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Sunrise Seeds

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I wanted Collective Farm Woman seeds. So I ordered them, and to be fair to them also ordered a bunch of other seeds. They were shipped promptly, and received about a week later. Lots of seeds, three or four packets of an onion I had only ordered one of, and a couple other things like that.

But the one I wanted, the Collective Woman had been omittted. I emailed. I phoned and left a message. Toward two months later, nothing in the way of a reply. So I have ordered the seeds for someone else.

Finally received a refund. Company representative comment on February 5, 2011:
On Feb 5, 2011 4:23 PM, Sunrise Seeds responded with:

I sent Surise several e-mails and a letter asking if this was a labeling problem, i.e. the seeds were turkey’s beard and were mislabeled as bear grass – or if the seeds were indeed X. tenax, bear grass. I just wanted to know! They never responded.

Xerophyllum asphodeloides, turkey’s beard, is a rather unusual wildflower and was enthused to able to obtain seeds, but disappointed at the outcome from this company. On February 7th, 2011, brianog changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

It took forever, but they finally responded to my questions about Xerophyllum. In the, end they couldn’t verify the species one way or the other, so they gave me a PayPay refund. Company representative comment on January 18, 2011:
On Jan 18, 2011 11:31 AM, Sunrise Seeds responded with:

I did order some tomato seeds and they arrived within a few days. There are a very generous amount of seeds in each little packet. Will post back later in summer when they are ready to pick.

Email responses ranged from VERY fast to pretty fast, so that was good.

However, It took a week and a half to get my seeds, which I thought was odd until I emailed and found out that they were waiting on some seeds to come in so they could be sent to me. I thought it would have been better though to just let me know ahead of time that they were waiting on seeds instead of waiting for me to email them about it.

When I got my order, I got 2 of one packet (can’t complain there), however I was missing two of the packets I ordered(one of which had a backordered stamp next to it on the invoice) I would have preferred a note letting me know when I would receive these backordered seeds, but I emailed the company and told them my order was a little off, so now I”m just waiting on two packets out of the 7 or so I ordered.

Sunrise Seeds has 19 reviews (4 negative, 11 positive and 4 neutral) at the Garden Watchdog.

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Bury St Edmunds is a pretty little market town, slap bang in the middle of East Anglia. It’s great for shopping and days out with narrow streets formed by the historic grid. The Abbey ruins, the Buttermarket and Corn Exchange are all remnants of Bury St Edmunds’ former glory as a centre for trade in East Anglia.

The Charter Market which runs every Wednesday and Saturday has a genuinely fantastic range of fresh produce and has been the starting point for many a local business, including ours.

Since its humble beginnings, for more than 30 years, Sunrise has remained a fiercely independent, high profile store in the town and brings this shopping experience to you via the online catalogue you are currently enjoying. We are happy to take phone orders, answer queries and help in any way we can. Our dedication to being different continues to pay off and we are thrilled to carry such leading brands as Dr Martens, Carhartt Workwear and Lily & Me. We even stock Joe Browns!!

Come visit us if you can, or treat yourself to a little something from our online store. Love Sunrise X

UK based head shop selling seeds, smoking accessories and paraphernalia. Located in Bury St Edmunds, UK.