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Oaseeds Seedbank Review

Oaseeds is specialized in the sale of seeds feminized cannabis shop, we have over 90 banks with a variety of seeds: autoflowering, feminised and regular. Absolute confidentiality ship all over the world, secure packaging. We accept payment by bank transfer, Wester Union and credit card.

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Oaseeds is listed as “green” at the SeedFinder. This means we absolutely can recommend this seedbank. Btw. This shop is connected with the SeedFinder, you can find prices and offers for 4372 strains at our pages!

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guest Greece, January 2021

Both times that i bought from them the delay was more than 1 week because of luck of the seeds i picked. it was Think Different by Dutch Passion the 1st time and Euforia by Dutch Passion the 2nd time. The seeds come in original packaging but with a cost of delay until they receive the seeds i ordered to send me. I guess they dont have a stock but rather order the seeds we order from them. The customer service guys are polite but not really helpful since they cannot answer certain questions. anyway they are cheap and if you dont mind waiting you can buy from them.
P.S. They include some free seeds but the ones from their brand name never popped for me.

guest Thailand, January 2021

i love seed of oaseeds

guest Serbia, January 2021

Best prices and stealth delivery with many free seeds.

guest Germany, December 2020

Best shop for Seeds fast delivery and Good Service! I really happy to found this shop

guest Germany, December 2020

Super stealth! It was hidden so good, that I had to contact costumer service to find the seeds 😀 very fast reply there

guest United States, December 2020

I am extremely pleased with my first purchase, the price and experience. I found a terrific buy, I was able to pay with my credit card and the next thing I knew the package arrived. The packaging was discrete and the product so well hidden it took 3 searches to find! Well done! I was very impressed and will be back!

I just want to add that I appreciate the quality and variety of products offered. My purchase was also rewarded with a generous amount of really awesome free seeds. Thanks so much!

guest United States, December 2020

I had a great first time experience ordering from Oaseeds. My order shipped faster than seed banks within the US, and this is during holiday times and covid delays in the mail. I received tracking, and got the sealed official breeder’s packaging with the stealth express shipping (100% worth it). THANK YOU to Vanessa, Kelvin, and the entire crew at Oaseeds. I will be ordering again.

guest United States, December 2020

I found OASEEDS , always searching for a better source of beans , breeders/ quality /Quantity/Prices/deals/payment alternatives/shipping times & methods/etc. and Order tracking from their web site is top notch! I had Stumbled on OASEEDS a few years back , since then no more jumping around to different banks, no reason to! Totally impressive customer service, selection, deals, quality everything has been positive, I kid you not! My last order was fairly large , I had placed the order, next it showed it was paid for, the next update was the next morning, showed the order filled AND shipped!! They are in Spain and I live in California I received my package 4 Days after I placed the order! Everything looks excellent , best packaging I have ever seen. hands down! Not to mention , the bomb freebeans,and gives you an option to choose the freeones you want! PLUS, they sent me even more than was expected! Yea, so I just wanted to post a review for this Company. I have ordered from them for about 5 years now , and I was impressed the first time,, and they keep getting better and growing selection as well ! Just Super Great . Seriously ! ☮️ ReBoMaN

Oaseeds Seedbank Review Oaseeds is specialized in the sale of seeds feminized cannabis shop, we have over 90 banks with a variety of seeds: autoflowering, feminised and regular. Absolute

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Good Overall

We ran into a stock issue, not totally their fault, also the supplier not shipping at the time. They gave me options and worked it out to my pleasure. Still want the original item when it’s back in stock, going to have to place another order, but was able to upgrade my item to other great items. Worked everything out.

i love seed here

Excellent customer service!

Very good service here at Oaseeds. My order was delayed about 6 weeks due to slow Postal Service in US around Christmas. When I emailed Oaseeds about the situation they immediately put me at ease and said that one way or another they would fix the problem. My seeds arrived about a week later.

It may be the original order that arrived but regardless, the willingness of the folks at Oaseeds to make things right was very impressive and I appreciate it.

Can’t give them money.

There’s always a problem with paying by credit card and their only suggestion is “Have you considered Bitcoin?”. And they take days to answer emails. It’s just too much hassle for the low prices.

Downgraded from original 3-star review

Downgraded from 3 stars to 2 as the product review submitted on their website was never posted (review submitted 3 weeks ago).

This seems to indicate that reviews may be selectively added or filtered in order to make it appear that the product quality and average customer experience are better than they actually are.

I received my order on time and it was carefully packaged.

However, the product quality was not what I’d hoped for. I did reach out to them and they responded quickly. Though they did not offer to replace the underperforming product they did say that they would include some additional freebies if I chose to order from them again.

** It should be noted that I bought the cheaper house brand products rather than the pricier options offered from widely recognized producers.

• Items were received.
• Items were delivered on time.
• Items were packed well.
• Fast communication from customer service.
• There was at least some offer set forth as partial compensation for product quality issues.

• Quality of goods was not great.
• Reviews appear to be filtered, which makes them worthless. There is no way to know how many reviews have been discarded to make a product’s average rating look positive. are Liars and Thiefs are Liars and Thiefs. After 4 months – Nothing was sent.They tell you and something went wrong about the transporting company but got no official tracking code. 350€ is gone.
Read other 1 Star Reviews from OA Seeds and you´ll get it.

Quick delivery to US, sealed packs

I am blown away by how fast my order arrived, stealth express with original breeder packaging. In all it took 2 days to ship from Spain to the US, and for once I now own sealed Barney’s Farms seed packs. This is taking into account that I ordered two weeks before Christmas with Covid also causing usual delays. Thank you Oaseeds, you have earned a new customer.


