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All cannabis strains from SnowHigh Seeds

indica-sativa mostly-indica sativa mostly-sativa unknown indica


3 x Purple is a combination of some of the.

Abominable SnowMan

Yield: Large Flowering Time: 9-10 Weeks Pl.

Acapulco Gold x C99

Used as a base by SnowHigh Seeds for sever.

Acapulco Gold x Michoacon

Acapulco Gold x Michoacon.


Iron Cindy is one of my favorite strains b.

Afghani Street Sweeper

The Afghani Street Sweeper can be describe.

Allusion OG

Allusion OG is the combination of an origi.

Angola Red X Thai X Purple Thai

Genetics: Angola Red X Thai X Purple Thai.


limited edition No further information ava.

Arc Angel

The Hells Angel is a SnowHigh creation not.

Aztec Gold

Colombian Gold x Acapulco Gold x C99.

Bad Ass Donkey Dick

B.A.D.D. is another combination of heirloo.


Berserker is the combination of an origina.

Big Mountain Gold

Black Congolese IX

The Black Congolese IX #2 is the Pure Blac.

Black Magic

This Swazi Rooibard is straight from South.

Black Mamba

A strain hybrid I’ve been wanting to mak.

Black Mamba 2

Congo Pointe Noire x Black Congolese x Vie.

Black Maui

US-based breeder Snow has created a phenom.

Black Raspberry Haze

Black Raspberry Haze.

Black Star

Old school Sensi Star produces some of the.

Blackberry Spacewreck

The Blackberry Spacewreck is a fast flower.

Blazing Dragon

Blazing Pantera

Blazing Pantera is a combination of Pink S.

Blood Diamond

The Pablos Gold that we used finishes flow.

Blueberry Blast

So Blue Dream is a Blueberry Haze line fro.

Brazilian Red Gold

Aracaju Red x Columbian Gold.

Burning Spear

Burning Spear is the combination of the Or.

California Purple Haze

no more information at the moment.


Chem D x True Gangster Kush.



Chingona is the Mexican slang word for a B.

Chocolate Kush

Chocolate Thai x Hells Angel.

Chocolate Thai

Chocolate Thai Bx (OG Chocolate Thai F2 x.

Coco Loco

Flower Cycle: 14-22 weeks The Acapulco Gol.

Columbian Gold

Columbian Gold Circa 72 Preservation 2016.

Congolese Gold

Santa Marta Colombian Gold x Black Congole.

Congolese Red

Not to be mistaken for the Red Congolese s.

Crazy Train

Crazy Train (Nam Wreck (Arcata Trainwreck.

Crystal Skull

Choco Chiba x Metal Haze F2 x Angola Red.

Deep Shit

Bloom Length: 8-10 weeks # of Phenotypes.

Devils Poison

Devils Tit

A Durban Poison clone was picked up by gro.

Dirty Brownie

We made the Dirty Brownie years ago while.

Double Panama

4 females of two different Panama Red vari.

Dr. Xeus

Dr. Xeus is high performance strain using.

Dragons Fire

Crystal resin coated flowers that drip wit.

Dream Land

Pipe Dream x Thors Hammer x Puure Kush x U.

Du Ma Vietnamese

Vietnam Black #2 x Vietnam Gold.

Durban Thai Highflyer II

Genetics: (Durban Poison x Thai) Durban Th.

El Primo Smoking Mirror

‘El Primo’ means ‘the best’, and i.

Electric Grape Punch

Electric Grape Punch is a combination of m.

Cali Purple Haze x Thors Hammer.

Epic Daze Haze

Ethiopian Angel

No more information available at the momen.

Ethiopian x Columbian Gold

Ethiopian x Columbian Gold.

Faded Glory

Faded Glory (Blueberry Blast x OG Purple F.

Fire Bubble Kush

Fire Bubble Kush (Fire OG Kush x Massachus.

