seeds from israel

Seeds from israel

If you are a fan of professional plant breeding, call us and we will advise.

Purity Test

Identifies the range at any point in the production process.

Analysis and biological tests

Chromosomal analysis and offer biological pathogen resistance test.

Relations with the farmer

We work with producers and actors who make decisions about what to grow and market variety.

Promotion and marketing of new varieties

We report on new plant varieties that are incorporated into our dinánico catalog.

Laboratory Services

We offer solutions and analytical laboratory services for our partners breeders.

Plant Variety Catalog

Our company develop hybrid plants direrentes the high standards of professional markets.

Our team

Research consistently for new selections of varieties for development of industry international farm.

Partners offer breeders

Evaluation of its new plant varieties and secure organization of commercial assays protected by contracts.

We offer professional farmers

Every year we get about 100 new plant varieties from the personal work of our breeders.

Research and Development

We work in close cooperation with leading universities, institutes and agricultural research centers.

We can help you

If you join our team we offer the coordination of testing and evaluation of varieties.

Genotyping and Analysis Phytopathology

The use of genetic markers offers significant advantages such as shortening the time of improvement.

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It is a company dedicated to the development, production and marketing of professional seeds.

Jumars Seeds brings experience, support, innovation and advanced technologies.

We breed, develop and produce a wide range of hybrid vegetables, flowers and herbs.

Our varieties are being marketed to the professional grower’s trough seed companies and distributors around the world.

We are a group of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the business who decided to focus the acquired experience to present genetic and technical solutions to the European and world market.

We constantly innovate and do everything possible to satisfy the needs of our customers by offering the varieties they are looking for according to the demands of their market, we serve them with high quality seeds and the best customer service.

Seeds from israel If you are a fan of professional plant breeding, call us and we will advise. Purity Test Identifies the range at any point in the production process. Analysis and

Genesis Seeds Ltd.

Genesis Seeds Ltd, privately owned, is one of the world’s largest producers of Certified Organic Vegetable , herb and flower seeds since 1994.

The company is based in Israel (in the ‘High Negev’), where all research, and production takes place. All Genesis Seed products are grown only in Israel and the company operates according to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001 endorsement of the Israeli Standards Institute.

Genesis Seeds sells its own production only to seed companies, wholesalers and distributors in North America, West Europe , Israel and other countries worldwide.

In seeking the Best quality, we focus on Organic Production under strict agro–technical methods while always looking for the best Genetics. Innovating, Breeding and Keeping a full assortment of Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers in order to fulfill and serve the Organic and Conventional markets.

genesis seeds Producers of Certified Organic Vegetable, Herb and Flower Seeds