dr fetus seed

Any good seeds you guys came across?

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

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User Info: Biaz
User Info: Rai_Jin
User Info: 16wongmc1
User Info: 16wongmc1
User Info: FerretDruid

Pyromaniac + Kamikaze on first/second floor. Needs to be on Hard mode. Pretty sure all seeds have different results based on difficulty, which would explain why people see a lot of seeds not working.

User Info: NoPayneNoGain

Ipecac in the first treasure room, Dr Fetus in the second. The synergy makes you shoot out a Bob’s Head that does a mega explosion, explodes on contact and doesn’t damage you when you’re caught in the blast. Lucked out and got this on a . run.

User Info: 16wongmc1
User Info: 16wongmc1

2940 fd7m-play as eden (flying and goes through rock)

rq7hkgqs-play as eden (explosive shots)

B496 ME27- eden (explosive shots and invincibility item but only 1 heart)

2ANP 57JE- eden (fly and boom box) first level: little brimstone and ball of bandages. second level: poison tears, magic scab. third level:

P2M7 K7KG- eden (temporary invinciblility, map) level1: ipepac (explosive shots)

CAZK 4XXK-eden (jump, the eating bug, wheel of fortune) level 1: stem cells, toothpicks level 2: technology, safety pin level 3: spelunky hat

A4F8 S93X- eden (ipeac explosive tears, bombs are key, horse thing which levitates), level 1: bob’s curse

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Dr fetus seed

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