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5 Best Cannabis Strains with Psychedelic Effects

Everyone likes cannabis strains for their own reasons. Some people seek out the strongest, most THC-rich strains possible, whereas others look for weaker strains more catered toward CBD and hybrid effects.

However, the most adventurous among us hunt for psychedelic strains. The long-lasting, trippy, and ultimately mind-expanding qualities of psychedelic cannabis highs are sometimes a bit tricky to track down but are most definitely worth it. It can feel pretty impossible actually to find them, though.

To help you in your search, here is a list of the five best cannabis strains that present psychedelic effects.

What Exactly Are Psychedelic Effects?

Everyone knows about the concept of psychedelic effects, both in cannabis and in other, more potent narcotics. But do they actually understand it?

Psychedelic drugs are actually quite a broad category, including all manner of different substances. True psychedelic drugs include things like LSD, psilocybin (magic mushrooms), and mescaline. Generally speaking, it refers to triggering a non-ordinary state of consciousness thanks to the interaction with the 2A serotonin receptor.

While the specific definitions are undoubtedly different from person to person, psychedelic reactions tend to be similar. You can expect some kind of altered conscious state, whether through physical distortion or spectrum imaginations.

This means suddenly finding that your physical surroundings shift or alter before your eyes, typically distorting and accompanied by colors and lights. The drug in question will trigger receptors in your brain, causing you to experience all of these feelings, sometimes at once.

If you ever enjoyed classical psychedelic music or art from the ’60s and ’70s, you might get an idea of what to expect.

When it comes to cannabis, however, it’s a little bit different. Cannabinoids don’t trigger these reactions properly. Instead, it requires a unique blend of different cannabinoids, high THC concentrations, and terpenes to simulate this feeling of psychedelia.

It isn’t any less valid a sensation when compared to things like LSD, but it is still fundamentally different. Most of the time, psychedelic cannabis strains tend to be especially abundant in THC and come from a long line of carefully selected breeding programs.

So, expect to find a lot of hybrids and heavy indicas on this list.

#1 – Amnesia Haze

While psychedelic effects are well-loved in the cannabis world, this popularity still had to start somewhere. Even though it seems like popularity for psychedelic effects has existed forever, it really didn’t exist before Amnesia Haze.

This strain has been developed and bred for decades now, producing its own unique line of tasty and psychedelic strains with all kinds of glorious names and effects.

This strain might have been around forever, but it has only gotten stronger. The longer it has been around, the more THC growers have bred into it. So much so that Amnesia Haze is easily twice as strong as it used to be decades ago.

After smoking some of this bud, expect to find an odd flash that fills you with incredible euphoria and a massive rush of pleasant energy.

It is this energy that gives it a familiar psychedelic feeling. You won’t see trippy colors, but you will feel as though your entire worldview has suddenly shifted and altered without you realizing it.

It manages to not be too overwhelming, but still provides plenty of that beautiful psychedelic effect that you are looking for.

#2 – Headband

If you asked a considerable number of different people what their quintessential image was of a stoner from the 1970s, they would likely tell you about hippies wearing headbands. Headbands are practically necessary equipment for stoners, primarily due to their association with taking psychedelic substances. The Headband strain is an excellent example of this feeling, giving you tons of psychedelic sensations.

Once again, it comes from OG Kush, crossed with another classic strain, Sour Diesel. This is a nearly balanced hybrid strain, combining different sativa and indica flavors and effects. Boasting a crazy amount of THC, usually 27% or so. It also offers up a crazy amount of trippy feelings.

What’s more, Headband’s high is a very slow thing, taking hold exceptionally slowly, almost sneakily. This means that Headband’s psychedelic effects take a long time to sink in. In fact, some people find themselves thinking that their Headband hasn’t actually worked. So, they end up taking more and then wind up with way more than they can handle.

Thankfully, the intense psychedelic sensations are nicely balanced with the sativa elements of its parentage, helping to make it a bit more manageable. You can notice visual distortions at the edges of your vision. It isn’t scary, though, so you don’t have to worry about feelings of paranoia or panic.

