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Ice Marijuana Strain Review: Origins + Benefits

On first reading the name of many strains, there is usually an immediate idea of what the strain has in store. Some strains, like OG Kush or Pineapple Express , let you know what they are going to cause you to experience based on reputation alone.

For some strains, though, it is a bit more confusing.

Sometimes, strains take their name from some physical characteristic of the strain; one great example of this is Ice, a strain named for its distinctive and copious white trichomes.

Let’s take a look at this strain with such a startling appearance and discover whether or not it has anything going for it besides an appealing physical appearance.

What is the Ice Strain?

Ice is a strain developed by Nirvana Seeds, a well-reputed grower with a history of famous strains. With surprisingly well known genetic parents such as Skunk #1 , Afghani and Northern Lights , Ice is a strain that is a great example of a finished, final product of many years of hard development.

Ice feels like a strain that has reached the pinnacle of its possible development, with an extremely high level of THC and an overwhelming quantity of white trichomes to boot.

These white trichomes are what give Ice its name, as the sheer quantity of white trichomes makes the bud look like a small ball of perfectly chipped ice — just describing this isn’t really enough, as it looks like a mini snowball that has somehow grown on a marijuana plant.

This strain is a pretty standard hybrid blend of 50% sativa and 50% indica, with an interesting series of effects that seem to take turns on your body. At the start of the high, you will an immediately experience a profound euphoria and intense feeling of energy and a creative burst. It is difficult not to want to immediately get up and start doing something or making something.

Ice is one of the best strains for trying to engage socially with those around you, as its intense burst of energy encourages you not only to start producing things, but also to talk and enjoy those around you.

This openness and bubbling energy begin to alter and shift as the high goes on, beginning to take on the form of typical indica effects, inducing a massive relief from any stress or anxiety you are feeling. This relief is almost instantaneous, feeling like a sudden wash of good feeling a general satisfaction and calm. This feeling is also accompanied by a large increase in hunger , which takes hold very quickly and is commonly known as the munchies – make sure you keep a lot of snacks on hand!

Ice is an interesting strain in that its effects are quite different based on the quantity that you imbibe – if you use only a small amount at once, you will find yourself being incredibly open, sociable and talkative, far more so than if you were to take a large quantity of it.

However, in larger doses, this powerful strain causes a crescendo of feelings that make it almost impossible to remain social after a certain point. Though you will start out feeling amiable and easy to get on with, the intensity of the high THC content will begin to kick in after a while, and you will find yourself staring vacantly in the distance, unable to process any kind of sophisticated thought.

This overtly narcotic effect makes it a great strain to enjoy in the evening or when trying to zone out while watching something; however, this also makes it not the best idea to take during the day, as you will quickly find yourself not really having much of a day left.

How about its flavor and aroma profile? Does its high trichome count lend it towards any particular flavors?


Ice is frequently confused with the Ice Cream strain, which has a very sweet and immediately recognizable aroma – this often leads people to intense surprise when they first get a whiff of Ice, as it is completely different.

Like many hybrid strains with Skunk in their genetics, Ice has an overtly petrol smell that is rather like walking into a truck stop fuel depot. It hits you suddenly and powerfully, almost overwhelming in its aroma. There is actually an occasional note of delicate sweetness at the back of your throat after you get your first whiff, especially after you first crack open the buds, but the overwhelming aroma is one of intense petrol, as well as a small bit of burning wood.

However, it doesn’t just stop there; the flavor develops even more than its aroma.


Despite the fact that Ice has an overtly fuel-like aroma, its flavor is primarily one of burning hash. Though the flavor of hash and the smell of fuel are often considered one and the same, the taste of actual hash is much deeper, more productive and more nuanced than the simplicity of the aroma of fuel.

On burning this strain, the white trichomes catch first and burn into this intense, smokey and burning smoke that is very like the finest, purest hash you can find. In fact, Ice is a strain that is frequently made into hash, so it makes sense that it has such a hash-like flavor profile.

Of course, with such a density of trichomes, its appearance is just as appealing as its flavor and aroma.


The obvious physical characteristic that is immediately noticeable with Ice is its sheer quantity of heavy white trichomes. This white cloud completely covers the buds of ice, giving it an almost cloud-like appearance and texture. These white trichomes only exist if the bud is well cared for and properly dried , so it is possible to find some Ice bud that lacks its signature white coating, though you would never want to.

The massive density of white trichomes gives Ice the appearance of… well, ice; it looks like a small, chipped ball of ice that has been recently rolled in the snow, looking somehow both dense and delicate at the same time.

If you want to ensure that you get Ice that definitely holds on to its white trichomes, the best way to do this is to try and grow some yourself – do you need any specialized knowledge or tips to try and grow Ice yourself?

Ice Strain Grow Info

Ice is a reasonably typical strain with regard to specialized growing knowledge; you can grow it indoors or outside , and it has a surprisingly large temperature range. You can expect some extremely high yields of around 450g per square meter of indoor growing, with the average plant height being around a meter tall.

