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The Ten Best Marijuana Strains of 2014

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  • I knew the OG 18, a Cannabis Cup-winning strain from Reserva Privada, was finding a home in my bubbler the instant I put my nose to the top of the jar and inhaled. The overwhelming rush of lemons on top of wet organic soil and tennis balls had me at a stinky hello. The dark-green buds themselves weren’t hugely plump and, if anything, looked a little scraggly and leafy in places. But the silver and amber trichome coverage underneath the green foliage was solid under a scope, and the spongy, well-cured flowers had an intense stickiness to them. A little bit more effort in bloom by the growers, and this could be one of the best finds in Denver. Broken up, buds really stank and left my fingers sticky and waxy, like high-CBD strains, and the powerful, Sour Diesel-on-steroids flavor was a real treat out of a dry pipe and bubbler. Very stoney as well, with instant head-to-toe relaxation that lasted for a good two hours after a small bowlful. 1/10

    9. Kandy Kush DANK Colorado in Denver

    The Kandy Kush from DANK killed it with the rubbery-tartness of the buds. My budtender was also kind enough to take my bag straight from the display jar I was drooling over, so I didn’t get any bait-and-switch action. At home, the amber-trichome-coated buds burned clean down to a white ash, and a few bubbler loads left me buzzing like an electrical transformer for a couple of hours. This was also a great appetite strain for me, and small, measured single hits did a lot to get my stomach grumbling without leaving me too spacey for the rest of the day. 2/10

    This cross of Chemdawg ’91 Skunk with Legend OG and Killer Chem from New House Seeds had such an otherworldly strength to the funky smell out of the jar at The Green Depot that it had to come home with me. The buds were slightly wispy, but still managed to be extremely appealing, with an amber dusting over the tops of the pine-cone-shaped nuggets. The thin, narrow sugar leaves covering the buds left my fingers sticky to the touch and stinking like I’d been trying to glue lemon slices back together with rubber cement. In a good way, that is. Aside from being an enjoyable herb to puff and vape, the buds slammed my cerebellum and left me floating stress-free through my afternoon. Stoned, but not sluggish — the buds actually were the perfect pick-me-up for post-holidays house cleaning. 3/10

    7. Highwayman A Cut Above in Denver

    Willie Nelson himself would be uber-pleased with his namesake buds, which looked like neon-green fuzzy alien fingers. The strength of the flavor was a little disappointing, and it had a more general hashy taste out of a dry pipe and bubbler than the lemony-sweet cedar odors let on. Nevertheless, the buds were extremely potent. It would be hard to not be, with that much trichome-on-trichome coverage. Breaking them up left my fingers coated in sticky trichome pieces. And it was heavy. A few bowls of this was the perfect way to cap off a stressful evening of screaming, crying, dirty diapers and all the other joys that come with being a dad. Down goes the baby, then down goes daddy’s stress and related muscle aches and pains. 4/10

    6. Tangerine Sunrise – Helping Hands Herbals in Boulder

    Tangerine Sunrise. The name says it all. Taking hits of this Tangerine Haze x Hawaiian cross was like sipping fresh-squeezed tangerine juice on the patio of an oceanfront getaway far, far away from the landlocked confines of Colorado. The buds were long and spear-like, with a dark, almost red appearance from the rusty pistils over the tan trichomes. Broken up, the light Haze muskiness came through, even if it wasn’t very present in the flavor when smoked — just pure orange peel. Like most anything this orange-scented that I’ve tried, this was another super sativa bomb. A house-cleaning, task accomplishing, hunger-inducing medicine packed into one convenient (and tasty) nugget. Its well worth the trip from Denver to Boulder. 5/10

    I had to take home the Sour Grape X Durban Poison x Jilly Bean cross dubbed PB and Grape Jilly. When I was a kid, I’d eat PB&J sandwiches every day, nonstop. Similarly, all I wanted to put in my pipe after work was that strain. The smell out of the jar was really complex, though the first and most noticeable smell is the rich, peppery spice of the Durban. But the sweetness of the Jilly Bean and the dark grape notes of Sour Grape follow close behind, and when you break it up, you can get just a tiny hint of sour from somewhere deep in the flower. The bud boasted tightly packed calyxes, and the flower was dried and cured perfectly, breaking down into waxy little chunks that left my fingers tacky. The flavor was nearly identical to the smell, with a rich Durban poison/soil/haze flavor. Potency was great as well, and a four-hit session from a bubbler loosened up my stomach and helped me focus on something other than pain and nausea during a surprise flareup. 6/10

    If you could photograph a smell, the photo of the nug of Peach OG we took would be spilling tart peach and skunk into your house/office/mom’s basement right now. Broken up, the earthy, rubbery OG smells of the Tahoe came out and mixed to create a face-filling odor that give me Homer Simpson-esque reactions.The flavor was exactly the same: delicious. A very cool strain, for sure; it’s worth even Boulder traffic to sample. While thrown in on the indica side of the shop, the buds gave me a kick of energy for the first 45 minutes before oozing down my body to mellow out the nerves. I could see this being great for improving the mood of patients who also use it for stress or muscle tension and nausea. Well done, Boulder Botanics. Well done. 7/10

