dutch passion seeds review

Dutch Passion Seedbank Review

Dutch Passion are one of the world’s oldest cannabis seedbanks and one of the few remaining original seed companies. We offer our customers a variety of original classic cannabis varieties as well as some of the very best new varieties, many of these are available in regular as well as feminized seeds. We began our work in the 1970’s and were formally established as a seedbank in 1987.
Our success has been built on 3 important principles.
Firstly we collect and breed the best cannabis genetics to allow the self-sufficient cannabis grower the chance to grow the very best quality cannabis for themselves.
Secondly, we continue to pioneer innovation. We invented feminized seed in the 1990’s and more recently we have set the highest standards with feminized autoflowering seeds. Dutch Passion has never been afraid to overturn conventional thinking in order to offer better seeds.
Thirdly, we offer our customers the best levels of customer service. We have remained in business over several decades by providing seeds of the highest quality and reliability and have millions of satisfied customers. If for any reason at all you are not satisfied with our seeds then contact us and we will make things right.
Our seed collection has never been stronger than it is today. We remain the first choice seed supplier to many recreational and medical cannabis growers because of our focus on quality seeds and our safe trustworthy customer service.

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Dutch Passion is listed as “green” at the SeedFinder. This means we absolutely can recommend this seedbank. Btw. This company is listed as a breeder at the SeedFinder.

User Reviews

guest Canada, October 2020

Delays do to covid but it was explained beforehand. Prices were the best. The stealth packaging was the best I have ever seen. Lots of freebies due to the shipping delays. Will be going back to these guys!

NWINAZ71 United States, September 2019

I ordered a pack of 10 outlaw amnesia that remained unopened in a cool dark place for a few months until germination. Of the 10 only five every sprouted and only one of the five actually had two cotyldon leaves. The others were runty and weak and eventually succumbed to my first case of spider mites in what was my 8th grow. They performed worse than bag seed.

guest United States, September 2018

Ordered 10 non-feminized seeds of Dutch Passions Shaman cultivar. I sprouted 5, with the intention to breed an F2 of it with any males in case I liked it. Two weeks into flowering, I had 2 males, and 3 non-induced hermaphrodites. Rest of the room consisted of a strain Ive personally developed, as well as some Purpetrator by Archive Seeds, Royal Queens Amnesia Haze, Super Lemon Haze by Greenhouse, a miscellaneous Lemon Skunk, and Ayahuasca Purple by Barneys Farm. No herms in any of them, so its clearly an issue with this stock. I understand that hermaphroditism is a characteristic of the species, but this many in such a small set of sprouts suggests to me that they had a natural herm, and either knowingly or unknowingly sold the seed. If it was unknowing, then their quality control is poor. If it was knowing, then their ethics are suspect. Either way, I wont take a chance again.

guest Italy, March 2018

I got 5 durban poison seeds , put 3 of them in a cup of wather and after 24h they all germined one of them started to grow super fast but wehad a drought and the growing was inhibited , one stayed very small for like a month then started to grow but slpwly and yelded just about 15 grams ,the third plant wasnt as better then the second but worse than the first

guest Netherlands, December 2017

do not recommend anymore. I have grow experience for 12 years, had seeds from them before, have known better times.
Second time now, seeds do not germinate well.Lost 3 out of 6. Complained, their reply asking for detailed explination of process
with picture to consider payback lost or new seeds. WHO? do THEY think they deal with? You can germinate seeds on a piece of wet toilet paper
if you want, Keep your seeds DutchP a shame!

johnholst United States, March 2017

Sprouting 3 quality 3,yeild 3,stability 3.Feminized seeds hermie late in flowering 3 out of four times.Unreliable.

guest United States, January 2017

Seeds were visibly of low quality – Orange Hill Special. Only 4 of 10 germinated. Ive been doing this for years and typically get 95-100% germination. The exact opposite of what I expected from this seed company. These are the worst seeds Ive ever purchased.

guest United Kingdom, June 2016

I have ordered from these guys three times lately now after a mainly positive experience back in the day when they first emerged. My first bad recent experience was sending the money (cash) unregistered and I received no seeds but thought, well its my own fault (they denied they had received cash)! Second attempt I ordered Auto Flowering as this is new to me and I thought Id give it a go. seeds were 80% viable but from 20 seeds I only ended up with 8 female plants as there were multiple hermaphrodites WTF . Yield was 6oz from 8 plants of a smoke that was pretty shit. My most recent experience is by far the worst, 10 female seeds (non auto) ; viability 80%, 2 seemed diseased from germinating so destroyed, 6 plants put onto flowering cycle 2 hermies, 2 female and two which after 6 weeks on a flowering cycle had neither male or female characteristics but in week 7 developed tiny male flowers. From the 2 remaining female plants I yielded 2 oz. Ive been growing for 20 years and know what Im doing I would never buy from these clowns again.

guest Germany, September 2015

everything was fine, shipped from their shop in Maastricht. I prefer it to envelopes shipped from Amsterdam.

johnnash No info, August 2015

No one will reply to any inquiry at Dutch Passion. Are they a scam? It sure looks like it.
Buyers: Try reputable seed banks instead.

Dutch Passion Seedbank Review Dutch Passion are one of the world’s oldest cannabis seedbanks and one of the few remaining original seed companies. We offer our customers a variety of original

Industry News: Dutch Passion develops cannabis seeds that are legal to grow

New seed varieties introduced with high levels of CBG and a THC-level of below 0.2%

Dutch Passion, the famous seed company from the Netherlands, is pioneering yet again with the introduction of CBG-seeds with high levels of cannabigerol (CBG) and low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

CBG is believed to have similar qualities to cannabidiol (CBD), of which more medical uses and health benefits are still being discovered. This new innovation will increase availability as the certainty that the THC-level is below the legal 0.2% allows cultivation without a permit in many countries. The current uses and benefits of CBD are impressive, giving the CBG-seeds a promising medical potential.

Ground-breaking seeds
Cannabis is booming business. The latest trend is the application of cannabinoids – with CBD as the most well-known – in all kinds of products like oils, teas and creams. Like CBD, CBG is not psychoactive, making it an appealing option for medical use. With their extreme low levels of THC, Dutch Passion’s CBG-seeds are ground-breaking. These new varieties – one Feminized and one Autoflower – can be grown and bought legally in many countries, making the supply chain process for CBG-products easier. The seeds are the result of many years of breeding and selection through numerous generations of plants. A typical Dutch Passion-invention, as the company has made it its mission to develop new seed varieties with high levels of one specific cannabinoid, in this case CBG.

More cannabinoids
Eric Siereveld, CEO of Dutch Passion: “Up to 2010 cannabis was all about high levels of THC, until in 2012 we encountered our first variety with high levels of CBD. What a thrill! We were determined to discover more cannabinoids and now know there are over a hundred different chemical compounds in cannabis. Our dream is to offer a wide range of seeds that have high levels of one cannabinoid, like CBG in this case. We believe that every cannabinoid should be made available to farmers, researchers, home growers, consumers and organizations alike. That way, applications can be made with every little thing this versatile plant has to offer. Whether it is for recreational, medicinal or nutritional purposes. We want people to experience cannabis in all its different varieties and use it to their benefit!”

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New seed varieties introduced with high levels of CBG and a THC-level of below 0.2%