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San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi) 20 seeds

Echinopsis pachanoi, the original San Pedro cactus is one of the sacred cacti of South America. For centuries, this cactus has played an important role in Shamanic culture. The cactus is a native to Bolivia and contains psychoactive compounds, the most important one Mescaline. With our fresh Echinopsis pachanoi (San Pedro) seeds you can now easily grow your own San Pedro cacti at home!

San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi) 20 seeds
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San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi): Grow the Sacred Cactus Easily At Home!

Growing your own San Pedro cacti at home isn’t too difficult with our fresh seeds that ensure best growing success. The San Pedro cactus (Echinopsis pachanoi) does best in peat-based special cactus and succulent soil that you can easily get in any well-sorted gardening store.

Echinopsis pachanoi (San Pedro) loves it very humid for optimal germination success. After germination, ensure adequate air circulation and ventilation to prevent mould. Keep the growing environment warm and shaded and most importantly, make sure that the soil is always moist during germination and early growth.

The San Pedro cactus grows into a green cactus with a columnar shape and will develop white flowers.

Contents: San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi) 20 Seeds

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buenas condiciones
buenas condiciones

A bit unreliable
I bought this seeds months ago and none came out (this time could’ve been my bad). Bought again at the end of summer and some did come out, 3 or so. The rest of the pots did nothing, yet weeks and weeks later some more green bits started showing. This time I had followed the instructions on the website strictly. I think the instructions are just a bit vague and don’t specify some probably important factors (how much ventilation they need, specific temperature, etc). I now have 10 out of the total 20 seeds, they take much longer than stated.

In der richtigen Jahreszeit einer der besten Samen !

sav parfait
pas encore testé mais service client génial

ca marche
7 ont germées

Decent results
I had around 50% germination rate at a steady 25C in moist cacti soil. Marginally higher germination rate than seed bought elsewhere (2-3 plants) in the same conditions.

Good stuff
Most of the seeds germinated, now I just gotta wait a couple years to collect the fruits of my labor. THANKS Zamnesia!

High germination!!
17/20 germinated!!

A good germination rate
I planted 17 seeds and only two didn’t germinate. They germinated pretty quickly and my seedlings are looking healthy. I didn’t plant them in the best condition so I was happy when I saw that alsmost all of them germinated.

Super fast to germinate
So I did a little test between eBay, and Zamnesia. 100 from eBay, 100 from here. For one, the seed from eBay did not look like these seeds, they are too shiny. Most likely fake. As I found out most are. USA sellers especially! Secondly I’ve been germinating the eBay seed for a month prior to getting the zamnesia seed. The eBay ones, took SO long to germinate. I had them in optimum conditions, sterile containers, heat mat, 100W grow light but not under full beam. Then my zamnesia experiment started. 8 days in and I can see two multiple germinations already. These ‘usually’ take two weeks to germinate, so I’m already impressed with the quality of the seed. These seedlings are healthier looking I should add, as the others look poor by comparison. No doubt the San Pedro products from zamnesia are the way to go

Echinopsis pachanoi (San Pedro) is a psychoactive cactus native to Bolivia. It contains the powerful psychedelic compound Mescaline.

Can a San Pedro Cactus Be Grown From Seed?

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The San Pedro cactus (Trichocereus pachanoi) adds long-lasting beauty to landscaping within U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10a and above with its ribbed, columnar branches and white, trumpet-shaped flowers. Although best propagated from cuttings, San Pedro cacti will also grow from fresh seed. However, the seeds must be sown under the right conditions to ensure successful germination and minimize the chances of infection.


San Pedro cacti bloom in midsummer, but their fruit doesn’t fully ripen until early autumn. The seeds should be gathered once the fruit ripens to a pinkish color and produces an abundance of brownish, hairlike structures on the outside. Remove the spongy matter from inside the fruit, then pick out the tiny black seeds. The seeds germinate best when fresh, so sow them in autumn immediately after gathering them.

Equipment Preparation

The right equipment and thorough preparation will substantially increase the likelihood of successfully germinating San Pedro cactus seeds because it will limit the chances of disease and infection. Shallow, 3-inch pots with drainage holes and sterile, fast-draining medium such as sand or perlite provide the right conditions for healthy root production, but the pots must be thoroughly washed and the medium must be rinsed before use. Fill the clean pots with the moistened medium, leaving the top 1/2 inch of each pot empty.


San Pedro cactus seeds germinate somewhat erratically, so it is best to sow several in each pot. The seeds should be placed on the surface of the medium roughly 1/2 inch apart, then gently pressed onto the surface so they are firmly anchored. Light exposure is important for germination, so cover the seeds with a single layer of perlite, which will allow light to penetrate while still holding moisture around the seeds. Mist the perlite with cool water and gently tamp it to settle it atop the seeds.

Germination Process

Constant warmth and humidity play a key role in San Pedro cactus seed germination. The pots should be warmed to around 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 70 F at night using a bottom-heating propagation mat, and they should be covered with a sheet of plastic wrap to hold in the humidity and warmth. Six to eight hours of daily sunlight is also required, so position the pots near a south-facing window. Check the moisture level in the growing medium every day and water if it feels nearly dry. Overhead watering encourages harmful bacterial growth, so watering from the base is best. Place the pots in a tray, then pour water into the tray until the pots are halfway submerged. Let the water soak in for 20 minutes, then remove the pots.

Aftercare and Planting

Healthy San Pedro cactus seeds will germinate in roughly one month, at which point the seedlings should be thinned to one per pot and moved to a sheltered location outdoors. The propagation dome or plastic wrap should be lifted gradually over the course of one week, then completely removed once the seedlings are acclimated to normal humidity levels. Once hardened off, the San Pedro cactus seedlings can be transplanted into larger containers filled with standard cactus potting mix and grown under light shade for their first summer before being planted into the garden in autumn.

Can a San Pedro Cactus Be Grown From Seed?. The San Pedro cactus (Trichocereus pachanoi) adds long-lasting beauty to landscaping within U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10a and above with its ribbed, columnar branches and white, trumpet-shaped flowers. Although best propagated from cuttings, San …