lotus strain

White Lotus

Taste & Smell

  • Fruity
  • Spicy


  • Calm
  • Sleepy
  • Dry Eyes
  • Dry Mouth

Pairs Well With

  • Doing Nothing
  • Sleeping

About this Hybrid Strain

The hybrid cannabis strain White Lotus is well-balanced between its sativa and indica effects. It produces a scent and taste that are tangy, being of citrus and earthy spices. When ready for harvest, its buds are lumpy, dense, and mint green with darker leaves.

THC levels rest at around 20%. Its high is known to be incredibly potent, giving it a “one-hitter” reputation. White Lotus causes the consumer to feel at ease with the world as the body slips into a deep relaxation, so much so that sedation may set in. Because of this, consuming White Lotus in the evenings or at night is recommended, with many reviewers noting it can help ease insomnia. Pain will dissipate, and the mind will be hazy before it rests.

Besides dry mouth or eyes, White Lotus rarely causes other ill side-effects.

It takes just over nine weeks for White Lotus to fully flower and ready for reaping.

The hybrid cannabis strain White Lotus is well-balanced between its sativa and indica effects. It produces a scent and taste that are tangy, being of citrus and earthy spices. When ready for harvest, its buds are lumpy, dense, and mint green with darker leaves. THC levels rest at around 20%. Its high…

Snow Lotus Strain Review

There are a lot of themed strains in the world today. Some marijuana strains are designed to create a myriad of different and unique flavors, whereas others induce as potent a high as possible.

Though everyone is going to have their own personal favorites, the Snow Lotus strain is definitely one of those strains in the latter category. Its creators bred it from a variety of extremely resinous indica strains. Therefore, this indica-leaning hybrid is one of the most potent strains of marijuana there is.

Let’s take a look at the Snow Lotus strain and determine just what it is that makes it so distinctive.

What Is the Snow Lotus Strain?

The Snow Lotus strain of weed comes from the classic breeding company, Bodhi Seeds, responsible for all kinds of different, well-known marijuana strains. They crossed the interestingly named Afgooey with the infamously intense Blockhead, creating an extraordinarily dense and intense strain as the final result.

Named for its uniquely snow-like appearance and texture, this strain is almost the definition of the word ‘distinctive.’ It offers not only an incredibly noticeable, immediately recognizable high, but it is also extraordinarily pungent and intense in its aroma and flavor.


The high from this massively intense strain is well known for the speed with which you suddenly notice it. Almost as soon as you inhale its rich, steamy smoke, your head will rush, and your mental clarity will briefly dim, and then suddenly become livened.

Snow Lotus acts as a pretty typical hybrid, in that it offers both an intense mind racing pleasure, with a little bit of that enjoyable indica couch-locked sensation.

Your body will begin to relax, yet still feel vitalized with energy, giving you an odd tingling sensation that courses up and down your body. You will want to lie down, get up and move, and gently dance with yourself in the corner of the room, all at once.

Once the high deepens and you begin to get used to it, you will quickly notice the sheer intensity of its effects, as well as how long they last. It will seem like the high constantly persists, lasting several hours and not really abating at all.

The effects are well rounded and very gentle, yet still extremely apparent that you are high. It is a strangely confusing state to be in; simultaneously aware that you are high, but not so high that you lack the ability to process rational thoughts.

They essential sensation that you will take away from the Snow Lotus experience is one of satisfaction and intense peacefulness. The gentle buzz in mind and body, plus the pleasant relaxation, makes for a really soothing, almost too-good-to-be-real experience.

What about its flavor and aroma, though? Does it have a smell worth appreciating?


The Snow Lotus marijuana strain is well known for its incredibly distinctive aroma, both from its buds and the actual plant as it grows.

The plant’s flowers have an extremely odd aroma, smelling a bit chemical like. This is pretty strange, as very few strains offer such an artificial smell from their flowers. The buds, however, have a pretty different smell to the plant itself.

There is a decent chunk of earthiness, plus that distinctive bit of diesel that reminds you of driving up next to a gas station. This is an excellent hint towards its indica parentage, letting you know that you have a really potent bit of indica on your hands.

The critical thing with this strain’s odor is that it is incredibly pungent, letting people you are pretty far away from know that you have some Snow Lotus. If you are hoping to keep your bud under wraps, you might be choosing poorly by picking Snow Lotus.

What about how it tastes once you start to smoke it?


While most strains tend to have a taste pretty similar to their aroma, Snow Lotus manages to break this tradition. Snow Lotus tends to taste strangely sweet and a little bit sticky, with its smoke clinging to your mouth as you begin to exhale.

There is that same level of dankness and fuel that most good indicas have, but it is undercut by a good deal of raw earthiness. This gives everything a very forest floor flavor that feels exceptionally natural.

Even after you have finished smoking Snow Lotus, you will notice a prolific skunkiness that persists on your tongue. This flavor will stick with you, almost matching the longevity of the high itself.

What about its appearance? Does it look as pretty as it tastes?


Among the many reasons that make Snow Lotus so popular a strain, one of the most well known is its pleasing appearance.

Keeping true to its name, Snow Lotus has a typically frosty, almost crystallized look to it. It also feels a bit tacky and sticky, almost like a melting lump of snow. There is a good quantity of tiny orange pistils that try to reach out from beneath a monumental shower of white trichomes.

The stickiness comes from the strangely liquid-like coating around the buds that, upon closer inspection, is actually a large amount of resin. This sticky, resinous bud is loved by many because of its snowy, almost teardrop shape.

