has colors from pinks to blues on a solid backdrop of forest green and a hint of lime green.

The next parent to be called up is Cherry Pie. The hemp strain has a neat combo flavor of dough and fruit. The Cherry Pie strain along with the savoring taste, it also lends a dose of energy that perks but does not overwhelm.

The Cherry Blossom child also has a possible third parent — Harle Tsu. This CBD hemp strain throws in the deciding vote on the indica side of the spectrum. As a three-way hybrid, the Cherry Blossom hemp strain contains a complimentary blend of terpenes when grown in optimal conditions.

Genetics — Cherry Blossom Hemp Strain

Cherry Blossom hemp strain creates a relaxing effect so dials down the stress and turns the light on in mental clarity. It is a plant which remains under the 0.3% THC. The Cherry Blossom hemp plant is about four-foot tall but averages around 2000 pounds of dry material per acre.

Cherry Blossom hemp plant is a 70/30 blend of Indica dominant hybrid. The strain grows in the states of Washington and of Oregon.

Experiencing the Experience

Cherry Blossom is a slow acting taking effect over a period of several minutes. Just because the sensation does not happen within seconds, it is tempting to take another drag or inhale. An added dosage in too quick succession of time could result in causing an unrelenting relaxation or too much acceleration.

A light relaxation of the Cherry Blossom washes away stress and discomfort. It is uplifting and easy so makes the comfortable choice for users wanting an experience that is more of a drifting off feel. This strain promises the outpouring of happy hormones, calm and content.

In Conclusion

Hemp strains like Cherry Blossom carry surprises for the user. But it is desirable in the type of relaxation. Yes, this is the strain likely to leave you feeling unchanged for a while. But once its impact reaches full blown proportions, the overwhelming wave of calm takes over your system.

Cherry Blossom hemp strain has large and dense buds with a high concentration of CBD. This hemp flower strain grows well in a variety of environments.

Cherry Blossom hemp flower

Cherry Blossom hemp flower

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Cherry Blossom Hemp Flower is only $14.99 for a 1/2oz!

Our fruity and well balanced nose cherry blossom hemp flower is priced at a steal! With 14% cbd and double machined trimmed to perfection you can’t ask for a better starter strain.

Dense with smaller to medium buds and lightly seeded this Cherry Blossom is the perfect starter strain for new CBD enthusiasts.

Order now and see why our reviews speak for itself!

Enjoy 14 grams of our Cherry Blossom hemp flower at an unbeatable price of $14.99!

All of our products come from farmers who run smaller operations. We’ve made this business decision for one reason and one reason only, QUALITY.

The smaller the farm the more time the farmer invest into their harvest. Our network of farmers take pride and joy in every stage of their harvest ensuring that you the customer have a enjoyable and useful end product.

Our network of farms spans from New York, to Oregon and all the way back to the midwest encompassing New Mexico and even Kansas.

No strain of hemp flower is too hard for us to find!

Don’t take our word for it see what our customers have to say for yourself!

We have over 100 Google Reviews ! And are industry leaders and experts.

This Cherry blossom Hemp flower will not leave you disappointed.

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To our 10,000+ customers and counting, we want to offer a warm thank you for choosing Dr. Strains CBD. We hope to continue to improve our quality of hemp flower and buds you and increase our customer service expertise that have come to expect.

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71 reviews for Cherry Blossom hemp flower

Ethan T. – November 8, 2019

Great product! The effects of this were very potent, with an immediate effect to the body. This worked wonders this morning for my Nausea.
Def. Recommend

Michael S. – November 8, 2019

Worth every penny! Smooth to smoke and decent looking nugs!

Wayne – November 9, 2019

Very good bud for the price, smooth and nice taste!

jongl21 – November 9, 2019

Real Smooth Smoke! Not harsh at all and Felt it instantly working , Smells Amazing straight out the bag! Worth the Money and will definitely be buying again.

Danny Carrington – November 10, 2019

I paid for cherry blossom, but got a free upgrade to the lifter strain. It smells so good, fresh hemp flowers, and was real good for my bad knees when I twisted one up and smoked it. It mainly helped me with pain in my knees, relaxed me, and would sleep better. Would buy again for my pain. High in CBD, low in THC. May try another strain next time just to see if it works better for my pain. But the lifter did help me, did the job. 5 stars

Danny Carrington – November 10, 2019

I paid for cherry blossom, but got a free upgrade to the lifter strain. It smells so good, fresh hemp flowers, and was real good for my bad knees when I twisted one up and smoked it. It mainly helped me with pain in my knees, relaxed me, and would sleep better. Would buy again for my pain. High in CBD, low in THC. May try another strain next time just to see if it works better for my pain. But the lifter did help me, did the job. 5 stars

Danny Carrington – November 10, 2019

Fresh hemp flower high in CBD, low in THC. It’s smells so good. It did help me with my knee pain, relaxed me, and I slept better when I twisted one up and smoked the whole thing by myself. Would buy again. May try a different strain next time, but the lifter strain was good for my pain. 5 stars

Jennifer C – November 10, 2019

This was a steal at 14.99 for 14 grams. Smells delightful straight out the bag. Grinds up nice and fluffy. The effects are strong. Got rid of my anxiety, my really bad toothache, and put a smile on my face for the next couple hours. Placing a 2nd order right away.

