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Montreal Cannabis Seeds Review in 2020 – Best CBD: THC Levels

Do you aim to buy quality cannabis seeds from the best Canadian seed bank ? Refer to this Montreal Cannabis Seeds Review and decorate your grow space now.

Montreal seeds are a perfect ingredient for your recipe for the best harvest.

Montreal seed bank originated in 2014 in Canada. For six years, it has influenced and impacted the cannabis marketplace to a greater extent.

This seed bank is all about six years of experience , a high reputation, a germination guarantee, a shipping guarantee, a vast strain collection, stealth packaging, and many extra features.

Montreal Cannabis Seeds Review

The Montreal seed bank works on a mission ‘to provide the very best cannabis genetics possible featuring some of the best cannabis seeds.’

This Montreal Cannabis Review consists of the reputation of the seed bank, germination guarantee, shipping guarantee, ample payment modes, and FAQ.

Let us get started!

The Stature of the Seed Bank

Many factors increase the stature and reputation of the Montreal Seed Bank.

Some of these factors seed quality, word of mouth from buyers and experience increase the stature of this seed bank.

Let us dig deep into each one of the features above.

There is no doubt that the seed quality of Cannabis Seeds from Montreal Cannabis seeds seed bank is supreme.

The quality of the seeds is such that it guarantees a perfect harvest.

Next, we have on the list is word of mouth from buyers. The buyers, who have already experienced buying seeds from this seed bank, have good words to say about the seed bank.

The ratings and reviews given by the buyers increase the confidence of future buyers in goodwill.

Finally, the seed bank is rich with six years of worthy and valuable experience.

Thus, all factors increase the trust, goodwill, and loyalty of the seed bank.

What do they sell?

The Montreal Seed bank sells all the basic flower types like feminized seeds, auto seeds, and regular seeds.

Montreal seed bank sells different flower types like Breeders, Regular seeds, Auto flower, Feminized seeds, CBD Seeds, and Fast Version seeds.

Also, the fast version, best sellers, new arrivals, popular seeds, CBD seeds, Outdoor seeds, and special seeds are the different seed categories of this seed bank.

They also have numerous breeders associated with them.

A few to mention are Sweet seeds, Royal Queen seeds, Resin seeds, G13 Labs, Jordan of the islands, Barney’s farm, and Dinafem.

All in all, it has excellent strain collection.

Germination Guarantee

What makes Montreal seed bank different from others is the Germination guarantee. This seed bank offers as good as an 80% Germination guarantee .

All the growers buy seeds to germinate the best yields from them. And if it does not happen that way, then what is the use of buying seeds online.

But, be assured of the germination guarantee with this seed bank.

If in case your seeds fail to germinate, the Montreal seed bank will be kind enough to resend you your order.

Stealth Packaging

Stealth Packaging is a great practice; everyone follows to avoid cannabis seeds from getting unwanted attention and issues.

In Stealth Packing, the cannabis seeds are wrapped in a crush-proof container. After that, they are transferred in a padded envelope.

Then the seeds are hidden in hidden objects like T-shirts, CDs, and cards.

After that, the parcels are delivered to the buyers.

Thus, the Montreal seed bank ensures the stealth packaging of the cannabis seeds.

Shipping Guarantee

What factors make you prefer one seed bank over another? For me, it is a shipping guarantee.

If in case, your parcel is lost or misplaced, the Montreal seed bank makes sure to ship your seeds and that too free of cost.

But, one thing you have to take care of is, providing correct address details. If you fail to do so, the seed bank will not honor the shipping guarantee.

All about shipping

Montreal seed bank delivers seeds all across Canada as well as the whole globe.
However, Montreal seed bank does not ship for free.

It has a minimum shipping charge of 10$ for regular shipping.

It takes around 2 – 7 working days for your parcel to reach your place if you stay in Canada.

For buyers in the USA, you have to wait for two weeks to get your seeds.

For other parts of the world, it takes around two to three weeks to ship your parcel.

Overall, the shipping is similar to other seed banks in the marketplace.

Is Montreal Seed bank safe?

Seed Quality, Germination guarantee, Shipping guarantee, SSL certificate integration in the website, and bitcoin cryptocurrency are some of the factors that ensure a seed bank safety.

Let’s get started!

Would you compromise on the seed quality of cannabis seeds? Not, at all, will be your answer.

Why? Because that is the starting point to the pathway of excellent yields.

Hence, you can never underestimate the importance of supreme seed quality.

Next, we have for discussion is Germination Guarantee.

Do you entertain stones in your grow space, which lie there without any purpose?

Indeed not, right!

Similarly, all the growers crave seeds with a germination guarantee. No one likes to go through hassles and extra efforts of return, reorder and refund for getting excellent germination guaranteed seeds.

Up next in the list is the shipping guarantee.

We, as humans, have a natural tendency to expect things fast plus guaranteed and tend to be less patient (excluding exceptions).

So is the case with the Montreal cannabis seeds shipping guarantee.

The seed bank is a pro in it, and it will ensure the successful shipment delivery in all major cases.

