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The Great Divide: Medical Marijuana vs. Stoner Culture

Since the popular topic of marijuana legalization has been active and growing over the past decade, we are starting to see a bigger divide created between medical marijuana users and recreational users. A community who fights for the very same cause also seems to have an unnecessary divide as well. It is time to unite as one community, and be the understanding, compassionate individuals that most of the marijuana users claim to be.

Now I know this can be a touchy subject, medical marijuana (MMJ) vs. stoner culture use but they share a lot of similarities when you compare them to one another. For instance, there is some reason in which we turned to marijuana instead of Big Pharma, or other street drugs. We choose a natural plant for some reason or another, and that is a decision we can agree upon.

The main difference these two groups share is their reasons for use. Those who use MMJ have gone through the proper channels, licensing and requirements to legal obtain their medication. A recreational user does not have as many channels to go through whether it’s a legitimate state or not. This is where the two groups start to feud and point fingers. We find MMJ users are upset with the stoners who are carelessly smoking, causing issues for the public and generally have no respect for their surroundings. It is giving those who take the proper channels a bad name still despite going the legal route.

Also, independent illegal grow operations happening in legalized states are causing issue for the MMJ and recreational regulations. Some States who already offer MMJ are afraid that to open up to the rec side in fear of promoting black market activities. Other States that already allow Rec are looking to make stricter regulations due to some of the issues that have been created from the overall legalization. MMJ users are afraid that if a rec user continues the way they do everyone will lose their right to use marijuana including MMJ patients.

The reality of the matter is fear; we are pointing fingers at one another because the media is trying to divide us until Big Pharma can figure out a way to make a patent molecular version of marijuana. It is time for the MMJ community and the Stoner community to unite. The traditions are very similar; an MMJ user might medicate for pain, where a recreational user may do smoke to become creative, inspired or energetic. The reasons for consumption may not be for the same purpose, but they are for the same concept. Yes, we are always going to have the few bad seeds that get out of hand with it, but I would rather have someone to stoned then so drunk they could die.

If we can learn to accept each other’s differences as promoted by the marijuana industry, we may be able to understand why some choose marijuana for medication, why some choose it for recreational and why others have not tried it yet. In reality, we know that marijuana is a safer option to pills, alcohol and any other street drug out there. We are aware that it does not kill individuals likes opiates and alcohol does and continues to do so. These are common grounds we can agree upon and it’s time for the cannabis community to unite and grow together, whether you are an MMJ user or a recreational user.

Recreational and Medical Marijuana News, Articles and Information: Since the popular topic of marijuana legalization has been active and growing over the past decade, we are starting to see a bigger divide created between medical marijuana users and recreational u…

Great divide strain

There may be a new top dog in town when it comes to THC supremacy. And while you’d expect the flower to come from California, Colorado, or Oregon, the latest cultivar to push the possibilities of potency is growing in the recently-minted medical marijuana fields of the Prairie State.

According to High Times, Illinois medical marijuana producers Green Thumb Industries (GTI) has reported that a new batch of their proprietary strain Brownie Scout has tested at 37.5% THC — a potency number that they say has never been matched.

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“Our last 4 harvests of Brownie Scout have yielded highly potent flower, consistently testing in the mid to high 30% of THC,” GTI vice president of marketing Kate Denton told High Times.

Brownie Scout is an indica dominant flower bred from Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and another GTI house strain, Great Divide, a cross of Kosher Kush and Phishhead Kush. The result is an earthy, piney bud reminiscent of its OG Kush lineage and intense intoxication.

“Brownie Scout has an earthy aroma with undertones of pine, pepper, and even a little floral,” GTI cultivator Silas Inskeep said in an April Instagram post. “The potential effects arise as a pleasant cerebral experience, and it may help to temporarily promote relief for anxiety, pain, and insomnia.”

To put the nearly 40% THC flower into perspective, most buds these days are testing closer to 20%, with about a 5% variability on either side, with stronger pot generally pushing the high 20’s and weaker weed testing in the teens. For comparison, full-strength cannabis extracts generally test anywhere from 60-90% THC. Once flower numbers eclipse the 30% marker, critics often become skeptical of the laboratory results, and have previously insinuated the presence of number fudging. And with the litany of problems plaguing cannabis testing facilities around the country, those questions aren’t too far-fetched.

When Portland-based cultivators 7 Points Oregon reported that their strain Future #1 tested at 37.28% last year, the brand couched their claims with press comments downplaying the importance of THC.

“For most of our team, a cultivar that hits 30 percent or above is too potent,” the 7 Points Oregon team wrote. “And we are big advocates of the concept that THC percentage is only part of the story regarding cannabis. Lesser-known cannabinoids and terpenes play a vital role, as well. We acknowledge that THC numbers do matter to consumers in the Oregon recreational market — some look for terpenes, some for THC. As far as we’re concerned, both perspectives are valid.”

Want to try Brownie Scout for yourself to see if it stands up to the THC percentage hype? You can find GTI flower in Illinois and nine other states, though you likely have to be a medical patient to get your hands on it.

A batch of the indica flower Brownie Scout from Green Thumb Industries recently tested at 37.5% THC, and the growers are calling it an industry record.