SoLo – November 10, 2019

This Is The Best Cherry Blossom I Had So Far. Amazing Aroma And So Fresh. For The Price Why Not. Stop Reading This And Get You Some.

Anthony E – November 12, 2019

Was upgraded to lifter strain and it’s pretty potent just a little will do you. It looks and smells amazing. Great uplifting and energetic feeling with anxiety and pain relief definitely would recommend buying it especially at this price! You’d be nuts to pass this deal up!

Toast – November 12, 2019

The flower I got was awesome. Fast shipping. Moist and covered in crystals. Big, dense buds and great taste. Some of the best flower, and DEFINITELY the best for $14.99. Highly recommended.

Richard – November 14, 2019

Very good! Smells nice, just note these are mini’s. Very good for morning or throughout the day for a bit if an energy boost.

Toriz Hampton (verified owner) – November 15, 2019

Orders online. On a Friday and got it on Wednesday. Great product. Pain, anxiety, relaxing. Definitely a steal! Thank you very much. Gonna try some others for sure! This is my shop now!

Joshua Hayes (verified owner) – November 16, 2019

I was surprised to get an email so quickly that my product had been delivered. I believe it was Tuesday that I purchased this. Today is Friday and usually I’ll roll me a joint and smoke it because it’s the weekend and I can afford to get high no work to have to worry about in the morning.

Joshua Hayes (verified owner) – November 16, 2019

I was surprised to get an email so quickly that my product had been delivered. I believe it was Tuesday that I purchased this. Today is Friday and usually I’ll roll me a joint and smoke it because it’s the weekend and I can afford to get high no work to worry about in the morning. But got home opened up the package snd smelt the bag and I said to myself let’s try this tonight and see what the effects are. It’s been about 30 minutes since I rolled and smoked nice CBD joint. I feel very relaxed without feeling high. I honestly think that I will start smoking this all week long and not have to worry about being overly too high to go to work the next day which of course never happens I give myself a good 8 hours of rest before going to work. But I believe that this gives me the feeling that I’m looking for and being able to operate proper. The taste was pretty good and it was easy to break up the buds by hand and also was still fresh. I will be ordering again soon. Also I like to take also the time to thank everyone involved in the process of making this product to this degree. Again thank you.

Jimmy moran – November 16, 2019

It is so good, great taste and smell, love this one, can’t beat it, TKS

Robert Harris (verified owner) – November 16, 2019

Highly recommended! Great quality. Fast shipping!

David P. – November 17, 2019

Amazing product and also an incredible price is moved to smoke the shipping I highly recommend them!

John Lutsch – November 20, 2019

Nicely done dr.strain! I will order from y’all again. Finally some relief from arthritis pain. Thanks.

Captoan (verified owner) – November 20, 2019

Smells great, smokes great!!

Roberto Garza (verified owner) – November 23, 2019

Got 3 pre roll of the lifter strain. Good stuff hit good taste was good and did the job

GorillaGanG (verified owner) – November 23, 2019

I place an order Thursday night.. And receive my order SATURDAY!! These guys are completely legit .. I receive a tracking number too..

David M Handy (verified owner) – November 24, 2019

I really couldn’t be more happy with the Cherry Blossom. Amazingly smooth. So impressed with the company as well. Fast shipping, professional packaging and the buds have such amazing color.

Tscar – November 25, 2019

Very fast shipping and very decent flower especially for the price I will buy again

Majorkey (verified owner) – November 25, 2019

for less the 20 with shipping for a half oz of some good quality flower this deal just cant be beat!
better take advantage of this deal

Roberto Garza (verified owner) – November 26, 2019

Well worth buying, great job guys . Fast shipping, product in great condition. Keep making us happy and medicated.
Robert G.

Joeb (verified owner) – November 27, 2019

Cherry blossom for about a dollar a gram. This is a no brainer. I purchased this sale several times and it’s always good flower

Allahdjinn (verified owner) – November 30, 2019

Been grabbing hemp strains from the store before. After getting this, never again. Drstrains is fresh, well grown and trimmed. Smells and tastes great. Only one problem… Though it has lab results with order showing a low THC content; I get so lifted/grounded, I’m scared to drop for my PO. Definitely trying everything else soon as holidays are over, and I got some cash.

