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21 New Best Marijuana Strains for 2021

We got 21 new marijuana strains from 21 top breeders for this list of the newest best weed strains to grow in 2021. Brand-new indica, sativa and hybrid cannabis seed strains categorized in the order of feminized, autoflower and regular seeds.

Feminized New Strains 2021

Kosher Cookies

Overview: Kosher Cookies is the newest marijuana seed strain release from DNA Genetics. It was made by crossing two acclaimed American cannabis strains—Kosher Kush and Girls Scout Cookies. This mostly indica hybrid flowers in 8 to 9 weeks indoors, or by mid to late October outdoors. Growers can look forward to moderate yields of big beautiful buds covered in resin. Kosher Cookies smells of pine, pepper and citrus. Its heavy high is narcotic and relaxing.

Flowering Time 56-63 days
Strain Breeder DNA Genetics
Pack Size 3/6 seeds
Yield Indoor: 375 g/m2

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Runtz Muffin

Overview: Runtz Muffin is the new potent and great tasting marijuana strain from Barney’s Farm. These complex hybrid feminized seeds are the result of crossing Zkittles to Gelato, then crossing the offspring to Orange Punch, which increased the indica dominance to 70% while also improving yield. Runtz Muffin flowers in 8 to 9 weeks indoors, or ready to harvest during the first half of October outdoors. Its purple-hued buds are dripping in resin and tasty terpenes with pineapple, citrus and lavender scents. The effect is powerful, euphoric and calming. Very high THC content reaching 29%.

Flowering Time 56-63 days
Strain Breeder Barney’s Farm
Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds
Yield Indoor: 550-600 g/m2; Outdoor: up to 1000 g/plant

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Overview: CBG-Force is Dutch Passion’s first ever CBG-rich feminized cannabis seed strain, believed to possess great medical potential . Testing at 12-15% CBG and under 0.15% THC, it can be cultivated legally in the same way as hemp. The medium-sized plants grow vigorously and quickly, taking only 7 weeks to finish flowering. The buds from CGB-Force are very frosty and dense, although not sticky at all and with little scent.

Flowering Time 7 weeks
Strain Breeder Dutch Passion
Pack Size 1/3/10 seeds
Yield Indoor: 400 g/m2; Outdoor: 500 g/plant

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Sowah Sherbert

Overview: Sowah Sherbet is a new hybrid marijuana strain from Pheno Finder Seeds. It was made by crossing a selfed Sunset Sherbet to Karma Genetics’ Sowah Diesel Bx2. The plants show the best traits of both parents, from growth vigor to bud quality. In about 10 weeks of flowering, these dank, dense buds are ready to harvest. Sowah Sherbet has a pungent, fuel-like aroma with hints of berry and citrus. Extreme resin yield makes it an excellent choice for extract production. THC content over 20%.

Flowering Time 70-75 days
Strain Breeder Pheno Finder Seeds
Pack Size 5 seeds

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Lost Pearl

Overview: Lost Pearl is a new release of the old school weed strain Silver Pearl. By selecting the strongest “papaya” phenotype from the original seed stock and backcrossing it over generations, Greenhouse Seed Co. has brought forth fast flowering plants with extraordinarily fruity qualities. Suitable for indoors, outdoors and commercial cultivation, Silver Pearl displays a typical indica, even growth pattern without much stretching. After 7 or 8 weeks of bloom, growers harvest moderate to high yields of sweet buds, which produce incredibly tasty resin. The effects are fast-acting, clear-headed and felt primarily in the body.

Flowering Time 49-56 days
Strain Breeder Greenhouse Seed Co.
Pack Size 3/5/10 seeds
Yield Medium-High

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Gelato #33 Fast

Overview: Gelato #33 Fast is a modern fast flowering strain by Advanced Seeds. Containing the infamous Sunset Sherbet and GSC Thin Mints genetics, this “fast” variety grows into a hearty plant with massive size potential and impressive resin production, while finishing quicker than the original Gelato #33. In just 45 to 55 days of flowering, growers can harvest heavy yields of sweet, resiny, citrus-flavored bud with complex earthy qualities. THC content measured at 24%. Cheap weed seeds .

