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The Best Outdoor Strain For High Yield

When you want to grow cannabis plants that tower over you like trees with colas the size of your arms, this article is where you should start.

Growing cannabis outside is a blast, and not simply because you can grow a mini-forest with pounds and pounds of weed.

However, growing enormous cannabis plants has to do with the topic of the day.

In this article, we are looking at the best outdoor cannabis strains that deliver the biggest yields known to marijuana growers far-and-wide.

We’ll give you the best outdoor strain for high yield.

Plus, we’ll show you the factors that go into picking the best yielding strains for your climate.

That last bit is so important because sometimes the highest yielding strains won’t yield all that well if your climate isn’t right for them.

But don’t worry because we’ve got your back!

Quick Top 5 High-Yielding Outdoor Strains:

Super Silver Haze

Blue Dream

Durban Poison

Northern Lights

Super Skunk

Keep reading or jump straight to the reviews!

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Why Grow Cannabis Outdoors?

There are advantages to growing both indoors and outdoors, but saving a small fortune and growing cannabis the way Mother Nature intended are hard to ignore.

But the benefits to growing cannabis outside don’t stop there:

  • More environmentally-friendly option
  • Plants are hardier and less finicky
  • Less work and maintenance
  • Lowest start-up costs and saves you even more money over time

Is Your Climate Right For Growing Cannabis Outdoors?

Peel, M. C., Finlayson, B. L., and McMahon, T. A. (University of Melbourne).The original File:World Köppen Map.jpg (to be used as a reference) has been converted to a smaller PNG-file (to be used for thumbnailing etc), without extra modifications, by me (Jeroen). [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

Best to Worst Climates to Grow Cannabis in: Mediterranean, Subtropical, Hot Summer Continental, Monsoon, Arid, and Subarctic

After seeing all the benefits to growing cannabis outside, who wouldn’t be excited to start their outdoor cannabis garden, but first, is your climate right for it?

Most cannabis strains do best when grown in climates that resemble the Mediterranean.

That means hot and sunny summers with a mild fall and little to moderate rainfall throughout all seasons, especially when the plants are flowering.

You can’t really pick a bad strain to grow with when you live in this climate.

California weed is famous for a reason, and that’s because California followed by Oregon, Washington, Kentucky, and Tennessee provide the best outdoor growing environments in the United States.

But just because you don’t live on the West Coast or in the South doesn’t mean you can’t grow outdoors, you just need to be more careful about picking the strains you grow.

As long as your climate has adequate sunlight, can provide temperatures between 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and doesn’t see humidity go over 60% during bloom, you can likely grow cannabis.

Cannabis is an annual plant like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc., and if your climate is good for growing those, it’s likely suitable for growing cannabis.

As well, if there is a will there’s a way, a greenhouse is a great way to grow strains that like hotter and airy climates.

A greenhouse can be simple and just protect plants from the rain, or massively complex with built-in heating/AC, ability to block out sunlight, etc.

Even complex greenhouses often cost less than growing indoors because you still use some aspects of your natural environment like light.

If you’re growing indoor, click here to see the best strains.

Are Indica or Sativa Strains Better For Growing Outdoors?

The classic indica vs. sativa debate.

There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to the differences between indica and sativa strains.

Indicas are supposed to mellow you out with a smooth body high while sativa deliver high THC percentages that awaken the creative mind with cerebral delight.

In truth, that’s mostly bunk. However, it does tell you how you can expect a strain to grow.

Indicas grow short and bushy while sativas grow tall and lanky, as well, indicas are ready to harvest a few weeks earlier on average.

However, most marijuana strains are a hybrid of the two.

One great advantage when buying from a seed bank is they’ll give you the ratio of indica to sativa, and this can help you predict final plant height and flowering time.

Most indoor growers stick to indicas, and indica-dominant hybrids because they tend to say short, but when you grow outside, you usually don’t have to worry about that.

There are a lot of fantastic sativa strains out there that are great for outdoor gardeners who want the biggest yields.

Sativas and sativa-dominant hybrids grow huge, can be planted closer together, need minimal to no plant training, and their structure allows for plentiful air flow keeping pests and diseases away.

Choosing The Best Strain For Your Climate

If you plan to rely solely on your climate to give your plants the best environment i.e., no greenhouse, make sure you pick a strain right for your climate.

Follow these general guidelines when selecting a strain fit for your climate:

Sativas: These strains like hotter temperatures and more rain, but take longer to flower as they come from regions that don’t see cold seasons.

  • Grows well in tropical monsoon, Mediterranean, subtropical, and hot summer continental climates.

Indicas: These strains tolerate colder temperatures but don’t like high humidity and rain, but they flower faster as they originate from areas with colder seasons.

