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Here you can find all information about the cannabis breeder Oregon Green Seed. We’ve collected data about 22 Cannabis Strains breed by Oregon Green Seed. Click on the strains to find more informations, pictures, reviews, comparisons and sources for a variety – and/or check out the Breeder Info here at the page to find out more about Oregon Green Seed. Its also possible to visualize all Oregon Green Seed strains together with all their Parents or Hybrids with our dynamic maps – check it out!

22 Cannabis Strains

Name of the strain
Afghani/Black Domina Hybrid 63
Amnesia Hashplant 50
Bash 58
Blue Blast 60
Blue Snowdog 56
Charlotte’s Cherries ?
Iranian Early Flower BX2 41
Lebanese Hybrid 51
Lily Koi 51
Mastodon 50
Nepalese Rocket 49
Oaxacan Iranian ?
Oregon Greens 45
Oregon Grown OG 48
Out of Africa 63
Pachyderm Kush 54
Quick Freeze 49
Satellite Cindy 53
Strawberry Freeze 49
Strawberry Hybrid (Eirdbei) 53
Sugar Cookies 56
Willamette Valley Pineapple 55

Strain Map + Hybrids

Family Tree Map

More info about this breeder:

Oregon Green Seed is a breeder-direct cannabis seed company, owned and operated by the breeder. OGS specializes in producing seeds of medical-grade cannabis varieties and cultivars that are resistant and fast-finishing for the Pacific Northwest outdoor grower.

In addition, OGS represents a few quality, hand-picked US seed companies, which makes Oregon Green Seed a small seed bank.

OGS makes seed naturally and organically in very small quantities — cannabis seeds are created for the needs of ongoing and planned R&D breeding projects. At Oregon Green Seed, you have the opportunity to acquire some very old, hard to come by, and elite cannabis varieties in seed form directly from the breeder.

Many of OGS varieties contain genetics that have been grown outdoors in far northern climates for decades and longer. OGS has worked for many years to establish a variety of cultivars that won’t fail to produce a bumper crop of quality bud outdoors in northern Oregon – outdoor cannabis harvests of such quality that people swear they rival even the best indoor bud they’ve seen or grown.

And now with the addition of genetics from other US breeders here in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon Green Seed has even more selections to choose from to satisfy the needs and special conditions growers encounter.

There’s plenty here for both outdoor and indoor cannabis growers. In fact, indoor growers will find that most of OGS varieties perform super indoors, with better resistance to molds and improved potency despite their faster finish times.

Being a small breeder-direct seed company, its necessary to put the research and development work with the plant first and foremost. But as breeding projects continue to progress, and time allows, you will see additional cannabis varieties from the established OGS lines slowly, gradually being added to the shop.

One thing for sure — there are always several marijuana breeding and development projects underway at Oregon Green Seed.

Oregon Green Seed Oregon Green Seed @ SeedFinders Breeders Database Here you can find all information about the cannabis breeder Oregon Green Seed. We’ve collected data about 22 Cannabis

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Oregon Green Seed is listed as “gray” at the SeedFinder. This means we do not have very much info about this seedbank – you should have a view to the user-reviews or try by self at your own risk.

User Reviews

guest United States, September 2020

Old seeds. Poor germination rates. Two out of twelve cracked. Strains appear to be real. I did manage to get a male and female plant. Giving new life to an old strain that I will share because I brought it back to life . I do not advise spending money here . I did get replacement seeds too, but had to buy them. Good thing I got the strain I wanted. I paid enough to get it . And I will sell it.

guest United States, September 2020

3 weeks waiting with on info on delivery i had emailed them with no reply i have not had any issues with other seed companies ogs seems to be a RIP off i will Never go to them again

guest No info, July 2020

Asked about order status after day seven ,reply day eleven that priority USPS letter from central Illinois had not arrived reminded us rudely about the corona virus causing delays I just had a oh fuck moment after reading her reviews on seedfinder realizing there grey not enough info order at own risk and every review was obviously written by eleven friends and are not realistic sounding at all and two of them are scathing at best , second US company to blame covid on wait time,, my two small Canadian seed Co orders ,twelve and other forteen days , my mother passed from covid ,IAM a breeder as are many of my friends seed sales have over doubled for almost all reliable seed company’s that’s what’s going on under staffed high demand snorky attitudes.

guest United States, April 2020

ordered two strains customized for outdoors received promptly sent 2extra seeds each strain 12instead of 10 85% germ rate pretty trustworthy

guest United States, November 2019

I have used OGS seed for several years with reliably good results, the seed is often for outdoor grows in the Pacific NW and there are plenty of options available to keep me entertained.

guest United States, October 2018

I live in Oregon and have been ordering seeds from Oregon Green Seed for many years. In fact I started ordering seeds from them when they only had several “Strains” in their catalog. Now they have many strains to choose from and carry seed stock from other reliable companies. The ordering process is easy and the delivery time is fast. Many of the “strains” that Oregon Green Seed sell are geared toward mold resistance and fast flowering times. In Oregon we get a lot of rain early in the fall and powdery mildew and mold is a huge issue. I have yet to grow out an Oregon Green Seed strain that has disappointed either me or my patients that I grow for. All varieties express excellent terepine profiles and have rich medicinal value. Most varieties are easy to grow and even easier to enjoy. I have contacted them several times over the years and always have had an excellent experience with their customer service. Now and then Debbie the head breeder will slip into my order a free pack of sample seeds. If you are in the market for dependable and highly resistant and fast flowering varieties give Oregon Green Seed a shot. They will not disappoint you.

guest United States, May 2018

Not sure who?s doing quality control here but the seedsthey sent were bad. Very low germination rates and plants don?t match the descriptions at this point.

guest United States, March 2018

Her stuff is bunk. Do not buy. It is a waste of $ and electricity. Her replacement stuff after complaining are equally useless.

guest No info, April 2017

I love this place!Its great to ask Deb the breeder questions and get a reply within hours. I got 100% germenataion out of 38 seeds.Will plant outside in May.

guest United States, March 2017

Deb will take care of you

guest United States, January 2017

Got my seed order two days after notification of payment received. Packaged in a way to prevent crushing, and seed looks fully mature dark and nice. Plus got 12 seed instead of just the 10 noted in listing. Put 6 to soak 36 hours ago and theyve all got tails ready to plant today. Ive ordered a couple times in lasat couple years with same results.

guest United States, November 2016

Great service even extra seeds

guest United States, October 2016

They are real people.It isnt just about the money for these guys

guest United States, July 2016

Oregon Green Seed Company is breeder direct, owned and operated by the breeder. They also feature a handful of other pacific northwest breeders/seed companies.

guest No info, January 2016

Breeder direct seller very nice looking seeds.
Easy ordering five days across country,five days back.Straight 5.$ shipping.For a small breeder selection is quite good.10 regs,amnesia hash plant,10 reg oregongreens 50+50 + 5
I am very satisfied.

guest No info, July 2015

Great Oregon based breeder/seed shop. A nice collection of fast flowering indoor/outdoor strains to meet any ones tastes or Medical needs. Good descriptions, background, and info on each variety is supplied by breeder D.
Exceptional customer service! Secure payment methods, No Customs, Fast shipping (ships to USA only). Great Prices and most important..Good seeds that grow some mighty fine Medicine.

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Oregon Green Seed Seedbank Review User Rating On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 16 user reviews. SeedFinder Info Oregon Green Seed is listed as “gray” at the SeedFinder. This