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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cheap vegetable seeds: are they worth it?

Can’t you just feel it? Spring is almost in the air! Right? Okay, so not so much in some parts. Well, it will get here! And winter will be not much more than a memory. For now, how about some armchair gardening. It’s all the fun of gardening, without the sore back afterwards!

I was at Dollar Tree yesterday and discovered that they had their vegetable and flower seeds in stock for this year’s planting season. The cashier said they had just received them and put them out. They price their seeds at 4 packets for a dollar. On many varieties of seeds, this is a phenomenal price. I snatched up 16 packets of seeds, and spent just $4.

  • large seeds, that you want to grow an entire row or square of, such as peas and beans. I think there were only about a dozen seeds in each of these packets. I’d need to buy about 5 or 6 packets of the beans to plant a square for the summer. I should be able to find bean seeds for around $1 to $1.50 in larger packets, off the rack at Home Depot or our neighborhood drug store. Both these places discount most of their seeds. And I’ll have more varieties to choose from in both the peas and beans at HD or the drugstore.
  • if you are looking for heirloom varieties, these are the modern varieties.
  • their variety within a seed type is limited. They package only the most widely available seeds. Only 2 kinds of bean seeds, 1 kind of pea, 2 types of lettuce, etc. Other vendors offer a larger variety. And if you have found one specific variety that does well for your garden, you may be better off to stick with that one.

You may be wondering if these seeds are viable — will they produce? My experience has been, yes. Just because they’re cheaper doesn’t mean they are of inferior quality. The lower price is more a reflection of their ability to buy in volume and limit selection, than of being a lesser quality.

I will occasionally find some chaff in the packet, along with the seeds, or a broken large seed like a bean. But I figure for the price, I can overlook a tiny bit of waste. When I’m just not sure if there will be enough seeds in a packet of what I want, I buy 2 packets. It’s only an extra 25 cents — a small price to pay for insurance that I’ll have all the seeds I want to plant this year.

I spent $4 on seeds so far this year. I’ll also be buying bush green beans and snow peas at a place like Home Depot. So my total seed expense should come to about $7 to $8. In comparison, in years that I’ve bought all my seeds at Home Depot, I’ve spent about $20 to $25 on seeds for the vegetable garden.

This post will help you decide if Dollar Tree vegetable seeds are worth the money

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Posted on January 2, 2018, updated January 6, 2018
Website enabled quick, efficient searching and ordering. I was notified by email when my order was filled and shipped, and it arrived quickly. I am pleased with this experience. Especially with the generosity of number of seeds in the package for just $1. Wonderful.

One thing I should note for the vendor; there is an inkstamp on the invoice with a url on it; that ‘tinyurl’ address no longer works/ doesn’t go to where it should.

Thanks for a good experience! If I remember, I will try to return here to update with how germination went. 🙂 On January 6th, 2018, Laura20 added the following:

I don’t have a lot of money to spend on seeds, and here in FL, our growing seasons are reversed from the rest of the country. By the time I got around to looking for seeds, they were gone out of the dollar stores and even the big box stores. I was looking online for “cheap seeds” and found Dollar Seed, who just happened to be having a half-price sale. I ordered as much as I could afford, which wasn’t much, trust me. I think I spent less than $6 total with postage. The seeds arrived very quickly, which in my city is a miracle as we don’t have the best postal service here. The seeds were so perfectly clean and well-packaged that not one was damaged in shipping, plus the amounts of each seed were very generous. I had just bought a package of Burpee seeds for more than twice the price and only got 5 seeds in the pack (none of which sprouted), so the generous portions were much appreciated. I over-planted the seeds, expecting a low germination rate but BOY! Was I ever wrong! Almost every seed germinated and I was giving away plants like crazy, to the joy of my gardening friends.

I’ve since moved, and I wanted some new varieties for my new garden. I went onto the site one night and AGAIN there was a sale! Like $1 a pack isn’t cheap enough! I found their Tomato Sampler pack, and wonder if wonders, it had Cherokee Purple in it! I had wanted some of these, but all the places I found them were so expensive and postage was so high. I don’t need but a couple of plants for my tiny garden, so the 10-seed sampler pack was more than sufficient. I’ll also be able to try the Mortgage Lifter and Great White, two more I had wanted to try. Since that was on sale too, I got 10 varieties with 10 seeds each for less than $2! Again, I spent less than $10 total with postage and I was sent a bonus pack of Marketmore cucumbers with almost 300 seeds in it! My friends again are ecstatic about all that I have to share, and are vowing they will be buying from Dollar Seed from now on.

Posted on April 24, 2015, updated April 24, 2015
Placing my order was easy, I received confirmation of my order, and received seeds within a week.

The prices and amount of seeds are great! They came packaged in plastic zippered bags, which makes it nice to reseal and keep moisture away from seeds. The germination rate is posted on the labels, which is a plus to know.

I do hope great success for this online store, and hope they can increase the selection of seeds available to purchase.

The biggest find was 50 comfrey seeds for $1! Unbeatable.
=) On April 24th, 2015, judyinmound added the following:

Posted on April 18, 2015, updated April 18, 2015
I have to say, at first I was a bit worried because when I checked if my order had shipped on there web site the status never changed from processing to shipped. Reading the reviews before hand I knew it was a small business so I was patient.