Instead, it is just a great visual rush that keeps going and going, as long as you give it the time it needs to really start working.

#3 – LSD

Since you are looking for psychedelic effects from cannabis strains, it makes sense to go for strains named after the quintessential drugs associated with psychedelia.

The LSD strain is a near perfectly balanced hybrid that gives you all the psychedelic effects that you could want. These dense, vividly colored buds give you a great estimation of what delights await you just from their appearance alone.

They are particularly skunky, with a lot of additional spiciness and earthiness as well, giving it an all-round fantastic taste and aroma.

LSD is, of course, not hallucinogenic, assuming you are still talking about the cannabis strain. It offers a potent concentration of THC that is sure to stimulate your brain so much that it can’t help but react psychedelically.

The LSD strain is famous for inspiring bursts of creativity and intense cerebral activity, leaving you able to craft beautiful works of art. Of course, you could also just sit there, lie back, and enjoy the transcendent high that this strain gives you.

While LSD is a typically balanced strain, it does tend towards the indica side of things at the end of the high. Irritatingly, the indica-like effects of sleepiness and heavy headedness also overlap with the psychedelic effects. This can actually induce a little bit of fear if you don’t expect it, as feeling sleepy at the same time is a weird experience, to say the least.

However, some people actually enjoy LSD specifically for that sensation, because it is exceptionally rare. While frightening for some, it is actually the main reason that so many others smoke it to begin with.

As long as you know exactly what to expect when you smoke your LSD, you can look forward to a bright and intense psychedelic experience.

#4 – Durban Poison

Pretty much every single cannabis strain on this list comes with more THC than you could possibly imagine. This is because, most of the time, psychedelic effects only come about once you have a large concentration of THC in your bud.

Durban Poison is a strain that defies this universal constant, offering up only around 9% THC. However, despite this low THC quantity, Durban Poison is incredibly effective at providing psychedelic effects.

A pure sativa strain imported from South Africa, Durban Poison has a beautiful flavor that makes it worth it on its own. A bit like licorice, and also a bit like sour cherries, the strange thing about this strain’s flavor is that it tastes like what psychedelic effects feel like. Slightly disorientating and a little bit spicy, yet still endlessly enjoyable.

The high is immediately blissful, giving you all of those smiley, euphoric sensations that you want from a sativa-dominant strain. The lower THC content is really only noticeable when you think about how much it takes to get appropriately high. You can easily smoke a decent amount of this strain without feeling your mind shattering before you.

However, assuming you do take a decent amount of it, you will begin to notice its psychedelic effects pretty quickly. Expect an adequate quantity of transcendent visual hallucinations, with colors and moving visuals taking up your eye line. Some users also report a fair amount of auditory hallucinations, which some kind find a little bit scary.

However, Durban Poison is a fundamentally uplifting and happy strain, giving you plenty of helpful mood boosts. Smoke as much of this bud as you want to experience some really fantastic psychedelic effects that seem to go on and on.

#5 – Lemon Power Haze

The Haze family of cannabis strains is well known for its psychedelic effects; in fact, most people would assume that only Haze strains can offer such a result. Lemon Power Haze seeks to bring back the fallen legacy of the Haze family, inducing potent cerebral effects that are almost immediate.

This strain is a sativa-leaning hybrid, but its effects are in a category of its own. There is a gigantic amount of pleasant happiness and euphoria, as well as a sense of uplifting emotion.

Once you smoke the right amount of Lemon Power Haze, you cannot help but feel like the world is okay; everything is going to be okay. It has an energizing quality, as well as giving you a brilliant mental kick to get you going.

You can enjoy Lemon Power Haze while on the go, assuming you manage to control precisely how much you are smoking. After a few hours of smoking a decent amount, however, the effects really set in, and you know you are in for a good time.