Flaming Purple Apeshit


G-Suit is a combination of a True Gangster.

General Ho

The selected Abusive OG Kush is highly pro.

Goji Purple Fire Thai

Goji OG is the combination of (Snow Lotus.

Gold Digger

Blue Dragon 1947 x Acapulco Gold x C99.

Golden Dragon

Golden King

Columbian 68 x Columbian Heirloom x Columb.

Golden Kush

70% Indica / 30% Sativa Indoor / Outdoor B.

Golden Lei

The Golden Lei, is a hybrid combination of.

Golden Thai

The Gold King Thai female I used was very.

Golden White Grapefruit

Golden White Grapefruit is Grapefruit Haze.

Grand Colombian

Panama Red & Panama Red Hair x Colombi.

Grape Krush F3

Genetics: Grape Krush F3 (Purple and Green.

Grimm Creeper

This is a commercial growers dream cross o.

Ha’ Hawaiian Kush

Genetics: Hawaiian Sativa X Hells Angel (O.

Happy Ending

Hawaiian Anti-Matter

Snowhighs rare hawaiian antimatter , very.

Hawaiian Fantasy

Hawaiian Fantasy (91 Chem x Butterscotch H.

Hawaiian Gold

Sativa 70/30 Flower Cycle: 10-14 weeks Yie.

Heart of Darkness

Another landrace, landrace, landrace hybri.

Hell Fire OG

Hell Fire OG is a combination of 2 differe.

Hells Angel

True Gangster Kush is a combination of mod.

Hells Headband

Headband x Hells Angel Male.

Hell’s Fire Mango Thai

Mango Fire Thai #1 x Hells Angel Male.


Heroine is like the name applies a female.

High Priestess

High Priestess: (Haze x Colombian Gold x A.

High Voltage

High Voltage is a combination of the high.

Hijo De Chingada

Holy Chocolate Thai

Genetics: Bodhis Big Sur Holy Bud (Indica.

Holy Diver

Height: Medium Genetics: Holy Chocolate Th.

Jack Tripper

Pure Haze x Northern Lights circa 90′ x.

Jedi Mind Trip

Skywalker OG x OG Purple Fire Thai x Hells.

Jedi Mind Trix

Skywalker OG x Angola Red x OG Purple Fire.

Kaleidos Dope

Kaleidos Dope strain plays on the Kaleidos.

Killer Green Kush

Killer Green Kush: AKA: Tahoe Bubble Kush.

Krop Killer

Krop Killer: Chem D x Thors Hammer x Pure.

Lambsbread Haze

Original Haze x Lambs Bread.

Lambsbread x Panama Red

Genetics: Panama Red x Lambs Bread A BCO P.

Lavender Fire

Thai x Hells Angel.

Magic Man

The Rasputin (Medicine Man x White Russian.

Mango Fire Thai

(Mango Kush x OG Purple Fire Thai) x Hells.

Maui Gold

Maui Gold: The Maui (Maui x Afghani) x Mau.

Metal Dragon

Metal Dragon is a combination of the now d.

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Mexican Hot Chocolate (Holy Chocolate Thai.

Mexican Red Grapefruit

Genetics: Grapefruit Haze x (Acapulco Gold.

Moon Walker

Moon Walker is the combination of an origi.

Napalm Strike

PG#14 is a 9 week pheno which is a Colombi.

North African Mountain Sativa

Ethiopian Highland x Senegalese.

OG Purple Fire Thai

OG Purple Fire Thai is a combination of Ne.

Oaxacan Red

Oaxacan Spear Pheno x Angola Red.

Old School Cottonmouth

Secret Central Mexican x Hawaiian Sativa.

Oregon Purple Thai Haze

Genetics: Oregon Purple Thai x Indica x Ne.

Original Haze x Lambsbread

A Original Haze mother was combined with a.

Pablos Lemon Thai

PABLOS LEMON THAI (Lemon Thai x Apollo 11.