Flowering Time 45-55 days
Strain Breeder Advanced Seeds
Pack Size 1/3/10 seeds
Yield 500-550 g/m2

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Rainbow Road

Overview: Rainbow Road is an exciting new sativa-dominant variety bred from Strawberry Sativa and Hindu Kush genetics. It features maximum flavor, potency and one of the highest yields Paradise Seeds has ever encountered. The plants are vigorous in growth and may need training indoors to control its stretch. Unusually dense, solid buds develop in 65 days of flowering, absolutely covered in trichome crystals and oozing with resin. Outdoors, its sativa heritage provides resistance to gray mold . Loud fruity terpenes create a delicious potpourri of scents and flavors. Energetic, electric high. THC content is 18-22%.

Flowering Time 65 days
Strain Breeder Paradise Seeds
Pack Size 3/5/10 seeds
Yield Indoor: 600 g/m2; Outdoor: 1 kg/plant

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Overview: 2Y2 is a new feminized weed strain born from a cross between two prominent USA clones—Norcal Do-Si-Dos and Alpha Cut Purple Punch. The growth rate is similar in both parents, which lends itself to the even canopy layer that 2Y2 displays. Great for SoG and SCRoG methods, these indica-dominant plants grow fast, especially during veg. 2Y2 is ready to harvest indoors in 8 to 9 weeks of bloom, or outdoors during mid-autumn. Its high resin content, creamy terpenes and high THC levels make up a highly rewarding end product.

Flowering Time 56-63 days
Strain Breeder R-KIEM Seeds
Pack Size 5/10 seeds
Yield 500 g/m2

Autoflower New Strains 2021

Strawberry Cheesecake Auto

Overview: Strawberry Cheesecake Auto is a tasty new autoflowering marijuana strain from Seedsman, one of the best seed banks . The strain comes from crossing Strawberry Banana Auto to Cheese Auto. Mostly indica, the plants grow into hearty, squat bushes that yield heavy harvests of resinous, dense buds. As much as 600 g/m2 per plant is possible. Growers recommend stripping the lower bud sites to make larger main colas. Due to its structure and bud density, Strawberry Cheesecake Auto is best suited to indoors and dry climate cultivation. The flavor is strongly Skunk, with sweet, fruity notes. Balanced effects. Average 15% THC.

Grow Time 12 weeks from seed
Strain Breeder Seedsman
Pack Size 1/3/5/10/100 seeds
Yield Indoor: up to 700 g/m2; Outdoor: 2 kg/plant

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Glueberry Auto

Overview: Glueberry Auto, just released by MSNL, is an autoflowering variety bred from the Gorilla Glue line along with Blueberry. It offers many benefits such as ease of growth, huge size and brutal strength. These bushy, tall plants finish at 8 to 10 weeks from seed—a bit longer than your typical auto seeds . However, yield and bud quality more than make up for the wait. Glueberry Auto’s buds pack on tight, filled with frost and purple/orange highlights. The scent is fruity and “chemmy”. 19-22% THC.

Grow Time 8-10 weeks from seed
Strain Breeder MSNL
Pack Size 1-500 Seeds
Yield Over 600 g/m2

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CBD 30:1 Auto

Overview: CBD 30:1 Auto is the latest cultivar from Medical Marijuana Genetics. It’s a non-psychoactive autoflowering hybrid with very little THC and high CBD . The plants are matured in about 90 days from seed, growing under 4 ft tall indoors or a bit taller outdoors. Growers can expect some variation of scents and flavors between the phenotypes, which contain high levels of the terpenes myrcene, limonene and bisabolol.

Grow Time 90 days from seed
Strain Breeder Medical Marijuana Genetics
Pack Size 1/3/5 seeds
Yield Indoor: 400 g/m2; Outdoor: 400 g/plant

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Dosi Auto

Overview: Dosi Auto is the newest autoflowering marijuana seed strain from G13 Labs. It was bred by crossing Girl Scout Cookies to Faceoff OG with the addition of ruderalis genetics. Growing to a medium height, the plants are ready at only 60 days from seed to harvest. Despite the fast grow speed of Dosi Auto, growers can expect bountiful yields of quality cannabis sporting lovely pink and purple weed colors. The taste and smell resembles lime, pine, mint and citrus with subtle earthy notes. Strong effects and THC content up to 22%.

