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Trainwreck Seeds

Trainwreck Seeds

With a taste of dank pine needles and lemon iced tea, the effects of Trainwreck creep in like a thief in the night and hit you like a sledgehammer to the face. Having legendary origins, the strain Trainwreck is a wondrous marriage of some classic top-shelf California genetics. Originally bred in Northern California during the 1970s, Trainwreck is a sativa dominant hybrid blending Mexican and Thai sativas with an Afghani indica creating this all-star hybrid that is 40% indica to 60% sativa.

Although the parent strains of Trainwreck were already beloved staples in the Pacific Northwest, the Trainwreck strain we know today didn’t appear in grow circles until a series of chance events brought her into the world. As the story goes, one summer a train derailment occurred very close to the original Trainwreck grow/breeding site in Northern California. The worried farmers harvested everything early to avoid detection by emergency teams who were responding to the incident. Some of the plants were premature but one strain, in particular, the E-32 which later became known as Trainwreck stood out among the rest. Luckily the growers had saved cuttings of each plant before flowering and after testing all of the harvested plants, the E-32 was selected as the best in the crop and named Trainwreck because of the fluke train accident and also the intensely disorienting high that can make a novice smoker feel like they’ve been in an actual train wreck.

Characteristics of the Trainwreck strain

Trainwreck is a very potent strain with an average THC content of 15-24% and CBD ranging from .02-.1%. The high is fast-acting and truly mind-altering. Unexperienced smokers have reported feelings of nervousness, paranoia and dizziness after smoking but most experienced users love Trainwreck for her potent and stimulating, get-up-and-go high.

When finished flowering, the buds are popcorn shaped and have a lovely lime green color with bright orange hairs and are loaded with crystals. The smell is reminiscent of the famous Jack Herer strain with spicy and lemony notes. The smoke tastes piney and pungently earthy on the tongue and remains on the palate for a while after smoking. Once hailed as a great outdoor strain, Trainwreck can also be grown indoors with success. Flowering time for and indoor gardens is 8-10 weeks. Outdoors, Trainwreck finishes in late October to early November. She is a good producer with average yields around 18oz/m2 indoors, and 25oz+ per plant when grown outside. When growing in indoor gardens Trainwreck remains fairly short and not too branchy but outside it’s like a whole different plant and opens up in the full sunlight. Trainwreck is easy to grow if you are a first-time grower but, also a rewarding grow for more experienced gardeners. The plant is vigorous, resilient and a true joy to cultivate. For most of its history,

Trainwreck was only available in clone form but now this amazing strain can be started from seed and you can enjoy watching this beautiful plant produce its next-level buds.

Trainwreck seeds are a sativa dominant hybrid blending Mexican and Thai sativas with an Afghani indica creating this all-star hybrid that is 40% indica to 60% sativa.

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Dominant Origins & Notables


A versatile and sturdy plant, Trainwreck Fem can be grown indoors or outdoors. Typical of a Sativa hybrid, this strain can grow from 1.8 to 2.1 meters (6 to 7 feet) tall. All you will need is sufficient growing space to accommodate this tall stature. To manage this voracious growth, employ a low-stress training method, such as the Screen of Green (SCROG). This simple technique will encourage the plant to grow laterally instead of upwards. To implement, just place a net or a screen about 20 cm (8 inches) above the base of the plant during its vegetative phase and allow the stems and leaves to emerge through the holes, bending them sideways as they grow.

As soon as the plant gets bushy, regularly trim the excess foliage to allow it to focus its energy on bud production. Remove the bottom leaves that do not receive enough light and accumulate excess moisture. This maintenance procedure will improve the airflow in and around the branches to prevent the growth of molds and mildew. You can stop trimming once the plant begins flowering.

Flowering Time


Using a hydroponics system when cultivating Trainwreck Fem indoors is highly recommended. This setup will make it easier to feed the plant the nutrients it needs for healthy development. Moreover, it will also boost yields and promote a faster growth cycle.

Keep the temperature level between 18 to 30 degrees Celsius (65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit). Ideally, during the light period, set the temperature at 24 degrees Celsius (75 degrees Fahrenheit). On the other hand, during the dark period, drop the temperature by no more than 10 degrees. Aside from this, monitor the relative humidity (RH) regularly. Maintain it between 40 to 50% to keep fungi away.

Despite having to pay attention to these details, this strain will guarantee satisfaction when the harvest time rolls in. The yields can go up to 500 to 700 grams (17 to 25 ounces) per square meter of grow space.