Max Jones (verified owner) – December 2, 2019

Excellent flower for the price!! There where some seeds but I don’t mind because I use them to grow my own and the buds where dense and flavorful. 10/10 would buy again and recommend.

Mark Fanco Franco (verified owner) – December 3, 2019

Super fresh strains fast shipping great value thanks from Texas

Robert Tucker (verified owner) – December 3, 2019

Worth every penny. Great deal…great strain, great buds, grrrrrrrreat lol

jermdolla0604 (verified owner) – December 5, 2019

I love it, this strain surprised me very much, I didn’t expect this to be as good as it is, for the money, it’s a huge steal, but I’m searching for something a lil more pungent, but cherry blossom is a must have strain for the price

Tammy – December 6, 2019

✨thumbs up!…Great strain…Got it for my hubs,to help with racing thoughts,and to give sense of well being,he smoked said it felt like feet was off ground,and head floating in clouds..Sense of peaceness and calm,so all n all it did it’s job.hes pleased so I am too..Keep the good stains comin,

Mike Carlson (verified owner) – December 10, 2019

Definitely impressed with Cherry Blossom–am ordering another half oz. after I finish writing this review. Nice, solid buds….the occasional bean or two, no big deal….for the price I was expecting it to be very dry–let me assure you, it is not. Maybe not the the strongest aroma for me, even after breaking up some bud, but it did have a pleasant smell nonetheless. Smokes smooth for me, not harsh at all…..I gotta say Cherry Blossom is some very good flower, especially for the price. I’ve paid far more for bud that’s not anywhere near this good! Get some while you can!

Juan Martinez (verified owner) – December 14, 2019

First time trying it all i can say is wao great product at cheap price i already place my 2nd order no more anxiety med for me with this

Adan Salazar (verified owner) – December 27, 2019

Supper fast shipping worth the 3 bucks and cheap buds and regardless of small price these buds give off high quality kick. Flavor I was iffy about having cherry in the name but it’s sweet and very smooth… Btw I hated cherries love this product.

Diane Tramiel (verified owner) – January 29, 2020

Wow, fast delivery and real nice buds. Love the relaxation, will purchase again. Never tried hemp flower before, it is cool. Thank u for ur quick response.

tcworkman21 (verified owner) – February 1, 2020

This has such a good smoke to it. Looked better in person then in the picture. 10/10 would buy again.

Kristopher Long (verified owner) – February 3, 2020

I’m about to get 1lbs tbh my first 2 onz just got in could not be happier

Xavier Stepp (verified owner) – February 5, 2020

I am now in love with this company. I wasn’t to knowledgeable about cbd flower in itself but seeing as they were having a sale I figured I’d give it a shot. Now I am stuck. I’d give these guys here 10 stars if I could. The quality of the flower is top shelf. The smell is something wonderful as well as the taste. The shipping was lightning fast. Has a great kick to it. The only thing I was a little sad about was it was almost all popcorn bud.

Xavier Stepp (verified owner) – February 5, 2020

Quality and service has made me a customer for life. This is my go-to cbd shop and only one I will shop at I might add.

mark townsend (verified owner) – February 7, 2020

Just stated ordering cbd. This is amazing, takes away my pain headaches anxiety, sore muscles stress. This is actually better without high thc. Fast shipping and extra buds a plus. Don’t wait order now

Curtis Carter (verified owner) – February 7, 2020

GREAT PRICE and good strain..**SHIPPING WAS FAST**I love the way tall do business…very professional..thanks again…I’ve already placed another order for another strain thought CBG INFUSED SPECIAL SAUCE PREMIUM stay tuned…I CAN’T WAIT

D. Jeff (verified owner) – February 8, 2020

I’m a sucker for the floral scent and smooth smoke, my batch was superb. The shipping was wicked fast, nice inconspicuous packaging as well.

Michael s brooking (verified owner) – February 9, 2020

Cherry blossom worked awsome. Great aroma to. Got rid of my pain in my ankle knee and hip. I would definitely recommend to every one who have pain that pills won’t help for. A++

E. McRAE (verified owner) – February 24, 2020

Wow, I sleep so well with this strain. I haven’t slept so soundly in ages even with my prescribed drugs. In addition, it relieved all the pain and anxiety that was occurring due to my autoimmune issues. I will be ordering again!

