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Creme Rose Cannabis Strain Review

The rose has a very well established place in our cultural consciousness. We think of a rose as beautiful, yet dangerous; romantic, yet tragic.

Though the red rose is far more common, there is also the climbing rose, or the crème rose. This off-white, slightly shimmering rose is often used as a remembrance flower. It is left on graves or just enjoyed for its deeply musky, incredibly alluring aroma.

What do you do if you want this attractive aroma in your everyday life, but lack a green thumb? Let’s take a look at the Crème Rose strain and find out if it can work as a suitable replacement.

What Is the Creme Rose Strain?

The idea of naming a strain after a type of flower is one of the more uncommon ways of finding a name for a marijuana strain.

The precise genetics of this uniquely named strain aren’t precisely clear. We know that it has some blend of the Aficionado strain, as well as possibly Mendocino, which is itself a mix of a variety of other interestingly flavored strains like Crème Brulee X. This means that the Crème part of the name in Crème Rose might be more to do with its parentage than its actual flavor or aroma.

However, whether by coincidence or just insanely good name choice, the Crème Rose strain is well known for its distinctively decorative and highly mood-elevating effects. This gives you that same, wonderful uplifting feeling you get after smelling a fresh rose.

Creme Rose Strain Effects

The Crème Rose strain hits you pretty quickly after the first initial puff. No matter what you felt before you took your first puff, whether feelings of stress or inadequacy, Crème Rose mellows everything out.

You will notice your body and your mind relaxing and soothing itself, lending the ultimate sensation of complete and total tranquility.

There are plenty of marijuana strains out there that can induce that pleasant feeling of relaxation and serenity. However, Crème Rose does it incredibly well, leaving your muscles loose and rubbery, but without knocking you out.

Feelings of stress or anxiety will melt away. This general euphoria creeps up your brain, gradually settling in and forcing a smile on your lips.

This strain descends upon you very slowly, but when its effects are realized, you can’t help but excessively smile and feel ecstatic.

It might seem a bit childish to compare the sensations of this strain to the feeling of walking through a rose garden. However, there is perhaps nothing more fitting than that sweet, innocent pleasure. That almost indescribable feeling of walking among the tranquility of nature and basking in the sunlight, all the while the vines and thorny branches of rose plants grow all around you.

The high from the Crème Rose strain is precisely like this feeling, only without any horrible risk of getting stabbed by thorns.

What about the flavor and aroma of this strain? Does it smell like a rose garden?


The first aroma you will notice when you find some Crème Rose is a gentle earthiness, very much like a well-tended garden in the middle of nowhere.

As you approach the strain and break it open, this flavor intensifies. There is lots of dank earthiness and wholesome natural smells that remind you of being out in the wild world and experiencing nature.

There is an underlying quantity of citrus hiding behind the earthiness, which feels exceptionally out of place. It isn’t enough to be similar to many citrus-based marijuana strains, but it is still enough to be noticeable after a few seconds smelling this strain.

There isn’t a tremendous amount of rosiness or general musk that you would expect from a strain called Crème Rose, but it does have that subtle sweetness underneath all the other flavors.

The aroma is fascinating, but what makes it even better is its unique flavor.


When you try and think of the actual taste of roses, you will likely really struggle. Everyone knows the aroma of a fresh rose, but what does it taste like?

If you have ever had Turkish delight, you will have enjoyed the taste of rosewater. This is made from the petals of rose plants, especially red roses.

It has this tangy sweetness that is at once both musky and alluring; dank yet entirely pleasant. The flavor of the Crème Rose strain precisely mimics that. It is very sweet and enticing but filled with a vibrant, subtle intensity that you will struggle to find anywhere else.

The citrus notes that hide beneath this strain’s aroma rear their heads once you start to breathe out the bright and intense smoke. It isn’t quite like the flavor of any particular citrus fruit, but instead a gentle medley of all kinds of different acidic fruits.

What about the strain’s appearance? Is it as pretty as a rose, like the name suggests?


When you think of the presence of a crème rose, you likely think of subtle, off-white colors and plenty of gorgeous, colorful hues just beneath the surface.

Sadly, while this strain manages to stay almost entirely faithful to its namesake in both flavor and aroma, it falls short when it comes to appearance.

This strain’s buds are oddly regular looking, with a pretty standard mottled green appearance. There is a good quantity of orange pistils dotting the surface of the bud, but they are not as frequent or intense as with many other strains.

One exciting quality of the buds of this strain is the multitude of orange leaves. Instead of just the regular distribution of green that most buds have, there are some irregularly placed purple bits that give this bud a very dark and slightly confusing look.

However, there is no intense white coloration, whether from the leaves themselves or from a great number of white trichomes. It just looks pretty ordinary.

What’s worse, the purple parts to this bud that give it that little extra something are almost entirely reliant on proper curing and drying. To best make sure you get these pretty purple parts, you need to try and grow your own. But what kind of tips and tricks do you need to know to grow your own Crème Rose?

Creme Rose Strain Grow Info

Seeds for the Creme Rose strain are not the easiest to get hold of, probably because of its breeding history. This means that, if you want to grow your own, you probably need to know a grower that has a plant on hand that they can give you cuttings from.