If in case it fails to do so, the seed bank will resend your parcel, and that too free of cost.

Let us head ahead with SSL integration.

What would be your reaction if you lost or disconnected your financial transactions midway? You will feel cheated and lost.

Not here, at least.

The Montreal Cannabis seeds integrate an SSL certificate on its website, which encrypts essential information like payment.

That is fantastic!

Last but not least, the Montreal seed bank offers bitcoin cryptocurrency as a payment mode.

This cryptocurrency ensures security and anonymity.

Hence, based on the above features, we can say that the Montreal cannabis seeds seed bank is safe.

Seed Quality

The seed quality of the Montreal Cannabis seeds has popped up many times in this Montreal Cannabis Seeds Review.

The Montreal cannabis seeds seed bank continually strives to maintain the supreme seed quality with its immense dedication, hard work, and sincerity. That is why the seed bank enjoys a high stature in the marketplace.

Also, each seed of the Montreal seed bank is handpicked to maintain the expected quality and meet the requirement of various growers.

Every seed undergoes rigorous quality assurance tests to pass the quality test, which is an important trait.


Regarding the freebies, you will get free seeds on every order.

All I can say is the buyers well experience the Generosity of the seed bank!

Payment mode

Montreal cannabis seed supports ample payment modes.

Bitcoin, Visa card, and Master card payment are some of them to mention.

You may opt for bitcoin if you wish to have security and anonymity in your transactions.

Else, go for other traditional Visa card or Master card payment methods.

Other Extra Features

Periodic sales, offers, discounts, customer care, easy search, and excellent website GUI.

These extra features give an extra edge to this seed bank, along with the basic core features of this seed bank.

You will periodically spot steal deals, sales, and discounts on various seeds of the Montreal cannabis seed bank.

Visit the seed bank site now, who knows you, may crack a great deal!

Next, we proceed with the customer care.

The customer care staff of this seed bank is responsive and co-operative.

It offers live chat, email as well as telephonic support.

The Montreal staff is available from Monday to Friday, from 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM, and they keep weekends off.

After customer care, we have an ‘easy search.’ It makes the search for seeds and strains easy yet useful and quick.

To conclude, we have excellent website GUI.

It helps the website viewers to navigate easily. All the seeds, sections, and positions of this website are placed at the correct place, which makes the website navigation simple and GUI attractive.

Thus, the Montreal cannabis seed offers many great extra features.

Montreal Cannabis Seeds Review: Medicinal Benefits

An important fact that cannot be denied is, marijuana seeds have more significant therapeutic benefits and medicinal benefits.

These medical reasons itself led to the marijuana legalization in many states of the country.

This section extensively describes the extensive medical benefits from marijuana cultivation, primarily focused on medical patients seeking marijuana to their medicinal ailments.

  • Anxiety
  • Long term Pain
  • Headaches
  • Severe Migraine
  • Lupus
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • PTSD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Mental depression
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammation
  • Stress buster
  • Mental Stimulant
  • Increase appetite of HIV/AIDS patient
  • Nausea associated with Cancer medication
  • Vomiting associated with Cancer medication

Thus, there are many medical benefits of cannabis seeds for medical patients.

Montreal Cannabis Seeds Review: Seeds at Glance

As discussed in previous sections, ‘seeds at a glance’ is the section discussing various seeds of the Montreal cannabis seed.

This seed bank sells the choicest and the best Canadian seeds online via its website.

The USP of Montreal seed bank is ‘Fast Version’ seeds. They germinate quickly and give those yields at much faster speed (as the name suggests).

Royal cheese cannabis fast version, Cream caramel fast version seeds, Northern lights fast version seeds, and Cinderella 99 C99 fast version are some of the fast version seeds.

Gorilla Glue, Purple Kush, Auto Flower, and Auto NYC diesel are some of the best sellers from Montreal seed banks.

Auto critical mass cannabis seeds feminized, Auto lemon Kush feminized seeds, Gelato cannabis seeds feminized, Grapefruit cannabis seeds, and Auto AK47 are some of the new arrivals in Montreal seed bank.

Black Gold cannabis seeds, Blueberry fast version cannabis seeds, CBD OG Kush cannabis seeds are some of the specials/features seeds recommended by expert breeders.

Whereas Strawberry Cannabis, Bubble Gum cannabis, Amnesia Haze Cannabis, and Northern lights marijuana are some of the featured cannabis seeds.

Additionally, they have some of the best Cannabis strains available with the perfect ratio of THC: CBD as 1:1.

The seed bank also has numerous breeders in collaboration with them.

A few to mention are Sweet seeds, Royal Queen seeds, Resin seeds, G13 Labs, Jordan of the islands, Barney’s farm, and Dinafem.

Moreover, Montreal cannabis seed sells seeds via two platforms. One if offline, and another is online.

The offline platforms are mainly retail outlets in different regions of Canada.

On the other hand, they sell cannabis seeds online via their website.

All-in-all, this seed bank has something for every level of the grower, be it a beginner, an intermediate, or professional.

Montreal Cannabis Seeds Review: Yields at Glance

What prompts a customer to buy a product? The compelling sales pitch, product benefits, or need of that product.