Platinum OG x True OG x Pine Tar Kush x Pa.

Panama Black

Panama Black is a combination of 2 differe.

Panama Gold

Panama Gold is a combination of BCO Pablos.

Panama Poison

Durban Poison x Panama Red, Red Stem Male.

Panama Red

Panama Red 2012 Preservation BCO Panama Re.

Panama Red Dark Blue

Panama Red (purple, blue, red, bright yell.

Panama Red Sweet Berry

Flower Cycle: 12-16 weeks 4 th generation.

Panama Red x Colombian Gold

Panama Red x Colombian Gold.

Panty Dropper

Panty Dropper: (Dirty Brownie (Girl Scout.

Panty Dropper S.E.

Genetics: (GSC x True Gangster Kush) X (He.

Pelo Rojo Especial

Mexican Red Hair x Colombian Red Hair.

Pink Snow

Not for sale at the moment, but a base for.

Pipe Dream

So Blue Dream is a Blueberry Haze line fro.

Platinum Bubble Kush

Platinum Bubble Kush (Platinum Bubba Kush.

Poison Girl

Poison Girl: Sensi Durban Poison (pink pis.

Poison Girl 2

Indica 70/30 Flower Cycle: 49-63 Days Yiel.

Purple African Haze

Purple African Haze: Malawi Gold (Purple P.

Purple Colombian Car Bomb

This modern Purple Colombian hybrid mixes.

Purple Colombian Haze

Colombian Gold x Nevilles Haze F3 x Purple.

Purple Congolese

Colombian Mangobiche x Black Congolese.

Purple Diamond Kush

Lavender is a tasty strain of purple flowe.

Purple Eclipse

Purple Eclipse is a combination of Super N.

Purple Heart

Purple Heart: Romulan (Original cut) x Vie.

Purple Mexican Thai

Purple Mexican Thai is a combination of Ma.

Purple Monkey Balls

A fast finishing, slightly purple to purpl.

Purple Pantera

Snowhigh Seeds Purple Pantera has a mother.

Purple Pineapple Bomb

This is a cross between Northern Californi.

Purple Rose

Purple Rose is the combination of a circa.

Purple Thai

Genetic: Purple Thai (South East Asian Tha.

Purple Thai Haze

Sativa 80/20 Flower Cycle: 9-16 Weeks In 2.


Iron Cindy is one of my favorite strains.

Rail Gun

Rail Gun: (Zamal x Malawi Gold x Thai x An.

Red Gold Metal Haze

Metal Haze F1 x Pablos Gold Red Trait Male.

Royal Chocolate Thai

This is a different combination of Chocola.

Royal Purple

Royal Purple (Double Colombian Gold (Very.

Royal Purple Thai

Royal Purple Thai is a combination of Big.

Senegalese Chocolate Thai

Flower Cycle: 16-20 weeks The female Thai.

Shadow Master

Flower Cycle: 16-20 Weeks The Shadow Maste.


The Electric Lemon OG (Electric Lemon G x.

Sierra Madre Mexican

Guerrero Circa 78 x Michoacan.

Skywalker Red OG

Skywalker OG x Angola Red.

Snow Mountain

SnowCap was a strain my friend got the Sno.


Malawi Gold x Chronic x Vietnam Gold.

Super Charger

Durban Poison x Thai x Angola Red x Thai x.

Super Nova

Super Nova is an amazing high end sativa h.

Suroeste Mexican

Flower Cycle: 12-14 weeks The Acapulco Gol.

Swaziland Pure

Tahoe Snow

Tahoe Snow is the combination of an origin.

Tangerine Sky

Tangerine Sky is the combination of a 9 we.

Thors Hammer

Thors Hammer is a heavy yielding, large co.

Thors Hammer IX

Very nice visually and a highly resinous s.

Thunder Bolt

Thunder Bolt is the combination of our EPI.

