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The Five Shortest Autoflower Strains – A Fast Buds Guide

Bigger is not always better. A supersized Sativa may look great in photos, but what do you do when it starts to outgrow its tent? Get a bigger tent? Well, then how do you discreetly place that in your home? Nobody wants law enforcement banging their door down because their pot plant was too big to hide.

If you value stealthiness or have limited space, autoflowering cannabis seeds grow compact and shorter, and can still provide you with big yields and potent flowers. Instead of growing like trees, these strains grow like squat bushes packed with dense buds. Sometimes referred to as dwarf cannabis, modern autoflowers offer staggering yields and award-winning, high-THC buds within 10-weeks of planting. With that in mind, let’s kick off our list at number 5!

For each strain, we’ve included a link to a grow report/grow diary that illustrates one way (of many) to successfully grow each variety. Check out our grow tips.

5. Green Crack Auto 24-35 inches

Who wants to get hyped! No strain provides a rush like Green Crack (sometimes called Green Crush). The original version of this legendary strain comes in both Sativa-dominant and Indica-dominant varieties. Fast Buds’ Autoflowering version is an almost perfect 50/50 hybrid that gives the rush of a Sativa, while the Indica relaxation eliminates paranoia and nervousness.

Topping out at 35 inches, or 90 centimeters, The small bushy Green Crack still offers massive yields, as you can see from the picture above. Green Crack offers a smooth, balanced experience, and fits nicely in a closet or any kind of stealth grow box.

The shortest autoflowering strains for stealthy growers or those who have limited space.

Use LST to Grow a Short Sativa

Key Takeaway: You Can Use LST (Low Stress Training) to Force Any Marijuana Plant to Grow Into Any Shape You Want

LST allows you to train your marijuana plants to grow into basically any shape.

This gives you the power to force any strain to grow short, giving you the ability to grow a short Sativa or Haze, strains which normally grow too tall and stretchy to get good yields indoors.

To do this, you physically force the plant by providing no other options. You actually bend and gently manipulate your plants to grow into your desired shape, like an artist or scuptor.

You can use basically anything to tie plants down.

I highly recommend getting a spool of twisty tie or garden wire (soft, bendable wire, specifically made for the garden) to tie your plants down with. Garden wire is soft and pliable, yet strong. This allows you to quickly hook the wire around branches and secure the other end to whatever you want, without hurting your plants.

Yet you don’t need special garden wire to be successful. You can use anything from string to paper clips.

Feel free to get creative! After you attach one end to the part of the plant you want to train, the other end can be tied to weights, to the pots your plants are in, your hydroponics bucket, or most anything.

In the best case scenario, you want to keep everything self-contained, so you can easily move your plant around later.

Here’s the low-down on how to LST your plant…

How to LST

View the complete article with step-by-step pictures and explanation of each step here:

Step 1: Top or FIM your young plant when she’s only got 3-5 nodes.

This sets the stage for further LST

Step 2: Spread out your branches so they lie flat and secure them.

Especially in the very beginning, think of creating a “star” shape with your plant. The branches should be gently pulled down to lay as flat as possible.

Step 3: Supercrop your plants (optional)

Step 4: Repeat Steps 2 & 3 throughout Vegetative stage and into first few weeks of Flowering Stage

If you’ve LST’ed properly during the vegetative stage, your plant will naturally grow rows of colas along the top of whatever shape plant you’ve created.

As you continue to spend time training and observing your plants, you’ll gain an even better understanding of how marijuana plants grow.

LST is more of an art form than a science, and it’s time for you to bring out your inner artist!

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