Is Weed And Seed Safe For Dogs

There are several pet-friendly weed and feed products on the market. You can safely use many brand-name weed and feed fertilizer/herbicide combinations in Find out about pet-safe lawn care options, because we know our furry friends like to eat grass as a snack. The one-stop resource for your pet questions.

5 Best Pet Safe Weed and Feed Products

There are several pet-friendly weed and feed products on the market. You can safely use many brand-name weed and feed fertilizer/herbicide combinations in your yard without harming your pets. However, chemical-based weed and feed products require that you keep your pets off the lawn until the weed and feed has had time to work for 1–2 days before being watered into the soil. If you wish to avoid this waiting period, you can use an organic weed preventer combined with an organic fertilizer.

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Is There a Lawn Weed and Feed that is Safe For Dogs?

Most weed and feed products are pet-friendly as long as you follow the label instructions for proper use. This means that you can use most standard weed and feed products in a lawn with dogs. However, you may have to keep your dog off the lawn for a few days after applying the weed and feed. This is because most commercial weed and feed products contain chemical herbicides that can be harmful to dogs if swallowed. So, until it is the right time to water after applying weed and feed, you should protect your dog by keeping it off the grass.

  • Most weed and feed products are safe for dogs if they are used properly.
  • Safe use of a weed and feed with chemical herbicide may make it necessary for you to keep your dog off a treated lawn for 1–2 days.
  • Organic weed and feed options are pet-safe and do not require you to keep your dog off the lawn.

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of keeping your dog off the lawn after spreading weed and feed, you can use a combination of organic weed-prevention products plus organic fertilizer. This combo will keep your lawn pet safe even as you feed your grass and prevent weeds from sprouting.

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When Can Pets Go On Your Lawn After Weed and Feed?

Pets should not be allowed on a lawn that has been treated with weed and feed until the weed and feed has been given time to work and has then been watered into the soil. Weed and feed should be applied to a lawn and allowed to work for 1–2 days, depending on the type of weed and feed. Then, you can water the feed and feed to dissolve it and pull it into the soil. Once the weed and feed has been watered in and the lawn is dry, it’s safe for your pets to go in the grass.

  • Pets can use a lawn once the weed and feed has been watered into the soil and the lawn is dry.
  • Weed and feed should not be watered into the soil immediately after application. It needs 1–2 days to work before you water.
  • When you water a lawn treated with weed and feed, the granules of weed and feed will dissolve and be pulled into the soil.
  • Once the weed and feed has been watered into the soil, your lawn is safe for pets.
  • Your pet can become sick if it is allowed to go on a lawn where weed and feed has not yet been watered in.

Do not let your pet go onto a lawn if the weed and feed has not been watered into the soil. Weed and feed granules contain fertilizers and herbicides. These granules can stick to paws and fur. Then, when your pet licks itself clean, it will eat these chemicals. While this isn’t typically life-threatening, it can cause pets to experience vomiting, excessive drooling, and diarrhea. It’s best to protect your pet until the weed and feed has been watered into the soil and the lawn is once again dry.

What is the Safest Weed and Feed for Pets? [Top 5 Options]

When you’re searching for a weed and feed product that will kill weeds, boost grass growth, and keep your pets safe, there are several options to choose from. Below are pet-safe products. We’ve included both commercial weed and feed products and organic options.

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Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed 3

Scotts Turf Builder is completely safe for pets when it is used according to the label instructions. This powerful weed and feed product combines a well-balanced lawn fertilizer with 2,4-D and Mecoprop herbicides. These herbicides are considered safe for use around mammals. So, it is a very good choice.

Once you spread Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed on your yard, allow 2 days for the weed killer to get to work, killing actively growing weeds. Then, you can water your lawn to dissolve the weed and feed. Once your lawn is dry, it is safe for your pets to roll and play in the grass, or even chew on the grass!

Pet-Safe Weed Killer and Other Animal-Friendly Lawn Care Products

Now that the weather is warm, it’s the perfect time to tend to your lawn. Unfortunately though, many traditional lawn care products are toxic for our furry friends. How can you know which ones best for pet-safe lawn care? Here’s a list of some of our favorite pet-safe weed killers, fertilizers and more!

Organic Pet-Safe Weed Preventer

Sometimes the best offense is a strong defense. Prevent weeds before they spring up in your lawn with this great organic weed preventer. It’s made from corn gluten meal and provides long-lasting nitrogen for a thick green lawn and pet-friendly lawn care. Get it here .

Vinegar Pet-Safe Weed Killer

Okay, okay, but what if you already have weeds? What now? Time to bust out a pet-safe weed killer. This vinegar, pet-friendly lawn care product will do the trick. Snag it here .

Lawn Fertilizer

Fertilizer is commonly found on lists of toxic substances for our pets . Given that many cats and dogs spend a lot of time outside, it’s important that you find a fertilizer that’s safe for them. We like this pet-safe lawn fertilizer. It treats 5,000 square feet and is safe for kids, pets and wildlife! It’s perfect for pet-safe lawn care! Find it here .

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Lawn Protection

If you have a dog, you might think that brown and yellow marks on your lawn from their pee are just a fact of life. But that isn’t so! In fact, See Spot Run pet-friendly lawn care protection makes those spots a thing of the past. While this protector can’t heal dead grass, it heals the soil underneath so healthy grass can grow back. And, of course, it’s made for pet-safe lawn care. Buy it here .

Outdoor Flea and Tick Spray

Flea and tick season is here, but it’s a good idea to guard your pets, home and yard from these critters all year round. Try this spray to help prevent an infestation. It’s made from 100% all natural ingredients. Find it here .

Indoor/Outdoor Dog Potty

Why have your dog pee on your lawn and ruin the grass when they can just use this dog potty instead? This portable alternative to puppy pads acts as an artificial lawn and will protect your grass to make pet-safe lawn care easy. Buy it here .

Pet Safe Ice Melt

Ice melt is notorious for harming small paws, but this stuff is pet-safe! Use it on your driveway or front steps when the weather gets snowy or icy. Get it here .

Lawn Care Guide

Pet-friendly lawn care newbies will love this guide. It’s filled with information like picking the right grass for your climate, choosing the right tools and how to grow and maintain an organic lawn. Snag it here .

Black + Decker Electric Lawn Mower

Someone’s gotta mow the lawn. Might as well be you! Try this electric lawn mower on for size. It can work as a mower, trimmer and edger. Find it here .

Greenworks Electric Lawn Mower

This baby is great if you have a mid-sized plot and need a bit more power than the above option. Buy it here .

Dog Spot Repair

This spot repair fixes pee burns from your dog urinating on your lawn. This pet-safe lawn care product contains mulch, seed and soil amendment. Get it here .