how to grow hemp seeds indoors

Indoor cultivation

You can use Suzy’s premium cannabis seeds for both outdoor and indoor cultivation. However, decide if you want to cultivate inside or outside before you buy the seeds. Some types are appropriate for indoor cultivation while others on the contrary grow better outside. Indoor cultivation has both advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of growing cannabis seeds indoor:

  1. The cannabis remains clean and free from parasites, germs and fungus traces.
  2. Environmental factors can be controlled and you manage the growing circumstances yourself.
  3. You can cultivate cannabis the whole year, with possible multiple harvests a year.

Disadvantages of growing cannabis seeds indoor:

  1. You have to possess good technical knowledge. You have to know for instance how to set up the installation and how to maintain it.
  2. Purchase costs of the installation and other requirements can be demanding.

What do you have to keep in mind with growing cannabis indoors?

The most important factors for the growth of your cannabis plants are: air, light and soil.


An appropriate cultivation room remains reasonably cool during the summer. Ventilation is top priority when setting up an appropriate cultivation room, which is clean and bug free. It’s important that you purchase a good suction pump and a fan, so that fresh air can come in and old air can be directly pumped outside. That way you can control the oxygen content and the humidity level of the air.


It is important that the cultivation room can be made completely dark. The duration of the night is very important for the cannabis plants so make sure that you use a timer to create a regular cycle. There are different wattage lamps to cultivate cannabis. You can choose from 400 watt, 600 watt or 1000 watt. High pressure sodium lamps are ideal for indoor cultivation (gaseous discharge lamps). The lamps should be replaced on a yearly basis in order to create optimal light.


The bigger the pot, the easier it is for the cannabis plant to grow. When a cannabis plant has filled the pot with roots, it needs to be repotted to a bigger one so that the roots can grow again. Make sure you use clean soil with a good texture, which determines the capacity to hold and drain away water. You also have to use the right amount of nutrients (nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, et cetera). The PH value needs to be about 6.5. This determines the absorption of nutrients of the roots. Appropriate soil is available in grow shops. For more information on how to prepare your growing room check our growers guide.

Suzy’s Tip: Never use soil for outside for indoor cultivation. You could introduce harmful parasites and insects.

Some of the cannabis strains are better to grow indoors, depending of the area and the climate. Here we selected the best cannabis seeds for indoor growing.

How to grow hemp seeds indoors

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