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Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple is an indica dominant hybrid strain with 80% indica and 20% sativa. It has THC levels at 16%- 25% which is high enough to cause greening out when used excessively. It is a cross between little known of Cherry Kandahar and the well known high CBD strain- Charlotte’s web.

Shirley Temple has a plain appearance; small green nugs with tiny amber hairs and long dark green leaves that may spot purple on a few occasions. If you happen to be growing this strain it will be interesting to watch the resin glands dominate the surface of the nugs to signify the end of the flowering season and give a cue for harvest time.

Shirley Temple a flavorful strain that combines berry and citrus with herbal and woody notes. The taste is something similar; you will be able to detect a mix of fruit and herbs in the smoke. When the nugs are well burned, it will be easy to detect some coffee notes.

If you inhale this strain you will begin appreciating the cerebral hit in a few minutes as they come rushing in. The effect is first strongest around your temples and may help to alleviate migraines. This effect quickly fills up the mind plunging you into a state of complete euphoria. This state is epitomized by creative energy and sharpened focus. This is later followed by a deeply relaxing state that’s slightly tingly. In about 90 minutes you will want to take a horizontal position and call it a day.

Shirley Temple has been used to depression, chronic stress, cramps, muscle spasms, and chronic pain. The sativa side may cause some level of anxiety, especially for new patients. However, it is not likely to be overwhelming and will quickly wear out.

Strain Type
This is an indica leaning hybrid strain with 80% indica and 20% sativa. It has 20%-25% THC. The exact amount of CBD in this strain is not clear, but it could be significantly high based on its lineage of Charlotte’s web which is a high CBD strain.

Shirley Temple is a hybrid cross between Cherry Kandahar and Charlotte’s web. The breeders are Trailhead Farms.

Patient Reported Positive Effects

Shirley Temple produces a strong cerebral and body high. It starts with an immediate euphoric boost that quickly translates to a warm fuzzy feeling that washes over the body. It is likely to put a smile on your face and giggles which quickly graduate to bouts of laughter. As you proceed, your limbs will begin to get heavy and soon movement may be impossible. As this goes on, the mind will still be uplifted and energized.

Patients have reported the following positive effects after taking this strain:
• Energy burst
• Creativity
• Hunger
• Euphoria

Patient Reported Negative Effects

As with all other high THC cannabis strains, this strain will cause some side effects. However, they will not be anything too different than you would experience with other weed strains.

The most commonly-reported adverse effect is dry mouth which is typically presented along with dry eyes. To avoid this sort of dehydration, drink plenty of hydrating fluids before, during, and after consumption. Also, keep a bottle of water on hand or nearby for easy access. You can use moisturizing eye drops to prevent your eyes from feeling dry.

Patient Reported Rare Negative Effects

On rare occasion patients have complained of anxiety and panic attacks after taking this strain.

Medical Benefits of Shirley Temple

This strain has been used successfully to assist patients with a wide-variety of conditions and ailments. This includes patients suffering from seizures or epilepsy because of the high amounts of CBD. The parent strain Charlotte’s Web has been used to successfully treat intractable childhood seizures- the case of Charlotte Figi.

Additionally, this strain has been used to manage chronic pain in different parts of the body. It has also been used to relieve muscle spasms and joint related pain. It is beneficial in relieving symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia, and neuropathic conditions.

The cerebral effects may be able to assist those suffering from things like depression and stress disorders. And lastly, anyone that has trouble managing their chronic fatigue may find that this strain helpful.

Patients have used this strain to treat:
• Pain
• Arthritis
• Parkinson’s disease
• Depression
• Stress
• Fatigue
• Seizures
• Muscle spasms
• Fibromyalgia
• Neuropathic pain

Cannabis strains can have up to one hundred different terpenes. However, a few terpenes will be dominant- primary and secondary terpenes.

The terpenes present in this strain include linalool, limonene, sabinene, and humulene.

Linalool has strong analgesic properties while limonene is a great stress reliever. Sabinene is a secondary terpene that is quite rare. It gives off a woody, spicy, and pepperish aroma. It has been used in the treatment of arthritis and acne.

Humulene has appetite suppressant effects which are antagonistic to the “munchies” caused by THC.

AboutEffectsTreatsTerpenes About Shirley Temple is an indica dominant hybrid strain with 80% indica and 20% sativa. It has THC levels at 16%- 25% which is

Shirley Temple CBD Flower

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Shirley Temple Strain

CBD Flower USA is a premium vendor of the Shirley Temple strain. This strain comes from the cherry family, and the buds are dark green. Shirley Temple has a fun-filled terpene profile of chocolate and cherries. It is harvested early in the season and is a desirable strain sought after by avid CBD enthusiasts.

This CBD flower is a rare Indica dominant hybrid strain. It contains 17.6% cannabinoids and 12.99% CBD. Our products are cultivated by an NDA licensed hemp grower. Once they are packaged, the labels are put on by an NDA licensed hemp handler. We strive to provide you with Shirley Temple CBD Flower at its optimal freshness.

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Shirley Temple Strain has very good, dark green nug structure. It has a fun-filled terpene profile of chocolate and cherries. 100% organic