sage strain

Sage strain

SAGE, or Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium, is an evenly-balanced hybrid that’s found popularity among cultivators for creating hybrid cannabis strains. It comes from crossing a pure Sativa Haze with a pure Afghani Indica Landrace strain. Seeds of SAGE are readily available, as this strain is popular for breeding. This award winning strain has deep roots, even taking 2nd place back in 2001 in the High Times Cannabis Cup-Blind Test category. In 2000, the hash plant that was made from this strain took 1st Place in the High Times Cannabis Cup-Hash Cup category.

The thick and burly tree and diamond-shaped nuggets are bright and emerald-green, with braids of orange pistils woven throughout. A close up look reveals a generous frosting of sticky trichome hairs. Enough trichomes are present to leave furry patches of white and amber covering most of the buds.

The smell alone is enough to warn any serious connoisseur that this high-powered classic means business. A fierce aroma of pine, sage, and herbs will fill the room upon opening the jar. Combusting this strain is like inhaling freshly ground black-pepper, leaving a delightfully pleasant spice lingering on the pallet.

Fans say the first hit is enough to begin to feel the effects, making it no surprise why SAGE has built up such a loyal following among users for chronic pain, arthritis, cramps, and migraines. This high powered strain tests at 23% THC on average, with an impressive 1.8% CBD in combination. The dominant terpenes are Caryophyllene and Humulene, which are believed from various research to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-cancer, and immune boosting properties. Users report a calming of the muscles and nerves, while simultaneously becoming mentally invigorated with energy. Its reported psychedelic euphoria is powerful and the trippy effects can overwhelm some users, making consumption setting of utmost importance when using this strain. A comfortable environment, alone or among loved ones, is ideal according to many. Users say this powerful strain can make things like analytical thinking or mathematics more difficult, and that mindless activities like jogging or doing chores a better choice when using SAGE. This versatile strain can be used day or night or for a multitude of purposes, once again showing why it has become and stayed such a popular and awarded cannabis strain.

SAGE, or Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium, is an evenly-balanced hybrid that’s found popularity among cultivators for creating hybrid cannabis strains. It comes from crossing a pure Sativa Haze with a pure Afghani Indica Landrace strain. Seeds of SAGE are readily available, as this strain…

Sage strain

Here you can find all info about S.A.G.E. from TH Seeds. If you are searching for information about S.A.G.E. from TH Seeds, check out our Basic Infos, Gallery, Degustation, Awards, Strain Reviews, Medicinal Properties, Shop-Finder and Price Comparison, Lineage / Genealogy, Hybrids / Crossbreeds or User Comments for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information – or list all S.A.G.E. Strains (±5) to find a different version. If you have any personal experiences with growing or consuming this cannabis variety, please use the upload links to add them to the database!

Basic / Breeders Info

S.A.G.E. is a mostly sativa variety from TH Seeds and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±73 days ), outdoors and in the greenhouse. TH Seeds’ S.A.G.E. is a THC dominant variety and is/was only available as feminized seeds.

TH Seeds’ S.A.G.E. Description

T.H.Seeds™ S.A.G.E.™ Feminized Seeds

The name S.A.G.E.™ says it all! Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium. A well balanced Haze crossed with a robust Indica that produces a power-packed plant with over 20 % THC. Fast becoming a legend, S.A.G.E.™ took 2nd place in the blind test of the 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup also the hash made out of this plant won 1st place in 2000, both of these victories were based on overall strength and quality. High THC and low CBD make this plant a perfect head stash variety. Spicy sandalwood flavor combined with a long lasting and uplifting high make this the plant for those who must have the best. Longer flowering time is rewarded with large buds that will seem to double in size in the last few weeks. S.A.G.E.™ has been a cornerstone of the T.H.Seeds™ breeding program for almost 25 years.

TYPE: Mostly Sativa
GENETICS: Big Sur Holy x Afghani
YIELD: 350gr – 400gr p.s.m.
HEIGHT: 120cm – 140cm
FLOWERING TIME: 10-11 weeks
TASTE: Sandalwood / Piney / Earthy / Sage / Sweet
EFFECTS: Uplifting High / Happy / Calm Mind / Energetic Body
MEDICINAL CONDITIONS: Stress / Pain Relief / Migraines / Menstrual Cramps

Where to buy S.A.G.E. cannabis seeds?

S.A.G.E. from TH Seeds is available as regular and feminized seeds. In 11 seedbanks, we found 40 offers between EUR 17.00 for 2 feminized seeds and EUR 1314.95 for 200 feminized seeds. If you are looking to buy S.A.G.E. Cannabis Seeds from TH Seeds somewhere – have a look to our S.A.G.E. Price Comparison page with all current offers from all the connected seedbanks and shops – or visit one of the following tested, trustworthy and recommended seed-shops directly to check out their current S.A.G.E. offers: Zamnesia, Original Seeds Store, Oaseeds, Linda Seeds | Linda Semilla, Seedsman, PEV Seeds Bank, Herbies Head Shop, Cannapot Hanfshop,, Indras Planet GmbH and Alchimia Grow Shop.

S.A.G.E. Awards

TH Seeds’ S.A.G.E. is a cupwinning variety and won 2 awards!

S.A.G.E. Reviews

We’ve collected strain info from 6 growers for S.A.G.E., check out the reviews about the indoor and outdoor grow here.