The indica feelings start to emerge, giving your entire body a deep, almost sonorous wave of calm and peacefulness. This is usually accompanied by a fair amount of psychedelic trippiness, such as visual stimulation and wild imaginings.

Expect to find this strain taking hold of your mental awareness, and utterly obliterating it. It isn’t painful or unpleasant, however. This lemon-flavored treat will simply blow your mind, primarily because of the confusing mix of feelings it gives you.

Relaxed and happy, yet mentally stimulated and psychedelic at the same time; it’s enough to give anyone a dizzy head. Of all the strains on this list, it is Lemon Power Haze that has the ability to baffle you at the same time as utterly delighting you.

Final Thoughts on the 5 Best Cannabis Strains with Psychedelic Effects

Finding cannabis strains with psychedelic effects is a bit of a chore, mainly because most cannabis users aren’t looking for it these days. Cannabis users in the contemporary cannabis scene are looking for more proactive, life-affirming strains that they can use during the day and still go to work afterward.

However, for those old school cannabis lovers among us, there is simply nothing like an excellent psychedelic strain.

Whether you are hoping to receive blasts from the past in the form of visual memory hallucinations, or you just want to see the paint on your walls shift and morph, psychedelic effects are what you want.

Keep an eye out for these strains at dispensaries, and see if you can experience a classic psychedelic experience yourself. If you aren’t used to it, it is almost too much to handle. But, if you know what to expect, it is absolutely out of this world.

If you're looking for a psychedelic marijuana strain, you have to try these. They all have trippy effects that you'll love, especially number 3…

Top 10 Psychedelic Cannabis Strains

Smoking cannabis to relax is great, but some strains are known for producing more psychedelic and mind-altering effects. Here are 10 top-tier strains that belong to this camp!

Many cannabis enthusiasts smoke weed because they want to enjoy some chill time. After all, what could be better than a relaxing couch-locker for kicking tension in the butt? But not all types of cannabis will send you straight to your couch, stoned silly. Some strains can have outright psychedelic and mind-altering effects.


Here is our top list of cannabis strains that induce psychedelic-like effects, in no particular order. But know that the effects can vary from person to person, and may depend on your experience and tolerance. Because of that, it can be best to try each strain for yourself. You can get all of these cannabis seeds at the Zamnesia Seedshop!


LSD by Barney’s Farm is an ultra-strong indica hybrid that contains up to 24% THC. This cross between Skunk #1 and Mazar delivers the typical body stone you’d expect from a heavyweight indica, but does so with an amazing twist: While keeping your body grounded, she will send your mind on a trippy journey to the depths of your consciousness. Depending on how much you smoke, this strain is almost like a little acid trip. This 3rd prize winner at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2008 isn’t difficult to grow, and after 60–70 days of flowering, will impress with a gorgeous tapestry of sparkling buds.


Not all autoflowers are created equal, and very few are outright cosmic like this girl! Created as a cross between a select LSD and Bomb Seeds’ very own Auto Bomb, this indica/sativa hybrid (with a bit of ruderalis) is unusually potent for an autoflower. Smoke Cosmic Bomb Auto, and she’ll quickly get to work on an awesome head buzz that will flood you with energy, motivation, and creativity thanks to her psychedelic LSD parent. With her active and pretty trippy buzz, she isn’t exactly what you’d want to smoke right before bedtime. However, if you’re seeking a great daytime smoke to share with friends, you won’t find a better autoflower than this!


Amnesia Haze by Zamnesia Seeds is flying off the shelves in dispensaries, coffeeshops, and all those places where folks can source good cannabis. One reason for the success of this award-winning sativa is her very strong, psychedelic high, which in the most glorious sativa fashion sends a flash of energy and euphoria through the body and mind. In fact, this girl may warrant a little bit of caution for the less-experienced toker, as smoking too much may blast one off into the stratosphere and beyond. Very potent, very psychedelic, and a guaranteed mood-lifter. Not the easiest strain to grow, but 100% worth it!