  • Grows well in Mediterranean, arid, hot summer continental, and maritime climates.

There is little to no chance you’ll find a 100% indica or sativa marijuana strain, so it’s impossible for us to say for certain how well our rules will always apply.

If you want to know what your particular strain’s ideal growing conditions are, buy from a trusted seed bank who tells you!

Other Factors That Go Into Picking The Best Outdoor Strain

There are a couple of other things you’ll need to consider when choosing a high yielding outdoor strain.

? Photoperiod vs. Autoflowering Strains

In most cases, you want to go with photoperiod strains where the seasons will dictate when they flower and finish as these strains can yield the most by far.

However, there are times when choosing an autoflowering strain may be your best choice.

Autoflowering have short seed to harvest times, flip to flowering on their own, and this can benefit you in three major ways:

  1. If you have cold springs and can’t plant until close to summer — or you forgot — an autoflowering strain might be the best move so it can finish before cold weather hits.
  1. By carefully crossing a photoperiod sativa with a ruderalis strain, seeds banks are creating hybrid autoflower that retain the sativa’s signature high but will flower faster and tolerate colder climates better.
  1. Autoflowering strains are often the only cannabis plants that flower fast enough for subarctic climates that have short summers and harsh winters.

? Mold-Resistant Strains

Choosing a mold resistant strain is a bigger worry for indoor growers, especially those that run hydro.

However, if you live in a humid climate and your plants aren’t getting adequate airflow, you can run into mold issues and may want to consider looking for a mold-resistant strain.

The best outdoor strain for high yield are just a click away! We compare the top 5 strains you will want in your outdoor garden.

What is the Best Outdoor Strain
for High Yield?

By Jennifer | December 11th, 2019

This article will help you with picking the best outdoor strain for high yield.

  • The benefits of growing outside
  • How to grow successfully depending on your climate
  • Our best outdoor strains for high yield
  • Lots more

Ready to choose the strain for your next grow?

Let’s dive right in!

Quick Overview:

Best Outdoor Strain for High Yield



Our Rating:

Blue Dream

Our Rating:

Girl Sc. Cookies 2.0

Our Rating:

Northern Lights

Our Rating:


Our Rating:


  • Easy to grow
  • Impressive yield
  • Low CBD content at 0.5 percent maximum


Our Rating:

Blue Dream

  • Great for temperate climates
  • THC level at 23 percent
  • May lead to dry mouth
Our Rating:

Girl Sc. Cookies 2.0

  • Easy to grow
  • Proper balance of Sativa/Indica
  • Some prefer the original strain without Blue Dream
Our Rating:

Northern Lights

  • Short flowering time
  • Beautiful color display
  • Requires prior knowledge to grow
Our Rating:


  • High CBD and THC content
  • Indica dominant
  • The effect may be too potent for some
Our Rating:

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Benefits of Growing Cannabis Outdoors

Cannabis is one of the oldest crops to date and for decades this plant has been cultivated outdoors. Indoor growing has only been around for about a century—this is due to prohibition, which forced cannabis production into secret enclaves. Because of this, most advancements in cultivation came about in this scenario.

Over time, the industry expanded its research and outdoor growing came into the spotlight again, with even more gusto than ever before. This is important not only for growers but for consumers as well—as it provides even more information to go by when choosing the best strains.

There are three critical benefits of growing cannabis outdoors versus indoors.

Benefit 1: Marijuana in it’s Natural Environment

Many proponents of indoor growing will say this factor is a con to outdoor growth as the environment is open to uncontrollable variables. These can include seasonal changes, infestations and more.

However, this is where the plant belongs. Many find the aroma and flavor of outdoor plants superior to their tightly-controlled indoor counterparts.

More importantly, the amount, and spectrum, of light a cannabis species receives indoors will never add up to that provided by the sun. This leads to plants with lower yields and less vigor overall.

With a suitable climate for production, growing cannabis outdoors promises more return on your investment and stronger plants to boot.

Benefit 2: Low Production Costs

Growing indoors requires a slew of costs that outdoor growing doesn’t. The steep price includes climate control systems, additional labor and the rising costs of energy.

A high turnover with indoor growing demands more work to be done—pruning, feeding and watering, to name a few tasks. This equates to more workers.

Outdoor farms may require only a handful of employees until harvest time when their payroll will increase temporarily. Furthermore, the startup capital of any given business usually covers the initial costs associated with the endeavor.

Benefit 3: Better Yield

In some ways, a grower has more control over indoor plants. It’s why this type of growing is associated with pristine outcomes. The scale of the harvest is minimal, which allows a discerning focus on a limited number of species.