General Impression

Known Phenotypes:

  1. long, stretched, fastly blossoming, sativa-dominant Phenotype #1

More Info:

How is S.A.G.E. growing outdoors?

How is S.A.G.E. growing indoors?

S.A.G.E. Degustation

The seedfinder users tested S.A.G.E. and uploaded information about the aroma, taste and effects of TH Seeds’ S.A.G.E.. Here a short overview, click to the charts or links to get an exact description and find similar cannabis varieties!

Aroma / Smell

The aroma / smell of S.A.G.E. can be described best as Spicy (partially Sandalwood and also a bit of Hashish) and additionally as a little bit Sweet (a bit of Floral) and Microbiological. . read more

Taste / Flavour

The taste / flavour of S.A.G.E. was characterized as basically Spicy. and more exact as partially Sandalwood and also a bit of Hashish . read more

Effect / Effectiveness

15% Light headed

10% Pain numbing

S.A.G.E. have basically a strong effect to the Head (fairly Light headed and Exhilarating) but is also affecting to the Body (fairly Calming and Couchlocking). . read more

S.A.G.E. Gallery

Here you see the latest S.A.G.E. photos, uploaded from our users! Altogether we’ve collected 42 pictures from TH Seeds’ S.A.G.E., check out our S.A.G.E. gallery to view them all.

S.A.G.E.s Medicinal Properties

S.A.G.E. Lineage / Genealogy

  • S.A.G.E. »»» Unknown Haze x Afghanistan
  • Unknown Haze
    • »»» Mexico x Colombia x Thailand x India
    • Mexico »»» Sativa
    • Colombia »»» Sativa
    • Thailand »»» Sativa
    • India »»» Sativa
  • Afghanistan »»» Indica

Map of the S.A.G.E. Family Tree

S.A.G.E. Hybrids & Crossbreeds

We found 36 direct descendants from TH Seeds’ S.A.G.E. in the seedfinder strain database, here a short overview. To see all hybrids and their descendants, visit our S.A.G.E. Genealogy Page and check out all the direct crosses as like as the following generations.

Map of the S.A.G.E. Descendants

If you are with a big screen and not browsing with your mobile, check out our dynamic family tree map with all known hybrids of S.A.G.E.! (but this maybe will need some time to load all the data!)

S.A.G.E. User Comments

Altogether we’ve collected 4 user comments about TH Seeds’ S.A.G.E.. Here you find the 3 english user comments, for the ones in the other langues please click here: german (1).

UncleHerb – 02.06.2017

S.A.G.E seeds were given to my Brother by Adam in the late 90’s.I originally had 4 phenos.One was overly tall, two were medium with perfect structure, and one was actually a dwarf indica that resembled a small outdoor indica.I kept one of the medium phenos that smelled extremely pungent and skunky in veg.There was a situation where I had to leave a house and pick one clone.

The one I kept became the FoCo S.A.G.E.It can be found scattered around the country, and is the best S.A.G.E. clone out there according to Adam from THseeds himself.

This plant is very vigorous and resistant to bugs and powdery mildew.I’ve been growing it for a very long time.If you give it good light, especially 1000 watts, it will yield like no other.I’ve had plants produce up to 27 oz. indoors.The plant likes a good wet/dry cycle and increasing nutrients as the flowers develop.The plant will look ripe in 63 days.Don’t pick it then.If picked at 73-75 days, it is very green and frosty with clear trichomes and an amazing peaches and cream with sandalwood flavor.As the plant matures, it will continue to swell up and turn purple.It will keep getting piling on resin and getting bigger until 85 days or so.At that point the smell and tastes become extremely hashy and pungent.The high is more physical.At 73-77 days, the high is uplifting and clear in the mind but also has a strong body high.

Properly grown FoCo S.A.G.E. is as good and strong as anything on Earth.The strain has been poorly grown in some areas and given a bad name.If you were to grow a high yielding 60 day strain, the S.A.G.E. will outyield it if picked then, but it will really pile on the weight after that.

This plant does best in a SCROG setup with mostly organic nutrients.This particular clone is the one that gave S.A.G.E. it’s name in America.It should have a spot under legendary/clone only.Even Adam will tell you that, as he’s grateful for the publicity.This seed was given out before S.A.G.E. was released to the public.

GrowIt – 18.10.2011

I should have probably rated this strain even higher, but I did not want to come across as a salesperson for it.

But it is that good.Completely recommended; I can see why THSeeds head breeder considered this his favorite head-strain for over 10 years.

Typical Christmas-tree shape throughout its life, the very long and strong side branches give birth to a ridiculous amount of bud sites, which by harvest swell into these arm-sized chunks of solid bud.

After just a few weeks of curing, it is already one of my top 3 favorite strains (next to Jack The Ripper and OG Kush).

Easy plant to grow, very hearty and strong, can take drought conditions if water is scarce, and not show any worse for wear.

Strongest recommendation. GROW IT!

zels420 – 22.01.2011

Taste 9 out of 10.Would smoke this stuff if it didn’t get me high. A true keeper

Sage strain Here you can find all info about S.A.G.E. from TH Seeds . If you are searching for information about S.A.G.E. from TH Seeds, check out our Basic Infos, Gallery, Degustation, Awards,