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Low Quality Seeds

Many Dud seeds and those that did germ and grow eventually hermed. Bad genetics.

I’d give zero stars if I could

I’d give zero stars if I could. Spent nearly a hundred dollars for an order that never arrived and when I emailed to try to rectify the issue all I got was “maybe someone else in your family took the order” I live alone. Total scam. Don’t be fooled!

4 out of 7 seeds took

4 out of 7 seeds took. Out of the four only two looked like they were going good. And two stopped growing and died. But because of bugs and bad luck ( shelf in greenhouse fell on it) I ended up with none.
I used peat pallets for all seeds.
I won’t be ordering again from them

I ordered from GYO last year and what a…

I ordered from GYO last year and what a mistake! The seeds were inferior, germination was 60% and of those that grew some were stunted. After complaining they sent 5 more seeds which had 60% germination and two stunted. This company is just a middleman with little knowledge of what they sell. I would never buy from them again.

Do not buy from this company seeds are duds and they will not refund

I ordered 10 auto flower seeds from GYO. It took almost 3 months to get my order, and all 10 of the seeds were duds they refused to give any money back. And they have stopped responding to my emails. I normally order from, but they only accept bitcoin now. I guess I’ll just have to start buying that, worst experience ever they were also supposed to be good outdoor growing auto flowers and They were all junk I’ve been growing for 20 years so it’s not a novice mistake just a garbage company with garbage product and I’m out over $100

GYO/Homegrown stole $70usd from me

I had almost $70usd worth of eucalyptus points held on my GYO account as store credit. Now, there are no points. There is no GYO.

I have been stolen from to the tune of 55,500 eucalyptus points.

GYO and whoever Homegrown are now are shady as f and have no qualms about stealing from their customers

Points/Point System [Eucalyptus] Terminated

All of a sudden there is a change of ownership and now your “eucalyptus points” that you were “promised” would hold true to their value when you initially made your purchase, no longer count. Literally, just pulled the rug out on it and told me that “we will bring in back in the future but your points don’t count anymore”. But that didn’t stop them from sending out a reminder of those “useless” points balance a week or two ago,”just a click away from our new site! But those balance points we emailed you about don’t count anymore, never-mind us having the point system still in place! Lol sorry :)”.

Horrible quality seeds

Horrible quality seeds. None were dark brown or tiger striped. Spent 800.00 on crap. I’m absolutely livid. Should ashamed youre taking peoples money. Never again.

Im stuffed then i didn’t read these…

Im stuffed then i didn’t read these reviews till now. i ordered 100 dollars worth guess i can kiss that money good bye.

I would give 0 stars first germination…

I would give 0 stars first germination rate is horrible but expected when seeds are white n tiny but u think they care nope they give u points that are useless especially if they change there website n name to homegrown and the points that u earned from 2 large orders cuz didnt learn after first consider gone and wont reply to u oh n new site there using is gunna rip people off even worse cuz prices are 10x higher so feel bad for people that fall for that n get nothing for there money or tiny white no germinating seeds

GOT DIFFERANT STORIes EVERY TIME I asked why i have not got my order i call ca. and get call back from md. all the sites ive seen about your co. is bad half orderst


Horrible customer service and unorganized, my opinion.

Horrible customer service. Also, after I submitted my order it sent me a ticket number but it never processed
After waiting 3 weeks expecting my seeds. I call and they said it was never processed. After I emailed and cancelled, email from Natasha, emailed back and said, “I am pleased to inform you that you order has been cancelled.”

They just seem rude and unorganized. There are so many banks out there, i would not reccomend them.

If you can’t get your beans to sprout…

If you can’t get your beans to sprout you are doing it wrong, GYO supplied me with seeds according to the breeders I selected. First 3 didn’t sprout but germinated easily because I planted them inside a terranium, second try I took them out of the terrarium and they came up within 24 hours. I recommend you ensure that you have a combination of heat, air flow and a strong High Intensity Discharge CMH or HPS to try germinate your seeds, pointy tip up and about 1.5 cms deep in your medium if you are still having issues.