Grow Time 60 days from seed
Strain Breeder G13 Labs
Pack Size 5 seeds
Yield 400-500 g/m2

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Lemon Pie Auto

Overview: Lemon Pie Auto is a flavorful new indica-dominant autoflowering strain from FastBuds. Growers of all experience levels will appreciate its mold resistance , high yield and impressive flowers. Perfectly compact, the plants grow stout with a large central cola and many side branches. Lemon Pie Auto takes 8 or 9 weeks to finish blooming. A heavy coating of resin presents lemon zest, fuel and cream qualities. Balanced physical and cerebral effects. THC levels recorded at 24%.

Flowering Time 56 days
Strain Breeder FastBuds Seeds
Pack Size 1/3/5/10/100 seeds
Yield Indoor: 400-550 g/m2; Outdoor: 2-6 oz/plant

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DC Cure 1:1 CBD Auto

Overview: DC Cure 1:1 CBD Auto is a new feminized autoflower seed variety from Doctor’s Choice, their first low THC/high CBD offering. Producing an equal amount of THC and CBD at roughly 6% of each cannabinoid, this easy-to-grow, moderate-sized plant is an excellent choice for medical cultivators. Ready to harvest at 60 to 70 days from germination, bud weight can be maximized by using the SCRoG method. Aromas of citrus, spice and earth. Chill body high.

Grow Time 60-70 days from seed
Strain Breeder Doctor’s Choice
Pack Size 1/3/5/10 seeds
Yield 50 g/plant

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Red Hot Cookies Auto

Overview: Red Hot Cookies Auto is a latest addition to the “red family” from Sweet Seeds. Approximately 60% of plants display vibrant red colors. It was bred from two American parents selected for their red flowers—Tropicanna and Tangie. Red Hot Cookies Auto is an easy strain to grow and adapts well to different climates, finishing at 8 weeks of bloom indoors or by the last day of summer outdoors. Both the smell and taste resemble fruit. 17-25% THC.

Flowering Time 56 days
Strain Breeder Sweet Seeds
Pack Size 3/5 seeds
Yield Indoor: 500-600 g/m2; Outdoor: 400-600 g/plant

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Regular New Strains 2021

Royal Highness

Overview: Royal Highness is a recently refined version of Humboldt Seed Co’s original creation—a 3-way hybrid of Cali Dream, Royal Kush and Trainwreck. These F6 regular seeds do well both indoors and outdoors, growing into slightly indica-dominant plants with a short 55-day indoor flowering time, or by late September to early October outdoors. The colas grow to enormous sizes and are immersed in shiny resin. Royal Highness has a kushy scent and skunky, fruity taste.

Flowering Time 55 days
Strain Breeder Humboldt Seed Co.
Pack Size 10 seeds
Yield High

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Tangerine Somali

Overview: Tangerine Somali is potent new hybrid regular seed strain from Rare Dankness which brings together the best of haze and fruity flavors. Created by crossing Tangerine Kush to Somali Taxi Ride, this mostly sativa strain grows a little stretchy. Its large buds produce sweet terpenes which give a pronounced tangerine flavor. The high is exhilarating, soaring and cerebral.

Flowering Time 65-90+ days
Strain Breeder Rare Dankness
Pack Size 12 seeds
Yield Medium

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Grail Widow

Overview: Grail Widow (GROWL) is part of the new Grail series by Mr Nice Seedbank. The strain is a combination of quality traits from classic varieties. The Haze female parent in particular has dominated top shelf breeds since modern times, while the Widow male adds a sweet, oniony aroma. GROWL is not difficult to grow, although its long flowering time may not be practical for some growers. Patience is a virtue in more ways than one—3 to 6 months of curing is recommended to bring out the best flavors. 18-24% THC.

Flowering Time 70-105 days
Strain Breeder Mr Nice Seeds
Pack Size 18 seeds
Yield 500-750 g/m2

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Kali Bubba

Overview: Kali Bubba is a new release regular seed strain from Serious Seeds. By crossing the beloved Bubble Gum to Kali Mist, an attractive sativa-dominant high yield strain was born. Due to the plant’s tall height and long flowering time, indoor growers are advised to veg for only 1 to 3 weeks. Outdoors, Kali Bubba does best in warm climates where it can finish during late October. Long, full buds grow coated in crystals. The smells and flavors are both sweet and spicy.

