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The 8 Best Grow Lights of 2021

Mimic the sun’s rays with these top picks

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Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here . We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Keeping plants alive and helping them flourish can be hard as is, but growing things indoors is even more tricky. You have to give them enough—but not too much—water and make sure they have enough soil and a large enough pot. Aside from that, one of the most crucial factors of growing plants inside is light.

Positioning your plants in front of a window where they can drink up natural sunlight is ideal. But as you probably know, this is easier said than done. Whether your window situation is less-than-sufficient for plants or you live somewhere that only gets sunny a few months of the year, a grow light is an excellent solution.

Want to flex your green thumb inside? Here are the best grow lights to help your indoor plants live their best life.

Best Overall: Roleadro LED Full Spectrum Grow Light

The best overall option is the Roleadro LED Grow Light. Thanks to the brand’s proprietary spectrum with 460 to 465 nm, 620 to 740 nm, and a 6,000 to 6,500 K waveband, it provides indoor plants with a diverse range of light. This helps promote growth and allows even the most delicate, tropical plants and flowers to not only grow but bloom year-round. You can also grow seasonal vegetables and herbs in the winter, spring, summer, or fall.

This 75-watt grow light also has an aluminum cooling plate to effectively dissipate heat, even on the highest setting. It comes with hanging brackets and is easy to set up. You can put it together in about a minute and hang it from almost anywhere in your home.

“In our test, the grow light gave our seedlings ample nourishment early on, so they didn’t outpace themselves. The light also proved to be the perfect size for a standard seed tray. It distributes light evenly so each seedling gets an equal share of light.”—Stacey L. Nash, Product Tester

Best Bulb: GE Grow Light With Balanced Spectrum Seeds & Greens LED Light Bulb Clear

You can also get special bulbs for growing indoor plants, like the GE BR30. This full-spectrum bulb offers high-quality lighting that encourages houseplants, indoor gardens, cacti, and flowers to flourish every month of the year. Unlike some other grow lights that produce harsh lighting, it provides soft, natural illumination and warmth.

The GE BR30 features innovative LED technology, which allows it to last for 25,000 hours (or about five years) and use only 9 watts of energy. With a balanced light spectrum designed for seeds and greens, you can grow herbs, lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, and other vegetables right in your home.

Best LED Bulb: Haus Bright LED Grow Light Bulb Original

The best LED bulb for indoor plants is the original Haus Bright LED Grow Light Bulb. Compared to others in its category, this bulb is notably bright with full-spectrum power.

Though it’s a little more expensive than the GE option, it produces 1,200 lumens of brightness and 140 micromoles per second while only using 20 watts of energy. This LED bulb provides adequate, nourishing lighting for houseplants, bamboo, cactuses, succulents, flowers, tomatoes, vegetables, and seed starts, no matter how cold or dark it is outside.

Best Mounted: Feit Electric Dual Full LED Plant Grow Tube Light

Looking for something you can mount? Your best bet is the Feit Electric Dual Grow Tube Light. This grow light is lightweight, durable, and easy to install. It arrives fully assembled and can be hung or mounted flush against your ceiling or walls. Designed to mimic natural sunlight and work as a replacement for traditional greenhouse bulbs, this product delivers.

It emits 450 nm of blue light and 655 nm of red light, the perfect combo for indoor gardening. The blue encourages the growth of tall, leafy plants and vegetables, and the red promotes budding, fruiting, and flowering. Plus, it has a low heat emission, which prevents burnt leaves and reduces your electric costs.

Best Hanging: Soltech Solutions Grow Light

The Soltech Solutions Grow Light is an aesthetically pleasing hanging lamp. It has a 15-foot fabric cord and comes with an LED bulb, three ceiling hooks, two wall fairleads, and a swag hook. Choose from either white or black, both of which offer a chic, minimalist vibe.

You can get this grow light in size small (5.8 x 3.8 inches with 2,000 lumens) or large (7 x 4 inches with 4,000 lumens). The lamp provides sufficient lighting for houseplants of all sizes and varieties, and it lasts for 15 years.

Best for Herbs: TorchStar Plant LED Kit Indoor Herb Grow Light

The best option for herbs is also from TorchStar. With full-spectrum solar simulation, the LED Plant Kit provides both the right lighting and a container for growing herbs indoors. Mimicking natural sunlight, it illuminates for 16 hours a day and then turns off for 8 hours at night.