That being said. came through. My order arrived six days later! I was excited because of the positive feedback the company received. The seeds came packaged in nice zip lock bags and they looked fresh and healthy. I made a raised garden bed about three week prior and it was ready for planting as it was the second week of April and this is my first vegetable garden I thought I may have missed peak planting time. I planted the seeds the evening I received them.

It’s six days after planting and. I have lettuce sprouts popping out already. I have to tell you I have no clue how to plant vegetables, and like I said this is my first garden but so far, with these beautiful seeds I’m very excited to see how the rest of the veggies I planted do.

All in all, if you are a first time gardener buy your seeds from and make your first experience a good one like I’m having so far.

Thank You,! On April 18th, 2015, tpombo1 added the following:

I spelled there name wrong. Sorry!

After two years of a garden that got blight I knew it was time to get away from burpee. My tomatoes would get nice and big and almost over night be dead from blight. I knew that I had to change something. So I looked for a more local distribution of seeds that I knew could grow in Western New York.

So I started the seeds in March and by may it was planting time. What we got for seeds was more in each bag then we thought we’d get. The germination rates for the seed was stellar.

By June our plants were doing great, tomatoes getting big, corn almost knee high already and cucumbers growing like weeds! Well June 23rd I was on my motorcycle going to work at 4 45am and I hit a deer. I was found in the middle of the road, severe head trauma and really screwed up. Yes I was wearing a helmet and it kinda did it’s job. When the medics showed up they immediately called for a helo because I need to get to an icu. Both local helos were busy so they had to wait 20 minutes for the next one to get there. Needles to say I spent 11 days in a coma and 30 days overall at the hospital. Broke my shoulder blades and the bone behind your ear connected to the skull.

How does this tie in? My girlfriend worked 13 hour shifts at another hospital and then drove a half hour to go see me and then half hour home. So nobody was home to take care of the garden. Not weed it or anything. When I came home on July 23rd I was amazed by our garden. Picking cucumbers was semi hard for me but I picked over 100 cucumbers by the end of August. Corn was ready by the end of August and we had pumpkins in September. Peas and beans were done quick and given to the chicken when they were checked on one day. We had well over 300 tomatoes grow. Made the best salsa and spaghetti sauce I’ve ever had.

So, I searched all of the places I usually buy seed from locally for the brand of seeds that I have purchased for about a decade now. None of them seem to be carrying them this year! In any case, I refuse to purchase Burpee seeds, which is what is polluting the seed racks in every strore I went to! In nearly 20 years of gardening, Burpee seeds have never performed very well for me, and I don’t want to pay $1-$3.50 for 10 or 15 seeds either, especially when my garden is massive!

Anyway, I found DollarSeed on Dave’s Garden and the reviews were very good. So, I placed a fair sized order for about 20 varieties of seed and one of the vegetable garden collections. I have to say that I am quite impressed with the seeds, all seem very firm and of excellent quality. I have expereince in seed saving and have been poking seeds in the ground all my life and I honestly expect that germination rates for this seed will be excellent (or very close to it).

Most packets and varieties have a pretty good seed count, though not the peas and beans, next time I order, I will be looking for a jumbo packet of peas and beans as I plant two 20 foot double rows of each, but for this year it is fine as I harvested about a pound each in seeds last year from bumper crops I didn’t get to in time (so I let the seeds mature instead).

All and all, I think I have found a new seed supplier, one that isn’t stingy with seeds, and by the reviews here, isn’t likely to “disappear” either. The shipping was very fast (less than 3 days) and reasonably priced as well at $5. On Mar 14, 2012, DollarSeed (Dollar Seed) responded with:

On Apr 11, 2012 12:19 PM, DollarSeed (Dollar Seed) responded with:

Read about the company in a blog – thought I would try a few seeds – They arrived quickly 5 days including half a weekend. Great prices & I cannot wait to put them into dirt – Dave sent bonus seeds and a sample of fertilizer. Thank you 🙂 On Feb 23, 2012, DollarSeed (Dollar Seed) responded with:

On Apr 11, 2012 12:26 PM, DollarSeed (Dollar Seed) responded with:

Nice selection of seeds, easy ordering/checkout experience, super fast shipping, free seeds, great company to order from!

Ok I have to admit, their site looks like a total scam. Bad graphics and stuff like that, but for a dollar for echinacea seeds, I couldn’t pass the chance. The seeds came promptly and came with free seeds. I will definitely order again. Usually i’m turned off by seed companies that charge more for shipping than they do for a packet of seeds, but shipping is cheap here also. Please support this company, cuz i want to do business with this new and growing company for years to come. 😉 On Aug 18, 2011, DollarSeed (Dollar Seed) responded with:

On Apr 11, 2012 12:39 PM, DollarSeed (Dollar Seed) responded with:

Comments regarding DollarSeed (Dollar Seed) You are viewing only positive comments Comments: Posted on January 2, 2018, updated January 6, 2018 Website enabled quick, efficient searching