Jack the Ripper Autoflowering is a fabulous spin on the prized Jack Herer, which breeders at Zambeza Seeds turned into a rewarding autoflower. The sativa-dominant hybrid has two major highlights: an awesome, uplifting effect, and substantial resin production, which makes the strain a good choice if you want to make concentrates and hash. Smoke her, and she will hit you like a truck with an instant body buzz, plus an intensive, trippy, and almost psychedelic head high. This is a very good smoke to enjoy during the day for all kinds of fun activities. Since the girl is autoflowering, she is not too difficult to grow.


Get ready to board the train to Stonerville; elevation: higher than you’ve ever been before! Ghost Train Haze1 by Rare Dankness is your ticket, containing a trippy 25% THC. RD’s cross between the potent Ghost OG and another massively potent strain, Nevil’s Wreck, resulted in a Haze that has already won multiple awards, including High Times’ list of “Strongest Strains on Earth”. Unsurprisingly, she is RD’s best-selling strain.

Ghost Train Haze 1 induces a powerful sativa high that will make you buzz with euphoria and creativity. Although she is super-strong, and can at times be outright trippy, you can still enjoy some clarity. She is a fantastic strain for all kinds of creative pursuits; perfect for artists and musicians, or simply if you want to enjoy a great high to look at things from a different perspective.


MK-Ultra by T.H. Seeds is a cross between a female G13 and a male OG Kush. On paper, she may just look like a typical indica-dominant hybrid, but her effect is anything but average. Rather than providing a narcotic couch-lock like many other indicas do, her effect is very hypnotic and comes with an awesomely stimulating kick—kind of like a cup of coffee. This makes her a very good daytime smoke if you want an energising boost. Great for festivals, parties, and camping trips! Bonus for growers: she has a very short flowering time of 56–63 days!


Durban Poison by Dutch Passion is a rare, 100% pure sativa straight from South Africa. She has (at least) two things going for her: a unique taste of anise/black liquorice, and an uplifting effect. She is just the right smoke if you’re feeling down, as her cheerful high will make you smile in pure bliss. What’s astonishing is not so much her positive and mood-boosting high, but that she does it with a surprisingly low THC content of only 8–9%. For the smoker, however, this can be a very good thing: She won’t blow your head off with just one hit. This way, you can enjoy an entire joint and still feel in control. Plus, she flowers over 8–9 weeks, which is actually quite decent for a sativa.


Malawi by ACE Seeds is another 100% pure sativa from Africa. This girl brings a sheer devastating potency to the table, so she’s one for rather experienced smokers with a high tolerance. You will not need much to enjoy a mind-blowingly intense sativa effect that can easily last for hours. Very cerebral and psychedelic, she is perhaps best suited to daytime use, or nighttime social endeavours. Not surprising for a pure sativa, you will need to be a bit patient when growing her; she requires 11–14 weeks to flower and mature her buds. Of course, the wait will be more than worth it!


Belladonna by Paradise Seeds provides the best of both indica and sativa in one amazing strain. She grows vigorously and delivers the yield of an indica, but offers the uplifting head high of a sativa. Smoke her, and you will enjoy an energetic, and at times very trippy, rush. She is a great strain to choose if you still want to get things done, or if you’re ready to let loose—perfect to enjoy before you go out clubbing, and excellent for parties and other sorts of fun occasions. A top choice for those who love sativa effects alongside easy indica growth.


Lemon Power Haze by Zamnesia Seeds is a sativa-dominant hybrid that shines with a surging high and an equally great taste. She induces a powerful cerebral effect, which, depending on how much you smoke, can become very trippy. With this uplifting effect, she is just the right smoke if you’re feeling down. She will lift your mood in no time, and put a smile on your face. Because her effect is energising and mentally stimulating, she’s ideal for all kinds of creative and physical activities. After some hours, her invigorating sativa effect will transform into a deeply relaxing body high.

Browse our list of the top 10 cannabis strains known for producing psychedelic and mind-altering effects. Which is your favourite?