On the first Order (which arrives) are Seeds missing .
They will give you a Voucher Code and pretend to have a good customer service specifically stimulates the customer’s inducement to buy.The following Orders are Only prentended to send Out to You (this time without a tracking Code).
After 20 mails In and Out, you realise after reading many Ratings complaining about the Same SCAM/ have been Ripped off
OASeeds is

Bulk Seeds(Own Seed Brand OASeeds)of Oa Seeds sends you random Plant Seeds that just look like Cannabis Seeds.(as you can read in much user ratings)

bei OA Seeds
Bei der ersten Bestellung (die an kommt) fehlen Samen.
Dann wird ein Gutschein ausgestellt und vermeintlicher Kundenservice geboten um erneut einen Kaufreiz zu setzen.
Die folgenden Versendungen werden dann nur im anschein getätigt (Plötzlich OHNE Tracking Möglichkeit).
Nach 20 mails hin und her und lesen von etlichen anderen Bewertungen (selbes Schema)wird einem klar das es ein RIP OFF war.

Nie Wieder OASeeds

nebenbei:Bulk Seeds (Eigenmarke) soll laut vielen Usern irgendwelche Pflanzensamen verschicken die Hanfsamen ähneln

I have used Oaseeds for nearly ten…

I have used Oaseeds for nearly ten years excellent company.

Great customer service! Highly recommend!

Ordered a lot of seeds during this “pandemic” situation. The package got lost in Germany, and the destination was Ecuador. They sent a new package with new seeds and they payed for the (very expensive) delivery with a new company, they resolved the problem perfectly even though it wasn’t their fault. Excellent customer service!! They also packed in a looot of gifts! Thank you! Will buy again!

They showed me on screen on their…

They showed me on screen on their website and I have a screenshot of them stating that they shipped my oprder on Oct 2020 and I requested the the tracking number immediately,
They dis not send me a tracking number until Oct 21 2020.
Thw extra time allowed me to look at all the horrible one star reviews and they were terrible.
Some poeople stated that they werenahipped generic hemp seeds seeds that look exatcly like cannabis seeds. Incould not trust them at all at all when the facts show that they lied about the shipping date and all horrible one start reviews made me realize I could not trust oaseeds amd emailed their payment peoviser and demanded a refund. You are better off buying from a reputible seeds bank!

Payment not easy.

The payment system needs a review to improve efficiency.
Finally ten days after payment they found my payment.
Because I was the first person to pay by email address link. It seemed normal to me because coinbase ask for email or address. My first payment using cryptocurrency.

September,2/20. Payment transaction was difficult. I try to pay with my credit visa card, Master card, discover card and debt card. Plus tried my wife’s cards. All cards had error and ”cancel order” out come. Each time you have to find all the seeds again and put them back in the cart to try the next payment. Not easy.
Maybe they can fix the shopping cart from dumping your items after payment has error.

Very helpful and fast support

Very helpful and fast support. I have often ordered there and never had any problems. Huge amount of products and low prices – what more could you ask for? Can definitely be recommended.

Good service and good choice of seeds ! TOP !

Good service and good choice of seeds ! FIVE STARS company . johan ( belgium)


Thiefs!! Do Not Order from them.
Ordered 5 diffrent strains.all seeds looked the same and were in clear zipo bag and were actually hemp seeds!!
Name of the thief that handled my order was OMAR. He ripped me off!!
I ordered expensive seeds and he sent me cheap hemp seeds..

Highly recommended

We have received the product on time. Amazing service from the stuff. It’s a bussines highly recommended

Oaseeds called me on the phone today to…

Oaseeds called me on the phone today to try and resolve the issue. I was incorrect about my time frame. I respect and appreciate the phone call . After a little while they offered to refund me and still get my order, or they would send my order again and i would still receive the order i am waiting for. That being said I very much appreciate and respect the sentiment. After that I calmed down and let them explain their point of view. I did not accept the hand out I just want whats mine im not looking for anything free. They did verbally guarantee that at some point my order will arrive and while its not ideal that I cant start when expected so long as i get my order I will forgive and forget and retract my previous review. I will up the stars once my order is received. Thank you for trying to make it right.

Best Company in the Business

Best Company in the Business! For Sure. everything you could want and more.

Great service good prices just received…

Great service good prices just received my order only took 2 days to US good people to work with will order again probably next year.

I decided to take a chance.

I decided to take a chance even though there are some bad reviews here on TP, and so far I’m very happy. If you look at their reviews elsewhere on the interwebz they are more positive. Also i noticed a few of these reviews all suggest the same competitor, so i’m not sure if all these bad reviews are real. In my experience, they have been prompt in their communication and customer support. They are closed on weekends and there is a time zone delay, I think some of the bad reviews maybe didn’t understand these realities. One time i think i got put on the back burner, or there was a hold up for about 3-4 days, but as soon as i asked for an update, my order shipped the next day via overnight air and arrived at my door 3 days later. You can’t beat that, super stealth packaging and 3 day delivery from halfway across the globe. I’m sincerely impressed by that!

Maybe Oaseeds needs to do a better job explaining upfront that it may take them a few days (or longer) to assemble your order from their distributors, but i think maybe this is how they keep their prices low by not keeping all stock on hand? Either way you gotta take the good with the bad. Also they really go stealth with the packaging, I imagine it takes some time to organize that kind of thing for many packages every day. Anyway, I cant speak to others experiences, i imagine OA has made some mistakes and maybe in general are not as professional as some of their more established competitors, but it would be my feeling that any instances of mistakes or bad business on their part is due to inexperience and not to any kind of ill will or deceit. I think patience and polite communication go a long way.

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