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Godfather OG Cannabis Strain Review

Hybrid strains are known for providing a balance between the energetic mind high of a sativa and the traditional stoned sensation of an indica. That being said, every hybrid strain is different, and each offers its own blend of indica and sativa, resulting in varying effects along the scale.

The Godfather OG strain is one of those strains that very much leans towards the indica end of the scale with its sativa side only really shining through at the very beginning of the high. Godfather OG is a hybrid strain that is able to provide a very indica-driven high with the uplifting effects that make sativas a favorite choice for many.

Godfather OG lives up to its name, being a powerful strain that, just like the Godfather, you would not want to mess with. But what exactly can you expect from this member of the OG family? Let’s find out.

What is the Godfather OG Strain?

Godfather OG strain weed is a powerful hybrid with a 60 % indica / 40% sativa divide. While these numbers would lead you to believe that Godfather OG is a relatively balanced strain, this is very much not the case; its indica side is definitely more dominant.

Godfather OG has even managed to win awards for its strength, including winning Best Indica at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2013, beating many pure indica strains.

Godfather OG is firmly a member of the OG family, with XXX OG and Alpha OG being its parent strains. The result is a strain that has managed to retain many of the effects that make OG such a popular group of strains around the world. Godfather OG’s aroma and flavor profile also very much fit what you would expect from a member of the OG family.

Godfather OG has become one of the most popular strains in Southern California due to its potency and the deep sense of relaxation that it offers. Godfather OG provides a balanced blend of relaxation and euphoria and is ideal for long evenings at home when you want to reach a level of peace and tranquility not achievable without a little help.

The initial effects of Godfather OG are very much focused on lifting your mood and clearing your mind, leaving you free from negative thoughts and worries and instead free to fully enjoy the effects of Godfather OG.

The effects of Godfather OG quickly intensify with your mood, moving from a peaceful, happy state to a true sense of euphoria. The feeling of euphoria continues throughout the entire high and even manages to stand strong against the deep sedative effects that later take hold and make it hard to think.

It is around the same time that the real indica effects of Godfather OG first become noticeable. As Godfather OG works its way through your body, your muscles begin to relax, tension completely disappears, and your body feels at ease. Godfather OG can often cause the munchies, so it is always a good idea to make sure that you have some of your favorite snacks on hand just in case.

As Godfather OG settles and you enter the main stage of the high, most people describe a feeling of such intense relaxation that they simply just want to chill and take in their surroundings.

While Godfather OG can be enjoyed in groups, you only really get the strain’s full experience when smoking alone or with a close friend who you feel comfortable enough around to spend large chunks of time within the silence.

When smoked in larger doses, the indica effects combine with the strain’s high THC content to put you in a sedative state. When this occurs, you feel able to do little more than lay back and relax, allowing your mind to wander as Godfather OG takes hold of your thought process.

Godfather OG is very much an evening strain due to its sedative effects, and one that is best avoided during the day at all costs.


The Godfather OG marijuana strain has a particularly pungent aroma, one that you can’t help but notice as you get close to it.

There are elements of spiciness, mixed in with that familiar scene of pine and earthiness, and just an odd hint of grape on the end of the aroma that leaves you wanting more.

As you break the bud open and really try to inhale its aroma, its scent develops and matures, becoming more pronounced and noticeable. The pine within the aroma becomes stronger, smelling very much like its OG parents.

What about its flavor, however? Does it taste as good as it smells?


The flavor profile of Godfather OG matches perfectly with this strain’s aroma. The initial burst of flavor that you get from first inhaling this dark, richly flavored smoke is surprisingly woody and pine-like, tasting very much like many other OG strains.

However, on the backend is a variety of sweet and vaguely herbal flavors that leaves you reminiscent of a forest in fresh bloom; pine trees and flowers, fresh herbs and burgeoning fields.

Oddly enough, at the very end is a surprising burst of grape flavor that tastes rather like a very young wine.

What about this strain’s appearance? Does it look as appealing as it tastes?


Godfather OG plants have typically large buds, like many other strains within the OG family, but this strain has a few extra differences that separate it from its parents.

Once the bud is harvested and properly cured, it develops beautiful purple pistils that dot the entirety of the outer layer, giving it a thoroughly textured and interesting appearance.

Alongside these colorful little sprites of THC-rich flavor, there is an ultra-thick layer of white and sometimes yellow trichomes coating the entire bud, giving it an excessively furry, almost cloudy appearance.

A lot of these quirks of appearance have to do with how it is dried, so the only way you are really going to be able to see this strain in all its glory is to try and grow some yourself.

So, what kinds of special knowledge do you need to grow some Godfather OG?

Godfather OG Strain Grow Info

Godfather OG is an extremely easy, low maintenance plant to grow, making it perfect for those who are new to growing and are looking to be eased in gently. These plants require very little care. As long as you keep them watered, able to access sunlight and keep an eye on their overall health, you can make a plentiful harvest within no time.

Godfather OG plants tend to grow to average height, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor growth. Godfather OG plants do not react negatively to sudden temperature changes in the same way that some strains do.

That being said, you should still consider your climate before deciding whether to keep plants indoors or outside. Godfather OG plants are at their happiest in a mild, dry climate but can withstand hotter temperatures during the day to some extent.