This herb grow light measures 19.9 x 2.2 x 14 inches. It’s the perfect size to place on your windowsill, desk, kitchen counter, mantle, dresser, or side table.

Best Adjustable Spectrum: iPower 10W Dual Head LED Grow Light

The iPower LED Grow Light has two flexible gooseneck arms and two light heads. But the rotatable necks aren’t the only thing that’s adjustable on this lamp. It has three light modes (red, blue, and a red/blue combo) and 11 dimmable settings. The smart timer allows you to set it to turn off after a certain amount of hours, and then turn on at the same time the next day for a 24-hour cycle.

Like the CFGROW lamp, this grow light has a large mounting clip, which you can attach to a desk, table, shelf, or any other slim ledge. It comes with a USB cable and plugs into standard outlets.

Best Desk Garden: AeroGarden Harvest Elite with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

Are you in the market for a desk garden? If so, we think you’ll love the AeroGuard Harvest Elite. The high-performance 20-watt LED light provides full-spectrum rays for growing a wide range of herbs and veggies. We’re talking mint, basil, parsley, thyme, rosemary, sage, and dill.

With a sleek design and an LCD control panel, it looks almost like a high-end countertop kitchen appliance. The Harvest Elite comes in light green, white, black, or a stainless steel finish. At just 11 x 8 x 15 inches, it’s the perfect size for a tiny desk garden. The kit also includes seeds for six different herbs—and since they grow in water, you can get started right away.

Our top pick for grow lights is the Roleadro LED Grow Light (view at Amazon) due to its unmatched waveband emission. If you want a complete indoor garden kit, opt for the AeroGarden Harvest Elite (view at Amazon), which comes with a starter pack of seeds.

What to Look for in a Grow Light

When deciding what size grow light you need, think about how many plants you’ll need to cover. Also, if you’re planning to move your light from place to place, you may want something lighter and portable, whereas if you know it’s going to stay put, that may not be as much of a factor. Also, consider the space where you plan to put it and make sure there’s room for it to operate safely and not up against furniture, drapes, or other items.

There are various types of grow lights to consider, from panels to ones that hang overhead or screw into a regular light fixture. The type of plants you have, the amount of existing natural light, and where your plants are located will help you narrow down your choices.

Ease of use

From installation to keeping them operating properly, some grow lights require more effort than others. Also consider how much noise a grow light makes, particularly if it’s going to be placed in a busy area.

The best grow lights will support your indoor garden to achieve maximum growth. We researched the top options for making your garden light up.

Grow Light LED

Grow lights for plants and people

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Designed to fit your
plant’s growth stage.

With a higher light output to help growth and a pleasing light quality, our energy efficient LED Grow Lights create an optimal indoor gardening space for your plants and you. Here are the benefits in full bloom.

Natural Light

Compared to the purple tint of other grow lights, ours has a light quality that’s pleasing to the human eye.

Energy Efficient

Compared to fluorescent grow lights, LED Grow Lights reduce energy costs.

Low Heat

LEDs put off very little heat compared to other bulb technologies.

No Sound

LEDs produce no buzzing or humming sound.


LEDs last longer than other lighting technologies.

So many reasons to grow
Grow a single plant

Simply add our LED Grow Light to a table lamp to give nourishment to a single potted plant.

Grow herbs and vegetables

Add a convenient mini vegetable and herb garden in your kitchen with our LED Grow Light tubes.

Set up an indoor green space

Create an unbeatable green space in any room of your home.

Get creative with plants

Enhance your décor with artistic plant displays.

Different bulbs for
different growth stages.
Balanced Light Spectrum

These bulbs optimize the seeds and greens stages of
growth with a balanced red:blue light spectrum that
appears white to the eye.

Advanced Red Light Spectrum

These bulbs give your vegetation optimal light for
flowering and fruit production with a red light spectrum
that appears white to the eye.

A natural light quality for you.

Compared to other grow lights, our light appears pleasing and natural so you can display it anywhere in your home.

Perfect for all growth stages.

Rated for dry and humid conditions with the ability to adapt to high and low light requirements, our Grow Lights provide the flexibility you need to grow a variety of plants.

