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The 5 Best CBG Flower Strains

Cannabigerol genetics are a relatively new development in the cannabis world and CBG Flower strains are becoming increasingly popular.

While the cannabinoid has been known about since the 60s, stable CBG genetics have not been produced until very recently. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, however, cannabis with less than 0.3% THC has become federally legal to grow this has allowed growers to establish breeding programs that emphasize a range of different cannabinoids.

CBD may have taken much of the limelight so far, but there are signs it will soon face competition from CBG, the so-called ‘mother’ of cannabinoids – It’s called this as it’s the cannabinoid that all other cannabinoids are synthesized from.

Now that high-quality CBG seeds are being developed, a lot of hemp flower sellers are starting to stock CBG strains on their shelves. This article will highlight some of the best out there right now.

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Jack Frost CBG

Another new CBG strain from Oregon Seed Co., Jack Frost CBG is, as the name might suggest, covered in frosty trichomes that contains a respectable 13.5% CBG along with a small amount of CBC and an even tinier amount of THC.

Jack Frost is well-reviewed, with an average 4.5 star rating across the board. You can also get this flower on a discount, by subscribing to the CBD flowers Weekly newsletter.

White CBG

First up, meet White CBG. Created by renowned seed producers Oregon Seed Company, this is a GBG version “The White,” an elite THC variety. According to the company, it produces large frosty flowers with up to 20% CBG and less than 0.3% THC. It has creamy-lemon aroma and incredible bag appeal.

This strain doesn’t have many official reviews, but according to numerous Reddit users, White CBG is tasty, potent, and definitely worth trying at least once.

Super Glue CBG

With purple-green buds and orange hairs, Super Glue is a standout CBG strain. It also has a thick covering of swollen trichomes and a lovely flavor; you can definitely taste the haze in this one. It comes in at an impressive 22% CBG.

This strain is extremely popular as it is sold by Black Tie, so you’ll be lucky if you find it in stock (it’s currently unavailable). If you’re lucky enough to snag some for yourself, the COA is available on the website.

Lemon Cream Diesel CBG

With a sweet lemon-citrus taste, this strain is highly relaxing, offering a nice body buzz and an improved ability to focus. With more than 20% CBG, it is another trichome-heavy strain.

It can be a bit dry due to a low moisture content, but that is common with CBG strains. Aside from that, Lemon Cream is a winner in all categories.

“CBG Flower”

This unnamed CBG flower has a uniquely nutty aroma with earthy, hazy undertones. This is thanks to high levels of the uncommon terpene guaiol, which has a piney smell, combined with the sweet and floral bisabolol and peppery caryophyllene. White, diamond-shaped bud produce over 15% CBG and its effects have been compared to that of green tea.

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Cannabigerol genetics are a relatively new development in the cannabis world and CBG Flower strains are becoming increasingly popular.

The Complete Guide to CBG Flower

In This Article

We explore the “mother” of all cannabinoids: CBG. Without it, other cannabinoids wouldn’t exist! Find out more about this remarkable, versatile hemp product.

  • What Is CBG?
  • What Is CBG Good For?
  • Is CBD or CBG Better?
  • Top 5 CBG Strains
  • Does CBG Get You High?
  • Is CBG Legal in All States?
  • Health Benefits of CBD and CBG Flower

CBG: The Original Flower Power

If you love smoking hemp, you’re probably familiar with plenty of three-letter acronyms, like CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

But have you heard of CBG yet? If not, you’re in for a treat; this cannabinoid is shaping up to be the next big thing in the world of smokable hemp flower.

What Is CBG?

CBG stands for cannabigerol, and is known as the “precursor” of all the various cannabinoids.

CBG flower contains CBGA (cannabigerolic acid). And CBGA doesn’t behave like other cannabinoid acids which break down directly into a final component like CBD, CBN or THC.

Instead, CBGA is what the hemp plant uses to synthesize other cannabinoid acids. When decarboxylated (or heated), CBGA acts kind of like a parent cannabinoid acid and typically breaks down into THCA (tetrahydrocannibinolic acid) and CBDA (cannabidiolic acid).

The THCA in turn, transforms into THC, and the CBDA into CBD.

Getting CBGA to break down into CBG instead of synthesizing it into other cannabinoids is a difficult process. Most hemp flower strains only contain less than 2% of CBG, and only a few CBG flower strains will synthesize cannabigerol directly. This stubborn and versatile acid prefers to remain a creator rather than develop into its own end product.

The funny thing is that, for quite a while, scientists thought cannabigerol was a minor cannabinoid. There is very little of it in most hemp flower strains, and when it decarboxylates, most of it disappears because it synthesizes into other cannabinoids. For that reason scientists didn’t understand that it in fact was the mother cannabinoid all along!

Scientists isolated this elusive cannabinoid in the mid-1960s but it was only recently that consumers discovered how much potential it has. Hemp growers are already trying to cross-breed flowers to increase the amount of CBGA capable of transforming into CBG.

Learn about CBG flower — CBG is a cannabinoid with many miraculous features. Here is what you need to know before you buy CBG flower.