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Datura Stramonium var Tatula Jimson Weed Seeds Packet of 50+ seeds of another angry plant! This one is the "Tatula" variant of Datura stramonium, or the violet/lavender form, depending who you speak too. (Datura stramonium "tatula") Its just as toxic as the standard, the only difference being the purple in the flower and the stems, making Jimson Weed, Thorn Apple Datura stramonium Items are priced on a curve, you can buy any ‘bulk quantity’ up to what we have in stock, some examples are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada,

Datura Stramonium Tatula Jimson Weed Seeds

Its just as toxic as the standard, the only difference being the purple in the flower and the stems, making it a much more attractive addition to your garden.

It is not Datura inoxia or the other Ornamental Datura species.

This one grows like a weed(seriously!), and has an amazing history of uses, both as a herbal remedy and as a deliriant, and has been responsible for numerous hospitalizations and deaths via overdose. The levels of tropane alkaloids, atropine, hyoscyamin, and scopolamine vary greatly from plant to plant, day to day, hour by hour, making a “safe dose” impossible to estimate without chemical analysis.

That, and the fact that its not a “high” its a toxin, that can create delirium, hyperthermia, tachycardia, mydriasis, massive UV sensitivity, blindness, and blackouts that can last from several days to a couple weeks, and in some cases cause permanent detachment with reality, death by misadventure or toxicity, makes it absolutely USELESS as a “party/recreational drug”.

Just looking at that angry spiky bastard should tell you its not gonna be a fun time, and just the smell alone is enough to have a seriously nauseating affect on me.

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Here is an amazing detailed article about historical uses as an asthma treatment, and explaining the chemical components and how they work. Its a big wall of text but very interesting and well worth a look> “Divine Stramonium”

So I have told you straight up its very poisonous, and its not a safe for ingestion in any way shape or form, so why do I have it?

I have it as I like its history, I like its angry form and its toxicity (some folks have snakes or tigers, I have plants), its a great bait crop for attracting the little “tobacco/flea beetles” that love to attack my eggplants. It totally keeps away all moths and butterflies here for about a meter all around, so if you keep them in pots and move them out to where your lettuce and green vegies are, no caterpillars or inchworms.

The roos and nearly everything, doesn’t like the smell so its a great deterrent, as are the spikes. (I put them out next to sweet smelling ripening melons and it works 40-70% of the time. Not bad considering they ALL get eaten without the pots of Datura there)

Its very easy to control as it doesn’t re-shoot from the roots, and hand pulling or just removing the pods and chucking them in the fire, fermenting in a bucket of water, or hot composting is all you need to do.

Don’t just bin them as the seeds will grow years later at the local landfill and spread like a plague.

I had a huge problem with “lawn grubs” getting into my raised garden beds and eating the uncomposted leaf matter and then my baby plants roots.These guys put a stop to that!

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I grew a heap of datura in the bed before I filled it with compost, cardboard and good soil.

First I made the frame work, planted with Datura Stramonium, and when it started to flower I mowed it down, covered in cardboard as normal and layered soil, compost, cardboard, soil, compost cardboard to the top, planting my seedlings as normal.

Have not even seen 1 lawn grub, several months later, and there are bucketsful of the buggers in the other 2 beds right next to it, merrily eating all the root shoots on my struggling seedlings.

I will be definitely doing that in all new beds from now on!

Plenty of data online if you want to do some more research, but remember, even if you see 100 folks saying they take it as a drug and its great and safe and blah blah blah, that doesn’t mean there isn’t another 10,000 folks who cant tell you to stay away from it, as they lost all their marbles and are still out there looking for them or just died in the process…….

Seriously, if your intention is ingestion please don’t buy these from me.

Its a very useful plant in the right situation, but its not to be handled lightly or disrespected, and has major weed potential if mismanaged.

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems.

“NOT FOR Western Australia, Northern Territory, or Victoria due to added expense and drama involved.

Jimson Weed, Thorn Apple Datura stramonium

Items are priced on a curve, you can buy any ‘bulk quantity’ up to what we have in stock, some examples are:

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Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden


Poisonous Plant

Annual Plant

Medicinal Plant

* Datura stramonium , known by the common names jimson weed , devil’s trumpet , devil’s weed , thorn apple , tolguacha , Jamestown weed , stinkweed , locoweed , datura , moonflower , and, in South Africa , malpitte and mad seeds , is a common weed in the Solanaceae ( nightshade ) family. more.

* The thornapple is a bitter narcotic plant that relieves pain and encourages healing. It has a longhistory of use as a herbal medicine, though it is very poisonous and should be used with extreme caution.

* The use of this plant is subject to legal restrictions in some countries. It should be used with extreme caution and only under the supervision of a qualified practitioner since all parts of the plant are very poisonous and the difference between a medicinal dose and a toxic dose is very small.

* The leaves can be used as a very powerful mind-altering drug, they contain hyoscyamine and atropine. There are also traces of scopolamine, a potent cholinergic-blocking hallucinogen,which has been used to calm schizoid patients. more.