    There’s a bunch of different claimed versions of Girl Scout Cookies around, and frankly, I have no clue which Colorado shops have the real one at this point (I’ve only had hash made from the original while out in the Bay Area last year). But whatever it was, the version from Purple Dragon came across as sweet, lightly skunky and densely loaded with resins and trichomes. Breaking it down in my palm left a shiny gloss on my fingertips. The buds had a light but flavorful taste burned in a dry pipe — a mix of sugary sweetness mixed in with earthy kushiness. Like the Flo, the buds peeled apart rather than snapped, but the flavor wasn’t affected and they burned to a snow-white powder in my bowl. 8/10

    This OG Kush cross with the uber-heady name was among the most frosty and stinky in The Clinic. The round, marble-sized buds all had small, tight calyxes with a sugar coating of trichomes tucked into every nook and cranny. At some angles, the buds looked almost white. Dense, the flowers seemed to double when broken down, and the new leather/fresh pair of sneakers/grape Pixie Stix smell filled up my office. The buds burned with a full flavor through two or three hits, yet I mostly took this in one-hit bowls to savor the taste. A real heavy strain, this was the knockout punch I needed to end morning cramping. In the evening, it was a tasty and enjoyable way to wrap up a day while zoning out after kiddie bedtime. Expect to see a new seed line of Phishhead Kush crosses in the near future. 9/10

    What really turned my nose (and, later, head) was the tart, rubbery deliciousness of this White Fire OG. The display jar Rocky Mountain Organic Medicine had on display was a phenomenal example of this cut, and it instantly went in my take-home pile. As potent as it was delicious, the lemony/earthy flavor distracted me long enough for the first few minutes after puffing that I didn’t even realize how incredibly high I had become. Mentally, it was euphoric and vaguely uplifting, but the body buzz was outstanding, and it wiped away all of the soreness suffered playing hooky take a powder day at (where else?) Mary Jane 10/10

    The Ten Best Marijuana Strains of 2014

    Our marijuana writer, William Breathes, celebrated five years as America’s first newspaper pot critic this past November. In addition to the hundreds under his belt, he’s added another 52 shops to his growing list of reviews in 2014 and smoked nearly 100 different kinds of herb in that time. A few of those still stands out, though and made it easy to narrow down Westword’s Top Buds of 2014.

    Suzanne Heintz and Her Mannequin Family Shoot Christmas Cards

    Our marijuana writer, William Breathes, celebrated five years as America’s first newspaper pot critic this past November. In addition to the hundreds under his belt, he’s added another 52 shops to his growing list of reviews in 2014 and smoked nearly 100 different kinds of herb in that time. A few of…

    Maximus Super

    Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

    • Reviewed 2/13/17
    Purple Pixie Stix
    magical bowl topper

    The wonderful color in the picture is exactly what you get. Mild nutty, cheesy aroma, VERY strong relaxing physical indica effects. Seems to be a full melt.

    This stuff is such a smooth smoke. Compare this $40/gram hash made with NO SOLVENTS to more expensive bubble / CO2 concentrates from other dispensaries. Ugh, it’s just not fair.

    I have been looking for a good bowl topper hash for a while now and this is up there with hash by French Laundry & other top of the line concentrates.

    • Reviewed 2/5/17
    Dispensary Review:
    Great selection and prices, super fast service

    I hate to let the secret out but Lakeside has a much better selection of vape cartridges than the bigger names in local dispensaries. Their prices are also WAY better, plus the staff is super nice, laid back and professional. I have only ordered once but this is already in my top three dispensaries in the Bay Area. Signing up was super super easy and 45 minutes later my driver arrived promptly with some of the highest grade medicine out there for the best price in town. Good stuff.

    • Reviewed 9/14/16
    Sun Grown White Erkle
    No consistency between batches

    I managed to get the last two eighths of the LAST batch of White Erkle last week.

    It was a great deal at $20/eighth – small buds and a lot of stem, but the taste and smell were great!

    This batch is cured differently and it’s basically garbage. Smell is barely there. The taste is awful and it produces a lot of stinky resin upon burning.

    I wish I had checked it out before ordering online but I just assumed the same strain at the same price would be the same, three or four days later. WRONG.

    This batch should be $10 or $15 an eighth at most.

    Last edited by Maximus Super on 10/18/16 at 9:05 PM Pacific

    • Reviewed 2/19/16
    All Star Nova OG
    Unexpectedly awesome

    I am usually skeptical of anything that says “OG” — I don’t actually like that tobacco-y “earthy” kush taste that OGs have, nor do I care for the sativa aspect of their effect. I was trying to decide between this and the All Star Purple Urkle which i’ve had but it was a little boring.

    I took a chance on this because
    – it was grown by “conscious collective”

    sounds promising
    – it has stardawg in its genetics

    i love stardawg, very calm and happy hybrid
    – it’s labeled as a straight I(ndica) instead of I+S like most OGs are.

    Happy to say it was worth even the high All Star prices. A delicious flavor with no end-of-the-joint tobacco-y OG aftertaste, very smooth smoke, and IMMEDIATE effects. works extremely fast, even on a seasoned veteran with an exceptional tolerance (me).

    The effects are euphoric but not racy, a pleasant body buzz, very relaxing – everything I look for in an indica.

    thanks BPG, if this is in fact an “exclusive cut” it was a very good choice.

    Medical marijuana dispensary, doctor and medicine directory with reviews. Search medical cannabis menus by price, strength, flavor, treatable symptoms & more in San Francisco Bay Area, Denver, Sacramento, Colorado Springs, and Boulder.