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Bekijk 26677 reviews en ervaringen van klanten van Get the best deals on seeds on this 420, just in time for grow season. ILGM is having its biggest sale ever with buy 10, get 10 seeds.

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Took several emails to get a refund as they said quote “ We prefer you to get a replacement order and not a refund.” After insisting on a refund, money was refunded. This was the only time I use them.


Smooth, good communication .

Prompt and beautiful!

Received them quickly, would’ve never know what’s inside by the packaging. Fantastic shop!

Great genetics.

She’s only 23 days old but she is big and beautiful and healthy. She took transplant like a champ. Can’t wait to see her flower!

Seeds sprouted but only 4 of 13 have grown.

Disappointed with this strain, blue cheese. Are they hard to grow?

Excellent, same as usual

Each time we have did buissness the results are the same, product is as promised and on time.

Blue dream seeds issue

2 of the blue dream seeds did not germinate. I waited 13 days and nothing. 2 other blue dream seeds germinated in 5 days.

Roberts the man

Robert does what he says. I germinated 3 seeds together. 2 sprouted a root the next day. But day after day the 3rd one has no root. Day 14 I gave up and looked into getting a replacement seed. But when I checked it, finally sprouted a root.

Fast, easy and awesome. Great selections

My brother told me about ILGM and I checked them out. I ordered the fruity kush variety mix. Grew very well and provided a nice yield. This is the third year of purchasing seeds and really enjoy the wide variety of choices.

Started sprouting within days! Cant wait to see the final outcome!

Shipping took a little bit but it was expected as shipping times were given and accurate.

Disappointing so far.

Followed Instructions..first time trying the auto flower . I’d rather you not publish this . Am not wanting any negativity against your company. 8out of the 10 germinated. Of the 20 I bought on my first order. Of the 8’s been over 2 weeks. something is coming up out of two containers. but that’s it . And I’m not sure it’s a cannibus plant. Doesn’t resemble any I’ve ever grown. But I haven’t any experience with auto’s though. .. I would like your opinion though., Cause I have 10 Left of those and 20 bubba Kush still to get going.. the ten was a test run. before I scale larger. I have enough lighting to use. actually In planning . long story short. I won’t need lighting for quite some time. I use happy frog soil. I just don’t understand this situation. Please do not publish once again. I’ll stay with you guys.. but I gotta figure things out. I’m looking to grow on larger scale. Thanks and looking forward to help and feedback. I Looking into buildings suitable as well. Thanks again. Shawn

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Great service great seeds great bud what else could you ask for

Been a great company to do business with when I’ve had a problem it’s been takin care of without any issues. thats the reason I keep ILGM as my only seed company tried one from the UK and it was a frickin NIGHTMARE never again

Bad choice they came up and died in a week previously I had a good experience but not white widow

People are nice but my experience with the product are 50/50. My last order was a waste of money.

Top notch place of business, will not be disappointed!
They are great!

I have ordered several times and they have been great and they check up on my order evening after it had been delivered!

Fast and reliable

Fast and reliable

best seed dist. ive tried one company zenpype never even got back to me and ditched my emails .
Reliable delivery service and product .

Quick delivery, good guaranteed product. Timely honoring of guarantee, I can’t ask more more than that .

Excellent Customer service

I have done 3 successful grows using ilgm seeds I did get 5 of which only 1 spouted, I contacted them and had new seeds within a week. You cannot beat there customer service if your seeds don’t sprout following there germanation advise let them know and they will replace the seeds, you can’t beat that. Ranman


Every seed I’ve ever bought from ILGM has germinated and grew perfectly. I’ve never had any trouble, always received my seeds quickly and pain free. I will continue to purchase my seeds from this company.

ILGM has outstanding customer service .

Ordered a outdoor beginner kit. 20 seeds and nutrients. 15 of 20 germinated. ILGM quickly resolved the 100% germination guarantee . Already received my replacement seeds. This is the reason when I researched best seed banks that ILGM was #1 on list.

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So far so good all in all.

Ian new to growing this is my first try. I bought 5 seeds. One never geminated and one fell over after a week on the dirt. Not sure what happened but guess it was my fault lol.

good selection good customer service

1 seed out of 5 did not germinate and customer service was quick to respond. Waiting on replacement seed.


I Love Growing Marijuana was founded in 2012 by Robert Bergman to share his 25 years of experience and enthusiasm for growing marijuana. Nowadays, ILGM is a recognized brand that helps millions of growers in the U.S. and down under. Thanks for checking out our profile and we hope to see you soon!

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Get deals on classic seed strains this 420

How better to celebrate the best time of year in cannabis than picking out some top-notch seeds to add to your garden? The experts at I Love Growing Marijuana mark 420 as the start of the outdoor grow season, with April being the perfect time to stock up on seeds and start the germination process.

420 is also exactly a month after ILGM owner and founder Robert Bergman’s birthday on March 20th—as an expert grower, Bergman created ILGM based on his love of the plant and his desire to make growing your own more accessible.

In honor of that mission and to celebrate 420, ILGM is offering buy ten, get ten seed sales on their All-Time Best Selling Autoflower Collection all month long. These autoflowers are great for growers just starting out, and can reach maturity in as few as ten weeks! Read on to learn more about the strain highlights on sale now.

An A-lister among cannabis strains, this longtime favorite is a fantastic fit for growers dealing with smaller spaces. Like many autoflowering strains, this cultivar is a low-maintenance crop that is guaranteed to flower, removing some stress from the growing process. GG4 is a strain resilient enough to survive temperature fluctuations and provides heavily euphoric effects. And with up to 26% THC, this powerful plant will prove exactly what it means to be ‘glued’ to the couch.

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Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is the go-to strain for anyone looking to melt away sore muscles after a long day’s work. Offering unparalleled relaxation, this up-to-19%-THC stain features a light berry flavor that gently soothes a worried mind as well as a sore body. Granddaddy Purple provides wonderful indica-like effects great for winding down and falling asleep, or a chilled night with friends around a campfire.

Bruce Banner

This superpowered strain is powerful enough that it may just chill out its incredible namesake. Boasting a heavy high that comes on fast, this 60-40% sativa-dominant strain has earthy, pungent diesel flavors, great for a cerebral nighttime movie or getting creative with some paint or an instrument. Bruce Banner’s amazing 25% THC content will transform you into your alter-ego, but don’t let that scare you—this strain is a hero.

GSC Extreme

Not to be confused with the classic GSC strain, this extreme version is specially formulated to be an ideal nighttime bud. GSC extreme is a cross between Durban Poison and the famous OG Kush, a combo that results in an earthy, sweet flavor that will have you completely relaxed and zen before you head to bed. With THC levels up to 21% GSC Extreme makes for a blissful end to any night of the week.

Banana Kush

Popular from coast to coast, Banana Kush is a proudly Californian creation that went on to conquer the world. Featuring up to 24% THC, Banana Kush boasts a low-pressure, euphoric high perfect for social situations. A slightly indica dominant hybrid with a lot of staying power, Banana Kush will get you high and keep you high to keep the good vibes going. Make sure to savor the uncommon banana flavor that makes Banana Kush a widespread favorite.

Buy ten of any of these seeds in the All-Time Best Selling Autoflower Collection and receive ten additional seeds for free, plus free shipping anywhere in the U.S. from ILGM.