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If you want to grow your own marijuana plants from seed, it’s important you buy the best cannabis seeds you can afford. Buying the best cannabis seeds is the first step to growing high quality cannabis that will achieve the result you’re looking for. In this article, we’ll talk about a few things you can do to ensure you get good quality cannabis seeds, and some questions to ask when purchasing cannabis seeds.

Buy feminized cannabis seeds.

Feminized cannabis seeds have been bred and treated to be 100% female. Buying female cannabis seeds is important if you want to grow plants that are almost 100% female – most growers recommend you do this because female plants produce more cannabis.

Is it safe to purchase cannabis seeds through the mail?

Yes. Legitimate seed companies ship cannabis seeds discreetly to most locations. Customs agents can stop seed shipments, but this doesn’t happen often. When you’re buying cannabis seeds online, make sure the vendor ships to your country.

Questions to ask when purchasing cannabis seeds

Do you recognize the cannabis seed company name?

Branding is important – buying from an established company that has a good reputation is important when looking for the best cannabis seeds, because it increases the odds that you’ll buy good quality cannabis seeds.

What do customers say in their reviews?

Specifically, you want to see if they received their seeds and if they were high quality. If a lot of customers say they didn’t receive their seeds, or they weren’t good quality, it’s a good sign that you should stay away from that company.

Do you know anyone who’s used the company before?

It’s always a good idea to get recommendations from friends if you know someone who’s bought cannabis seeds online successfully.

What’s their return or refund policy?

A good seed vendor should have a well-defined return or refund policy.

How can I tell if my seeds are healthy?

Once you’ve found a seed vendor and made a purchase, you’ll be able to get an idea of how healthy the seeds are by looking for a few qualities:

  • They should have a dark color with white or green stripes or spots. If they’re white or green, they’re too immature to sprout.
  • They should have a waxy, shiny coating. This isn’t critical, but it’s another good sign that the seed is healthy.
  • The shell should be hard – You should be able to press the shell lightly without it cracking. If the shell cracks under light pressure, it’s infertile or dead.
  • No cracks visible – Healthy seeds should have their seed coat intact. Check for holes in the seeds, because insects may dig into the seeds to eat the starch.

These are a few things you need to remember, and important questions you need to ask when looking for the best cannabis seeds. Asking these questions and looking for these important qualities in your cannabis seeds will ensure you get the best quality cannabis seeds you can afford and be able to grow good quality marijuana plants that achieve the results you’re looking for. If you have questions about purchasing good quality cannabis seeds, contact us, we’ll be happy to answer them. reviews If you want to grow your own marijuana plants from seed, it’s important you buy the best cannabis seeds you can afford. Buying the best cannabis seeds is the first

Homegrown Cannabis Co. Reviews

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Homegrown Cannabis Co

Homegrown Cannabis Co. has been an amazing experience for me! I highly recommend the seeds from here to anyone willing to try!

amazing products and very informed…

amazing products and very informed workers!

Amazing ppl and great products ? keep…

Amazing ppl and great products ? keep up the good work

I Love it

I Love it! So Convenient!

Love this company

Love this company. I did my first purchase it was easy and delivery was fast and now i’m waiting to see my plant grow ✌?✌?

Great quality seeds

Great quality seeds, I’ve grown some beautiful flowers with this. I would definitely recommend this company for all your seed purchases!

Just made my first order and I must say…

Just made my first order and I must say I am so excited I know these seeds are about to be fire!!

Love my seeds

Love my seeds, the customer service, shipping and I can’t wait to watch these bad boys grow!

Absolutely best company in the world to…

Absolutely best company in the world to get your seeds from. All germinated. What 100%germ rate. Thats right. Easy to grow. Customer friendly. Hands down best company. Im a customer for life.

Ordered and payed on the first. 3 days later, no order number. I opened a ticket and it was “resolved”. Its been 3 weeks with active order number and no parcel. No information about whats going on. Just keep resolving my ticket for the week. Took my money day 1 though. I will update next week. update, 2 weeks later. Received an email it was shipped. Never received. I received another email, replacement parcel has been shipped. Nope, nope and nope. No order number, no tracking number and no parcel. Go any place else with your business.

The seeds germinated easily

All four of the strains I received germinated in a mix of coco coir and ground avocado pits on my kitchen window within four days. I can’t say what the quality will be but so far so good!

I like the customer service provide to me and I will definitely come back again and place my order.

I love it and I will come back again.

For me

For me, it was an simple and convenient advantage. Since I have visited your website, you are awesome, but your customer service is not good.

This is a company that custom picks the…

This is a company that custom picks the seeds for you based on a questioner. It’s nice when you are able to get something tailored to your specific needs.

They help you

They help you pick the right seeds for you and have so much amazing information on cannabis.

This is another fake seedbank who sells…

This is another fake seedbank who sells no name breeder seeds that cost more mony than the top breeders, there are many fly by night seed companies poping up nowadays and this is one of them, if you grow autoflowers go to Methisto Genetics USA or a legitimate seed bank like DC seed exchange and you will be fine, you want great genetics not no name seeds stay away from these scammers.

They are good

I ordered from them when they were Single seed centre. I ordered twice now from them and I agree that some seeds dont pop, but I ordered from other places and had similar experiences. So meh!. I like how fast they arrive and the cost is ok. I’ll stick around till I get tired I guess. 4 stars because I never got the white widow auto seeds even after 2 orders.


Honestly , love love all the products. I have nothing bad to say about them , I recommend them to all my friends , and will definitely be buying the oil again

So I ordered 4 gsc/sour diesel and none…

So I ordered 4 gsc/sour diesel and none of them germinated and yes I did it proper, soak, paper towl in a baggy, dark and warm. They send me 4 more from the same person in CA. And only 1 germinated, I can understand things happen, but 2 batches is ridiculous they were either handled, stored poorly or just bad genetics.why bother waiting another month for more let downs. T

The best

These guys are the real deal. the Best in my opinion, Not only will they help you pick out your products & figure out your needs & wants but Tell help you even after the process of the sale They will teach you and share Extremely knowledgeable information Of the process to complete your entire buying experience

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