lemon sugar kush strain

Lemon sugar kush strain

Gave it a try through ONEPLANT and it is so choice, mine friends. Four 50 mg gummies laced with bong hits and I’m happy high! Double it to 400 mgs of THC in addition to smokage and I get jumpy, but still rollin with tha homies! But a one gram joint of 17.69% THC *this* stuff and it’s game over man, game over! Like instant “HA-DOOOOKEN!” followed by “GET OVER HERE!” and then “FINISH HER!” Only you’re looking forward to the inevitable evisceration by grappling hook. It’s a little harsh, but not as harsh as, like, a virgin who can’t drive. One of the few strains that actually has a distinct taste and so, okay, knock-knock? Guess what it tastes like? Lemongrass! Get it? Because the lemon and. grass with the. Two, four, niner. Down in Kokomo! HAY! Would you eat the moon if it were made out of ribs? It’s a simple question, Doctor. I’m fucking starving. This shit is the SNOOP! But what does it all MEAN? Yours sincerely, Fuck If I Rememner

This has that old-school weed flavor without all of the modern “fuel” terps and distractions. This one reminds me of college sessions with friends before weed (and seemingly everything else) got so complicated. The high lasts about 2-3 hours. It is very snacky and munchie and has a high giggle factor early on as well. After an hour or two, you’ll be either ready for another round or ready for bed. Good relaxation profile. This is one that can be used daily to take the edge off after work but I would not recommend for any activities requiring good motor function or attentiveness. No heavy couch-lock feeling, but possible some light pillow-lock 🙂 Overall, a nice one with the classic feel for the old-schoolers. Smoked in a glass bowl.

Lemon Sugar Kush is a rare 100% pure indica strain created through crossing the classic Larry OG X Double OG strains. In terms of flavor, the name says it all with this bud. Lemon Sugar Kush packs a super sweet sugary lemon flavor with a rich sour herbal exhale. The aroma is very earthy and he…

Strain Review: Lemon Sugar Kush by One Plant

@oneplant.fl LSK (Lemon Sugar Kush) Review 19.51%

Lemon Sugar Kush Strain Review

There is not one seat left in the patient seating section as the OnePlant fanboys and fangirls have come out in full force to see the Lemon Sugar Kush performance. Signs such as Brady Be Mine, ONEPLANT Forever, and #1 Plants at OnePlant were scattered all throughout the crowd. As the old Florida legend tells it, the Lemon Sugar Kush once sold out in just 8 minutes.

If you don’t use too much this strain it can be mentally upbeat. I found myself dancing a little to the some music at the beginning of a movie. If you mess around and toke a little too much you certainly can feel relaxed but usually not completely down and out. This strain is not harsh at all and definitely one of the easier smoother smokes. Lemon Sugar Kush also made our list of 2020’s tastiest strains.

Appearance 3.5/5 – It does appear that these little nugs have been indeed rolled in sugar but some are to small and a little too leafy as well.

Smell 4.5/5 Lemon, tart, perfumey better smelling than potpourri, but light not a strong aroma more a silky delicate smell. It’s a Yellow Starburst boom nailed it ? Sommelier Terps

Taste 4.5/5 From the first hit the flavor is there. Easily one of 2020’s tastiest strains. Do you remember those little lemon sugar cookies when we were kids? That is what I get fresh out the grinder.

Mental Destination 4.5/5 Mellow, focused, hopeful. Uplifting yet relaxing ? ☺ Chill Strain. Aahhh!!

Duration of Elevation 4/5 Solid lasting effects

At the Strain Games Medal Presentation Lemon Sugar Kush easily took home the Gold Medal. She wore it proudly representing OnePlant and the boys on the farm @brrrrrrn @surfingesq @daggaderek This is one strain that patients can actually be excited about in this Florida market. I would recommend this one for your Aunt/Uncle at the family function. The one that sneaks out and asks for a hit. This strain will allow him/her to still function but give a nice playful vibe and relax their nerves. They could be more clownish and pinch their significant other on the butt or get more introspective and appreciate their kids even more. Either way their will be a major effect on attitude!

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