Well, what compels me the most is the outstanding output the product offers.

So, this section offers various insights on the excellent yields achieved by ordering and growing cannabis seeds from this seed bank by our eminent expert team.

Have a look at the impressive yields by yourself!

Montreal Cannabis Seeds Review: Yields

Montreal Cannabis Seeds Review: Germination Guide

As we have already mentioned, the Montreal cannabis seed offers a brilliant 80% germination guarantee.

But this guarantee is honored if you follow these instructions to the letter.

Plus, Montreal cannabis seed takes a guarantee of just the germination of seeds, not after the phase where they are transferred in unfavorable soil medium and environment.

Three essential components govern the germination of marijuana seeds.

They are warmth, moisture, and darkness.

Step 1:- Put your seeds in a cup or glass of water for 12-14 hours. You have to make sure that the seeds sink at the bottom. If some of them may not sink, then it’s okay. Do not force too much.

Also, take care of the timing. Neither less or more will do.

Step 2:- Fold a thick paper towel and keep it on a plate. Put two pieces of paper towel above and below each other on a dinner plate.

Step 3:- Pour the seeds and water into the paper towel. Wrap the paper towel over the seeds to cover them. Pour off any excess water. The seeds must experience air, moisture, and heat simultaneously.

Step 4: Keep the plate in a warm, dark room and let the cannabis seeds remain as it is till they open and crack up.

One thing you have to make sure is that the paper towel remains moist at regular intervals. But one more caution is not to overdo it.

Do not keep seeds in enclosed places without ventilation. Also, you have to be consistent and balanced with all the three factors of Cannabis Seeds Germination.

Step 5: By this, the seeds will begin to crack up, and a taproot will start to appear from them. Let this taproot grow around half or three fourth inches before transplanting.

More on Germination

Each strain takes around 2 to 7 days to open up and generate the taproot.

Do not suffocate the plate and the paper towel by any means like another plate on top or zip lock back as they restrict the flow of oxygen in seeds.

NOTE: – The guarantee will be honored if and only if this method (glass/cup and paper towel method) of germination is followed.

*Use bottled spring water only

Montreal Cannabis Seeds Review: Germination Guide

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Montreal Cannabis Seeds Review: FAQ

Who can buy seeds from Montreal Cannabis Seeds seed bank?
Any adult person, older than 21 years can order cannabis seeds online from Montreal seed bank.

Where are seeds shipped from?
The seeds are shipped from Quebec, Canada. It is done to skip the custom involvements of Europe.

How is the packaging of the cannabis seeds from Montreal seed bank done?
The cannabis seeds from Montreal Cannabis seed bank undergo ‘Stealth Packaging,’ before forwarding them for delivery.

Where does the Montreal seed bank ship cannabis seeds?
The Montreal seed bank ships cannabis seeds throughout the globe.

What is the shipping cost to ship the seeds?
Montreal seed bank takes $10 as Regular Shipping.

Is it compulsory to register in Montreal seed bank to buy cannabis seeds?
Yes, you have to go through the registration procedure to buy cannabis seeds from Montreal seed bank.

Montreal Cannabis Seeds Review: Conclusion

We have reached the final countdown of this Montreal Cannabis Seeds Review.

Montreal Cannabis seed bank is a high-performance seed bank from a dime a dozen options available in the marketplace.

We say so because of the incorporation of numerous features like high reputation, germination guarantee, shipping guarantee, supreme quality cannabis seeds, and massive strains availability.

Therefore, our eminent expert team rates it ten on ten and highly recommend it further to glorify your grow space.

How do you buy cannabis seeds? Do you buy the seeds from retail stores or via online seed banks?

We are waiting for your overwhelming responses and incredible experiences in the comment section.

Also, feel free to ask any queries, feedback, and suggestions in the comment section, and we will respond you happily.

If you wish to read more on cannabis seed banks, go through BC bud depot review and MSNL review .

Till then, Zip Zap Zop around cannabis!


Where to Order Marijuana Seeds in Montreal

You can order marijuana seeds in Montreal by going to your local retail seed stores. You can also order form our online store and have your marijuana seeds order shipped right to your doorsteps. Crop King marijuana seeds are for sale in head shops, seed banks, grow shops, hydroponic stores, and grow stores in Montreal and other parts of Canada like Vancouver, Calgary, and many more.

Some of these retail seed stores carry a wide variety of strains from us that come in feminized, regulars, and autoflowering varieties that come in 5 or 10 per pack. For medical marijuana patients and those who buy from local dispensaries, ordering marijuana seeds from us will give you the freedom to grow your own organic buds and you don’t need to buy from outside sources that you do not trust.

Seeds are better than clones when we talk about growing because the yields are larger and the plants will be healthier. Some of the stores where you can order our seeds have other marijuana growing products for sale as well like hydroponic, lights, fertilizer, and a lot more in Montreal. If you do not see Crop King Seeds in the store near you, ask them to order from us so that you will have an easier way of ordering our high quality marijuana seeds.

You can order marijuana seeds in Montreal by going to your local retail seed stores.