True Gangster Kush

SnowHigh True Gangster Kush is a combinati.

Ultra Violet Haze

Ultra Violet Haze: (Grape Haze (Colorado P.


Berserker (Skywaker OG x Thors Hammer) x H.

Vietnam Gold

No more information at the moment.

Vietnamese Laughing Grass

A pure Landrace hybrid using an equatorial.

Vietnamese Trainwreck

Nam Wreck (E32 Trainwreck x Vietnam Black).

War Lord

WAR LORD: AKA: SAW (Silver Afghani x Pablo.

West Coast Poison Diesel

no more information at the moment.

Winter Green

Winter Green: Tahoe Snow #5 (Tahoe OG Kush.

Wintergreen Tahoe Snow #5

Flower Time: 56-70 Days Indica 80/20 THC.

Wintergreen in Hell

Wintergreen x Hells Angel Male.

Zoot Suit

A luck would have it we produced a seed li.

More info about SnowHigh Seeds

First of all the founder of SnowHigh seeds is not only a breeder but a very passionate lover of cannabis too. He was once also interested in hallucinogens, psychotropics and how they affect the body. He believes that Cannabis has helped with human evolution from the earliest hunter gatherers to the first sailors which sailed the ancient seas of the world to populate the various continents of the world. He believes that cannabis as food/seed sustained humans during times of hardship, long travel and transoceanic voyages. Such a passion he has for cannabis, he has given out many free seeds or donated to various organizations and friends. Some medical clubs in California,Michigan and Canada have carried these seeds for their patients. The results have been very positive and he think its time for others to be able to grow some SnowHigh seeds if they would like. He does not claim to be a breeder. He does and has gone to extreme great lengths to acquire solid genetics but not at the cost of others. He has grown all of the plants from seed or clone that he has used to make these crosses. The strains he grows are started in natural light then transferred to full spectrum flouros, then transplanted outdoors. He loose many plants from seedling to mature plants, only the strongest, healthiest plants make it to the pollination stage. Once plants are pollinated they are transferred to another garden many miles away to finish growing to full maturity.

All info about the cannabis marijuana seed breeder SnowHigh Seeds! First of all the founder of SnowHigh seeds is not only a breeder but a very passionate lov…

SnowHigh Seeds – Snow Mountain – 10 Pack

SNOW MOUNTAIN (SnowCap x Pure Kush x Uzbekistani) 26-28 %

The real SnowCap is a large spear forming, large yielding, very frosty and resin producing line which favors outdoors but does well in most climates. The aroma is a tropical candied mint to pine which tastes the same as it smokes. Remarkably one of the few strains which tastes the same from the beginning of the joint to the very end. The taste and smell is one of my all-time favorites and the type you can’t keep your nose out of the jar because it smells so good. The effect is a strong body with an uplifting head that I gather is probably a combination of genetics from the Humboldt Snow clone or Oregon Sno clone which is most likely the same thing combined with a South East Asian possibly a Thai strain. Snow Mountain combines the SnowCap with a Pure Kush which produces super potent large colas of modern “Kush” phenotypes with a bit of sweetness. This combined with a Uzbekistani line rare in itself and of a more northerly latitude then Afghanistan which at one time was the source of some of the finest producing families of ancient Chinese Turkestan.

Flowering time: 8-10 weeks depending on phenotype some could flower longer
Sativa/ 20/80 dominant Hybrid
Stretch 1 to 2x
Resin production: High
Aroma: Tropical notes of candied mint and pine mixed with sweet to acrid, old school flavors of the first Afghani and Kush imports before modern hybridization programs selected out some of the best attributes.
Taste: Candied tropical mint, piney, old school Afghani hash, vanilla kush
High Type: A medicinal strain, immediate euphoric body and head effect that is good for evenings relaxing

SnowHigh Seeds – Snow Mountain – 10 Pack for $75 per ea. by Complex.Creations on Strainly