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Florida Seed Company introduces our new online seed store. With a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation for you to easily review our varieties and interact with other growers.

..not only seeds for sale, but actively engaged with farmers.



Grow your own professional trial. We encourage and support farmers to obtain better yield, quality and resistance from latest research results.




Contact our team for advice on the varieties best adapted for your area. Professional farmers, research institutions and seed suppliers are welcome request seed samples to grow professional trials and take advantage of the latest research. Terms and Conditions apply.


Florida Seeds LLC is a seed company based in the United States. Aimed to provide farmers support, hybrid vegetables and papaya seeds for sale. We provide non gmo seeds obtained combining Plant Breeding and Bioinformatics.


Florida Seeds develops new seed varieties for the fresh-market industry of Vegetables and Fruits, especially Papaya. Research programs take 3 to 5 years to obtain parental lines using molecular breeding and traditional selection methods. Our varieties are known for their quality, high yield and pest resistance.


Focused on the demand for new, better adapted varieties and the highly competitive market’s landscape, our specialists work to obtain and tune the new hybrids. A continuous screening and feedback process that takes between 3 and 5 more years, before we launch full scale production. This thorough protocol ensures your growth and our future.


The seed production fields of Florida Seeds meet the strictest global requirements. Since the multiplication phase, the parent lines are controlled by seed lots, tested and validated in field, and monitored during pollination. All this information remains linked to the packing lots of the final hybrid seeds inside databases, ensuring identity preservation of seeds and traceability of production each time.

Seed Quality

Supply of high-quality seed is a priority concern to guarantee yield and quality crops. Production seed lots are tested for trueness to variety using molecular markers fingerprint and/or phenotype verification in field. Seed germination and seedling emergence are also tested to comply with highest standard percentage of seed producing normal seedlings. Seed quality control further includes physical appearance, check for presence of inert matter, measure seed of other crops or weed seed, and freedom from disease.


Florida Seeds LLC ships to the United States, Canada, Central and South America, and the Caribbean.
Feel free to contact us for details on distribution, trials and representatives in your area.

Trials and Partners

Farmers and farming organizations are welcome to introduce our seed varieties and take advantage of latest research results, free seed samples, consultancy, crop sponsorship, and special partner discounts for well established varieties.


Florida Seeds Headquarter is located in South Florida, close to Miami ports and Homestead field trials.

Seed Company. Hybrid Tomato, Pepper, Watermelon, Eggplant, Cucumber, Melon, Cantaloupe and Papaya Seeds for Sale. Known for Yield, Quality and Resistant.

High Quality Seed Packets

Welcome to Florida Garden Seeds. We are a family owned business from Jacksonville, Florida. Growing our own vegetables, and saving seed is our passion. Gardening has been our family tradition for decades. I loved hearing my Grandmother say at the dinner table “These came out of the garden”. Let us share some of those seeds with you, and start building warm memories with your family.

Easy To Grow Vegetables

Beans are very tender when picked young.
Cowpeas and cornbread are a southern favorite.
Kale is basically nature’s wild cabbage superfood.
Mustard Greens add a spicy kick to salads.
Lettuce comes in so many different varieties.
Radishes grow themselves in about a month.

About Us

Your purchase supports an old veteran, and a grouchy woman, that I met while stationed in Germany. If you have any questions or concerns after receiving your items, please contact us right away, so we can address any concerns that you may have. We believe that it is every person’s right to control and grow their own food. We pledge that we do not knowingly harvest, buy, or sell genetically engineered seeds.

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Money Back Guarantee

We will refund you in full, for any items that are damaged in transit, lost, fail to germinate, or not as described within 180 days from your purchase. We are honest sellers, and have found that most problems can be fixed easily with communication. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are friendly people.

Florida Garden Seeds
1412 Moody Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32206
[email protected]

Mobile # 904.402.6202

We are here to answer your calls Monday-Friday 8:00am-5.00pm EST. Text anytime.

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