A high light output for plants.

Our Grow Lights provide the highest number of micromoles available—which means your plants will receive more light to use for both photosynthesis and growth.

What our customers say
Balanced Light Spectrum
Balanced Light Spectrum
Balanced Light Spectrum
Advanced Red Light Spectrum
Advanced Red Light Spectrum
Advanced Red Light Spectrum
Available in the following

Have questions?

Grow Lights FAQ

What can I grow with my LED Grow lights?

LED Grow Lights can be used to grow a wide variety of plants indoors including seedlings, lettuce and other leafy greens, herbs, flowers, and fruiting plants such as tomatoes and peppers.

How does our LED Grow Light technology work?

Our LED Grow Lights deliver two different light wavelength spectrums to maximize plant growth potential based on the type of plant being grown and its growth stage, all inspired by best practices used by professional growers.

Our Balanced Spectrum LED Grow Lights, used for Seeds & Greens, provide nourishment for the early and mid-stages of plant growth in seedling trays. This mix of blue and red is appropriate for growing leafy greens and herbs through maturity to harvest.

Our Advanced Red-light Spectrum LED Grow Lights, used for Flowers & Fruits, provide the most appropriate nourishment for plants entering the flowering stage of their growth.

How many lights do I need for proper growth?

This depends on the type of plant, size of plant, and how many plants you are trying to grow. A single light might be appropriate for a small pot with a single plant or a small seedling tray. As plants get larger or the required coverage area expands, more lights may be needed. Generally, if plants are growing well and have a compact, robust structure, they are getting enough light. If plants are weak, with elongated stems and many small leaves, this may indicate additional light needs to be provided. Up to eight LED Grow Light fixtures may be connected in series by using the integrated cords and receptacles in the fixtures. Our LED Grow Lights come in several forms, which may be mixed to provide more light.

Which of your products work better for different types of plants?

Our Grow line products focus on two spectrums—balanced and reproductive. Depending on the type of plant you want to grow, only one may be needed for the entire growth cycle, or both. For a non-flowering plant, grow products with balanced spectrum light technology can be used for the full growth cycle from establishment to maturation. In contrast, a flowering plant would need a product with balanced light spectrum technology for the beginning stages of its growth cycle and would benefit from an addition or transition to a product with reproductive light spectrum technology for the stages from flowering to harvest.

How do I know how long I need to keep the lights on?

Different types of plants need different amounts of light. Check your seed packaging or plant tags or ask at the nursery for specific suggestions. While seedlings or vegetative plants can require as much as 18 hours of light exposure each day, flowering plants benefit from at least 12 hours. Timers or our C by GE Smart Plug can be connected to the lights to help manage or automate these cycles.

How are our LED Grow Lights different/better than what is out on the market today?

Our LED Grow Lights feature a prescribed light spectrum with high Photosynthic Photon Flux (PPF). Within Grow lights, the higher the PPF number, the more light generated for photosynthesis and growth. Within an indoor environment with high PPF, plants can reach their full growth faster than the time it’d take under direct sunlight.

Our LED Grow Lights feature the highest PPF in the industry when compared to comparable models with more PPF per watt, combined with greater efficiency, for higher efficacy

Unlike other systems on the market today, our LED Grow Lights emit a natural white light vs. an artificial purple light found in most grow systems, so the indoor garden is pleasant to be around no matter where you decide to grow.

  • High PPF (exceeds comparable competitive models)
  • High Efficacy (true 660nm red LEDs – not red phosphor)
  • Two Growth Spectrums for optimized growth given stage and type of plant
  • Balanced with

3:1 red:blue flux (general purpose)
Reproductive Red / Flowering with

6:1 red:blue flux (fruiting/flowering)

Is indoor gardening really a trend? What are the stats?

Yes – today one in three households are growing their own food. Indoor gardening appeals to those who want fresh, healthy food year-round. Gardening indoors eliminates the challenges of unpredictable weather, poor soil conditions, pests and weeds.

Where would I put these lights in my house?

Our LED Grow Lights work great in any area of the home, from a kitchen herb station to a basement workspace.

How close do I need to keep them to my plants?

In general, most should be positioned 6 inches above the plants, but there is a range dependent upon three things to consider:

  1. Type of plant you are growing
  2. Type of light source being used ie. BR30, PAR38, Linear tube or linear fixture
  3. PPF output of light source

Here are some general guidelines to start. You may adjust depending on plant response.