When growing indoors, plants are normally ready to be harvested after as little as 8 weeks and can produce anywhere from 12 ounces all the way up to 16 ounces per square meter. Godfather OG plants kept outside, on the other hand, can be harvested between mid-September and early October depending on your local climate, and produce a yield of around 15 ounces when healthy.

Godfather OG strain seeds can be purchased easily online, with a range of different stores selling them for varying quantities and prices.

THC Content – Highest Test

Godfather OG cannabis is on the higher end of the THC scale when compared to other hybrid strains. The average Godfather OG bud is thought to contain 21% THC, but in some cases can be as high as 28%. This places Godfather OG firmly on the list of strains with the highest THC content.

With such an alarmingly high level of THC, it is not surprising that Godfather OG was given such a powerful and feared name. The effects of Godfather OG definitely reflect the strain’s THC content with its intense sedative effects and long-lasting high.

Due to the strain’s high THC content, it is not recommended for beginners as its effects can feel overwhelming and cause sudden bursts of anxiety.

How does the CBD content of Godfather OG compare?

CBD Content – Highest Test

It is extremely rare to come across a strain that has both a high CBD and THC content, and Godfather OG very much follows this rule. Godfather OG contains little more than trace amounts of CBD and, depending on the exact plant, you can expect to find as little as 0.1% CBD. In rare cases, there may be up to 0.7% CBD.

CBD is the main cannabinoid responsible for the health benefits that people associate with cannabis, so given Godfather OG’s low CBD content you would not expect it to be a strain suitable for medicinal use. Despite this, Godfather OG is a powerful medicinal strain that might just be the answer to your health problems.

So, why might you want to try Godfather OG as a medicinal strain?

Medical Benefits of the Godfather OG Strain

Despite Godfather OG’s low CBD content, it still manages to have a number of different reasons to consider it for use as a medicinal strain. Both the euphoric feeling that is experienced throughout the high and the physical relaxation that comes from being an indica-dominant strain mean that Godfather OG can be used to treat both mental and physical health conditions.

Godfather OG is a great strain for those who are looking for a natural way to manage stress. From the very beginning of the high, Godfather OG helps to clear your mind, pushing all of the negative thoughts that build up over time to one side and allowing you to focus purely on the positive in your life.

For many of the same reasons that Godfather OG is ideal for managing stress, it can also be used to fight insomnia. Godfather OG’s ability to empty your mind can help to remove any anxiety that has built up around sleep, as well as preventing you from focusing on life’s stresses that can circle around in your mind and stop you from falling asleep.

The sedative effects that are felt with Godfather OG work alongside the mind high to help your body relax and create a physical desire to sleep. Godfather OG is especially effective when trying to deal with stress-related insomnia.

The physically numbing effects of Godfather OG mean that it can be used as a natural form of pain medication. Godfather OG takes hold of your body and leaves your limbs feeling free and almost weightless. When dealing with pain, this can reduce and sometimes even completely remove pain temporarily and give you some much needed time to enjoy yourself.

Godfather OG is often recommended for patients undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy. It acts as a nausea suppressant and an appetite enhancer at the same time, helping those who are finding it difficult to enjoy food and consume a healthy balanced diet the chance to do so.

As with most strains, Godfather OG, unfortunately, has a number of negative side effects that it is important to be aware of. Let’s find out exactly what they are.

Possible Side Effects of the Godfather OG Strain

Godfather OG is no stranger to the two most common negative side effects that come with smoking marijuana, that being dry eyes and dry mouth. While both can be annoying at the moment they normally only last a short period of time and have no long-lasting effect on your health.

Dry mouth, or as it is sometimes referred to, cottonmouth, is a dry and slightly fluffy feeling on your tongue and the roof of your mouth. It is very much one of those effects that once you understand and can identify it is little more than a minor annoyance. Dry eyes have a similar effect, only this one unsurprisingly targets your eyes rather than mouth.

In rare cases, people experience feelings of anxiety when taking Godfather OG; this is most likely due to the strain’s high THC content. Anxiety is much more likely to be felt when smoking Godfather OG in large doses, or by those who have low THC content and are in an environment where they do not feel comfortable.

Another negative that people who take large doses of Godfather OG sometimes experience is sudden dizziness. This normally stops almost as suddenly as it starts, but can still feel scary in the moment and result in a deeper sense of anxiety.

Final Thoughts on the Godfather OG Strain

Godfather OG might be a hybrid strain in theory, but in practice, it is very much an indica that happens to have the uplifting, euphoric effects associated with a sativa. Godfather OG is not a strain for the lighthearted and requires you to set at least a few hours aside to enjoy, if not an entire evening.

Godfather OG packs a powerful sedative experience that gives both your mind and body a chance to truly relax and switch off from the craziness of everyday life. Mixed in with the deeply relaxing high is a euphoric feeling that empties your mind and helps you reach a state of peace and calm.

Godfather OG is primarily a recreational strain to help you unwind after a long and stressful day, but it can also be used for medicinal purposes. Godfather OG actually has a number of positive health effects, including helping to tackle stress and increasing your appetite when eating feels like a challenge.

Whether you are thinking of trying Godfather OG simply for fun or to treat particular medical conditions, one thing is for sure: You can expect an intense experience like no other.

Everything you need to know about Godfather OG cannabis strain including effects, medicinal benefits, how to grow, and more.