Flowering Time 70-77 days
Strain Breeder Serious Seeds
Pack Size 11 seeds
Yield 500 g/m2

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Colombia Mangobiche

Overview: Colombia Mangobiche is a new addition to Cannabiogen’s catalog. This classic sativa line persists to this day due to the outstanding reputation it has earned. Full of great flavors, scents and packing a powerful psychoactive high, Colombia Mangobiche is one for the landrace cannabis connoisseurs. The plants are tall with lots of branching and form long, contiguous colas. Flowering time is very long at anywhere from 16 to 24 weeks.

Flowering Time 112-168 days
Strain Breeder Cannabiogen
Pack Size 10 seeds

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Lemon Tini

Overview: Lemon Tini is a new regular seed variety created by crossing Karma’s Sour D Bx3 #A2 to Lemon Tree. Despite being a mostly indica strain , the plants grow a bit stretchy during the 70 to 75 days of bloom. With its distinct sour lemon flavors and superb resin content, Lemon Tini is a great candidate for concentrate making and terpene extraction. The effects are powerful and euphoric.

Flowering Time 70-75 days
Strain Breeder Karma Genetics
Pack Size 12 seeds
Yield Medium/High

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Disclaimer: Know your laws. Read federal and local/county laws before buying seeds online. We do not promote or undertake in illegal activities.

We got 21 new marijuana strains from 21 top breeders for this list of the newest best weed strains to grow in 2021. Brand-new indica, sativa

New Genetic Marijuana Strains for 2021

With every new year arrives new opportunities, new chances at life, new resolutions, new plans and goals, and most of all, new cannabis strains.

Luckily, events like the Emerald Cup are a perfect opportunity for industry professionals to check out the best of the best for each new year. Keep your eyes peeled for these strains throughout 2021; soon your local dispensaries are going to be lining their shelves with some of these magnificent genetic masterpieces.

1. Wedding Crasher (Hybrid) – The Strain that Tastes Like Wedding Cake

A new cultivar from one of our favorites, Symbiotic Genetics, the same breeders that produced one of last year’s top contenders, Mimosa, Wedding Crasher is the main cannabis strain that S.G. has been marketing and releasing to the public, but there is a strong reason why. No, unfortunately these buds won’t zap you with the courage to jump into the wedding reception of some strangers and eat all their free food and drink all their open-bar booze, but this strain is capable of doing things much more valuable in our opinion.

Wedding Crasher has a way of calming down the mind . Its high is very heady and all consuming, leaving its lucky consumer with a peaceful, tranquil, and clear mental state that can last throughout the entire duration of the strain’s effects. The high from Wedding Crasher is known for being rather arousing and talkative, so maybe these characteristics do mimic what could possibly happen at a wedding, but beyond that this is also a very medicinal marijuana type. Additionally, Wedding Crasher could cause you to feel tingly and uplifted, with an increased desire to be creative. Medically speaking, this strain is known to soothe cramps, muscle spasms, inflammation, and fatigue, as well as resolve any depressing moods, feelings, or sensations.

Finally, what truly is the icing on the cake, is the flavor of Wedding Crasher, which resembles that of a vanilla wedding cake, blended with hints of grape, which makes for a smooth, sweet, and even sometimes grassy strain, that has a pleasant berry finish . Wedding Crasher is a genetic masterpiece produced by crossing Wedding Cake with Purple Punch.

2. Sour Berry Blue (Sativa) – The Floaty Tropic Strain

One of the more recent releases from Colorado based The Farm Genetics, Sour Berry Blue is a sativa dominant strain that was made by crossing over the High Times Cannabis Cup winner Alpha Blue with Sour Strawberry. Known to be one of the strongest Sour Strawberry crosses, Sour Berry Blue is honestly no joke, with its flavor and aroma profile which is somehow oddly reminiscent of a floaty tropical paradise. Tasting like a tropical fruit cocktail, with hints of sugar and berry, this strain is essentially just a yummy, sugar berry delight, with a scent that is equally as delectable.

Unlike many sativas, the high from Sour Berry Blue is not so much energizing, more so it leaves its consumer with a body-numbing, euphoric sensation that is extremely uplifting and elevating. You’ll definitely feel as if you can kick back and truly relax with this one. The THC levels of Sour Berry Blue range between 20%-26.5% on average, so get ready to let your mind and body float off into the deep blue sea, only to end up on some tropical island paradise.