You may also cultivate Trainwreck Fem outdoors in a dry and warm climate. Situate it in an area where it will have maximum sun exposure. Use nutrient-rich organic soil to enhance its terpene profile. This will also encourage a more robust and productive plant.

Make sure to protect it from sudden frost because exposure to colder weather will slow down its growth. Otherwise, under optimum conditions, this hybrid can provide impressive yields at 700 to 800 grams (25 to 28 ounces) per plant. Harvesting can begin in late October until the beginning of November.

Medical Application

Pain relief is the most common medical use for Trainwreck. It may be used to alleviate chronic conditions such as backaches and arthritis. It is also good for managing migraines and headaches, muscle spasms, and fibromyalgia. Due to its ability to relax the body, this strain may help fight off fatigue, as well as ease sore and tense muscles.

Furthermore, it may also address depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) when taken in smaller doses. It could also aid those with eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia, or loss of appetite caused by treatments and medications.

Adverse Reactions

Like other marijuana strains, smoking Trainwreck will cause dry mouth – more commonly known as cotton mouth. This is a condition wherein your salivary glands have slowed down saliva production, making your mouth very dry and leaving you feeling thirsty and parched. But, do not be disheartened since it is easy to fix this situation. Just keep yourself well-hydrated by drinking a lot of liquids like water or fruit juice at regular intervals.

Another side effect is dry, red eyes that might feel uncomfortable even after your pot session. You may use over-the-counter eye drops or artificial tears for instant relief.

It is highly advised to be cautious when smoking this weed. Overindulgence may cause dizziness, headaches, paranoia, and heightened anxiety. THC levels may be considered average at 15 to 20% compared to other strains. However, because Trainwreck is known to pack a punch, first-timers and those with THC sensitivity or predisposed to nervousness should limit the dosage or avoid it completely.


Although Trainwreck is only about 65% Sativa and has an average THC content of 18% (which some veterans say is not that high), it can bend the mind and alter reality when taken in large amounts. As such, prudent dosing is recommended so that you will not be overwhelmed by the effects.

Most users find that just a little bit is enough to make them feel uplifted and euphoric. It creates an energetic and inspired state that lets creativity flow freely. Depending on your own tolerance, it may allow you to go about your day and perform your usual tasks. On the other hand, it could make you more introspective. Your body might be still, but your mind is continuously coming up with fantastic ideas.

Save this strain for late afternoon or early evening. Late-night consumption is not a very good idea as it could keep you awake with thoughts whirling in your head when you want to go to sleep.



Similar Strains

When it comes to citrusy strains like Trainwreck, there is a wide range of choices. You could also try the delectable and exciting Sour Lemon Fem. A hybrid of California Sour and Lemon OG, both heavy-hitters in their own right, it is an excellent wake ‘n bake companion. It delivers an enormous surge of energy and creativity that makes it a favorite among artistic types everywhere. And with 17% THC, it has analgesic properties that can lessen chronic and acute pain.

Or how about Lemon Pie Reg? This Sativa-dom was catapulted to fame by famous rapper and long-time avid cannabis advocate, Snoop Dogg. In 2015, the artist launched his own brand of cannabis products, which included this special varietal. It immediately became an in-demand bestseller, as can be expected from the result of a cross between the eminent Amnesia Haze and Skunk #1 strains. At 22% THC, its effects are powerful and lingering.

For a different flavor profile, give Rosenthal Fem a go. This gourmet blend of flowers and fruit results from generations of careful breeding by the Guru of Ganja himself, Ed Rosenthal. By selecting pure Afghani and South Asian Indica landraces and mixing them up with several Sativas from Thailand, Africa, Mexico, and Jamaica, he created a Super Bud that was well worth all the painstaking work. Expect profound medicinal benefits from this strain – not surprising since Rosenthal is an ardent MMJ advocate.

However, if you are troubled by insomnia, you would be better off smoking an Indica-leaning strain that will relax your body and mind. Northern Lights Fast Femwould be an excellent choice. This classic pot is a favorite of home growers due to its easygoing requirements and quick flowering time. It induces a hypnotic calm that is likened to watching the mesmerizing colors of the Aurora Borealis. Its sedative property makes it better than any sleeping pill.

For a more balanced effect, we recommend Skunk #1 Fem. This perennial classic laid the groundwork for the majority of the marijuana seeds being sold today. It has a short flowering time, flourishes in all types of climate, and spawns tremendously heavy colas. The high is a blend between mentally clear and physically calm, given its 50% Indica and 50% Sativa genetics.

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