RWC – February 24, 2020

Makes a herbal citrus flavored oil and is a real mellow taste when smoked. I am really impressed with cherry blossom CBD

Jason (verified owner) – March 9, 2020

Great Strain for a beginner CBD smoker. I’m a THC smoker and I can feel the affects from this one, I Just ordered another in a different strain thanks guys

Ronnie Munday (verified owner) – March 9, 2020

Nice buds, mellows me out and get great sleep. Fast shipping ordered on Friday was in my mail on Monday.

Linda Newsome (verified owner) – March 12, 2020


Isaac S (verified owner) – March 14, 2020

Nice strain really liked the flower, nice effects you can feel right away! Only thing I didn’t like was a lot of the buds have seeds.

Chris Gurval (verified owner) – March 22, 2020

In my first order I got 1 oz Hawaiian haze, and 1 oz of cherry blossom. I smoked the haze first I suffer from severe pain in my knees neck and back also I suffered from nerve damage that runs throughout my body but my father myalgia I also get diabetic nerve pain these are just a few of my health issues I felt much better by the time I finish that first oz of haze. Next I started the cherry blossom, this one relaxed me and helped with my bipolar and also I slept much better it wasn’t as good for the pain as that haze but for the price it can’t be beat I’m definitely going to get that again. So the haze has got 5 stars for the pain. Blossom gets 5 stars for relaxation and sleep definitely a night strain.

Lucifer Morningstar – March 24, 2020

Can’t get this anywhere else! Wonderful name!

SH (verified owner) – March 26, 2020

I actually don’t smoke this. I make tea out of it. I steep it in with my other loose tea, and drink it. I have Fibromyalgia and migraines. Helps SO much when I need relief and don’t want to take pills. Alleve, Motrin, Tylenol and prescriptions have been tearing up my stomach. This is so much better and relaxing too.

Brian B. (verified owner) – March 31, 2020

Highly recommend. This is the best bud for the price. I was skeptical that it would very good with the low price but I was proven wrong. I had been smoking starseed before and still felt the effects. Taste bring’s back memories of Christmas tree with that smooth cedar flavor.

Donata Radford (verified owner) – April 3, 2020

dr.strains is a WONDERFUL company! They responded immediately to my message, and there shipping is amazingly fast! I’ve been using cherry blossom for a few months now and it’s excellent, nice buds, smooth and has a great flavor at an extremely good price! After reading all the great reviews on the CBG strain I took advantage of the sale and the coupon I received, and ordered it today. I only buy from dr.strains the quality and prices are Incredible! I Highly recommend!

Smokin Jow – April 22, 2020

I love the Cherry Blossom I always get good size buds and the flavor is awesome.

Douglas Linn (verified owner) – May 1, 2020

Very smooth and relaxing. At a good price.

Richard (verified owner) – May 2, 2020

Very nice helps relax and sleep will reorder soon.

Todd Schaeffer (verified owner) – May 27, 2020

This was the first strain I ordered over the internet and I have been a regular customer of dr. Strains cbd ever since. Their product is always fresh and the prices are competitive. Thank you dr. Strains for all you do for my medicinal needs.

Dan (verified owner) – June 9, 2020

Imagine paying $14.99 for 1/2 oz. For some fire bud that allowed you to focus on your work and get more than the job done like pro. I love you folks at Dr.Strains, Cherry Blossom is one of my new favorites.

Kimi Khaos (verified owner) – June 17, 2020

At the risk of sounding dumb, I honestly had no idea hemp flower was even a thing until a couple weeks ago. I’ve done the oil, gummies and vape juice thing, but none of them really delivered as I’d hoped and they were all so incredibly expensive. So, off I went on yet another online search for something new, which is when I ran across the Dr Strains website. I’m a sucker for a sale so couldn’t pass up a half for 15 bucks and so glad I went ahead with it. I was a little skeptical that it’d do anything when “stronger” products hadn’t seemed to, but it’s helped so much with virtually everything that ails me. I have issues with chronic pain, PTSD, racing thoughts, severe insomnia and especially anxiety and panic disorder, what with the state of everything currently. I still wake up in a panic and in pain most mornings, but I make sure to have a joint or bowl ready by my bed and I’m good to go. Super smooth smoke and a great taste and smell. Shipping was also really quick, less than 2 days. I did notice a few seeds, but no big deal. Also, mine was a bit dry, but I popped it in an airtight container with a humidity pack for a couple days and that did the trick. Again, no big deal, especially for the price and the positive impact it’s had on me. About to place another order tonight because now that I’ve found something that truly works, I want to stay well stocked with it. Thanks Dr Strains!

vaprime703 (verified owner) – June 18, 2020

Our Cherry blossom hemp flower is priced at a steal for only $14.99 for a 1/2oz! At just $1 a gram you can enjoy some of the finest cbd on the market!