3. Tropicana Cookies (Sativa) – The Strain That Mixes Breakfast and Dessert Into One

Bred by Washington based seed developer Phat Panda, Tropicana Cookies is an interesting blend between Tangie, an ultra citrusy Dutch sativa, and Forum GSC. Said by many to smell strongly of orange juice, this sativa dominant strain carries many strong notes of tangerine and other citrus fruits, which is then balanced out by its dessert-like undertones, which are that of fresh baked cookies , leading to a smooth overall creation that is essentially breakfast and dessert combined into one smokeable, high-bringing entity.

Sounds pretty amazing right? Tropicana is known for creating an aroused and focused high, coupled along with plenty of happiness, giggling, and uplift. Medically speaking, this strain is best for managing depression when it comes to the mind. Physically, it can help with stress, eye pressure, cramps, and nausea. The buds of Tropicana Cookies are beautiful, carrying a distinct dark purple and dark green color, further accented by bright orange hairs; a true delight to grow yourself. Unfortunately, Tropicana Cookies might not be the easiest strain to find. It is sold by some partner companies, but dispensaries are only just beginning to know of its existence.

For this reason, it’s best to call your dispensary ahead of time and ask them if they stock this fruity delight. If you happen to reside in the Washington area, there is a more likely chance that you’ll be able to get your hands on this Tangie x GSC crossover.

4. Palm Tree CBD (Indica) – The Low-THC Strain of Your Dreams

A well-balanced THC : CBD strain produced by Snoop Dogg’s own cannabis company, Leafs by Snoop, Palm Tree CBD has been making some headwaves these days, and we are pretty certain we know why. With a 4-13% THC content and a 6-12% CBD content, this yummy ganja is known for its calming and medicinal effects.

Assisting with a wide array of medical conditions, including eye pressure, fatigue, stress, headaches, and inflammation, if you are generally a fan of low-THC marijuana strains, then you are bound to fall in love with Palm Tree CBD. This strain carries a strong citrus flavor, with elements of lemon, orange, and other citrus fruits. Known for its distinct looking buds which are lime green in color and especially dense, with hints of accentuating purple and fluorescent orange hairs, the minute this strain is in your presence, you’ll know. Its aroma is strong.

The effects of Palm Tree CBD are not only calming, but also relaxing, sleepy, and euphoric, much like many of your other traditional indicas . Furthermore, Palm Tree CBD can have a strong body high, which will leave you not only feeling happy and content, but also tingly all over.

5. Mint Chocolate Chip (Hybrid) – The Refreshing and Rejuvenating Strain

One of the most recent releases from ExoticGenetix, the industry has been freaking out over this entire seedline lately, with many delicious picks to choose from, all ultimately stemming from the stable genetics of Mint Chocolate Chip . This strain is the genetic crossing between the SinMint Cookies strain and Green Ribbon BX, Mint Chocolate Chip is actually the strange pairing of two opposing genetic lineages, which makes for quite an intriguing final product.

The initial flavor of this strain is earthy and diesel-like, which then is followed by a minty and creamy finish, which is honestly quite refreshing and rejuvenating. The buds of this strain are known for being packed with dense resin, which gives them their glossy, glittering appearance. Best consumed in smaller doses, the effects of Mint Chocolate Chip remain euphoric and relaxed, inducing happiness and creating mental energy, but when consumed in higher doses, this cannabis type has been known to make its consumer less functional.

If you don’t mind chilling on the couch all day and watching some Netflix, then higher doses are perfectly alright, but if you plan on getting something done, minimize your doses. Medically speaking, this weed type is best for managing depression, stress, headaches, inflammation, and pain. If you are a grower, you are in luck.

The easiest way to get a hold of this bud is to buy the seeds directly from ExoticGenetix, and cultivate your own Mint Chocolate Chip plants. It might still be a bit challenging to buy this marijuana in a dispensary, so cultivation will always be the easier option if you feel you are qualified to do so, or are willing to take on a bit of a challenge.

Final Thoughts on the Newest Marijuana Strains for 2021

If you’re a cannabis lover and rolling in the New Year with no idea where to start your new marijuana discoveries, we hope that this article has offered some direction and clarity on which weed types are worth taste testing before the rest.

If you’re new to the world of cannabis, these are definitely 5 beautiful strains that will be well worth every penny you spend on them, and you’ll be able to tell all your 420-friendly friends that you got to try some of the most exclusive, new strains on the market before they might even be aware of them.

We hope you not only found this article to be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should always be taken.

If you are ready to try a new cannabis strain in 2021, here are some of the very best! Read more to find out which you should try this year.