If you really want to get the chance to look at some Snow Lotus bud properly, you need to grow your own. So what do you need to know to be able to grow your own Snow Lotus?

Snow Lotus Strain Grow Info

Typical of many indica heavy hybrids, Snow Lotus tends to grow extremely low to the ground, preferring to stick its branches out wide and catch as much sun as possible. You can find some Snow Lotus strain seeds at your local dispensary or simply buy them online from the original growers.

If you are really having trouble finding some seeds to grow your own Snow Lotus, then you might be best served by finding a grower that already has some Snow Lotus plants growing. If they are friendly, you might be able to convince them to share a cutting with you, allowing you to make a clone and easily cultivate your own. Plus, it will already be part way grown, saving you a lot of time!

Thanks to its diverse and well-adapted growing history, Snow Lotus is capable of growing in all kinds of different and challenging climates. Many people prefer to grow it outdoors for this reason, as it typically excels no matter where it is placed. Just make sure it gets enough sunlight!

To help reinforce your Snow Lotus plant’s growing integrity, keep fertilizing it with a nitrogen-rich solution. Do this every week or so, making sure to water the feed-in as you do so. This will help promote healthy vegetative growth, enabling plenty of valuable plant space to develop harvestable buds.

Yield and Harvest

The harvest yield for this strain is typically very high, offering up a sizeable reward after the ten or so weeks that it takes to finish growing.

If you want to make it develop even more enjoyable bud, then snip off the tops of the plant as it is growing in a technique called ‘topping.’ This allows the plant to split its growth, preferring to spread out laterally. This is far more efficient for the plant and more likely to result in bud, rather than more plant growth.

Once your Snow Lotus is ready for harvest, make sure you treat it incredibly carefully, as it tends to fall apart in your hands if you don’t look after it properly. To best preserve it, get it straight away into the drying apparatus you are using and from there straight into individual storage containers.

Don’t let it sit out in the sun or hang around in the air, as that will ruin its tacky resin that gives the strain its unique appearance and texture.

What kind of cannabinoid content can you expect from your finished bud, now that it is all properly cared for and preserved?

THC Content – Highest Test

Snow Lotus cannabis is well known for its potency; this doesn’t just mean its built-in effects, but also its exact THC content.

Though there does seem to be a bit of a range of different results for THC levels in Snow Lotus marijuana, the general consensus tends to be that it has an absolutely massive level of THC.

Many samples demonstrate that Snow Lotus has around 25% THC, resulting in one of the most potent highs possible with hybrid marijuana.

What about its CBD content?

CBD Content – Highest Test

As is likely expected from such a potent strain developed from so many other prolifically potent strains, Snow Lotus does not typically have any quantity of CBD whatsoever.

The thing is, though, that many tests aren’t looking for it. When this strain gets examined, it is typically evaluated for its THC content, rather than any other cannabinoid. This means it is entirely possible that there is at least some CBD within this strain, as it is well known as a useful treatment option for anxiety, which typically requires at least some level of CBD.

What other kinds of valuable medical benefits are there for users of the Snow Lotus strain?

Medical Benefits of the Snow Lotus Strain

The therapeutic benefits of Snow Lotus include what it can do to help treat feelings of depression and stress. It is great for distracting you when you find that you just cannot handle stress or your mental health.

Furthermore, it is well known as a useful treatment for ADHD, increasing your ability to pay attention and focus on what is happening around you.

Some people also use it as a way to try and tackle issues relating to fatigue. This is a bit strange, considering the fact that it is an indica-leaning hybrid, but the thing is that Snow Lotus doesn’t cause you to fall asleep. Instead, it helps brighten your day and give you just that little bit of pep necessary to overcome extreme tiredness.

The other primary reason that people choose to take Snow Lotus medically is to try and treat anxiety, as it is able to help soothe away any anxious thoughts, especially when taken long term.

What about side effects, however? Are there any potential negative consequences of enjoying Snow Lotus?

Possible Side Effects of the Snow Lotus Strain

The obvious thing to be expected when it comes to side effects from Snow Lotus is typical symptoms relating to high THC levels. As Snow Lotus has such a full THC load, you will probably notice dry mouth, dry eyes, and a propensity for paranoia.

To tackle the well-known dryness of both the mouth and eyes, keep an ample amount of water on hand to treat it, as merely lubricating your mouth makes things a lot easier to deal with.

The chance of developing paranoia is primarily related to the amount of Snow Lotus you smoked. If you are of the type to quickly get paranoid, you need to make sure you reduce your dosage.

Additionally, despite its high THC load, many people report a lower frequency of paranoia after smoking too much. This potentially makes this strain a safe option if you struggle with paranoid thoughts when smoking a large amount of weed.

Final Thoughts on the Snow Lotus Strain

Out of all the high intensity, high-THC strains out there, there are few that are as attractive as the Snow Lotus strain. With a singularly unique appearance and a flavorful and aromatic smell to boot, this strain is immediately recognizable after seeing it in a dispensary window or smelling it nearby.

This ease of recognition is sometimes considered a bad thing by some people, but for others, it is a huge benefit. You can enjoy something that everyone knows feels and tastes fantastic – you get to walk around, inspiring jealousy everywhere you go.

If that’s not a good enough reason to try some Snow Lotus the next time you get the chance, then what is?

Everything you need to know about Snow Lotus cannabis strain, including effects, medicinal uses, how to grow your own, and more.