Are LED Grow Lights going to help my plants grow faster?

Yes, under the right conditions. Our LED Grow Lights will support a plant’s photosynthesis process during the growth cycle via photosynthetic active radiation technology and high photosynthetic photon flux levels incorporated in our products. With high PPF, plants can reach their full growth faster (within an indoor environment @ 18hrs. per day) than the time under direct sunlight (outdoor environment).

How long does it take from beginning to end to grow something meaningful?

We suggest you consult your seed packet for a time range. Plants have different growing cycles, so it is best to learn more about your plant’s growth cycle so that you can determine the length of time it will take.

Can I do the whole grow cycle with these lights or is this something I start inside and then go outside with?

Our grow light technology allows you to control the locations of plants during their growth cycles. Completing the entire growth cycle of a plant indoors is a feasible option since we carry products with different light spectrums for the different stages of growing a plant. Similarly, you can also start a growth cycle of a plant during its off season and then transplant it outside once the external environment factors are compatible with the plant again, and vice versa.

Isn’t it going to take a lot of energy and money to keep lights on that long?

No. Because these are LED lamps, they are about 40 – 80% more efficient than traditional lights such as fluorescent or incandescent.

What types of solutions do you offer, and how much are they?

Retail prices will vary by retailer, but should reflect MSRPS of:
BR30 – $15-$18
PAR38 – $40-$45
T8 48-Inch Tube Type A – $25-$30
24-Inch Linkable Fixture – $70-$80
48-Inch Integrated Fixture – $50-$60

How can I gauge if everything is working?

Light intensity is only one of three key components which ensure proper growth. Soil condition along with the proper amount and frequency of watering round out the other two components. You should learn about your plant’s growth cycle to maximize growth and reduce challenges along the way. By doing so, you can select the proper model and light spectrum combination to provide sufficient lighting. We suggest regular inspections to confirm that plants are on the correct growth track.

Do I need to water more, consider fertilizer or take any additional precautions?

When gardening with our LED Grow Lights, treat the plants no differently than if they were planted in the traditional sense. Although not necessary, you are welcome to incorporate any additional water supply systems, fertilizer, and precautions at your own discretion.

Where are our LED Grow Lights available for purchase?

March 2019: Right now, LED Grow Lights are available at True Value, and Walmart.

Product will be available in Target stores in May 2019 and Lowe’s in June, with other retailers over the coming months.

Where can I find more information on LED Grow Lights?

The product package/box has some helpful tips like recommended plants per LED Grow Light type and how many inches to place the light from the plant. Also, certain retailers will be showcasing an LED Grow Lights manual on their LED Grow Lights display, so make sure to look for one at your favorite store.

Are these lights for both amateurs and professionals alike?

Yes, our LED Grow Lights are designed to be used by both amateurs and professionals alike. The lights deliver a blue:red ratio in a balanced spectrum inspired by best practices used by professional growers. The mix of blue and red allows plants to absorb the maximum amount of light for their growth stages.

How long will the lights last?

Floodlights, linear tubes and integrated fixtures last up to 25,000 hours.

Explain more on the aesthetics of the lights for different spaces and places in the home.

Our LED Grow Lights can be used in various lamps and fixtures to coordinate best with your home or room’s aesthetics. The light output appears white to the eye, not a harsh purple like some grow lights on the market.

Is it okay to combine sunlight and supplemental plant lights?

Yes! You can start a cycle indoors and move the plants outdoors or vice versa. You could also combine natural light nearby a window with LED Grow Lights.

Are there different traditional lighting technologies for indoor plants?

Yes, there are, however, we suggest you stick with an LED grow light for the best, maximized grow results with the greatest efficiency

Sunlight uses UV rays. If this is recreating sunlight type elements, are these safe for me to use at home?

Our LED Grow Lights do not pose a UV risk. They produce light in a visible spectrum.

Is it safe for me to keep lights on 12-18 hours a day at home?

Yes – these are LEDs, so they run cooler than traditional light sources and operate efficiently.

With a higher light output to help growth and a pleasing light quality, our energy-efficient LED Grow Lights create an optimal indoor gardening space for…