A++ seed company

Had a small billing problem. But after talking with there professional help service they mailed them out and got them in 24 hours. Fastest shipping I’ve ever had Thank you GYO

I ordered seeds an only got half my order

I ordered seeds an only got half my order sent emails an pictures. Took awhile for them to get back to me but sent out what I was missing

Just a joke

Just a waste of electricity ,water and time Stay away . Bad customer service . Bad seeds .. no refund and they won’t reply .. just a bunch of incompetent

Beware operating as Homegrown Cannabis…

Beware operating as Homegrown Cannabis Co., probably same crap customer service and rip off, just a diffrent name to draw in victims.


NEVER!! Order from GYO seed bank. They r a rip off!! They stole 200 bucks from me. I’m gunna report them to the better Business bureau!! They r the worst company if they even r a company?? Once u order you will never hear from them again and no seeds.. and if ur lucky enough to get seeds they r not the seeds u order!! Anyway please people never order from this GYO.. they are frauds.

Fu** this company

Fu** this company. I dont ever write reviews but this place deserves one. I had purchased some from them a time back and paid with cash and it was fine. I tryed to purchase a second time with bitcoin this time and they have robbed me. I had finished my cart and went to send the money. I sent it to the address they provided. Then they proceeded to cancel my order and tell me i never sent them money. I contacted my wallet company and they said it definitely sent to them, but they refuse to even look in to the problem with my proof and all. Wont even credit me anything. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, THEY ARE THEIVES.

I’m here because when I posted my…

I’m here because when I posted my review on their website they deleted so people here’s what it is.
They charge you a lot of money for tracking but you don’t really track anything. They will send you seeds that are small, white etc and will not germinate, when you asked them to send another to replace or give you the money back they pretty much ignore you or say no. This company doesn’t guarantee their product, mind you this is 2019 seeds are being modified and tested to meet a customer satisfaction etc any real farmer and grower knows this. But not these guys. Go to a place or store that will both guarantee your money and their products. Trust me DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS BAD, THEY ARE GREEDY, SHADY. Once they have your money they don’t care about your complaints or the outcome of what happened.

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Buyer beware GYO seed bank

  • Jan 2, 2017
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  • Slicknick909
    Well-Known Member

    I recently ventured out of my comfort zone so to speak and ordered a few never before tried strains from a different seed bank than I usually use to just diversify from WW and Jack herer. I with the other seed bank I usually use (not sure if they are an approved vendor so I won’t mention their name) have had consistent 80-100% germination with hundreds of seeds from them over the last few years. Now I ordered quite the variety of strains from GYO and as soon as I received them I went about my usual germinating process, here I am over 10 days into germination and only a handful have actually even popped. I decided to send an email to GYO not seeking a refund or any compensation, I simply wanted to inform them of the low rate of germination. A few of the seeds were even a pale green/white color clearly not mature and viable seeds. After letting them know exactly which strains had been successful and which hadn’t I received what I as a business owner perceive as a very unprofessional reply:

    “Thanks for the information. While we sympathise greatly with your situation, we must point out that for so many failures across so many strains the one common denominator is not the seeds, it points to something else. We will happily add some extra Eucalyptus Points to your account to reimburse you for a percentage of your loss, but we would strongly advise you take a look at your storage, your methodology, or any other factors that may have influenced your results.”

    I don’t have any desire to ever use this company again and hopefully I can help someone else avoid the poor quality and customer service!

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    • Jan 2, 2017
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  • callumc420
    New Member

    Wow that’s a good way to never get a customer back again I’m having problems with Ghs money maker strain sent it to someone else 2 weeks ago and still have not sorted it out put me off ever buying online again

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    • Jan 2, 2017
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    Well-Known Member

    Yeah,I’ll be sticking to clones or my usual reputable site I’ve been using and plain Jane tried and true strains for sure!

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    I recently ventured out of my comfort zone so to speak and ordered a few never before tried strains from a different seed bank than I usually use to just…