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Strawberry Banana

Grows to a medium height bush, producing a heavy yield of dense buds.

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Description for Strawberry Banana

Banana grows to a medium height bush, making her ideal for gardens with height restrictions. A hardy resilient plant

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By Christopher Dingeldine on October 24, 2018

Currently in day 8 of flower veg’d for 6 weeks it’s very easy and resilient strain to grow so far. Used Happy Frog All Purpose 5-5-5 for veg and now I am using Roots Organics Uprising Bloom 3-6-4 for flower. Come check out my grow on youtube Vigorous Garden, also growing Blackberry fire along side it

Strawberry Banana Grows to a medium height bush, producing a heavy yield of dense buds. Like this Strain? Share this page! Description Reviews Description for Strawberry

Strawberry Banana Strain – Everything you need to know and more!

If you’re after taste and potency, Strawberry Banana surely won’t disappoint. That was the whole reason DNA Genetics, in collaboration with Serious Seeds, conceived of it in the first place, after all! With its fruity flavor profile and serious resin crystal coverage adding to its potency, it’s a strain that will please multiple senses at once. To add to that, it’s a relative of OG Kush , which is always a good sign since OG Kush phenotypes have incredible resin production and potency.

Strawberry Banana is also known as Strawnana, Banana Split strain, Strawberry Banana Kush, or Strawnana.

A quick FYI on Strawberry strains

Strawberry strains are popular among stoners, mostly because of their smell. It’s actually pretty rare that a cannabis strain actually tastes strongly of strawberry unless it was grown by a master grower. The most famous strawberry strains are:

  • Strawberry Banana Sherbert strain
  • Strawberry Cheese weed
  • Strawberry Bubblegum Strain
  • Strawberry Banana Cake

If you find a great grower who uses the correct seeds then you will be able to enjoy the fantastic taste of strawberry.

To enjoy this strain’s full flavor profile, we recommend investing in a smoking device that brings out all of the flower’s best qualities.

Mig Vapor’s Dray (we like their limited edition Rasta) is the perfect vape to help do this! Strong, flavorful vapor pulls from this pen every time, and thanks to the variable temperature displayed through the LED screen you can choose the temp you like best!

You too can find the Buddha’s happiness after you light up Strawberry Banana! Photo: @green_buddha420

Strawberry Banana: Hybrid, Indica, or Sativa?

An indica-dominant hybrid, this cannabis strain falls into the hybrid-craze nicely. This is not surprising, as most new strains are sativa-dominant hybrids, indica-dominant hybrids, or balanced hybrids. The reason for this is that the two highs – indica and sativa – mixed together are more popular than one of them on their own. Strawberry Banana is indica leaning, but the THC level is high enough to generate cerebral energy inside it to ensure that you don’t feel lethargic. This burst of cerebral energy is perfect for doing some exploring of the mind, while you’re rooted to the spot from the overwhelming indica. This can be a great combination and is one of the reasons for the strain’s popularity.

With a badass percolator bong like the Tree Perc Beaker Bong from Badass Glass, the flavor and head buzz of this tasty strain can be fully enjoyed. With double filtration and an ice pinch, your tokes will be smooth as butta’ – all for a very reasonable price.

Strawberry Banana Cannabis genetics

DNA Genetics and Serious Seeds worked together to make this strain. The buds were brought together in holy matrimony, and OG Kush, a grandparent strain in this case, comes through in the form of Strawberry Banana’s taste and smell. OG Kush also lends its thick resin production and high THC content to this cannabis strain. You’ll know you’ve got an OG Kush descendant on your hands once you grind the buds up! Hashy and spicy aromas will hit your nostrils, hinting at what’s to come.

The two strains that were bred together to create Strawberry Banana were:

  • Bubble gum
  • Banana Kush

Just look at this black walnut beauty! Grind up the tasty banana strawberry flavors of this cannabis strain, collect that juicy kief, and do it in style with the 4-piece Wooden Grinder from Marley Natural!

Strawberry Banana THC percentage

As an indica-leaning hybrid, SB is considered to be medium-high in potency. The average hybrid with more indica tendencies contains around 12.5% THC, whereas the average SB phenotype contains around 20%. However, one phenotype that came from Green Leaf Labs reported the strongest phenotype of Strawberry Banana Kush on record coming in at 32.61% total THC levels! This particular strawberry phenotype would be considered very potent; you’re more likely to end up with a phenotype that’s around 20% THC.

Strawberry Banana price

What you pay for Strawberry Banana’s will really depend on where you’re buying it. Because it’s already popular on the west coast of the U.S., lending to it being a commonly grown strain, this increases supply, which, in turn, lowers cost. You should expect to pay about $8-10 a gram. However, in Amsterdam, you’re likely to be paying closer to $20 a gram.

Strawberry Banana taste

SB tastes like, well, strawberry and banana, but how strongly those flavors come through really does depend on the grower. It also depends on the method of smoking. Smoking through a blunt or a joint adulterates the taste, dampening the fruity flavors. The best method of smoking for flavor is through a weed flower vaporizer . This does not combust material; instead it only vaporizes your flower, allowing you to fully appreciate the flavor of a strain like this one. The full taste profile is:

If you prefer to take your smoking on the go, you’ll need a quality vape in order to enjoy everything a strain like Dosido has to offer.

The Dryonic II pen from O2 Vapes lets you set the precise temperature you want, has a long-lasting battery, and a pure quartz kiln keeps the flavor of your bud pure.

Strawberry Banana oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc.

Banana OG and Strawnana cartridges are both available from various pre-filled cartridge sellers. This butane hash oil, which is created by companies and bottled up for consumer use, is primarily only available in the United States and Canada. They’re incredibly potent, and companies normally choose strains with tasty-sounding names that will appeal to customers. Strawberry Banana not only sounds tasty. It is tasty, making it a great choice to go inside a pre-filled cartridge. You could also attempt to make your own BHO, but this is considered dangerous, so please be careful if you attempt it on your own.

You can make edibles from any strain, but it’s not really worth using an expensive strain like Strawberry Banana. If you’re growing yourself, you can easily grow enough to make edibles. But if you’re buying and you want to make edibles, you should invest in a flower vaporizer. You can use the already vaped bud (AVB) to easily make weed edibles that don’t need decarboxylating . Just mix the AVB with a fat or an oil and you’re good to go.

The PUFFCO PEAK SMART RIG is an electric vaporizer that will intensify the flavor of any strain. That’s why we think it’s especially nice to have for a strain as famous for its flavor as SB is.

If you thought Strawberry Banana sounded like it could be a tasty strain, you're not wrong! This hybrid delivers both taste and potency, averaging around 20% THC. It's a great stress reliever and some have even found it helps cure their depression. Thanks to its sweet taste it's also a popular concentrate.