La Confidential Weed Seeds

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La Confidential Weed Seeds

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L.A. Confidential is a great medicinal strain that helps alleviate pain and eliminate insomnia. For the everyday user, the high of this herb is psychedelic yet energetic. This girl is a heavy eater. There are two real phenotypes of the Confidential and they will both finish in 45-56 days. One appears hardy, but both equal in knock down drag out stone. Pre-vegging is advised to maximize the maximum yield. Thinning large fan leaves in the later stages of the flower cycle will help promote more light reach to the lower buds, thus increasing your yield. With an incredible smell and unique L.A. flavour, DNA’ s Genetics L.A. Confidential is a staple in Marijuana Community.

Legal Disclaimer: This website should not be visited by anyone under the age of 18. Warning! Germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in most countries including the USA. These seeds are sold by as collectable adult souvenirs to help preserve the cannabis genetics for future generations. Please do not ask questions on how to grow these seeds as under current legislation it is illegal to grow them or encourage their growth through giving advice. Any information on the packaging of the seeds, marketing material or websites, is given for the educational purpose or purpose of differentiation. It is not intended to condone, promote or incite the use of illegal or controlled substances. As a customer, you are prohibited from distributing seeds we supply to countries where possession of and/or trafficking in cannabis seeds or other seeds is illegal. is a dutch company and sells predominately to dutch customers. By selling cannabis seeds to persons unable to grow cannabis, We are helping to circulate and preserve the pool of cannabis genetics. The illegality of cannabis has caused a major reduction in its gene pool, leading to a higher risk of extinction of major cannabis seed strains. This cannot be allowed to happen and it is our responsibility and our human right to protect Nature & Genetics.

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LA Confidential Seeds

LA Confidential seeds make for easy gardening and produces above-average yields for an OG Kush family hybrid. This is a very resilient plant, with strong natural defenses against different types of molds and pests.

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LA Confidential Seeds

LA Confidential strain was created by DNA Genetics when they crossed an OG LA Affie clone with a heavier yielding and more resilient Afghani strain. This strain helped to bring the fresh, high-quality California kush flavors to Europe. These LA Confidential seeds are a 95% indica dominant hybrid with THC levels between 19-25% and CBD/CBN of .08-1.0%. Since the early 2000s, LA Confidential has won 4 High Times Cannabis Cup competitions and continues to be one of the most popular strains sold in Amsterdam.


LA Confidential has short and dense popcorn shaped buds. The flowers are colorful with light green leaves, orange and pink hairs and white trichomes all over. Flowers stick to you like glue and have all of the characteristics necessary for great hash making.

Flavors & Aroma

LA Confidential smells like you’re walking in a pine forest after a rainstorm. There is a sweet lemony and mango scent with some coffee and spice flavors on the nose. The taste is unforgettable and guaranteed to leave a smile on your face.

LA Confidential Effects

The effects are relaxing and mildly psychedelic. Medical benefits include reducing pain and inflammation from arthritis, nerve damage, and headaches. LA Confidential is a useful sleep aid that melts away stress within minutes. The tranquilizing effects are long-lasting and provide deeply comforting relief from insomnia.

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Growing LA Confidential Seeds

LA Confidential seeds make for easy gardening and produces above-average yields for an OG Kush family hybrid. This is a very resilient plant, with strong natural defenses against different types of molds and pests. Seeds grow vigorously and form tall chunky plants with a minimal leaf covering. Therefore, pre-vegging and thinning large fan leaves during the later stage of flowering are advised to maximize yields. Indoor flowering time is 6-8 weeks with yields of 14oz/m2. Outdoor plants finish flowering by early October and deliver a harvest of 16oz/plant.

L.A. Confidential Feminised Seeds

LA Confidential is a pure indica strain that was created by crossing OG LA Affie with another Afghani plant. There are two main pheno-types one of which is a bit hardier but the structure and effect of both is comparable.

LA Confidential should be vegged for a reasonable amount of time to get the height and yield that is desired as there is not as much stretch during flowering as with more sativa strains. This is one hungry plant that eats nutes for fun so don’t put these plants on a diet. Yields are good at 350 – 450 gr/m 2 under 600 watt lighting with both pheno-types finishing flowering within 45 – 56 days indoors. Outdoor crops will be ready in late September or possibly early October in the northern hemisphere. Buds are hard and full of resin.

The aroma and flavour of this strain is quite unique and indescribable. The effect is rather easier to encapsulate in words; psychedelic and energetic with a powerful strike are words often used about this plant but it is also deeply relaxing at the same time. In fact it is a great medicinal/therapeutic strain for pain relief as well as for treating insomnia.

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