This makes it great to grow indoors or outside in a covert growing op, as its low height makes it exceptionally easily concealable. You can even further shorten it by practicing good topping, which means sniping of the very top of the new growth any time it tries to overshadow the other leaves. This also promotes more lateral growth, which is only a good thing for the rest of the plant’s cola development – more sunlight to more leaves means even more usable bud!

Other than that, you can grow Ice however you like, as it doesn’t have any kind of sophisticated nutritional requirements; as long as you take good care of it, you can likely treat it in any way you like.

The only other thing you need to know is that you need to make sure that you properly dry the final, harvested product. If you don’t dry it in time after you take the colas from the plant, then the white trichomes won’t get the chance to develop properly and will likely just fall off.

Once you have harvested it properly, what kind of cannabinoid content can you expect from your final, finished Ice?

THC Content – Highest Test

Like all strains with a high trichome content, Ice is a particularly strong strain, with the highest report being around 20% total THC.

However, on average the strain is about 18% THC, allowing for a great quantity of THC-like effects, including a myriad of useful medical benefits. Of course, like all high THC strains, it is important not to take too much Ice at once, as it can cause overindulgence and create psychoactive effects that some users can find disorientating, or even frightening.

Make sure you only take what you can handle!

What about its CBD content, however?

CBD Content – Highest Test

As is almost ways the case, Ice has very little CBD content to speak of. This is because of the focus on THC in the strain’s originality; countless plant generations that have been carefully selected by growers to contain as much THC as possible has meant that there just isn’t a lot of room available for CBD.

This isn’t to say there aren’t some useful medical benefits of course, as the high THC content of this strain makes it great for helping improve the lives of people suffering from all manner of different conditions.

Medical Benefits of the Ice Strain

By far the most common medical use of the Ice strain is in treating depression . By being able to smoke Ice on your own or with friends and feel totally, completely relaxed and in tune with yourself, you can avoid the negative thoughts and continuous mental problems of having depression.

Though it isn’t a cure, Ice is able to help countless people contend with their mental ailments like depression, as well as anxiety, by allowing them to stop focusing on their negative thoughts. The primary reason for this is Ice’s potent blend of cannabinoids with a large focus on THC, encouraging the brain to release helpful, mood-lifting neurochemicals that encourage positive thoughts and happy moods.

This is the same reason why Ice is excellent at combating pain, as it is able to help suppress the pain response in the body through its high THC content. There is also an element of the munchies in this strain, able to help encourage you to eat more food and overcome a loss of appetite arising from other medical treatments or eating disorders.

Of course, there are also always going to be a few side effects that you need to suffer if you want to enjoy all the benefits of the Ice strain, so let’s take a look at the few most likely symptoms.

Possible Side Effects of the Ice Strain

By far the most commonly reported problem associated with the Ice strain is a sudden onset of dizziness – this typically occurs because people who are using Ice for the first time very suddenly intake a large amount of it at once.

As Ice is a strong strain with a high THC content thanks to its white trichomes, you don’t need as much as you think you do – this causes a sudden onset of dizziness that can make it feel like you are about to fall over.

If this happens to you, make sure to find a seat and just relax for a little while, as it will soon pass. Even better, make sure you don’t take too much Ice to begin with, and you will probably be fine.

There is also a very high chance you will experience dry mouth and dry eyes, as is almost always the case with any marijuana strain with a high THC content, so just keep a glass of water on hand to make sure you can deal with it if it starts to crop up.

Other than that, there are few negatives to using Ice, as long as you use it responsibly and don’t overdo it.

Final Thoughts on the Ice Strain

Ice is a strain that is as appealing to look at as it is enjoyable to smoke. The dense, pungent white trichomes give this strain its famous appearance, while also carrying with it a great deal of powerful THC that makes its effects so quickly noticeable and recognizable.

Though it has a reasonably typical petrol aroma, this strain also has an interesting flavor profile that should not be missed – make sure that, when you do get your hands on some Ice, that you don’t overdo it and risk developing a headache or dizziness.

As long as you take the right amount, you are guaranteed to have a relaxing, enjoyable time with Ice, whether you take it alone or with friends.

Just make sure you don’t take any during the day; otherwise, you likely won’t get anything else done until the sun next comes up.

Everything you need to know about Ice marijuana strain including effects, medicinal benefits, how to grow your own, and more.

Ice strain

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Ice is a hybrid marijuana strain made by combining multiple strains into one seed line: Skunk #1, Afghani, Northern Lights, and Shiva. This strain produces sedating effects accompanied with a body buzz. Ice has an aroma that smells like diesel. Growers say this strain produces high yields with incredible trichome production. Ice is the ideal strain for a lazy afternoon at home when you have nothing to do.

Ice is a hybrid marijuana strain made by combining multiple strains into one seed line: Skunk #1, Afghani, Northern Lights, and Shiva. This strain produces sedating effects accompanied with a body buzz. Ice has an aroma that smells like diesel. Growers say this strain produces high yields with incredible trichome production. Ice is the ideal strain for a lazy afternoon at home when you have nothing to do.

Ice is a hybrid cannabis strain.