Like many other indicas with a high THC content, Crème Rose has a pretty natural growing cycle. It tends to grow bushy and sideways, meaning you need to use topping and trimming to keep it under control.

To do this, snip off the very tip of the plant as it grows, stopping only when it ends its vegetative cycle. This will allow it to focus more of its efforts on lateral growth, which is what it needs to promote stronger bud production.

If there are any branches that begin developing underneath the bush of the plant, don’t be afraid to cut them off. Also, trim away leaves that can’t reach the light. Remember, if a leaf can’t reach the sun, it is a drain on the plant’s resources and detracts from bud production.

As your Crème Rose grows more prominent, you likely need to up the plant’s feeding. Try to keep fertilizing it will a mix of both nitrogen and phosphorus in your feed.

Once your Crème Rose has finished growing, you need to make sure that you cure it adequately. To do this, make sure that you get your harvested bud into the drying and curing process as soon as possible.

If you wait too long, you might find your bud begins to lose that signature coloration. It may also lose a good deal of its intense flavor profile.

If you do treat your freshly harvested bud properly, what kind of cannabinoid content can you expect to find?

THC Content – Highest Test

Crème Rose cannabis is well known for its intoxicating, gently relaxing effects. This serves as an excellent indicator for what THC content most samples are going to have.

Like all good indica strains, Crème Rose possesses about 20% THC content, with a few samples varying between 17% and 23%. This means that pretty much every bud of Crème Rose you find is going to feel incredibly potent and probably a bit overpowering.

Make sure that, if this is your first time trying some Crème Rose, you don’t take too much at once, as it will likely knock you out without warning.

What about its CBD content?

CBD Content – Highest Test

What usually happens when an indica strain has been bred to hold as much THC as possible is that it needs to make room in the plant for all that THC.

This means that most of the CBD that would have initially been in the plant has been removed to make room for all the THC. Due to this, you won’t find any more than about 1% CBD in any particular sample of Crème Rose, no matter how hard you try.

However, it is essential to remember that just because it doesn’t have much CBD doesn’t mean it has no medical uses whatsoever.

Medical Benefits of the Creme Rose Strain

Many indicas exist in the whole wide world of marijuana that seek to create the same feelings and effects that Crème Rose imparts on its users.

This blissful sensation of your muscles relaxing and your mind moving away from dealing with all kinds of stresses is not unique to this strain, but Crème Rose does it exceptionally well. This makes Crème Rose perfect for tackling issues arising from depression, stress, and anxiety.

Instead of having to sit there, fretting and worrying and going over all kinds of problems in your mind, you can alternatively feel completely and totally relaxed and calm. Crème Rose lets you carry on with your day without fear of dealing with your account.

Most indicas with potent relaxation effects are prescribed and recommended for depression, but it is only Crème Rose that leaves you with that uniquely disassociated, calm serenity that does away with all other problems and worries.

Additionally, this strain is excellent for helping get you to sleep at the end of a long day.

While Crème Rose does not send you to sleep as many other stronger indica strains do, it does give you intense relaxation. This makes it easy to finally get to sleep, especially if you have been struggling with getting to sleep as a result of insomnia, or as a result of your anxiety.

Of course, there has yet to be a marijuana strain invented that does not come with a few unfortunate side effects as well.

Possible Side Effects of the Creme Rose Strain

All strains with a higher than average amount of THC generally cause two significant side effects, and Crème Rose is no exception.

Dry mouth and dry eyes will most certainly hit you far stronger than you might expect, to begin with. Make sure you keep a moist towel on hand to fight against the dry eyes. Otherwise, you might find your lips and eyes drying up.

Other than that, the only significant side effects of the Crème Rose are related to its overuse. When you take too much Crème Rose at once, your body can’t handle all that THC and tends to react pretty poorly.

It usually hits everyone differently, but two of the most common reactions are increased amounts of anxiety or paranoia. However, both of these side effects only tend to happen if you were already prone to suffering from either of them in your day to day life.

So, if you struggle with paranoia or anxiety and still want to try some Crème Rose, make sure you only take a small amount at a time.

Final Thoughts on the Creme Rose Strain

When a strain is called Crème Rose, you expect two main things – intensely creamy texture and flavor, and the smell of roses.

However, Crème Rose serves as a great example of a marijuana strain that doesn’t necessarily provide all the things you expect from a strain’s name. Although it’s still incredibly delicious.

While it doesn’t give a large amount of rosiness in its flavor or aroma, it does leave you feeling like you are basking in the warm glow of a summer rose garden, while still tasting and smelling like a vibrant, lush garden.

There also isn’t really much creaminess to speak of, as the name refers to its parent strains. However, it certainly leaves you with that satisfied, satiated feeling that leaves you pleased and happy for hours to come.

If you are looking for a potent strain capable of utterly relaxing you and transporting you to a place of pure tranquility and peace, then you should definitely try and find some Crème Rose at your local dispensary.

It might not smell of roses, but it certainly leaves everything feeling much rosier than you can imagine.

Everything you need to know about Creme Rose cannabis strain, including effects, medicinal benefits, how to grow, and more.

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