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“Los Angeles could happen here.” These words, spoken at a Seattle demonstration to protest to acquittal of police who beat Rodney King, could apply to Buy cannabis seeds in Seattle online from I49 Washington! Choose from autoflower, regular and feminized marijuana seeds for sale in the USA. 1-888-441-4949 Seattle Wins Grant For `Weed And Seed’ Program Seattle is among the cities to win a federal law-enforcement grant for the inner city called the Weed and Seed program, Mayor Norm Rice’s office

Weed and seed: Bush cultivates scheme to nip urban revolt in the bud

“Los Angeles could happen here.” These words, spoken at a Seattle demonstration to protest to acquittal of police who beat Rodney King, could apply to practically any U.S. city.

No one knows this better than the boys in the White House. Their miserable status-quo empire is crumbling and they’re getting nervous. No wonder they dreamt up a program like Operation Weed and Seed.

This poisoned apple is the Bush administration’s plan to head off the inner-city revolt that promises to erupt with rapid-fire intensity in the ‘90s. Weed and Seed is the first step toward placing all social programs under law enforcement control and implanting a policy of domestic counter-insurgency, perfected by the military and CIA to quell rebellion in places like El Salvador.

The $500 million program was to encompass 17 cities, including Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, and Seattle. Its supposed mission: to “weed” drugs and gangs out of targeted neighborhoods, populated mostly by the poor and people of color, then to “seed” these areas with social programs.

The government hopes enticing seed will make the lethal weed palatable. But the planned community programs are mere bandaids for a cancer-level problem. And they are to be administered by cop agencies and funded in large part by reshuffling funds from the parsimonious store of already allocated government block grants—the only federal money that starving cities get!

A cop on every corner. Liberals and the media are downplaying the dangers of the operation. But when Black community activists in Seattle did some investigating, they discovered that Weed and Seed will bring in the FBI and DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) and take away basic rights, all under the direction of the U.S. Department of Justice:

■ Those arrested in designated areas, including juveniles, will be immediately imprisoned and prosecuted under federal law, not local.

■ First-time drug offenders will rarely get jail time, probation, or community service. Those with no previous criminal record convicted of selling cocaine will serve 21-27 months. By contrast, the racist thugs who murdered Chinese-American Vincent Chin in 1983 were let off with a $3,780 fine!

■ The Immigration and Naturalization Service will collaborate with police to deport refugees and immigrants.

■ Homes or buildings can be seized if drug activity is suspected.

■ Families who don’t cooperate with the authorities can lose social security, welfare, and benefits.

Black women hold feds at bay. A decade of purported war against drugs and crime—really a war against unemployed youth of color and the rest of the poor—has produced not victory, but a record prison population. Proportionally, more Blacks are incarcerated in the U.S. than in South Africa.

But as is typical in wars, misery has sprung open a Pandora’s box against the system. In Seattle, for example. a broad, grassroots movement led by Black women like Harriett Walden of Mothers Against Police Harassment has forced Mayor Norm Rice, a Black liberal, to postpone acceptance of Weed and Seed.

The message is clear: This racist drug war has got to go. The honest answers to the problems in our cities are jobs, education, an end to economic redlining, civilian review boards to stop police brutality, legalization and community control of drugs, and free non-moralistic drug abuse treatment. We need an end to the system that makes drugs and crime the only means of survival for the most desperate. Let’s weed out capitalism and plant seeds of socialism! That’s the only real solution!

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Are Weed Seeds Legal in Seattle?

The United States of America considers cannabis seeds to be legal as a novelty item. Legalization for the recreational use of marijuana as per Proposition 64 allows municipalities to regulate marijuana policy in their own communities. King County residents over the age of 21 are legally allowed to grow, purchase, and obtain marijuana in accordance with Proposition 64.

Seattle residents are allowed to give away recreational marijuana to their friends and family. It is illegal for Seattle residents to sell cannabis and pot products for profit. If you’re looking to commercially grow cannabis please look into Proposition 64 for specific details. Understand your rights and responsibilities when choosing to buy cannabis seeds in Seattle.

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Seattle Wins Grant For `Weed And Seed’ Program

Seattle is among the cities to win a federal law-enforcement grant for the inner city called the Weed and Seed program, Mayor Norm Rice’s office announced today.

The $1.1 million program grant has been under attack for the past two weeks by numerous Central Area community groups, who fear the additional money would mean harassment of young African Americans.

Anticipating that Seattle would be one of the 10 or so cities chosen for the program, Rice last week began trying to patch relations with the Central Area groups.

In response to critics, Rice has said the program will be designed and run at the local level, with Seattle officials – not the U.S. Justice Department – in charge.

“We really view this grant as an extension of our existing community police team efforts, providing more resources for the community and our police to utilize in their joint efforts to promote neighborhood safety,” said Rice.

A community advisory council of residents and business owners from the Central Area will “provide input and oversight for law enforcement and social-service initiatives under the grant,” he added.

The program also has been attacked because of its name. The “weed” refers to weeding out criminals and drug dealers, and “seed” refers to social-service programs aimed at nurturing young people.

Two-thirds of the money Seattle receives will go for law enforcement and one-third for social services, including programs to help teenagers prepare for jobs and find work.

“There has been some talk among city, county and federal officials about redefining that to enhance the seed (social-services) part,” said Mark Murray, the mayor’s press secretary.

City Councilwoman Margaret Pageler, head of the council’s Public Safety Committee, in response to the earlier criticisms has also called for strong local control and community involvement in running the program.