However, this also accounts for the lower yields seen with indoor growing. With restricted space available, growers cannot come close to the harvest size of outdoor farms.

Here at Marijuana Seed Breeders, you can only see the difference between one species when it’s grown in both locations.

With Blue Dream, for example, a plant grown outdoors may reach 300 cm/ 118 inch while its indoor growth comes in at approximately 110 cm/43 inch tall. The yield amounts to around 30 percent more in its natural habitat.

Choosing Strains Based on Climate

A wide variety of climates and weather patterns make cannabis production possible. That doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind and treat each strain as the next. Depending on the species, it will grow best in a specific location.

This is the most critical factor in finding the best outdoor strains for high yields. A strain that’s successful in a temperate location won’t do as well in a tropical zone.

Extreme South or North

Those living in either the extreme south or north will face the greatest challenges because the equator is far away. This means a shorter growing season due to consistently low temperatures and less light.

Look for strains with a short flowering cycle, so the plants aren’t struggling to thrive under harsh conditions for too long.


Medium to warm temperate zones provide the best climate for cultivation in general. With mild winters and long summers, the seasonal variation gives plants a clear indication of whether to flower or not.

Strains that require a longer flowering time will benefit here.


It’s not only sunlight and temperature that affect strains grown outdoors. The level of moisture in the area makes a considerable difference as well.

Depending on your location, this can vary greatly—arid climates that receive less water are challenging and more difficult to grow in.

For those in coastal or humid areas, we recommend investing in mold-resistant outdoor strains to help protect those buds.

What Does the Law Say?

Before embarking on your outdoor grow mission, it’s essential to know what the laws say in regards to not only possessing but growing cannabis. This, of course, differs from country to country, state to state and even between cities.

We highly recommend researching your specific grow location accordingly. For the sake of brevity, we’ll use California as a well-known example.

Proposition 64 states that if you’re over the age of 21, you’re allowed to grow up to 6 plants per residence. Medical marijuana patients and caregivers may be given permission to grow a higher amount—depending on the needs of said patient.

It’s up to you to grow responsibly. Not only where legal matters are concerned but for the sake of the environment as well.

Best Outdoor Strains for High Yield: The Reviews

It’s time to cover the best outdoor strains for high yield—guaranteed to bring you quality products, in quantities superior to indoor scenarios.

There’s no better place to start than with our favorite:

Chronic Feminized review

While the word “chronic” is often used as a descriptor for strong weed, this particular species has an appropriate name. After all, it’s an award-winning strain with a refined quality that’s appeased growers for years in a row.

It grows up to 230 cm/ 90 inch outdoors with an impressive yield of 900 Gr. or 32 Oz, per m2 / 11 ft2. With that said, this amount depends on heavy and constant sunlight so your climate may or may not be suitable.

With a seven to 10-week grow time, this plant is suitable for beginner growers, thus regularly recommended to our clientele. It’s an appropriate option for those that live in less-than-desirable climates for these reasons.

It contains 21 percent THC with little CBD in tow.

Chronic is another hybrid—70 percent Sativa and 30 percent Indica. This ensures that the high this plant offers brings the best of both worlds. It wasn’t named by random either, this plant is potent and enjoyed for medical and recreational purposes alike.

With the former group, this strain is best for treating high blood pressure, diabetes and mental illnesses including clinical depression. The plant can also be useful for minimizing stress and stimulating one’s appetite.

Low CBD content at 0.5 percent maximum

Blue Dream Feminized review

We made this specialized hybrid by bringing together New York City Diesel and a Blueberry Sativa. The latter constitutes around 65 percent of the plant, making it a Sativa-dominant strain.

Blue Dream has a sweet taste accompanied by beautifully-colored buds that may remind you of blueberries.

Seeds require approximately 10 days to grow after germination and the plants respond best when grown in potting soil with an additional root enhancer. Come early May you can move the seedlings to their permanent surroundings outside. At the end of July, the flowering time takes 8 to 10 weeks in total.

This species can handle a great number of nutrients as well—one of the many reasons it’s successful outdoors. As mentioned above, it will reach nearly 300 cm/ 120 inch outside with a yield of about 800 Gr. or 28 Oz, in dry weight per m2 / 11 ft2.

The effect? Thanks to its balance of Sativa and Indica, it’s smokeable during the day and night providing both a body and head high. Those suffering from stress may benefit from this strain.

If you’re looking to ditch your prescription painkillers, Blue Dream may be your answer as it’s a popular option for this issue. Muscle pain and back discomfort are said to subside too.

For newbie and experienced cannabis growers, it’s essential your outdoor plant varieties are up to the task. Here are our best outdoor strains for high yield.