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King Mamba Cannabis Seeds

King Mamba Cannabis Seeds from Cali Kush Farms

Here is a quick round-up of all you need to know about this collector’s item seed:

  • Type: Hybrid (50/50)
  • Sex: Regular and Feminised (you can buy feminized seeds and buy regular seeds right here at seed city)
  • Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks
  • Genetics: Mamba x Biker

This strain is a new phenotype from Karma Genetics. Although it is a hybrid, the typical Kush characteristics seep through. King Mamba strain carries through the traditional terpenes that you can expect from an OG Kush variety.

Alongside the typical terpenes, you can expect high yields and buds that are almost dripping with delicious resin.

Cannabis Flower Flavor And Taste

When you take your first whiff of the King Mamba, you will encounter pine and citrus notes- two scents that you will welcome with a drooling palate and open arms. However, you may also smell a gassiness that could take you by surprise. This gassy aroma is not the only aspect that could take you by surprise; the King Mamba is a strain that can truly sweep you off your feet.

Do you know anything about the mamba snakes? Whether its the black or the green Mamba, both are deadly, and just their name alone inspires respect amongst those who know anything about snakes.

Well, this strain is named King Mamba- and should elicit a similar response. Those who are new to cannabis should approach with caution, as the King Mamba is known to simultaneously shoot you higher than the ozone layer (what’s left of it anyway) while leaving your physical body pinned to the couch.


One of the favorite aspects of the King Mamba strain is the fact that it is an OG Kush variety. The OG Kush strains are renowned for their solid genetics and potent effects. What makes them such heavyweights in the cannabis market?
King Mamba is a potent strain with excellent genetics, thanks to one parent strain, OG Kush.

Originally cultivated in the sunny state of Florida, the humid and tepid air of the sunshine state developed what is arguably one of the most popular strains throughout the global cannabis market. But the OG Kush strain is not just popular amongst the community as a strain to ingest; it is one of the most sought after strains for breeding new phenotypes and strains such as the King Mamba.

Name a strain as OG as the OG Kush. Okay, there may be a few out there- but OG Kush is about as legendary as strains come. However, even though the OG Kush is a famous strain, it is still shrouded in mystery. We know that the humid and mosquito-filled Florida air was its birthplace, but what about the genetic lineage?

Well, rumor has it that the OG Kush strain is a cross between Chemdawg and a landrace Hindu Kush. Other rumors such as the one that suggests an undocumented bag seed is the origin of the OG Kush makes the OG Kush a strain with even more obscure genetics than a mystical Hindu Kush derivative.

Whatever the genetic lineage, we can all agree that the OG Kush lives up to its name and is truly an ‘original gangster’ of the cannabis marketplace. But that is also up for debate- most of us know the ‘OG’ to stand for ‘original gangster,’ but there is a debate that the ‘OG’ in this instance refers to ‘ocean grown,’ which depicts its status as one of the building block strains of cannabis that were grown along the Californian coastline. And then there is the reference to the ‘’ website, a site that is (sadly) no more but did serve as one of the most significant resources for growers all over the world.


Whether the OG Kush lineage is traced back to the swamps of Florida or the golden Cali coastline, and whether it is a descendant of a sturdy Hindu Kush landrace or a Chemdawg child; there is one thing that everyone in the marijuana industry agrees on; the OG Kush is not only an excellent strain to enjoy, but it provides some of the best and most potent genetics for new strains like the King Mamba. This has plenty to do with the OG Kush’s consistent THC levels, which is generally always in the range of 20 and 25%.

Now that we’ve told you how great this is as a Kush, let’s get back to the cross that made the King Mamba what it is:

Medical marijuana users claim this strain is perfect for winding down after a particularly stressful day. Born out Mamba and Biker Kush, it certainly comes as no surprise that the experience can be an onset as a heady sensation. The King Mamba tends to hit you right behind the eyes with a slight pressure, before settling you into a full-body stone. Therefore, make sure that all you needed to get done is finished before you light this strain up, that’s if you are lucky enough to live in an area where consuming cannabis is legal.

King Mamba offers a THC range that averages between 19% and 26%. Recent studies suggest that THC can be beneficial for treating conditions such as depression, migraines and headaches, anxiety, and even chronic stress. And yes, due to the high THC, it can also help with an imbalanced appetite.

Let’s take a closer look at the two strains that ‘birthed’ the King Mamba.

The Biker Kush is the indica half of King Mamba. Although it is considered a hybrid strain, the Biker Kush is indica dominant (75%) with a little bit of sativa (25%) to keep you moving and grooving. The Biker Kush is true to the OG strains, as it comes as a cross from the Hell’s OG and the Lucifer OG strains.

Thanks to the indica and sativa mix, it can offer you what many consider to be the perfect blend for social gatherings, an undeniable calm. At the same time, you feel uplifted, easy-going, and outgoing. The Biker Kush is an excellent strain for both daytime and nighttime use and can be relied on to keep you relaxed and amicable during social gatherings.

However, as a parent strain to the King Mamba, it acts as a carrier for the indica heavy genetics, and the King Mamba does not carry the same social acceptance- so be wary of consuming the King Mamba strain before heading out into a social gathering of any kind.

Moving onto the next parent, the Mamba seed strain, let’s see what characteristics this parent could pass down to the King Mamba. The Mamba strain’s history is shrouded in mystery. Although there are not as many murky rumors surrounding this strain as the OG Kush, it is known that the Mamba is sativa dominant, which accounts for the sativa half of the King Mamba.

King Mamba Seeds

Although all our seeds are sold solely as collectible items, we do understand that many of our readers are lucky enough to live in progressive areas that do allow cultivation. For those of you that are legally permitted to cultivate, there are a few things you could want to know about the King Mamba seed strain. And for those of you that are purchasing these seeds as a collectible, there might be some interesting information that you can gather with the seeds.

The King Mamba seed strain is best grown indoors, with a controlled environment. The aroma it gives off is dank with a heavy gassy or diesel aroma, especially on the exhale. Although the yield is average, after the 8 – 10 week flowering period, you can enjoy some pepper shaped buds, with sativa physical characteristics (long, fluffy buds). The buds are typically a dark olive green color but will have amber-colored hair when ready for harvest. When cultivated in favorable conditions, the best seeds will develop into nugs that are frosted with crystal trichomes and sticky with juicy resin.

If you are looking for the best King Mamba seeds to add to your collection, you can find them right here at Seed City. Whether you are looking for feminized or regular seeds, invest in some quality King Mamba seed genetics today.

Have you heard of a different rumor circulating about OG Kush or even the mystical Mamba? We’d love to hear about it, so drop us a comment in the box below. And if you need any help choosing the next seed to add to your collection, reach out to us- we love to help out our fellow cannabis lovers.

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King mamba strain

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King Mamba is an indica-dominant hybrid that was bred by crossing Mamba with Biker. It’s a really heavy-yielding Kush with a typical terpene profile familiar to lovers of LA OG Kush.

King Mamba is a fantastic combination of top quality weed with commercially attractive yields that was bred by a breeder with 15 High Times cannabis Cups to its credit. Indoor flowering time is between 8 – 10 weeks. Can you afford not to?

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